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					Position Description- Retail Store Manager IIe

                                         Royal Tire, Inc.
                                       Position Description

Job Title: Retail Store Manager II                          Level: Pay Grade 12

Exemption Status: Exempt                                    Department: Retail

Authorization:                                              Date: 01/01/2008

                                     JOB SPECIFICATIONS

       FACTOR                                                         LEVEL

EDUCATION                                                   High School plus 2 years

JOB RELATED EXPERIENCE                                      5 years

SUPERVISION GIVEN                                           12 F.T.E.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED                                        Consumer Division Manager

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS                                               Valid driver’s license with
                                                            acceptable record

JOB SUMMARY: The Retail Manager II is responsible for monitoring the day-to-day operations
of a retail store with annual projected sales between $1.2 and $2.0 M and ensuring employee
development for retail store personnel. This position will adhere to, and promote, the Royal Tire
mission. He/She will operate within the confines of the core company values while contributing to
the success of their functional team.

1.   Develops, implements and monitors objectives and budget for his/her assigned store.

2.     Assists in store sales and other areas, as needed. Develops and implements PCDC, car lot
       programs and other marketing tools to achieve sales goals.

3.     Maintains store’s internal and external appearance and the appearance of store vehicles.
       Maintain clean and timely displays.

4.     Maintains staffing levels and ensures that all sales and shop employees are fully trained to
       perform their job to the highest possible level through the use of both monthly internal sales
       meetings and external training when available.

5.     Reviews the performance of store personnel timely and recommends pay changes.
Position Description- Retail Store Manager IIe

6.     Keeps abreast of market changes. Shops competition and keeps store personnel informed on
       changing market conditions.

7.     Assures that all shop operations are efficient and safe, through the use of vehicle and
       equipment inspections, shop meetings, and continual compliance with all safety practices
       and regulations.

8.     Store Meetings: Timeliness, effectiveness, organization and ability to communicate to the
       store personnel in a timely and proffessional manner.

9.     Involvement in Consumer Division Meetings. Brings ideas and solutions to meetings and
       shares manager tequniques with the consumer team.

10.    Team building skills. Ability to motivate and build a team atmosphere. Identifies the need
       for disciplinary ation, initiates appropriate discipline, and follows through accordingly with
       proper paperwork forwarded to the employee’s personnel file.

11.    Assists purchasing department on decisions pertaining to tires inventoried and sold from
       his/her assigned store. Maintains appropriate work order and open order status.


12.    Perform related work as required.


The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee
to successfully perform the essential function of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be
made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Public Contact                                       Approximately 90% of the time
Standing                                             Approximately 90% of the time
Walking                                              Approximately 10% of the time
Bending/Stooping                                     Occasionally
Squatting                                            Occasionally
Reach above shoulder level                           Occasionally
Push/Pull                                            Occasionally
Crouch                                               Occasionally
Lifting up to 35 pounds                              Occasionally
Verbal communication                                 Continuously
Written communication                                Frequently
Hearing normal conversation                          Continuously
Sight, including near acuity                         Continuously
Far acuity, depth perception, full field of vision   Occasionally
and distinguishing colors

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