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Project Management Excel Tracker


Project Management Excel Tracker document sample

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									                                                    Scot Witt

Summary of Qualifications
        Extensive experience in gathering, documenting and enforcing requirements in Waterfall,
         Iterative Rational/UML and Agile projects.
        Expertise in Analysis, Project and Content Management.
        Continually adapts to client and development team needs.
        Demonstrated ‘can do’ and ‘can learn’ attitude with superb work ethic.
        Superb written, oral and on-line communications skills.

Professional Experience
Senior Business Systems Analyst
Crosscap Media, Rolling Meadows, IL (for Sears Holding Company. Hoffman Estates, IL)
(8/2008- 11/2008)

        Designed application security and administration functions.
        Lead Designer/Requirements Gatherer Promotional Planning track for Sears Holding
         Marketing application implementation and customization.
        Research, gather and document requirements.
        Create wireframes, design functionality.
        Lead JAD sessions.
Technologies Used: Confluence (wiki, space and instance administration), ClearQuest, Microsoft Project, VISIO, Word,
Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PhotoShop, Adobe Acrobat 8.

Senior Business Analyst
Pathfinder Associates, Chicago, IL (12/2006- 7/2008)

        Designed, Developed and Implemented Agile Business Analysis Consultancy and Best
        Mentored Business Analysts.
        Created and Managed Special Interest Group for idea/information/experience exchange.
        Designed, Documented and Facilitated new Project Management Office (PMO) and
         Combined Agile- User Interface Design (UxD) Processes and Best Practices.
        Created prototype project tools, administration and templates for wiki-based
         documentation, issue tracker/Project Management collaboration tools.
        Created Collaboration tools and templates for new wiki and issues tracking software;
         Administered and assisted other team instances.
        Lead JAD (Joint Application Development) Sessions; Created marketing materials and
         performed web reviews.
        Lead BA Project Roles for, and
         using Open Source, .NET, Java and AJAX technologies.
        Designed and Implemented Test Cases/Scripts including automation (Selenium)

Technologies Used: Confluence (wiki, space and instance administration), JIRA (issues tracker/Project Management tool;
wiki, space and instance administration, Excel, Word, Open Office, Google Base, SQL Server, VISIO, Photoshop CS2,
One Note, Access, Adobe Acrobat 7. Selenium, FireBug, ScribeFire, WebDeveloper.
Senior Business Analyst
Geneca, Oakbrook Terrace, IL (3/2005- 10/2006)

 For FTD: Lead BA Team, documented 1980s era COBOL Point of Sale application which had
  no documentation. This was the first step in porting it to .NET. COBOL Application had no
  required workflow, required fields changed depending on selected options from three and four
  ‘green screens’ previous; Lead JAD Sessions, Lead SCRUM meetings; Lead BA on team of six
 For Aspen Marketing: Gathered requirements for new, centralized direct marketing/billing
  application with multiple stakeholders; Lead BA on team of two BAs.
 For Geneca: Researched, Designed and Wrote curriculum and resource materials for Business
  Analyst crash course for clients.
Technologies Used: Word, VISIO, SQL Server Management applications, PhotoShop, Distiller, PowerPoint, Excel,
Access, Text Editors, Test Director

Information Architect/Content Manager
COMSYS (Allstate Insurance), Northbrook, IL (5/2004 - 3/2005)
   Managed Content for new agency-facing portal.
   Enforced metadata and taxonomy standards.
   Collected Requirements, Wrote Use Cases, Business Rules (Iterative UML).
   Researched and wrote single source documentation for end-user, training, best practices and
    on-line help

Technologies Used: InterWoven TeamSite, Word, VISIO, UML, HTML, Adobe Acrobat (R5.02), PhotoShop (R7.01),
FrontPage, DreamWeaver, M/S Project, TestDirector

Senior Technical Writer/Project Manager
Reed & Associates (BOC Gases), Lisle, IL (7/2002- 5/2004)

        Managed multiple projects in the company’s products areas to document Best Practices.
        Managed national and international expert groups.
        Managed Content and revisions using Documentum.

Technologies Used: Documentum, Word, VISIO, HTML, Adobe Acrobat (R6), PhotoShop (R7.01), FrontPage,
DreamWeaver, M/S Project, HotSpots, M/S Project

Senior Technical Writer/Project Manager
Renaissance Worldwide, Chicago IL (2/2001- 11/2001)

   For Renaissance: Managed UML/XML/RBDMS Project to update consultant skills.
   For Motorola: Managed project and team to completely revise three major Cell Phone base
    station manuals.
   For Documentation project enabling company to sell web product.

Technology Used: FrameMaker, PhotoShop, M/S Project, Word, RoboHelp, RoboHelp 2000, VISIO, UML, HTML, Adobe
Acrobat (R5.02), SQL Server, SQL, FrontPage, DreamWeaver

Knowledge Manager
SWAN, SA, Rolling Meadows, IL (5/2000- 10/2000)

   Coordinated, Researched, Implemented and Managed worldwide knowledge sharing
    strategies by creating new intranet site.
   Liaison with Corporate Development and Technical teams for product rollouts and knowledge

Technology Used: Word, RoboHelp, RoboHelp 2000, VISIO, HTML, Adobe Acrobat (R5.02), Access, PhotoShop,
Senior Knowledge Engineer
OCE-USA, Itasca, IL (8/1997- 5/2000)

   Performed and documented Cost/Benefit studies for software suites, saved $150,000 in one
   Created first ever information exchange between hardware and software technical writers
    increasing productivity of both areas by a measured 15%.
   Created content for software support desk/web site and knowledgebase.
   Developed and Wrote plans and processes for Knowledge Management Department

Technology Used: Word, RoboHelp, RoboHelp 2000, VISIO, Adobe Acrobat (R2-3.x), Access, PhotoShop, Expert
Support, IIS, Excel, Access

Technical Support Analyst
Wallace Computer Services, Elk Grove Village, IL (5/1995- 8/1997)

   Researched, Designed and Deployed Access-based ticket tracking system and Best
    Practices database.
   Created first technical support website.
   Created first chargeable technical support value program, generating $15,000 in first six

Technical Expertise
Languages:                                                 Basic, Visual Basic, Visual Basic For Applications, DBII-IV,
                                                           C++, Visual C++, PostScript Levels 1-3, PCL, KML, HTML,
                                                           XML, SQL, UML/RUP, SQL, NVelocity.

Databases:                                                 Oracle 8i/9i, DB2, Sybase, SQL Server, Access, Dbase,
                                                           ODBC Utilities, Google Base
Business Software:                                         Some include: Confluence (Administration), JIRA
                                                           (Administration), Adobe Acrobat Distiller, Adobe
                                                           FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe PhotoShop,
                                                           AutoDesk AutoCAD (13-2000), Crystal Reports, Microsoft
                                                           Office, Microsoft Project, Microsoft SQL Server, PaintShop
                                                           Pro, RoboHelp, Tivoli Expert Support, Tivoli Service Desk,
                                                           Interwoven TeamSite, Documentum, Macromedia
                                                           DreamWeaver, Microsoft FrontPage.
Development/QA Tools:                                      Selenium, FireBug, ScribeFire, WebDeveloper

Environments:                                              Windows (XP/2K/NT/9x), Novell 2.x-6.x, DOS (2.x-6.22),
                                                           OS 8 -10

Domains:                                                   Aviation, Retail/Wholesale Floral, Marketing (Direct Mail,
                                                           On-Line Survey, Search Engine, Audience Research),
                                                           Academic, Insurance, Telecom, Industrial Gas,
                                                           Broadcasting, Journalism, Software Development,
                                                           Reprographics, Printers, Bar Coding

Bachelor of Journalism - University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE 1988

Training & Certifications
2004          Certified Six Sigma Greenbelt
2000-         Brain Bench Certifications: Project Management, Managing People, E-Commerce Concepts, Internet
2001          Concepts, Technical Writing, Written English, Business Writing, Computer Industry Knowledge, Computer
              Fundamentals, Computer Technical Support
1999          A+ Certification
1999          Delphi Group Knowledge Management Seminar
1999          Microsoft SQL-Server 7.0 Training
1998          Tivoli Expert Support System Administration
1997          Software Artistry Expert Support Tactical Diagnostics
1996          ASSETS Seminar, Customer Service Seminar

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