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					     OGS News                                                 02    1srt Half

                                                                                                                                 Oil & Gas Services
                                                                                                                                 Oil & Gas Services

             Dear Staff,

            The specificity of our service activities is such as                         TURNOVER 2007
            their quality is judged on site, in an immediate
way, right when we are working.                                                                386 M¤
So, each of you, by your daily actions and your relations with
our customers, are actors of this quality of service and ambas-                                 + 15%
sadors of the SPIE Oil & Gas Services image, as perceived by our
environment (our customers, our competitors, authorities and
local communities, etc).                                                        TURNOVER 2006

Our customers testimonies confirm that SPIE Oil & Gas Services
                                                                                   335 M¤
image has been surely improved. We shall continue focusing
on its improvement.                                                              + 51%
Many projects are on going to enhance our efficiency, our           TURNOVER 2005
competitiveness and attractiveness (international mobi-
lity, development of the career management, new staff                  222 M¤
management, etc).

These projects aim a single and unique objective, the optimum       HSE Results (March 2008)
management of our success through the quality of our human
resources, our one asset to reach our targets of sustainable and
profitable development.
                                                                                                                          2008 Objectives
Year 2007 is ended with very honourable financial results and
raises us at the level of the major actors in the industry of oil
& gas services. Within the SPIE Group, we all carried SPIE
Oil & Gas Services to the first position in terms of EBIT.
                                                                                  Accidents / incidents history over a period
                                                                                  of 12 months
Beyond our essential financial results and HSE performances,
I would like to thank you deeply for the trust you granted to
our Management team. Rest assured, that its determination
remains high in 2008 to face the identified challenges and that
this renewed trust will fuel further collective growth.

Good reading of OGS News !

                                          Yves COMPANY
                                     Chief Executive Officer

                           SYSTEmS PROJECTS: TwO OF THE       suffers as much as we do from these where these difficulties no longer
                           BIGGEST CONTRACTS FOR SPIE OIL     changes which slow down the customs jeopardise the satisfactory progress
                           & GAS SERVICES                     clearance of equipment pertaining to of the projects and we are succeeding
                                                              the works and delay the project.         in maintaining good relations with
                   FOR OveR a year now the Systems Projects   Our client, SONATRACH, a State oil the client thanks to a spirit of coo-
                   Division has been involved in two major    company, also                                            peration and our de-
                   projects for security and physical         imposes constraints                                       clared intention to be
                   protection systems implementation          on us linked to               Maintain good               proactive in solving
                   in sensitive zones for SONATRACH in        i t s p y r a m i d a l relations with the client problems.
                   Algeria.                                   organisation. We are                                      Fo r t h e e le c t ro -
                   These projects combine the know-           often faced with a lack
                                                                                      thanks to a spirit of             m e c h a n i c a l
                   how of SPIE Oil & Gas Services –           of responsiveness and cooperation and our                 assembly, civil
                   Systems Projects Business Unit for         decision-making on declared intention to be e n g i n e e r i n g ,
                   multidisciplinary EPC turn-key projects    the part of the client, proactive ...                     infrastructure works
                   and the skills of SPIE Ouest Centre        with even decisions                                       (roadways and
                   (Systems and Networks Protection) for      already taken being                                       various networks) as
                   the development of video surveillance      called into question. This situation well as construction of the buildings, we
                   core system.                               requires sustained and ongoing follow- resort to local companies. Naturally, the
                                                              up to limit drift and delays and control pre-selection of qualified, competent
                   These RTO – Arzew and RTC – Bejaia         their consequences.                      and reliable companies remains a
                   projects have been assigned to Alain       Fortunately, we are now in a situation crucial and sensitive issue.
                   Porée, RTO project manager and
                   Jean-Claude Le Berre, RTC project
                   manager, respectively.                      Mast for videosurveillance

                   OGS News interviewed them to find
                   out more about the «Protection and
                   Security of Sensitive Zones» activity,
                   and more particularly about the specific
                   features of these two contracts.

                   OGS News : What exactly is the purpose
                   of these two contracts?
                   JCL and APO : RTO (West Transport
                   Region) and RTC (Central Transport
                   Region) are two EPC turn-key
                   projects: Engineering, Procurement,
                   Installation and Commissioning of
                   technological security systems (TSS);
                   which system core is dealt together
                   with by SPIE Rennes. So we are talking
                   about an Anti-Intrusion detection and
                   protection, Videosurveillance, Access
                   Control and Interphony system.

                   OGS News : One has an image of
                   Algeria as somewhat delicate due to
                   its bureaucracy and safety risks. How
                   do you see those difficulties?
                   JCL and APO : We must indeed cope
                   constantly with complex administrative
                   procedures and adapt to the many
                   regulatory developments, particularly
                   in terms of customs policy. However,
                   it should be noted that our client
                             S O N AT R AC H i s a s           relative to the prevention of risks,           JCL : For RTC, the specific feature of

                             vigilant as SPIE Oil & Gas        respect and monitoring of procedures           this project is characterised above
                             Services in the choice of         and safety instructions allow us today         all by its magnitude and geographic
                             these companies and we            to work in wholly allowable conditions         dispersion, as mentioned previously.
                             eventually manage to « find       of safety.
                   what we are looking for»!                                                             APO and JCL : In conclusion, despite
                   In terms of security of our staff and the   OGS News : What are the specific          the difficulties our client is satisfied
                   creation of a favourable environment        features of these two projects?           with the progress of these projects
                   for our teams, it is important to                                                     and has expressed its full confidence
                   bear in mind that we are working            APO : For RTO, the 5 sites are in us by contacting us again for a
                   in a so-called at-risk country. The         centralised at Arzew Port and restricted consultation on future
                   instructions relating to transfer and       SONATRACH’s industrial zone. projects.
                   circulation of property and persons         However, we intervene on the jetties
                   were established with the support           on shore and at sea, the latter being                    Alain Porée and Jean-Claude Le Berre
                   of specialized companies and were           a breakwater jetty. We also have to
                   subject of specific procedures.             protect two loading buoys at sea.
                   Their writings mobilized several            We have therefore installed a land
                   persons of SPIE Oil & Gas Services,         radar which detects any intrusion
                   of the Consultant and competent             around the buoys, situated 3 and 5
                   authorities.                                km out to sea. This radar is combined
                                                               with the use of an ultra-powerful
                   An HSE plan was established by              camera which enables the type of
                   taking into account characteristics         intrusion to be identified.
                   and geography of operation areas as         For the sea jetty, we have created a
                   well as existent facilities.                virtual wall which makes it possible to
                   A specific plan of evacuation is also       detect any form of intrusion by image
                   designed and coordinated with services      analysis. This sophisticated technology
                   of the French embassy in Algeria.           is absolutely innovative. It is the first
                   In short, and in an operational way         time that this kind of installation has
                   for our activity, each of our transfers     been carried out at SPIE and even
                   inter site is subject of a planning with    more so at SPIE Oil & Gas Services,
                   a coordination note addressed to our        emphasises Alain Porée!
                   customer to organize the escorts.
                                                                   The project also comprises the
                   The conscience of a particular installation of 6.5km of instrument-
                   e n v i ro n m e n t , t h e c u s t o m e r ’s controlled anti-scaling fences with
                   collaboration showing a true will cut detection.

                           RTO (West Transport Region) :                                 RTC (Central Transport Region) :
                           Contract of € 22 M                                            Contract of € 32 M
                           Start up in October 2006, end scheduled                       Start up in September 2006, end schedu-
                           for 3rd quarter 2008                                          led for 3rd quarter 2008
                           5 sites centralised at Arzew (Algeria)                        13 sites over 800 km from Touggourt to
                           At Arzew: 23 people (expatriate and local)                    Bejaia
                           At SPIE Rennes (STS): 8 people                                In Algeria: for the Studies part, 6 people (2
                           At OGS: 6 to 7 people for the Engineering                     expatriate and 4 local) ;
                           unit                                                          For the Construction part: 12 expatriates
                                                                                         At SPIE Rennes: 10 people
                                                                                         At OGS: 6 to 7 people for the Engineering
                                                                                IPEDEX Thailand Ltd (Ipthai)
                                                                                10 Years of operations in
         THAILAND, THe      land         Ipedex (Thailand) Ltd was               with the support of Samir               Our business objectives
         of smiles, has a                formed 10 years ago (our                Abbes and Roy from Ipedex               today, apart from continuing
         population of 64 million        10th anniversary was on May             Indonesia, who regularly drop           in Thailand, are to develop in
(of which 8 million live in the          14th, 2007), as a subsidiary of         everything and fly into Batam           Vietnam and Cambodia from
capital Bangkok. Sometime it             Ipedex S.E.A Sdn Bhd, with              when we hit problems. We                the Thailand office, with the
seems that everyone has a car            the main objective at the               completed the support for the
                                                                                                                         support of the regional office
- on working days it swells to 11        time to support TOTAL on the            Arthit Operator and Technician
                                                                                                                         in KL. With only 1-hour flight
million with the commuters).             Bongkot development. Ipthai             Training in 2006, with a team
Three main religious groups                                                      of six expatriate trainers lead         time from Bangkok to Ho
                                         was involved in many aspects
consisting of 95% Buddhist, 4%           of the development, from the            by a long-time Ipedex man,              Chi Min City, 2007 is the first
Muslim and 1% Christian and              construction in Indonesia,              Chris Wheeler, who remains              year of the new business
a minority of others all live in a       to the commissioning                    attached with the project to            development. We opened a
beautiful tropical climate with          and start-up of the facility            this day.                               local office, and from there
three seasons:                           offshore and from then on                                                       we hope to springboard
- Hot (and dry) season begins            supplying personnel of all              Pearl Oil came to Thailand              into creating a sustainable
in March (this year it peaked at         disciplines, from operators to          i n 2 0 0 4 , a n d w e w e re          business in Vietnam in which
43 degrees),                             construction supervisors.               fortunate to form a fantastic           of course all the Ipthai staff
- Monsoon starts in July, and                                                    relationship with them                  will have a role to play.
- Cool season commences                  TOTAL started reducing its              working in close coordination
in November, the peak of the             staff around 2001, at the               and transparency. They                  Although Thailand is a
tourist season and the main              same time as the recession              are now our largest                     beautiful and exotic country,
source of Thailand’s economy.            hit Thailand. However Ipthai            c l i e n t . T h e i r fo r w a rd
                                         survived both of these                                                          its language is probably one
The oil and gas industry first                                                   plans for development are               the hardest to master and
                                         difficulties and has now                very exciting with many
commenced in the 1960s, with             grown much stronger despite                                                     understand, making daily life
the creation of PTT (national                                                    opportunities for growth.
                                         the very competitive market.                                                    not so simple. The country
oil company). The development            We h a ve wo n co n t ra c t s                                                  has gone through difficulties
of Bongkot field in the mid 90s                                                  Other main clients consist
                                         from Malaysian companies                                                        with the recent recessions,
was originally led by TOTAL,                                                     of Chevron, Hess, NACAP,
                                         working in Qatar and we are                                                     a major currency crash,
in partnership with PTTEP                                                        Worley and Wood Group
                                         the first subsidiary to win                                                     the disastrous Tsunami and
and British Gas, and was the                                                     with support services
                                         a training contract from                                                        just recently a Coup d’Etat.
opening for us to establish and                                                  ranging from construction
                                         Chevron, the North American                                                     Yet, Ipedex Thailand is still
develop our operations.                  exploration company.                    supervision, commissioning
                                                                                 and start up, to pipeline               here after ten years of uphill
                                                                                 commissioning operations,               struggle to get to where we
                                         Thanks to our long relationship
                                         with PTTEP, we now have a               and training.                           are. With the committed
                                         large presence in the Arthit                                                    staff we have, we are looking
                                         facility construction project on        Moving to new 390 m2 offices            forward to the next ten years
                                          Batam Island (Indonesia),              in SCB Park Plaza in 2005 to            of committed service to
                                                                                 be close to our clients (and
                                                                                                                         our clients and to the SPIE
                                                                                 to avoid the traffic jams), we
                                                                                 are now located in the same             group.
                                                                                 office towers as most of
                                                                                                                                               � Ian wake
                                                                                 the exploration and service
                                                                                 companies The Ipedex team
                                                                                 co n s i st s o f B r i t i s h a n d
                                                                                 Thai staff, led by the Area
                                                                                 manager Ian Wake, (note the
                                                                                 English names of the Thai
                                                                                 staff below, which is not
                                                                                 typical of Thailand nationals,
                                                                                 but simply due to my inability
                                                                                 to pronounce the Thai names
From left to right : Ian Webster (Doc), Ian Wake, Pat (Accounts), Kathy (HR),    when I first arrived here!)
Apple (Government), Pla (Reception and Logistics’), Treechok (Accounts)
                                                                                                                                     Virginie Arnoux, Jérémy Léger
                                                                                                                                                  and Hubert Faure
                                                                                            ZOOM                                     Operations Manager (Angola)

                                                                                            on board !

                                                                     Recruiters on site

                This mission in Angola was motivated by HR meeting that we hold every semester with Total on the Dalia project, the main target being to intro-
                duce to Total our personnel management (expatriates and locals) in term of loyalty and to anticipate with them our plan of personnel mobility.
                Prior to this customer meeting and in order to better integrate the reality of the field and share our vision with the personnel on board, we
                wanted to spend on day on board (in day trip) in order to :
                1) Speak with all personnel about profile adequacy / position, feedback on the project, training anticipation and possible mobility on another Oil
                & Gas Services site.
                2) Have a real vision of the project and conditions on site ; the staffing being mainly provided by the head office
                3) Enhance technical / basic knowledge so as to have for the recruitment team a good understanding of the environment constraints of this
                impressive unit in order to optimize selection and attraction of the future candidates who will join the site within 2008. And to maintain the level
                of customer contentment that have been materialized in 2007 with a global notation of 16/20 given by our customer Total for Dalia !

                                                                                                                                                        �Virginie Arnoux

Asset Support

                      TOTAL e&P Qatar selects SPIE Oil
                      & Gas Services for its Operation
                      & Maintenance of it Al Khalij
                 Offshore Field

                 SPIE Oil & Gas Services through its
                 locally registered Company, IPEDEX
                 Production L.L.C, has been awarded
                 by TOTAL E&P Qatar an Operation &
                 Maintenance Services contract for Al
                 Khalij Offshore Facilities.
                 This 5 years (+5 years optional)
                 contract for an estimated value over
                 5 Million US $ per year is the result
                 of an International Competitive
                 Tendering process, during which the
                 strong Qatar presence of IPEDEX,
                 the well known expertise of SPIE Oil
                 & Gas Services for Operation and                 approximately 110 km of the mainland               This contract is in line with SPIE
                 Maintenance activities with Majors               and 45 NE of Halul island where QP                 Oil & Gas Services strategy to
                 like TOTAL, and our best technical               operates an oil terminal. The average              be a leader in the Operation and
                 and commercial offer, have made the              production is 40.000 BPD.                          Maintenance Services, and enhance
                 difference.                                                                                         the strong relation with TOTAL in the
                 SPIE Oil & Gas Services started the              The facilities are divided in two main             Middle East in particular with similar
                 mobilisation of its team from March              areas:                                             services provided for them in Yemen,
                 to reach during April an offshore                - Offshore production & treatment                  and in the world in general.
                 workforce of 64 employees on                     unmanned platforms (8 ): Drilling
                 rotation, and 4 staff onshore.                   p l a t fo r m s , w e l l h e a d s , w a t e r   This award confirms also the strong
                                                                  separation & treatment equipments,                 presence of SPIE in Qatar, for
                 The concerned installations can be               production sea lines, water injection              Operation and Maintenance services
                 described as follows:                            sea lines                                          with TOTAL, QP, QPD, and DODSAL.
                 The Al Khalij oil field discovered in            - Halul Island with the 2 separation
                 1991, is located off shore (block 6)             trains.                                                                 middle East & Central Asia
 Events                                                                                                SPIE Oil & Gas Services, through its Iranian

                                                                                                       subsidiary has participated to the 13th Iran
                                                                                                       International Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical
                                                                                                       Exhibition from 16th to 20th of April 2008 in
                                                                                              Teheran, and has presented its large offer of services to
                                                                                              the key Oil & Gas Operators and Contractors in the country.

                                                                                              It was also, a good opportunity for IPEDEX to introduce to the Oil & Gas
                                                                                              market in Iran a new actor, constituted by the new business relation
                                                                                              between IOID -a well known- Iranian private service contractor and IPE-
                                                                                              DEX Iran.
                                                                                              With this new alliance, SPIE Oil & Gas Services, confirms its interest and
                                                                                              wish to develop its activities in Iran.
                                                                                              During this event all the IPEDEX Teheran office has been mobilized to
                                                                                              provide SPIE Oil & Gas guests a warm and efficient support.

SPIE innovates : 2008 Edition
                                      SPIE Oil & Gas Services crossed the 1st step towards the
                                      way of success and trophy.
                SPIE Oil & Gas Services crossed the 1st step towards the way of success and trophy
                Thanks to our 2 budding geniuses, Laurent Alizard (Africa BU) and Nicolas Gernon
                (Foraid Gabon) who offer two innovations, both are awarded, we are always in running
                and they have the honour of being among the laureates on June 24th for the prize

                1. Mixer allowing the treatment by inertage of the sole contaminated in hydrocarbons
                2. Liquid / solid incineration of oil waste with treatment of smokes in European norms

                                                            or the particularly well shared
               SPIe Oil & Gas Services                      sports ambition !

                        During the 14th Raid Adventure of “BTP” which
                        was organised by APAS last September in
                        Oléron Island (France), our 3 teams “Ferrets”,                                                                                          DS of SPIE OGS, the
                        “Desperate Raideuses” and “Old, Beauty, Rough                                                                                           «Sports Director »
                                                                                                         The SPIE Oil & Gas Services team and
               and Crook” gave their best and crushed their competitors                                  G. Louette - CEO of SPIE
               (PONTICELLI, ACERGY, BOUYGUES, VINCI…) by ending
               respectively 1st, 1st and 2nd in their categories.                                        For the second successive year, SPIE Oil
               The values of SPIE were ardently defended and the flag                                    & Gas Services participates in the SPIE
               proudly stretched!                                                                        football championship, we encourage this
                                                                                                         new team to persist in their sports efforts
               CONGRATULATIONS !!!                                                                       for years to come !

                                                                                                           OGS NeWS 02
                             from the left to the right :                                                  DIReCTOR OF PUBLICATION : Yves Company
                G. Véron ; A.L. Perrussot ; P. Drouart ;                                                   DIReCTOR OF eDITION : Loïc du Rusquec
                  P. Bayart ; F. Pringalle et M. Boulic ;                                                  eDITOR IN CHIeF : Hélène Abelard
                                  M. El-Assili ; C. Janin
                                                                                                           CORReSPONDeNTS : Laurent Berniaud, Augustin Coppey, François Gauvrit.

                                                                                                           DeSIGN : Sept Lieux
                                                                                                           PRODUCTION : Hélène Abelard
                                                                                                           PHOTO CReDITS : Photothèque SPIE - Eric Thibaud