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                                                                                                            Aria Systems Subscription Billing & Management

                     Aria Systems Subscription
                      Billing and Management
                    Aria Payment Gateway /
                                                                                                              PayJunction services thousands of businesses
                                                                                                              in every state in the United States. Since 2000,

                    Processor Connectors                                                                      PayJunction has rapidly become a leading
                                                                                                              developer and provider of cutting edge mer-
     Flexibility and Breadth of Electronic Payment Options                                                    chant technology. The Trinity System is a 2nd
                                                                                                              generation credit card processing technology,
Overview                                                                                                      allowing you to accept credit card payments in
To provide our customers with the broadest market reach and flexibility, the Aria Platform provides           your office, through your website, and on the
support for a wide range of electronic payment processors. These packaged integrations give you               go...wirelessly.
access to a global network of gateways and processors without having to spend valuable internal
developer time creating and maintaining payment processor integrations. Aria’s PCI Level 1 certifi-
cation, the highest level in the industry, gives you the flexibility to migrate your entire customer base
from one gateway/processor to another in real-time to help control your costs. The Aria Subscrip-
                                                                                                              As an Aria customer, you can choose either the
tion Billing and Management Platform allows you to use multiple payment platforms simultaneously,
                                                                                                              Payflow Pro gateway, or the Paypal Express
offering increased flexibility to your customers, while taking advantage of services that minimize your
                                                                                                              checkout service. Connect your online store
processing costs.
                                                                                                              to any major payment processor, bank, and
                                                                                                              card association with our industry-leading pay-
                                                                                                              ment gateways, Payflow Link and Payflow Pro.
                                                                                                              You can also accept payments using PayPal as
                                                                                                              an Additional Payment Option, set up PayPal
                                                                                                              Express Checkout.
The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway can help
                                                       First Data powers the global economy by
you accept credit card and electronic check
                                                       making it easy, fast and secure for people and
payments quickly and affordably. More than
                                                       businesses to buy goods and services using
248,000 merchants trust Authorize.Net to man-
                                                       virtually any form of electronic payment.
age their transactions, prevent fraud, and grow
                                                                                                              With over 20 years experience, PayProdigy
their business.
                                                                                                              offers a global reach, backed by customer ser-
                                                                                                              vice staff with local expertise. With a wide prod-
                                                                                                              uct range and deep knowledge, PayProdigy
                                                       GlobalCollect’s scalable online payment plat-          has payment solutions to suit every business.
As a leading credit card processor, Chase Pay-
                                                       form WebCollect offers an unrivalled portfolio of
mentech provides merchants fast and secure
                                                       local payment methods in over 200 countries
card payment processing, excellent customer
                                                       and for 170 currencies – which enables you to
service and innovative payment options - all
                                                       realize your global ambitions and expand your
at competitive rates. We support the Tampa
                                                       ecommerce activities across the world.
platform for Retail and the Salem platform for

                                                       Merchant Partners is an industry leader in
More than a global payment gateway or                  internet based (IP) credit card processing and
merchant services provider, CyberSource is             electronic check processing (ACH) for internet,
focused on services that optimize business             mail order / phone order, and brick and mortar
results through active management of the               retail businesses. Whether you are just starting
payment process from payment acceptance                your business or have an existing business and
and order screening, through reconciliation and        need payment processing, Merchant Partners
payment security.                                      has the products and expertise to ensure your
                                                       business’ success.
 Aria Subscription Billing & Management                                                                      

                                                     WorldPay processes millions of payments
TRANSFIRST provides a specialized approach
                                                     every day, for every type of business: securely
to providing merchant bankcard processing,
                                                     and quickly. Online, face-to-face and over the               Contact Aria Systems Today!
transaction processing services and credit card
                                                     phone, our customers can accept every major
processing for industries such as e-commerce,                                                                                  1.877.755.2370
                                                     card – as well as bank transfers, direct debits
retail, healthcare, and more.                                                                               
                                                     and a wide range of local cards.
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About Aria Systems
Aria Systems is the subscription billing and management market leader serving Global 2000 companies. The Aria Subscription Billing Plat-
form is the industry’s only enterprise-class solution that automates the entire subscriber life cycle for all recurring revenue models. Disney,
Pitney Bowes, Ingersoll Rand, DreamWorks, EMC, Internap, Roku, VMware, Taleo, and HootSuite all rely on Aria for fast time-to-market, low
operational costs, and monetization flexibility. For more information, visit

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                                        Aria Systems, Inc.                   Aria Systems, Inc.
                                        101 S. Ellsworth Avenue, Suite 100   600 Reed Road, Suite 302
                                        San Mateo, CA 94401                  Broomall, PA 19008
                                        Phone: 650-294-4500                  Phone: 484-234-8000
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