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									Feasibility Study WBS Dictionary

#                 WBS Dictionary                                                                  Del Name & #             Dur. Est.   Critically   Skill

1.0 Phase         Initiate – Obtaining agreement                       on     the    business     N/A

                  requirement and charting the project.
1.1 Activity      Develop the Business Requirement – Establish a common N/A
                  understanding of the base requirements that are to be addressed by
                  the project.
1.1.1 Task        Create the Product Description – define, scope, and give context to the product & Product Description                             PM
                  services that the project will be chartered to develop, deliver, and support.
1.1.2 Task        Prepare and Review the Product description – depending on audience Project Proposal, Document Approval
                  preference, summarizes the content of the product description into an executive
                  summary and deliver it or prepare and conduct a review of the product description.
                  Obtain approval to charter a project that will assign initial planning resources to
                  develop the project plan.
1.2 Activity      Charter the Project – Obtain the commitment and agreement N/A
                  between the sponsor and project team indicating how the project will
                  be conducted and who needs to be involved.
1.2.1 Task       Create the Project Charter – define the mission, authority, and level of project Project Charter                                   PM
                 planning and controls necessary for the project, and indicate the personnel or
                 groups expected to be involved in the project. Assign the project manager,
                 sponsor, and any required resources to complete the overall project planning. MilestoneProject Proposal Approved by                                                     N/A                                               PM

2. Phase          Plan – Creation and approval of the core work plan and facilitating N/A
                  plans which will guide project execution and control.
2.1 Activity      Develop the Core Work Plan (CWP) – The development of the work N/A
                  scope, supporting schedule, budget, and project organization that
                  focuses and guides the project work effort.
2.1.1 Task        Develop the Scope Statement – Develop the scope statement with the customer CWP – Scope Statement                                 PM
                  that indicates an agreement on work scope, project objectives and measurements,
                  hi-level deliverables, assumptions, and completion criteria.

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Feasibility Study WBS Dictionary

#              WBS Dictionary                                                                  Del Name & #                               Dur. Est.   Critically   Skill
2.1.2 Task     Develop the WBS – Define the work Activities, sequencing, effort estimates, and CWP – WBS                                                           PM
               deliverables. Indicate the type of resource(people, equipment, materials, facilities)
               needed to complete the work activities. Review and obtain agreement of the WBS
               work activities with the customer, sponsor, and management of other groups
               expected to support the project.
2.1.3 Task     Develop the Project Schedule – Develop approximate cost estimates of all the CWP – Schedule and Budget Projection                                   PM
               types of resources. Build a project schedule from the WBS and cost estimates.
               Produce a time-phased cost budget from the schedule.
2.1.4 Task     (Note) On large projects a feasibility study maybe a major phase prior to detailed CWP – Feasibility and Recommendations
               planning. On very small or maintenance project the feasibility may be limited to
               cost/benefit assumption and recommendations. This project is considered a small
               Determine the Project Feasibility and Recommendation – Approximate and
               define the life span of the product or service being delivered. Approximate and
               define a dollar value for soft and hard benefits and any cost reduction or avoidance
               that may be the result of the product or service delivery. Chart or summarize the
               information and provide a recommendation
2.1.5 Task     Organize Project & Staff Acquisition – provide an overall framework to describe CWP – Organization                                                  PM
               the roles, responsibilities and membership of the Project. Obtain the staff needed for
               the core team and staff need from other groups in the organization that will be cross-
               committed to the project. Obtain from management commitment of all non-
               contracted personnel. (Note– any contracted staff is acquired via the contract
               activity, however none are planned for this project.)
2.2 Activity   Develop the Facilitating Plans for Controls (FPC) – The plans for N/A
               ongoing work required to ensure that the project can anticipate
               possible problems, solve, and make coordinated work plan
2.2.1 Task     Risk Management – Determine which risks are likely to affect the project, FPC – Risk Id and Mgmt
               evaluate potential risk outcomes and indicators, define plan to respond to key risks
2.2.2 Task     Change Management – Outline a simple change management process to FPC – Chg Mgmt
               coordinate approved changes in the project plan.

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Feasibility Study WBS Dictionary

#                WBS Dictionary                                                                              Del Name & #               Dur. Est.   Critically   Skill
2.2.3 Task       Project Standards, Approval, And Document Controls – Define and setup the                   FPC – Stds, Apvls, Cntls
                 documentation standards, document storage locations, project notebook, document
                 approval and promotion process, and securities.
2.2.4 Task       Communication Plan and Management – Outline a plan that identifies “who”                    FPC – Comm. Plan & Mgmt
                 needs “what” communications, in “what” media, “how” often and by “whom”.
2.2.5 Task       Status Reporting – Define how status will be reported, by whom, how often, and in           FPC – Status Rptg
                 what formats and media.
2.2.6 Task       Procurements & Contracting – Determine what to procure and when, document                   FPC – Proc. & Cntrkg
                 requirements and identify potential sources.
2.2.7 Task       Quality Assurance – Identify the project’s relevant quality standards and determine FPC- QA
                 how to satisfy them.
2.2.8 Task       Time Tracking – Determine what level to track time at, how time will be tracked, FPC – Time Tracking
                 how frequently, and administer the time tracking activities.
2.2.9 Task       Issue and Decision Management – Determine process for raising and resolving FPC – Iss. & Decision Mgmt
                 project issues that impact the scope, schedule, cost or quality of the project.

2.3 Activity     Develop the Project Plan – Integrating the results of the other N/A
                 planning activities into a coherent document to guide the project
                 execution and control.
2.3.1 Task       Plan Integration – Summarize and incorporate the outputs of the planning Project Plan
                 activities into a single reference document – the <project name> Project Plan. The
                 plan is the reference document for work to be performed by all involved in the
                 project and must be made easily accessible to all in electronic format.
2.3.2 Task       Plan Presentation and Review – Distribute, review and obtain approval of the Presentation, & Document Approval
                 project plan from the project directing authoritie(s) and managers who have staff
                 assigned to the project. MilestonePlan and Schedule Approved by                                                      N/A                                 0                        PM
3.0 Phase Executing                                                                                 N/A
                 Note: The feasibility study may be a project by itself. Its results provide the basis for
                 determining whether a project should be chartered to deliver the product or service
                 solution. Exceptions to this rule may occur when management has determined that

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Feasibility Study WBS Dictionary

#                 WBS Dictionary                                                                         Del Name & #                                        Dur. Est.   Critically   Skill
                  Note: The degree of detail required will vary from project to project. It should be
                  The following when the feasibility deliverables is chartered.
                  decided upon activities, tasks and study project should be reviewed for each project
                  on a case-by-case basis. Projects may utilize this model and adapt or tailor to the
                  specific needs of the project. This means that not all activities and tasks are
3.1 Activity      Phase for every project, Study
                  necessary - Feasibility and that additional activities and tasks may need to be        N/A
3.1.1 Task        Define Mission Statement                                                               Product Description Subtask     Review the projects product description and confirm the principal business           N/A
                    objectives of the proposed project. Subtask     Obtain agreement on the level of detail required for study, expectations for         N/A
                    feasibility report format, formulas, and criteria to be used. Subtask     Determine if the project must follow the DAS requirements for cost benefit           N/A
                    analysis and reporting formats.
3.1.2 Task        Define Study Boundary                                                                  N/A Subtask     Identify the business area(s) that are to be studied.                                Context Diagram Subtask     Identify critical business issues.                                                   Major Functions Subtask     Identify business functions.                                                         Critical Business Issues Subtask     Identify the data subjects that are relevant to the business area.                   Existing Entity Relationship Diagram Subtask     Identify sources and recipients of data.                                             Existing data dictionary
3.1.3 Task        Identify Key Participants                                                              N/A Subtask     Identify users, sponsors, responsible application development managers,              List of participants
                    managers from other technology areas (e.g., computer operations), and vendors.
3.1.4 Task        Research & Analyze Existing Systems                                               N/A Subtask     Evaluate the existing system(s) to determine strengths and weaknesses.          *Description of existing system(s)
                                                                                                    *Business function/ system matrix
3.1.5 Task        Determine the Impact on Existing Systems Development                              N/A Subtask     Identify which existing development efforts are affecting the area under study. Statement of impact on existing efforts
3.1.6 Task        Define Hi-Level Business Requirements                                             N/A Subtask     Define data requirements by extending the model started in Activity 3.1.2 to    Data Dictionary (data element descriptions for
                    include data element and data flow definitions.                                 identified attributes, data flow definitions, and data
                                                                                                    entity definitions)

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Feasibility Study WBS Dictionary

#                 WBS Dictionary                                                                             Del Name & #                                      Dur. Est.   Critically   Skill
                                                                                                                                                                           Depend Subtask     Define business functions (extend the definition of functions identified in Activity     Function hierarchy diagram or an equivalent
                    3.1.2 above) and their inputs and outputs.                                               representation of the business functions Subtask     Define constraints (delivery time/target dates, volumes and frequency of use,            *Data Flow diagrams (if needed)
                    budget restrictions, technological limitations, etc.).
                  Note: The results of this activity should be used in the development project(s) if         *Function Descriptions
                  they are authorized.
                                                                                                             *Statement of constraints and assumptions
3.1.7 Task        Recommend Systems Solution                                                                 N/A Subtask     Identify design alternatives; including acquisition options (this requires high-level    Design alternative descriptions
                    designs and investigation of acquisition options) with the major functional areas of
                    OIS, i.e. CRM, NDS, ISE, T&S, PMO. Subtask     Determine cost and benefit estimates for each alternative.                               Cost/Benefits Analysis Subtask     Identify, justify and seek an agreement decision with OIS cross-sections for a           Recommendation and rationale (a section of the
                    preferred alternative.                                                                   Feasibility Report)
3.1.8 Task        Describe Development Strategy                                                              N/A Subtask     Identify product delivery phases.                                                        Development strategy description (choice of the
                                                                                                             lifecycle model(s) to be used to implement the
                                                                                                             solution(s)) Subtask     Describe the development approach (e.g., package acquisition, rapid application          N/A
                    development, traditional development, enhancement of existing systems, etc.). Subtask     Prepare an initial (high-level) project plan, including an activity list, statement of   N/A
                    resource requirements, estimate, and schedule.
3.1.9 Task        Prepare and submit Feasibility Report                                                      N/A Subtask     Document findings in a report to the Steering Committee and/or Executive Staff           Feasibility Report
                    and/or ISSC.
3.2               <Activity Title, i.e Requirements Analysis> – <activity description>. N/A
3.2.1. Task       <Task title> – Task Description                                                            N/A           <Milestone Title>                                                                          N/A                                               0

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Feasibility Study WBS Dictionary

#              WBS Dictionary                                                               Del Name & #              Dur. Est.   Critically   Skill

3.3            <Activity Title, i.e Design> – <activity description>                        N/A
3.3.1 Task     <Task title> – Task Description                                              N/A        <Milestone Title>                                                            N/A

3.4            <Activity Title, i.e Construct> – <activity description>                     N/A
3.4.1 Task     <Task title> – Task Description                                              N/A        <Milestone Title>                                                            N/A

3.5            <Activity Title, i.e Test> – <activity description>                          N/A
3.5.1. Task    <Task title> – Task Description                                              N/A       <Milestone Title>                                                            N/A

3.5.           <Activity Title, i.e Implement> – <activity description>                     N/A
35.1. Task     <Task title> – Task Description                                              N/A       <Milestone Title>                                                            N/A

4.0 Phase      Controls – Administer and manage work controls to N/A
               ensure project performance.
4.1 Activity   Project Procedures and Controls –                                            N/A
4.1.1 Task     Risk Management – Manage risks by responding to identified risk indicators as FPC – Risk Id and Mgmt
               they occur.

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Feasibility Study WBS Dictionary

#              WBS Dictionary                                                                        Del Name & #                       Dur. Est.   Critically   Skill
4.1.2 Task     Change Management – Identify, plan, and conduct ongoing change control of the         FPC – Chg Mgmt
               project. Ensure that the requirements, budget, and schedule milestones remain in
               line with the current approved project plan or are changed officially providing new
               requirements, budget, or schedule milestones.
4.1.3 Task     Project Standards, Approval, And Document Controls – Conduct administration           FPC – Stds, Approvals, & Cntls
               of approvals, project library, administrative filing, and securities.
4.1.4 Task     Communication Management – Deliver communications or facilitate                       FPC – Comm. Plan & Mgmt
               communication delivery and conduct ongoing administration of communications
4.1.5 Task     Status Reporting –Conduct ongoing project status reporting of work activities,        FPC – Status Rptg
               budgets achievements and issues.
4.1.6 Task     Procurements & Contracting Management – obtain quotations, bids, offers, or           FPC – Procurements & Contracting
               proposals, choose from among potential vendors, administer the contract, and
4.1.7 Task     Quality Assurance – monitor and identify way to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory    FPC- QA
               quality performance.
4.1.8 Task     Time Tracking – administer the time tracking activities and team recording of         FPC – Time Tracking
               individual time
4.1.9 Task     Issue and Decision Management – Administer the issue and decision process.            FPC – Issue and Decision Mgmt
5.0 Phase      Close – Evaluate the projects achievement of scope,                                   N/A

               objectives, and measurements. Identify the maintenance
               plan, turn-over to maintenance, and release project
5.1 Activity   Project Evaluation – Recognize the achievements and lessons N/A
               learned of the project, and determine readiness to close the project.
5.1.1 Task     Prepare a project evaluation – Review the project’s completion criteria, scope, Project Evaluation & Lessons Learned                              PM
               objectives, measurements, and lessons learned. Document and analyze the
               information and review with the sponsors. Obtain agreement from the sponsors on
               readiness to proceed with project closure.
5.2 Activity   Plan for Maintenance and Turn-over – Coordinate “what” will be N/A
               maintained and prepare supporting materials to enable smooth
               transition to maintenance. Close Project.

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Feasibility Study WBS Dictionary

#                 WBS Dictionary                                                                 Del Name & #                 Dur. Est.   Critically   Skill
5.2.1 Task       Coordinate Maintenance Turn-over – Identify all items or components, and their Maintenance Turn-over
                 production version/location, which will become maintenance responsibility. Ensure
                 change request log is accurate and up-to-date. Ensure all issues and prior
                 decisions are documented for turn-over. Identify maintenance staff and any
                 associated budgets. Meet with maintenance lead and review this information.
5.2.2 Task       Close out Project – Prepare for and celebrate project closure. Release project Project Celebration Closing
                 resources. MilestoneProject successfully turned-over to maintenance and closed                        N/A
5.2.3 Task

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