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Project Deliverable Sign off template for Customer Profiling Project Phase III
Please complete and return via reply email

Local Authority
Customer Profiling Contact Officer with
responsibility for sign off
I agree that the acceptance criteria has been
yes/no (if no please state reasons)
Any other comments

Item        Deliverable       Description of deliverable / product                                  Collaborative    Completion      Invoice         Invoice
number                                                                                              support          date            date            amount
2           Training in       Initial contact with LA to arrange date and venue for training        Office fill in   Office – Fill   Office - Fill   Office - Fill
            profiling via     Courses can be delivered to an individual LA in its premises and      type of          in date here    in date of      in total
            esd-toolkit       will be for up to 6 people per 1 trainer. Travel and subsistence      support                          invoice         invoice
                              expenses added.                                                                                        here            amount
                              After training those who participated will be able to:
                              1. View and download their local customer segmentation data
                                  from esd-toolkit
                              2. Compare their area profile with other LAs
                              3. Upload LA’s own service transaction data into esd-toolkit
                              4. Run reports to analyse LAs own customer profile (for actual
                              5. Run reports to compare the local customer profile with that of
                                  similar LAs (for one or many services)
                              6. Upload LAs cost for front end service provision into esd-toolkit

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                                 Run ‘what if’ scenarios to identify the potential for channel shift.
            Acceptance           1. Training session took place as agreed
            Criteria             2. Feedback sheet completed as satisfactory by attendees
                                 3. Training exercises completed
                                 4. Attendees understood learning points

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