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         12 D i r e c t M a i l T i p s t o S t r e n g t h e n Yo u r M a r k e t i n g E f f o r t s

  Many Pizza shops have turned to direct                  3. Present Professional Appearance:
  mail as a viable source for creatively                  If your budget allows, it’s best to hire
  increasing their revenue. In addition to                a professional graphic designer, a
  other types of restaurants and retailers,               marketing agency or a direct mail
  shop owners are regularly marketed                      marketing team to design your direct
  through the various direct mail options.                mail campaigns rather than to
  Steve Zuckerman, president of Clipper                   create something that may look
  Magazine shares some of his expertise                   unprofessional. After you have a
  as he suggests the following key                        great looking direct mail piece,
  strategies to help your future direct                   pass the proof around to your
  mail marketing be as successful as it                   partners and employees. Ask them
                                                          for their input. This is a great opportunity         Medium
  can be:
                                                          to make sure your direct mail device                 Pizza with Any
                                                          conveys the message that you want to                 Two Large Pizzas’ or ‘FREE Liter
  Getting Started
                                                          get across. You should also show it to               of Soda With Any 3 Large Pizzas’
  There are many different ways to utilize
                                                                                                               always works great.
  a direct mail advertising campaign.
  Direct mail devices can illustrate the
                                                                                                               6. Solo Mail Postcards: If you are going
  simplicity of your pizza restaurant                       “Direct         mail        devices          can   the solo direct mail route, it is a good
  services with the full range of food
                                                            illustrate the simplicity of your                  idea to send over-sized colorful direct
  products that you provide. Your direct
                                                                                                               mail postcards, full sheet fliers and
  mail marketing campaign can share
  the benefits of how your small shop or                    pizza restaurant services with                     free-standing      inserts,    whenever
                                                                                                               possible. The postage is less expensive
  large restaurant is still a current and
  valuable option. Regardless of your
                                                            the full range of food products                    than standard mail and unlike
                                                                                                               envelopes; they don’t have to be
  menu,       eat-in      or      take-out                  that you provide.”                                 opened for the potential client to
  accommodations, direct mail can also
                                                                                                               immediately see your offer. Use a high
  be the most efficient way to promote
                                                                                                               quality paper stock for your postcards
  the name of your pizza business and                     some of your business associates. They               and fliers. They are more durable and
  to help you find new patrons.                           will gladly offer valuable advice and                they are more appealing to the
                                                          insight about your message and design.               recipient. For solo direct mail, you will
  1. Dollars Off, Not Percentages! Yes
                                                                                                               need to write the copy, create the
  $9.95, $14.95 and $19.95 will always                    4. Serving Tasty Messages: We know                   artwork, determine your targeted
  work better than 10% or 20% off. Your                   that in the pizza business, it is extremely          markets, and hire a local direct mail
  pizza customers will react much better                  competitive with discounts, special offers           house to facilitate the mailing.
  to strong dollars off discounts and                     and promotions. Most pizza restaurateurs
  incentives. Percentage discounts really                 are very successful, just listing the prices         7. Give it Time: Regardless of your
  are not perceived to be as strong,                      per pizza with a few combinations. Don’t             pizzaria’s expertise, an on-going
  especially if they are only 10% to 20%                  be afraid to sell up with specials on 3, 4           campaign is necessary to drive the
  off. Unless you use 50% off or higher                   or 5 pizzas as well as to promote add on             point home. Aligning with a professional
  percentage types of discounts, they                     sodas, desserts and other food products,             product manufacturer is a great way to
  will be perceived as weak offers and                    rather than to promote just one or two               increase your shop’s visibility and still
  ignored.                                                pizzas.                                              stay true to your advertising budget.
                                                                                                               Manufacturers will offer quality
  2. Use Care With Disclaimers! Try to                    5. “FREE” Always Works Great!                        advertising templates that you would
  avoid excessive disclaimers and rules                   Nothing beats ‘free’ and it can surely               merely need to insert your contact
  for what is not included in these varied                help to persuade current customers to                information in to. The work is practically
  offers. Try to keep your special offers                 try new products as well as to get new               done for you. In addition to providing
  simple with words like, “No Double                      first-time customers to try you for the first        boilerplate advertising templates,
  Discounts. Expires 00/00/07.” Use                       time. Consider offering a free gift with             many product manufacturers will work
  expiration dates of no more than 60 to                  purchase or a purchase with purchase                 with you to present their products in a
  90 days to keep your offers timely.                     incentive. For example, one ‘FREE                    pleasing manner in your establishment.

 Like many products on the market,             may result in several thousands of
 manufacturers offer a unique point-of-        service sales dollars per year – so as
 purchase display that will not only accent    few as 5, 10 or 20 new clients from any
 your décor, but create client curiosity.      one advertisement needs to be
                                               considered a big success.
 8. Marriage Mail Options: As you
 investigate the price of a solo direct mail   12. Measure Results: To determine the
 campaign, you may discover the                statistical effectiveness of your direct
 wonderful financial and creative benefits     mail advertising campaigns, plan to ask
 of nationally respected direct mail           every client how they first heard about
 resources like Clipper Magazine, Val          you. Many clients will bring in their
 Pak, Money Mailer and others that are         coupons or mini gift certificates. Some
 available in your local community. The        will still ask their friends or co-workers
 cost of cooperative and magazine              for a referral or recommendation after
 format direct mail is usually only three to   seeing your direct mail advertisement,
 four cents per home as opposed to solo        so the combination will be a winner for
 direct mail campaigns which usually           you. You will also need to measure your
 cost between fifty cents to one dollar        total sales volume each week or month,
 per home. When you add up the costs           especially on the retail products that you
 of artwork, printing, mailing labels and      are promoting with your direct mail
 postage all in one package.                   efforts.

 9. Loyalty Club Programs: Ask about           To serve up sales increases, it’s time to
 loyalty club programs that will               give your marketing plan a bigger slice
 inexpensively target your current             of direct mail marketing. It seems like
 customer database with email blasts of        most families eat pizza at least once a
 special pizza offers and seasonal             week. If they don’t, it’s our job to entice
 specials. You just need to register,          them to do so with direct mail offers that
 collect every customer’s email address        will make your telephones ring and your
 and submit your special notes for these       pizza ovens start to run overtime!
 email blasts. You can add new email
 addresses every month. Besides a small
 monthly fee, email blasts are a terrific
                                               For a complimentary direct mail advertising
 direct marketing alternative, as there        consultation or more information about Clipper
 are no postage costs!                         Magazine      resources    near    you,    call
                                               866 -802-1429 email marketresearch@
 10.     Complimentary         Marketing or visit their web site
 Consultations: No matter what form of         at
 radio, TV, newspaper, magazine or
 direct mail marketing you plan to use,
 ask     your      advertising     sales
 representatives to share examples of
 what has worked well for other similar
 business owners.

 11. Start With Realistic Expectations:
 Direct mail advertising really works,
 especially with very strong offers and
 ongoing campaigns! Like any advertising,
 promotion and marketing, it takes a long
 term investment to successfully market
 your business. Visit with your direct mail
 sales consultant to set realistic
 expectations,    so     you    are     not
 disappointed. Coupons and mini gift
 certificates are easy to track. It’s not
 about getting hundred of new first-time
 clients from each advertisement. Many
 people will be attracted to your shop to
 come in without the coupon or direct
 mail advertisement. One new patron


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