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Drink Menu by nyut545e2



 Whites                               Gl         Bt          Whites                                     Bt
 08 Angels Gate,                      7          28          09 Lenz Moser, Gruner Veltiner             32
 Gewurztraminer                                              Niederösterreich, Austria
 VQA, Beamsville, ON
 08 Cave Spring, Riesling             8          30          08 Vineland, Elevation, Riesling           44
 VQA, Niagara Peninsula, ON                                  VQA, Niagara Peninsula, ON

 08 Malivoire, Guilty Men             8          32          08 Clos Jordanne, VR Chardonnay            50
 VQA, Niagara Peninsula, ON                                  VQA, Niagara Peninsula, ON

                                                             09 Cloudy Bay, Sauvignon Blanc             58
                                                             Marlborough, New Zealand

 Reds                                 Gl         Bt          Reds                                       Bt

 08 Malivoire, Gamay                  9          36          09 Chateau de Nages                        32
 VQA, Niagara Escarpment, ON                                 Costieres de Nimes, Rhone Valley, France

 09 Vineland, Cabernet Franc          7          28          08 Clos Jordanne, Pinot Noir               50
 VQA, Niagara Peninsula, ON                                  VQA, Jordan, ON

 08 Malivoire, Guilty Men             8          32          07 Speck Reserve Pinot Noir                75
 VQA, Niagara Peninsula, ON                                  Henry of Pelhem
                                                             VQA, Short Hills Bench, ON

We are proud to serve Ontario VQA Wines. Our growing wine list has been designed to reflect our modern Kerala menu.

Cocktail $8                                                  Beer $6
Pondi Martini                                                Kingfisher lager
Vodka, Chambord, roasted pineapple, lemon                    Mill street Tankhouse ale
The Cuke                                                     Mill street Stock ale
Hendricks gin, cucumber juice, lime and fresh                Stella light
Cochin Caesar
Coriander infused vodka, tamarind, ground cloves,
ground cardamom and lime juice
                                                             Nonalcoholic drinks
Sassy Lassi
                                                             Lassi (mango or roasted pineapple)                4
White rum, mango puree and yogurt
                                                             Virgin cucumber caeser                            5
The Christopher
                                                             Fruit punch                                       4
Tequila, tamarind juice, lime and masala rim
                                                             Juice                                             3
                                                             Ginger lemon soda                                 3
                                                             Pop                                             2.50

                                           Consulting Sommelier Travis Mcfarlane

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