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									                                     Real Estate Practice
                          Listing Agreement Take-Home Assignment
Use the following information to complete the Residential Listing Agreement (Exclusive
Authorization and Right to Sell). Do not include information not supplied below to complete the
form. Submit the completed Residential Listing Agreement to your instructor, who will review
the listing on behalf of your broker, JC Realty, for completeness and accuracy.

   You are a salesperson working for broker JC Realty, 4901 East Carson Street, Long Beach
   CA, 90808, telephone number (562) 938-4000. On April 3, you make a successful listing
   presentation to owners Austin Temple and Mary Temple, who agreed to list their house at
   4588 Peavey Drive, Long Beach , CA 90808 with your broker. The Assessor's Parcel
   Number is 200-71-020. The Temples want to list their property for 90 days at a listing price
   of $479,000. The Temples agree to a 5% commission if you find a buyer. JC Realty
   charges no additional fees in addition to the commission. The Temples will accept offers
   where the buyer pays cash or gets conventional, FHA, of VA financing. The Temples agree
   to pay up to $4,000 toward the buyer's closing costs.

   The Temples had previously listed their house unsuccessfully with Listless Properties, and
   that listing expired on March 20. The Listless Properties listing had a 30-day "safety clause"
   and on March 22, Listless Properties provided the Temples with a list of the following buyers
   who were shown the property during the Listless Properties listing period: Martin Gregg and
   Monica Gregg, and Erica Pendergrass.

   The Temples want to have the property listed in the Multiple Listing Service and will allow JC
   Realty to determine the compensation to be offered to cooperating brokers. They do not
   want a "for sale" signs posted on their property. The Temples want to take their washer and
   dryer when they sell the house, but will leave the refrigerator and microwave oven for the

   The Temples want the escrow to be opened with Costmore Escrow and want to use
   Paramount Title Company for the title insurance.

   The Temples agree that any dispute should be submitted to arbitration. They also agree to
   a "safety clause" period of 30 days. The Temples telephone number is (562) 562-2650, and
   their email address is

Special instructions: For this exercise, put the signature and initials of the Temples in each
appropriate place as if the Temples had signed and initialed the listing. Include your name as
agent. Use10203040 as the JC Realty DRE number and 49010104 as your DRE number. JC
Realty's fax number is (562) 938-4001, and our email is Leave blanks in
the "Reviewed by" initials and date boxes.

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