Zacchaeus picture book Global CHE Network by MikeJenny


									                   THE STORY OF ZACCHAEUS                        What did the other people think of
                                                                  Jesus’ request?
                                                                 Did they like Zacchaeus?
                                                                 Did they trust him?
                                          What was Jericho
                                                                 Why or why not?
                                          Why did
                                           everyone want to
                                           see Jesus?

   Who was
   What problem
                                                                 What did Zacchaeus think of
    did he have?                                                  Jesus’ request?
   So what did he                                               How did he respond?

                                          What surprising
                                           thing did Jesus
                                           say to
                                          What did Jesus
                                           want to do?
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            THE STORY OF ZACCHAEUS (continued)
                                                                                        THE STORY OF
                                                               What happened
                                                               at Zacchaeus’
                                                               house?                 Do you like to pay taxes?
                                                              What did he offer      What do you think of tax
                                                               to do?                  collectors?

   What did Jesus
    tell Zacchaeus?
   Why did he say

       WHAT DO YOU THINK?                   MAKING RESTITUTION

   Now what do you think of           What is making restitution?
    Zacchaeus?                                                                     Zacchaeus was a tax collector.
                                       Do you need to settle accounts with
   How did his life change after       anyone?                                    Maybe the story of Zacchaeus will
    meeting Jesus?                                                                 give you another opinion of tax
                                    Tell the story of Zacchaeus to your
   Has Jesus changed your life?    family, friends, and neighbors.                collectors! Listen to his story.
                                                                                   Source of Illustrations: Calvary Chapel and
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