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									Mid-Atlantic Operations

    Managing The Baseline Schedule

                                  Walter Majerowicz
                                  Planning & Schedule Manager
                          Polar Operational Environmental Satellites Program
Mid-Atlantic Operations

   Provide an overview of proven baseline schedule
     control concepts and practices by:
   • Summarizing the steps for developing the baseline
   • Highlighting the elements of schedule control
   • Illustrating the schedule revision process based on lessons-
     learned from major projects/contracts
Mid-Atlantic Operations

   •      Introduction
   •      Developing the Baseline Schedule
   •      Controlling the Baseline Schedule
   •      Example Baseline Schedule Revision
   •      Summary & Conclusions
Mid-Atlantic Operations

Mid-Atlantic Operations

        Time / Schedule Management
   • Project Schedule Management consists of the processes
     required to ensure timely completion of the project:
         – Activity definition è what needs to be done
         – Activity sequencing è the order things need to occur
         – Activity duration estimating è the number of work periods needed
         – Schedule development è creating the roadmap
         – Schedule status accounting è getting the facts
         – Schedule analysis è what is the schedule telling us
         – Schedule performance reporting è how are we doing and where are
           we going
         – Schedule control è managing change
   • Project Scheduling is the application of these processes
Mid-Atlantic Operations

      Focus on the Baseline Schedule
   • Premise
         – Baseline schedules can, will and should change
         – Projects emphasize accurate current operating schedules
         – Projects do not always maintain accurate baseline schedules
   • Approach
         – Freeze the baseline schedule at the start of the project
         – Modify the “unstatused” baseline schedule for new scope changes
         – Issue baseline schedule revisions
   • Findings
         – A disciplined schedule control process identifies the impact of scope
           changes on project/contract deliverables and objectives
         – Without schedule control, the schedule impact of new scope changes
           are difficult to distinguish from performance problems
Mid-Atlantic Operations

                  The Baseline Schedule
   • Represents the project team’s schedule commitment
   • Establishes target dates and time spans for the
     accomplishment of activities
   • Documents the project’s schedule assumptions
   • “Freezes” the original plan at the completion of the initial
     project planning, but . . .
         – Will and should change over the life of the project (e.g. new scope)
         – Should not be changed to match performance
   • Provides a time perspective to the project team
   • Sets a benchmark against which schedule performance is
     measured and forecasts projected ~ in order to better
     determine future courses of action
   • Correlates to project’s original cost estimate / budget
Mid-Atlantic Operations

               Developing the Baseline
Mid-Atlantic Operations

            Identify the Project Activities
                Total Program
                                                 Activity List
                                                                              S OW
                                                •    Design
                                                •    Build
  1.0 System                           3.0      •    Test
                 2.0 Spacecraft
  Engineering                     Instruments

                                                Drawing Tree

                                                                 Previous Projects’ History
      Planning Meetings With Project Team
Mid-Atlantic Operations

    Determine the Activity Sequence
                Activity List
               •    Design
               •    Build
               •    Test

                 Dependencies          Assumptions
Mid-Atlantic Operations

           Estimate Activity Durations
   The Schedule According to Engineering

   The Schedule According to Manufacturing

   The Schedule According to System Test
Mid-Atlantic Operations

          Develop The Project Schedule
                   8-1-01                   12-19-01
                            12-18-01                   1-29-02
                  FS                   FS                    FS
                          Design               Fabrication

                         100 days                30 days
8-1-01                                                            1-30-02          2-20-02             5-1-01
         8-1-01                                                         2-19-03         3-26-03                 5-1-01
  Contract                                                                    FS                  FS
                                                                   Assembly            Test               Deliver
    0 days                                                          15 days           25 days              0 days
  START ON             8-1-01                                                                              FNET
    8/1/01                                                                                                 5/1/01
                        Long Lead              FS
                  FS      Parts
                         120 days

                                                12-7-01 = Early Start
                                               10-10-02 = Early Finish
Mid-Atlantic Operations

          “Freeze” The Baseline Schedule                                     2001                    2002
        ID              Task Name      Duration Total Slack Jun   Jul   Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
         1   Contract Award             0d        26 d                   8/1

         2   Design                    100 d      26 d
                                                                  8/1                        12/18

         3   Procure Long Lead Parts   120 d      36 d
                                                                  8/1                            1/15

         4   Fabrication                30 d      26 d
                                                                                     12/19           1/29

         5   Assembly                   15 d      26 d
                                                                                             1/30       2/19

         6   Test & Delivery            25 d      26 d
                                                                                                 2/20          3/26

         7   Contract Delivery          0d         0d                                                                 5/1

               REV: Baseline 8-1-01
Mid-Atlantic Operations

                Controlling the Baseline
Mid-Atlantic Operations

                          Schedule Control
      Schedule Control is the process of changing the project schedule in a
      timely, disciplined manner in response to a) new work scope, b) the
      need for a new schedule baseline, and c) recovery from actual project

          Baseline                                            Workaround
                                  Replanning                   Planning

        REV A, REV B             New Baseline              Recovery Schedule
Mid-Atlantic Operations

          Baseline Schedule Revisions
      The revision process consists of modifying the baseline schedule with
      the incorporation of new authorized work scope.

           INPUT                   PROCESS                     OUTPUT

                                  Incorporate the
    ØBaseline schedule
                                  change into the         ØBaseline schedule
                               baseline schedule and       revisions ~ REV A,
                                  issue a revised          REV B, etc.
    ØNew scope
                                      schedule            ØContract delivery
    ØChange Requests
                                                           date modifications
Mid-Atlantic Operations

        Schedule Revision Guidelines
   • Lock the baseline schedule away . . . but keep the key handy!
   • Customer contractual authorization needed before incorporating new
     scope into baseline schedule
   • Assume existing baseline schedule is in “on track” at the time customer
     authorizes new scope change
   • Incorporate the change into the existing “unstatused” baseline schedule
   • Do not use schedule reserve or slack to absorb impact of new scope
   • Review schedule revision with project team, change board and customer
   • Release formal baseline schedule revision to the project team
   • Continue management process: authorize work and budget to CAMs,
     submit claim proposal, modify contract, etc.
Mid-Atlantic Operations

      The Customer Makes A Change
       1                               2

                                                Contractor estimates RF
                                                Testing will take 10 days
           On 10-1-01, the customer
           adds a requirement for RF
             Testing to the contract

       3                               4             E VA

             “Unstatused” baseline         Revision A of the baseline
           schedule is modified with          schedule is issued
                 new RF Test
Mid-Atlantic Operations

           Baseline Schedule – REV A                                           2001                       2002
            ID              Task Name      Duration Total Slack Jun   Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
             1   Contract Award             0d        26 d                 8/1

             2   Design                    100 d      26 d
                                                                      8/1                     12/18

             3   Procure Long Lead Parts   120 d      36 d
                                                                      8/1                         1/15

             4   Fabrication                30 d      26 d
                                                                                      12/19           1/29

             5   Assembly                   15 d      26 d
                                                                                               1/30      2/19

             6   Test                       25 d      26 d
                                                                                                  2/20          3/26

             7   RF Test & Delivery         10 d      26 d
                                                                                                         3/27     4/9

             8   Contract Delivery          0d         0d                                                               5/15

                        REV A: 10-1-01
Mid-Atlantic Operations

       Baseline Schedule Comparison

                            Baseline   REV A
                 Delivery   3-26-02     4-9-02
                 Delivery    5-1-02    5-15-02
                  Float     +26 days   +26 days
Mid-Atlantic Operations

      Baseline Schedule Revision Matrix
                    Baseline   REV A       REV B        REV C
                    (8-1-01)   (10-1-01)   (12-6-01)    (2-4-02)
                                Add RF      Add UV     Delete Spec
                                 Test       Coating       1.5.3
     Delivery       3-26-02     4-9-02      4-9-02      5-11-02
     Delivery        5-1-02    5-15-02     5-15-02       6-17-2

         The baseline revision matrix helps both customer and
         contractor maintain visibility of the effect of new scope
Mid-Atlantic Operations

    Without An Accurate Baseline Schedule

   • Projects may lose sight of their schedule
     objectives and commitments
   • Credibility and relevance of schedule performance
     and forecasts is questionable
   • Projects could lose schedule integration with cost
   • Contractors may have difficulty segregating the
     impact (schedule & cost) of new scope from the
     impact of technical or performanceproblems
Mid-Atlantic Operations

               Summary & Conclusions
   • The baseline schedule is a tool that should be
     modified as new work scope is authorized
   • An accurate baseline schedule is necessary to
     assess actual performance, put forecasts in
     perspective, and determine the significance of
   • A structured revision process is required to
     maintain an accurate baseline schedule

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