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Course Outline
Ultimately, most highly motivated, well educated people in administration wish to fulfil a senior management role in
which they have to understand and effectively co-ordinate the work of major divisions of a company or group of
companies. The Executive Management Diploma of the London Centre of Management (LCM) is an Advanced,
Post-Graduate Diploma specifically meant for those who have already gained a recognised diploma or degree and
who now wish to study a course that prepares them for a senior general management position in commerce or
industry. The emphasis during the course is on those aspects which are essential for effective senior management
within commercial or non-commercial organisations.

Optional Subjects
                    allow students to select two subjects they consider important to their career
                    build on subjects they have studied previously
                    provide subject areas that the student may have failed to study on earlier courses
                    enables them to understand the functions of a range of specialised departments within an

Therefore, options must be agreed with the Course Tutor/College and must not be subjects that have been studied
Studies are problem centred encouraging students to bring together all that they have learnt on this course and
previous courses and any relevant work experience they may have gained.
                                                    COURSE CONTENT
Subjects (6)        1.     Corporate Policy and Strategy
                    2.     Financial Management
                    3.     Export Planning and Control
                    4.     Project / Dissertation / Thesis
                    Plus two subjects from the following options:
                           Human Resource Management
                           Production and Operations Management
                           Team and Project Management
                           Administration of Public Services
                           Starting and Managing a Business

Entry Requirements                 An appropriate Business or Management Diploma
                                   Degree in an area of business e.g. Economics, Accounts etc. that
                                   has included the subjects, Accounts, Information Technology,
                                   Marketing and Management.
                           Applicants must be 19 years of age or over.

Length of Course           One year of full-time study.

Exemptions                 Exemptions are awarded at the discretion of LCM to candidates with
                           an appropriate qualification.

Certification              On successfully completing the Certificate course, students are awarded the
                           Executive Management Diploma of the London Centre of Management and
                           may use the designatory letters, EM Dip.

Status of Qualification    Advanced Post-Graduate vocational qualification which provides exemption or
                           entry to other post-graduate courses such as a DMS and/or MBA - subject to age,
                           and possibly, relevant experience.
How to Apply               Recognised Local Centre -

                                                    London Centre of Management
 Cavendish Centre, 35 – 37 Alfred Place, London WC1E 7DP, UK Tel: 020 7580 6043 Fax: 020 7255 1591 E-mail:
              London Centre of Management is a division of Cavendish College which is recognised as efficient by BAC
                           (The British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education)

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                                            SYLLABUS OUTLINES

                                      London Centre of Management

                                 Executive Management Diploma
The following is an outline of the major topics only for each subject. Students must expect that they may have to
study many sub-topics within a major topic. LCM reserves the right to amend or add to syllabuses and/or change
subjects where it considers the alterations to be necessary or appropriate to improve courses.

Corporate Policy and Strategy
This is an advanced study programme considering the organisation from a global viewpoint and analysing the value
of alternative corporate strategies - Corporate strategy; Strategic decision making in practice; Analysing the
environment; Analysing resources; Expectations, objectives & power; Strategic options; strategy evaluation
techniques; Planning and allocating resources.
Financial Management - Students are provided with a clear understanding of financial management methods and
financial assessment of investments - Cash flow statements; Sources of Finance; Financial Institutions; Cost of
Capital; Capital Structure; Relevant Costs; Forecasting & Planning; Capital Budgeting; Risk; Capital Asset Pricing
Model; Capital Rationing; Inflation and Financial Reporting; Inflation and Investment Appraisal; Taxation in Financial
Decisions; Distribution Policy; Financial Ratios; Stock Market Investment; Mergers and Take-overs; Management of
Working Capital - Stock, Debtors, Cash Budgets; Foreign Currency Transactions.
Export Planning and Controls - This subject fully covers management aspects of planning for exporting and
ensures effective organisation and control of the organisation’s export function. - Research and Analysis of Export
Markets and Marketing, Setting Up and Managing Export Operations, Effective Management Organisation, Effective
Representation Overseas, Official Export Services and Administration.
Production and Operations Management - The Production and Operations Function and the Organisation,
Production/Operations Strategy, Planning and Controlling the Operations, Production/Operations Management and
Financial Management, Production/Operations Management in Manufacturing and Service Environments, Marketing
and Product/Service Design, Product/Service: Variety and Value, Quality, Reliability, Product, Service, Operations
and Competitive Strategies, Location and Design of the Plant or Facilities, Layout of the Facilities, Equipment
Selection, Maintenance of the Facilities and Equipment, Production/Operation Systems Design, Method of Study,
Work Measurement, Controlling Quality through Measurement and introduction to ISO 9000. Operations Control: An
Introduction, Forecasting, Capacity Management and Operations Scheduling, Manufacturing Planning Case Study,
Data Capture and Release, Inventory Management, Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems, Project
Management, Resource Allocation - Linear Programming, Purchasing, Despatch, Production/Operations and
Personnel Management, Health and Safety Management.
Administration of Public Services - This subject provides students with detail on the management and direction of
services in the following areas, both collectively and separately - Public Administration and Local Government, Public
Administration at Local Level, Administrative Applications in Local Government.
Human Resource Management - Elementary individual psychology; Motivation in work; Learning; Individual
differences; Interviewing; Physical and psychological conditions of work; Social psychology at work; Leadership and
participation; Communications and change; Other influences on employee behaviour.                   What is personnel
management; Human resources planning; Job analysis and job specifications; Recruitment and selection; Promotion,
transfer, demotion and retirement; Resignation and dismissal; Labour turnover; Appraisal; Training Principles and
administration; Training methods; Job evaluation; Wages and Salaries; Safety and conditions of employment; EC
dimension of personnel management; Personnel records and statistics; Industrial relations.
Starting and Managing a Business. This programme provides a firm grounding in the knowledge needed to
establish a completely new business for oneself or for an employer - Looking at the Project, Preparing a Business
Plan, Financing the Business, Setting Up the Business, Employing People, Marketing the Product or Service,
Managing the Business, Providing for the Future, Obtaining Assistance.
Team and Project Management - Team - contracts, roles, leader; Team development; Motivation and Focus;
Project ownership; Strengths, weaknesses, values and prejudices; Techniques of team building; Team
communications; Training maintenance; Motivating individuals; Motivating the team; Motivation and morale; Valuing
individual contributions; Team meetings; Death and revival of teams. Project Management - Project leadership;
Qualities of a good project leader; Organisational teamworking; Understanding the overall picture; Establishing
success criteria; Getting the project under way; Assembling the team; Keeping to targets; Handing over and winding

Project / Dissertation / Thesis – As this course is intended for those in work or about to enter into work and seek a
senior position, students must complete a Project / Dissertation / Thesis relating to an organisation or industry in
keeping with the guidelines provided by LCM.

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