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					Transferable Skills Course Audit Tool – for auditing skills within an                                           Date of Audit: 24.02.04
individual course

Course Title: German Language 5              Course Code: GE250                                                 Auditor / Lecturer: Dr. Jennifer Bruen

                                              Specified                                             Level of      Examples of teaching and                                          Categorization:
      Skill              Sub-skills          in learning    Taught     Practiced     Assessed     proficiency     learning methods and/or              Additional Comments           A, B, C or D
                     (if appropriate)         outcomes                                             aimed for     tasks employed to develop
                                                                                                     (1,2,3)                skill
                                                            (Tick appropriate box)
Oral            Summarising                  yes           yes         yes           no          2              Plenary Lecture:                    This module has three           A
communication                                                                                                   Question and answer session at      contact hours/week: (1)
                Describing                                                                                      the end of the lecture              plenary lecture (2) text
                                                                                                                                                    seminar (3) grammar
                Discussing and debating                                                                         Text Seminar:                       seminar.
                an issue                                                                                        Students summarise orally key       The module is conducted
                                                                                                                aspects of sections of the          through German and all
                Reporting the results of a                                                                      seminar text or the entire text.    assignments/tasks are
                small group discussion in                                                                       Oral responses to questions on      completed through German.
                plenum                                                                                          the seminar text.
                                                                                                                Pair work orally and the
                                                                                                                reporting of pair work to the
                                                                                                                class group.                        Oral communication is not
                                                                                                                Class discussions on the            assessed directly in this
                                                                                                                seminar theme.                      module. However, some of
                                                                                                                Students describe and react         the benefits of oral
                                                                                                                orally to an image related to the   communication such as
                                                                                                                seminar theme.                      vocabulary acquisition and
                                                                                                                                                    the development of “flow” and
                                                                                                                                                    fluency are assessed in the
                                                                                                                                                    assessment of written work.
Written         Writing short factual        yes           yes         yes           yes         2              Text Seminar:                                                       A
communication   pieces.                                                                                         3 written assignments given
                                                                                                                over the course of the 12 week
                Writing discursive pieces                                                                       semester. The structuring of
                and giving one’s own                                                                            essay questions is discussed in
                opinion.                                                                                        a feedback class on the first
                                                                                                                assignment and where
                Producing grammatically                                                                         necessary the second and third.
                accurate German.
                                                                                                                Each assignment is returned to
                                                                                                                the students with linguistic
                                                                                                                errors indicated (but the correct
                                                                                                                versions not provided) and
                                                                                                                comments relating to the

                                                                                                Adapted, with permission, from Queen’s University Belfast Skills Audit Tool, 2003
                                                          content and structure of the
                                                          piece. Students are requested
                                                          to submit a second draft for
                                                          further comment.

                                                          Grammar Seminar:
                                                          Students discuss grammar
                                                          points with their lecturer in order
                                                          to assess implicit knowledge in
                                                          advance of explicit teaching of
                                                          grammar syllabus.
                                                          Students complete grammatical
                                                          exercises in class, outside of
                                                          class, in groups and individually.
                                                          Students translate sentences
                                                          from English to German which
                                                          contain terms/concepts which
                                                          research has shown to be
                                                          problematic for English-
                                                          speaking learners of German.

                                                          Students complete a written
                                                          examination at the end of the
                                                          module. In this they complete
                                                          short factual paragraphs on key
                                                          issues as well as a longer
                                                          discussion piece on a thematic
                                                          area covered by the course.
                                                          They also complete a
                                                          grammatical cloze test. If
                                                          required they are given
                                                          feedback on their performance
                                                          early in semester two.
Presentation skills   no   no    no    no    N/a          N/a                                   Presentation skills form a         D
                                                                                                core component of the
                                                                                                subsequent module, German
                                                                                                Language 6. It is intended
                                                                                                that vocabulary acquisition,
                                                                                                development of grammatical
                                                                                                proficiency etc. will assist the
                                                                                                students in giving
                                                                                                presentations through
                                                                                                German in semester 2.
IT skills             no   yes   yes   no    1            Students directed to shared           It is intended to use the new      B
                                                          staff/student drives and required     virtual learning environment
                                                          to download and print                 at DCU, MOODLE, to support
                                                          powerpoint files/seminar nexts        this module in semester 1 of
                                                          and bring them to the relevant        2004/2005. This will
                                                          classes.                              necessitate additional training

                                            Adapted, with permission, from Queen’s University Belfast Skills Audit Tool, 2003
                                                                                            for the staff/students
Team work   No             no   yes   no    1            Students required to work in       In the previous module,      B
            (is referred                                 pairs and in small groups          German Language 4,
            to in the                                    particularly during the text       students engaged in
            “indicative                                  seminars in order to determine     researching and presenting
            syllabus”                                    the answers to questions posed     group oral presentations.
                                                         and to defend their positions in
                                                         the class group.

                                           Adapted, with permission, from Queen’s University Belfast Skills Audit Tool, 2003
Managing one’s   Planning   no   yes   yes   no    2              Plenary Lecture:                       While not assessed directly,       B
own learning                                                      In week 1 the importance of            students’ abilities concerning
                                                                  effective note-taking is               “planning”, “decision-making”,
                                                                  demonstrated to students. The          “multi-tasking”, “time-
                                                                  lecturer gives a 10-minute             management” and “problem
                                                                  presentation with no discussion        solving” all contribute to their
                                                                  beforehand. This is followed by        overall performance in all of
                                                                  a discussion with the students         their modules.
                                                                  concerning what they have
                                                                  successfully retained of the

                                                                  The purpose of note-taking is
                                                                  then discussed with them and
                                                                  techniques such as skim-
                                                                  reading, the noting of key
                                                                  aspects, the use of meaningful
                                                                  abbreviations, diagrams,
                                                                  schemata and symbols and so
                                                                  on are discussed together with
                                                                  the value of using one’s own
                                                                  words. Tips concerning the
                                                                  importance of reading the
                                                                  lecture notes provided on the
                                                                  shared drives in advance are
                                                                  given and the importance of
                                                                  organising materials over the
                                                                  course of the semester
                                                                  discussed. The importance of
                                                                  identifying and working with the
                                                                  lecturer’s lecturing style is also

                                                                  Students are encouraged to go
                                                                  over their notes after each
                                                                  lecture and to clear up
                                                                  misunderstandings at this point
                                                                  with their lecturer. The
                                                                  importance of immediate review
                                                                  for successful retention is also
                                                                  emphasised. Students are also
                                                                  encouraged to reorganise and
                                                                  restructure the material in a way
                                                                  that is meaningful for them.

                                                                  Reading strategies for effective
                                                                  work with texts are discussed in
                                                                  the first/second week of the
                                                                  semester. These include the
                                                                  identification of the most
                                                                  important points/arguments and
                                                                  the usefulness of summarising
                                                                  and paraphrasing techniques for
                                                  Adapted,        permission, material. Close
                                                             with the retention of from Queen’s        University Belfast Skills Audit Tool, 2003
                                                                  vocabulary work such as the
                                                                  grouping of vocabulary
                                                                  according to themes and the
                                                                  putting of words into sentences
                    Decision making   No          yes      yes         no             1            In the context of the ELP                             B
                                                                                                   students are encouraged to
                                                                                                   make decisions concerning their
                                                                                                   levels of proficiency (self-
                                                                                                   assessment) and to identify
                                                                                                   which language learning
                                                                                                   strategies are likely to help them
                                                                                                   in the achievement of their

                    Multi-tasking     No          no       yes         no             1            Some classroom activities such                        B
                                                                                                   as for example watching a video
                                                                                                   while answering questions on
                                                                                                   the video clip require students to
                    Time management   no          no       yes         No (no         3            Completion of three written                           B
                                                                       summative                   assignments over the 12 week
                                                                       assessment                  semester.
                                                                       formative                   Students in year two deal with a
                                                                       assessment                  heavy workload. Dealing with
                                                                       takes place                 this (or solving this problem)
                                                                       in the form                 requires considerable time
                                                                       of the                      management and multitasking
                                                                       written                     abilities.
                                                                       s and their
Problem solving                       no          no       yes         no             1                                                                  B

Information                           No          No       yes         No (not                     Students provided with access                         B
Management                                                             directly)                   to large amounts of information
                                                                                                   on the seminar themes as well
                                                                                                   as on the language itself.
                                                                                                   Completion of assignments
                                                                                                   necessitates an ability to
                                                                                                   manage and structure this
                                                                                                   information (see also
Critical Thinking                     no          yes      yes         yes                         Students respond to arguments                         B
                                                                                                   and discussion statements
                                                                                                   relating to the seminar themes.
                                                                                                   Students encouraged to
                                                                                                   differentiate fact from opinion in
                                                                                                   the materials with which they
                                                                                                   are engaging.
The skills highlighted in red above are the skills which have been chosen for development in the Transferable Skills project pilot programme.

                                                                                     Adapted, with permission, from Queen’s University Belfast Skills Audit Tool, 2003
Specified in Learning Outcomes – the learning outcomes of the course explicitly mention that the skill will be developed as a result of the student undertaking the course.
Taught – a lecture or tutorial (or part of one) on the course is devoted to giving the student information on the skill or directing the student where to find information on the skill.
Practiced – Students are explicitly required to use the skill in classes or in completing course assignments
Assessed – Marks are formally awarded for the use of the skill as part of an assessment, or assessment criteria include explicit reference to the skill

Level of proficiency aimed for (1, 2 or 3):
See Levels of Proficiency / Skills Definitions document

Categorization: A, B, C or D
A – skill already present and at a satisfactory level in the curriculum
B – skill already present and would like to improve in the curriculum
C – skill not present and would like to integrate into curriculum
D – skill not present and not likely to integrate into curriculum

                                                                                                     Adapted, with permission, from Queen’s University Belfast Skills Audit Tool, 2003

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