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					              Writing ACTIVITY

Writing is easy – you just stare at a blank piece of paper till
 your eyeballs bleed!
        Writing ACTIVITY
• Some thoughts about writing
• Writing activity
• Reflecting on the activity
• Applying what you’ve learned to the
• Useful resources
Student responses to writing:

  I’ve been humiliated in ways I’d
  never have put up with outside
  that institution
 Student responses to writing:

I am still not sure if my work is
considered academic, I still don’t know
what makes one of my essays better than

Academic language, the kind of language that
doesn’t readily flow off my tongue: the type of
language I rarely use when speaking to my
peers. The type of language that I don’t
readily understand and the type of language
that means spending hours at a computer
turning something quite simple into
something that sounds moderately impressive
with elitist results.
Perhaps it is not that we cannot write, but
We need:
• Time to ‘write to learn’
• Time to practice writing
• To write little and often
• To discover that writing gets easier with
• So …
             Writing Activity
Free writing
Each person should have in front of them:
• Two sheets of paper:
• One, blank, to write upon,
• One, the ‘commentary’ sheet, to note reasons for
  not writing
• Pens or pencils
             The Activity
• When asked, turn to your blank paper
  and write for ten minutes without pause
  on the question below.

• If you stop writing for any reason, write
  that reason, no matter how trivial or
  insignificant on the ‘commentary’ sheet.
           The Question
         (1) Assignment Activity
• Did you enjoy that writing?

•   Review it – what does it tell you about:
•   What you already know?
•   What you need to find out?
•   What you will be looking for in lectures?
•   What you will be looking for when
         (2) Why did you STOP writing?

 Some reasons for stopping:
• Thinking
• Searching for a word, spelling, tense
• Uncomfortable
• Distracted
• Couldn’t see the point

• What are you going to do about this?
          (3) Some solutions …
• Get into a good physical & mental space:
       Be comfortable – your way
       Accept the task – or fake it!
• Brainstorm & plan before you write
• Once you start – go with the flow
• Don’t stop!
• Do not search for the right word – re-draft and
  improve later.
           NEXT STEPS…
• How will your free write help you with
  the final part of your assessment?

• How will thinking about writing help with
  your writing?
                             WriTiNg …
•   Organise your DESK and your READING:

•   Check out these writing resources:

•   Essay writing animation – Portsmouth:

•   Essay/report quiz:

•   EXCELLENT site for linking phrases and for WRITING:

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