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									                            FRIENDS OF WEBSTER
                        Spring Newsletter                                            May 2009
                                                FOW OFFICERS
           President              Phil Monty          860-429-1931   
           Vice President         Chuck Thurlow       860-546-9683   
           Treasurer              John “Hoss” Haskell 860-376-8189   
           Secretary              Steve Ash           860-460-8920   

                                        PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                   We are busy getting ready for
                   JNW’s 46th summer season but
                   there is much to do. Contact
                   Ranger Jesse Burnham at 429-
                   1086 or to
                   find out how you can help.

A big THANKS to the Segerstroms and their staff for
another excellent Trade-O-Ree held this past February.
It brought in over $2,100 to the FOW treasury.

Chuck Thurlow and his team have finished
construction on the Brand Ranger Station. The new
wood shop is already being put to good use making
44 benches for the dining hall. These benches will                Ellis Tech masonry students work at work.
go with the 40 new dining hall tables that are being         Another project the Friends took on was installing
made at Ellis Tech. (See request for table donations         sidewalks at the Greer Dining Hall. Again thanks the
in this newsletter.) FOW purchased a wood planer             Chuck Thurlow and his crew for doing the layout and
and band saw. Tim Boyd and his crew have built a             setting the forms and more thanks to the Ellis Tech
pole barn over the outside wood furnace. Thanks to           Masonry Department for pouring the sidewalks.
Paul Segerstrom for acquiring the telephone poles
used in the building. Kudos go out to the Ellis Tech         FOW has received a very generous donation in
Masonry Department for building the wonderful                memory of Charlie Pelletier from his family. Charlie
pillars and stone wall in front of the Ranger Station
and for tiling the bathroom.                                               See PRESIDENT continued on page 3

       ANNUAL MEETING NOTICE                                                  HELP WANTED
             Friends of Webster will conduct its                  Beaver Day                    June 6
             Annual Dinner Meeting and election of                FOW Annual Meeting            June 6
             officers at the camp on Saturday, June               Summer Camp Begins            July 5
             6. The dinner will begin at 5:30 pm                  Heritage & Alumni Day         July 18
             following the Beaver Day work projects.              Cub Parent Weekend            July 18-19
             Place your dinner reservation with Hoss              Staff Hump Day Party          July 22
             Haskell by phone at 860-376-8189 or e-               Merit Badge Wrap-Up           August 15
             mail him at                   FOW Meeting                   September 10
                          J N Webster Scout Reservation
                                                                                RENEW YOUR
                              BEAVER DAY                                        MEMBERSHIP
                                JUNE 6
                                                                           Membership in Friends of
Beaver Day is a special work day held at June Norcross                     Webster expires on May 31
Webster in the spring of each year. All older Scouts, Scouters,            each year. Dues for 2010 are
and Friends are encouraged to participate. Beaver Day is a                 now due. Use the Membership
council-wide activity to tackle major projects at camp to get              Application & Renewal Form
it ready for the summer programs. Many hands do make light                 below Please be sure to include
work! If you have special skills, let us know so we can have               your e-mail address.
the appropriate projects and materials ready for you that day.
Wear work clothes and bring your tools, especially for painting,           Check the mailing address
carpentry, plumbing, electric, and yard work. When you arrive,             label from this newsletter to
check-in at the Greer Dining Hall.                                         see when your dues are paid up
        8:30 am        Refreshments, Project Review                        to. If there is no date shown,
        9:00 am        Begin Work                                          than we do not have a record
        12:00 noon Lunch                                                   of your dues being current and
        1:00 pm        Resume Work                                         you may be dropped from the
        5:30 pm        Dinner and FOW Annual Meeting                       mailing list at the next purge.
Let us know if you are coming so we have enough food,
materials, and projects ready that day. RSVP to Jesse Burnham
at: or 429-1086

                                      FRIENDS OF WEBSTER
                                MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION/RENEWAL FORM
                                             Memberships expire May 31 every year.
                               Newsletter address labels indicate the date your membership expires.
                              If a date is not shown, we don’t have a record of your dues being paid.
Mail Address:
Phone: (        )                            E-mail:
I would prefer to receive FOW newsletters/mailings by:      (circle one)     E-Mail    or   Snail Mail
I would like to help Friends of Webster in the following ways:
         Building/Renovation                   Fundraising/Donation                Newsletter/Publicity
         Tools/Equipment                       Events/Cooking                      Campmaster Weekends
         Other (specify)
Circle one:            Family @ $40          Scouter @ $20                  Scout (under 21) @ $10
                                Make check payable to: “Friends of Webster”
           Mail to: John “Hoss” Haskell, FOW Treasurer, 100 Lake Rd, Jewett City, CT 06351-1316
                                                                                                     rev 3/19/09
                                                        continued from page 1
                                                        helped to survey the land, plan
                                                        the layout of the camp, and raise
                                                        money to help get the camp
                                                        started. He also made all the
                                                        early maps of camp showing
                                                        the campsites and buildings.
                                                        The money will be used to build
                                                        map kiosks strategically located
                                                        throughout the property with
                                                        new camp maps. THANK YOU
                                                        to the Pelletier family.

                                                        In other news, the Friends
                                                        purchased two Slushie machines
                                                        for use in the Trading Post and
                                                        Randy Becker has secured
                                                        a donation for new rugs for
                                                        the Campmaster Cabin. But
                                                        there are still many projects
                                                        to work on. We hope to have
                                                        cement pads poured by each
                                                        of large doors at the Ranger
                                                        Station. Construction awaits for
                                                        a 3rd Adirondack Shelter (all the
                                                        wood is on hand). A handicap
                                                        accessible ramp is needed for the
                                                        Trading Post. The septic system
                                                        at the Ellis Directors Cabin needs
                                                        repair. And a roof needs to be
                                                        built over the walk-in freezer.

                                                        I look forward to seeing many old
                                                        and new friends at the Heritage
                                                        & Alumni Day on July 18.
                                                        Come help dedicate the new
                                                        Brand Ranger Station and honor
                                                        Peter Perry with the first Webster
                                                        Lifetime Achievement Award.

                                                        As always, my heartfelt thanks
                                                        to the many volunteers that help
                                                        to improve and strengthen our
New sidewalks will improve handicap accessibility and
remediate drainage problems at the Greer Dining Hall.                Phil
                                                                         VOLUNTEER SUPPORT
                                                                          FOR SUMMER CAMP
                                                              Many former camp staff and friends would like to
                                                              spend the entire summer at camp but no longer can.
                                                              However, as a camp staff volunteer, you could come
                                                              for a week or spend just an afternoon in the program
                                                              area that you used to work in or enjoy. Together, we
                                                              can create a program that will forever live in the
                                                              memory of all who attend Scout Camp this summer.
                                                              If you are interesting in helping JNW this summer
                                                              in any of the following ways, please contact
                                                              Camp Director Pat Boyd at 860-208-5531 or pat.
                                                                       SUNDAY TROOP CHECK IN HELP:
          Danny Dolnick of Troop 1 in East
          Hartford displays his calico bass.                  Cover Office Building
                                                                    Greeting Troops/Ambassador
      FISHING DERBY A SUCCESS                                       Parking Lot/Traffic Control
                                                                    Trading Post Staff/Assistance
The Annual Scout Fishing Derby was held at JNW
                                                                    Cook Hamburger & Hotdogs for Visitors
on May 1-2. Derby Chairman Barry Grant reported
that there were 64 participants this year, most of            Volunteer for a Week: [Dates: ________________]
whom slept out on Friday evening. Everyone                           Commissioner (Camp/Troop Liason)
enjoyed a fabulous fishermans breakfast prepared                     Provisional Leader
by Tom Wohlhueter early Saturday morning. The                        Merit Badge Counselor
rains ended just in time for the Scouts to cast their                Program Area Staff [Area: _____________]
lines in hopes of a Goss pond lunker. Fishing was                    Other ______________________________
a little slow due to the still cold water of early May.
                                                              Hump Day Staff Party:
However, six young men were lucky enough to earn
                                                                   Cover Camp (Office/Dish Room/Health
trophies for the biggest fish caught that day. Many
thanks to Barry and his staff for continuing to hold
                                                                   Cook/Prepare Food for Staff
this wonderful event year after year.
                                                              Friday Night BBQ & Family Night:
        DONATIONS FOR DINING                                         Sell BBQ Tickets
                                                                     Parking Lot/Ambassador
With the recent expansion and renovation of the Greer                Cook/Clean Up
Dining Hall, a table replacement project is underway.                Trading Post Staff/Assistance
New tables will be built just as the original ones, but
with poplar                           tops      instead       Other:
of plywood.                           Students at Ellis                Once a week Demonstration (ie cooking/
Tech School                           will construct                         hobby/etc)
the tables for                        the 2009 summer                  Help Ranger (Cut grass, cut weeds, paint)
season. The                           cost of each                     Other ______________________________
table is $300. We need your help! Each table will
have a plaque inscribed to recognize the donation.
Send your check to “Friends of Webster”, c/o Hoss
Haskell, 100 Lake Road, Jewett City, CT 06351 along
with a clearly written inscription of what you would
like engraved on the plaque. Also, be sure to include
your e-mail address and phone number.

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