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Polaris Retail Infotech Limited
1. Introduction to Polaris Retail Infotech Limited:

Polaris Retail Infotech Ltd. is a recognized leader in providing high performing,
integrated retail technology solutions through its own and third-party products,
consulting and outsourcing services.

RIL being a wholly owned subsidiary of Polaris Software Lab Ltd., which has a track of
two decades of large outsourcing and technology experience, provides a unique blend
of specialist focus leveraging scale and depth of a large global corporate.

PRIL has, over a decade, accumulated knowledge specific to retail business processes
and has evolved its product and service offerings keeping pace with the changing
industry trends. The economic values delivered are in the form of year-on-year cost
reductions; speedy launch of new business processes and helps customers in ramping
up of resources and improved ROI on IT investments. Retail Excel- has advanced
store mgmt & Point Of Sale functionalities and has been certified to be ‘Powered by
NetWeaver’ using SAP XI & SAP-EP.

We offer end-to-end solutions ranging from back office enterprises like SAP IS-Retail
Implementation & Support Capabilities to Front Office Applications like Point Of Sale
Applications, Web Portals and other multi-channel offerings.

 PRIL has following solutions & services offerings to the Retail Industry

        •   Retail Excel       •   Implementation       •   Resource
        •   Smart Store        •   Customization            Augmentation
        •   SAP IS Retail      •   Integration          •   Outsourcing &
                               •   Maintenance              In-sourcing
                               •   Training


 Polaris’ Retail Excel is a robust and comprehensive application suite that embodies
 the mandatory functionality of a typical business while providing ample scope for
 configuration and customization to each retailer's business needs. The features are
 drawn from the best retail practices from around the world and are set atop a state-
 of-the-art technology development framework that understands the art of merging
 business and technology together to achieve maximum results. With changing
 scenario in the Retail industry and the dynamic nature of the business, complexity is
 also increasing. To maximize business potential in this very competitive market,
 Retailer opt for different innovations to be successful.

 With such increased complexity, as shown below, Retailers expect their solution
 provider to be efficient so as to handle these diverse business processes. And, if the
 solution is given in the form of a product, the product should be flexible enough to
 manage these functionalities.
3.Control business and Accelerate growth

Retail Excel as a solution is simply effective. It will revolutionize the way you use
technology and it will ensure that it forms a perfect fit for YOUR business needs.
Retail Excel can give you the extra edge by:

   •     Increased inventory turns
   •     Improved in-stock condition
   •     Reduced need for manual replenishment functions
   •     Modular and integrated solution, efficient and cost effective installation
   •     Seamless information flow between remote store locations and Head Office
         that facilitates better inventory visibility and timely response to customer
   •     Easy to learn and easy to use
   •     Immediate return on investment (ROI)

                                Geographical Spread

                     National           Regional           Local

          Merchandise                   Format                           Ownership

         Food & Grocery         Lifestyle/Fashion Stores    Corporate                Family Run

          Mobile Stores                                                    Company owned
                                   Specialty Stores

       Apparel/Accessories                                               FRN on O/R Purchase
                                                                         FRN on Consignment
                                                                        Co Owned FRN Managed
       Consumer Durables

                                   Mini supermarket

                                  Convenience Store
        Drugs & Pharmacy

                                  Mom & Pop Stores
3.1 Know your Business Rules

Retail Excel provides you the flexibility of setting up of your business rules as it
functions in your business.

  •   Supports five level of business location hierarchy
  •   User defined code length and mode of code generation for different masters
      in Retail Excel
  •   Enable or Disable Modules/functions as desired
  •   Supports 99 Line of business in one roof (Division)
  •   Supports 20 attributes for one division
  •   Item code generation logic division wise.
  •   Pricing centralized or Decentralized to locations
  •   Campaign centralized or Decentralized to locations
  •   Business preferences module wise.
  •   Enable Variant matrix for apparel and footwear
  •   User defined row and column attribute for variant matrix
  •   Enable Grouping of attributes for apparel and footwear.
  •   Nesting of Attributes for ease of use.

3.2 Get your Business Secured

It is very important in any business to have an effective security system on data
manipulation and information.

Retail Excel provides the robust security module to administer your users.

  •   Capture Application users, Salesman and Employee details
  •   Attach Department to the users.
  •   Set Levels of Authorization of documents
  •   Create user Groups and specify rights and permissions to users and groups
      module and screen wise.
  •   Create Users centrally in Level one organization.
  •   Do fiscal year open and close operations.

3.3 Go Global

Retail Excel helps you to go global by supporting multi country, multi currency
functions. It has the Capability of handling stores setup in other countries where
you have presence.

  •   Create multiple countries in which you do business
  •   Create Multiple currencies in which you do transactions
  •   Categorize your locations, E.g. “Own Store”, ”Franchisee”,”Warehouse” etc.
  •   Create Organization (Stores/Warehouse) as and when a new establishment
      takes place in different locations.
  •   Attach Line of business (Division) to Organization
  •   Attach Parent location for data flow
  •   Create site groups (Combination of two or more organization is made as site
      group for ease of use in defining selling price and promotions)
  •   Set Exchange Rates
3.4 Manage your Merchandise

Merchandise Setup module in Retail Excel provides a complete merchandise
management system that is required for a Retailer of any form.

  •   Create attribute values
  •   Create Style Groups
  •   Create SKUs and attach attributes
  •   Categorization of the items as “Merchandise” / “Serialized” / “Set Item”
  •   Predefine the item parameters and create items in easy go using quick item
  •   Subcategorize the items as MRP Based, Weight Based, Free of Cost, Batch
      Item and Perishable Etc.
  •   Supports LIFO and FIFO Item Movement method
  •   Facility to capture multiple barcodes for single item
  •   Maintain item codes of legacy system if any.
  •   Create SKUs of all size and color of a particular style group in one go using
      Variant matrix for apparel and footwear (Variant matrix is a screen where it
      allows the user to enter the values in matrix grid, based on the row and
      column attribute configured in retailexcel)
  •   User defined Unit of Measurement
  •   Attach multiple UOMs for Single item
  •   Purchase in One UOM and Stock/Sell in Different UOM (Buy in Dozens and
      sell in PCs)
  •   Block items in Purchase and Stock movement
  •   Information on Last Transaction and Purchase date of items in item
      configuration screen
  •   Define Organization wise Safety, Reorder-Level and Maximum quantity of
  •   Easy Master Management to change the status of a Vendor and Item.
  •   Customer Category wise Pricing
  •   Location (Organization) wise Pricing
  •   Define selling price to get effective in future date. (Forward Pricing)
  •   Pricing on different methods like Fixed, Mark Down % on MRP, Mark UP %
      on Cost Price and Mark UP % on Landed Cost Price
  •   Information on current CP and SP.
  •   Repack items into smaller units (Buy in Gunny Bags and sell in Pcs)
  •   Set making and breaking.(Buy Cup separately and saucer separately and
      make it as a single item “Cup and Saucer” and vice versa)

Give your Customers the best by Procuring the Best - Vendor Management
It is very important in the business to maintain the suppliers as we do our
customers; Retail Excel helps you to manage your vendor in many ways.

  •   Capture Vendor Details
  •   Predefine the items supplied by the vendor with his cost.
  •   Mark your vendor as a Registered or Un registered vendor
  •   Attach user defined additional charges
  •   Attach payment terms
  •   Create foreign vendors and attach their currencies
  •   Classify Vendor as Job order/Distributor/Manufacturer/Normal
  •   Attach Delivery Terms
  •   Blacklist the vendor with reason.
  •   Predefine the Discounts negotiated with the vendor.
  •   Fix tolerance for the quantity and days for the delivery.
  •   Storewise-Vendorwise Cost Management
3.5 Procure the Best

Comprehensive purchasing solution that includes centralized procurement and
direct-to-store delivery. The module manages retailers’ complex network of
suppliers for smooth purchasing and delivery. It simplifies transactions and provides
access to relevant information at the right time, enabling better buying decision.

  •   Multiple types of Purchase Orders – Normal PO/Consignment PO/Drop-Ship
      PO/Non-merchandise PO
  •   Supports Domestic and Import PO
  •   Supports multiple delivery schedules
  •   Supports centralized Purchasing with multi-location delivery
  •   Four levels of authorization for Purchase Order
  •   Grid based purchase order for handling color-size (Variant Matrix)
  •   Carton receipts against Purchase orders
  •   Purchase Invoice booking for accounting entry
  •   Tolerance control on Quantity and Date of delivery
  •   Stock Return to Vendor

3.6 Make your Taxman Happy

Retail Excel is designed with the high flexibility to handle the tax complications
that are prevailing in different countries.

  •   Create multiple tax Component by specifying the percentage or fixed
      amount (Tax master)
  •   Create Tax Plan based on the formula
  •   Can attach multiple tax components in one plan (E.g. Sales Tax +
  •   Specify period for every plan
  •   Create both Purchase and Sales tax plan
  •   Create both header and item level plans
  •   Can handle Excise duty based on MRP
  •   Supports Different tax plan for different locations.
  •   Tax plan based on Delivery jurisdiction (E.g. CST applicable in case of
      outside states sale in India)

3.6 Replenish the Stocks what you Sell and also What you don’t Sell

The requisition and the allocation process simplify decision making of what and how
much to replenish, thus optimizing inventory levels at all locations. View of
inventory across various locations while allocating, lets you efficiently re-deploy
slow-moving stocks leading to higher GMROI.

  •   Stock request and allocate
  •   Auto stock request based on ROL
  •   Consolidation of Requisitions from multiple locations
  •   Allocation of stocks against – particular requisition number/particular SKU
  •   Stock movement between locations
  •   Attach Transfer cost factor
  •   Stock movement to temporary units (Exhibition, Customer Stock Approval
3.7 Invoicing and Franchisee Operation

Streamlines sales order processing with multi-departmental workflow, offering tight
interfaces to credit management, receivables and inventory. Consignment and
franchisee Sales support offers the flexibility of using the franchisee route to expand
market reach.
Retail Excel gives the benefit of dataflow of invoice documents electronically which
results in time saving and accuracy.

   •   Sales Order Processing
   •   Supports multiple delivery schedule
   •   Supports Domestic and Export Sales
   •   Delivery from the same location or from multiple locations
   •   Single Sales order multiple customer delivery locations
   •   Book the consignment order
   •   Create a delivery note before invoicing
   •   Direct Sales Invoice or with reference to Delivery Note/SO
   •   Capture the Sales Returns.
   •   Customer Credit Control
   •   Data flows of Documents to Retail excel Users electronically.

3.8 Improve your Operational Efficiency

Retail Excel's administrative and operational facilities help you to manage the day-
to-day operations in an effective manner.

   •   User defined Reason code for un usual transactions (E.g. Stock Adjustment)
   •   Multiple authorization level for documents

3.9 Support your Customer Needs

Supports Customer Loyalty Programs and Promotions which overall increasing the
customer base. The module captures customer information, analyses buyer
behavior to help effective to help devise effective loyalty programs for increased

Retail Excel back office module offers the user to capture the required information
for the various functions at the Point Of Sale level.

   •   Centralized Gift voucher Creation, distribution and tracking.
   •   Facility of centralizing or de-centralizing the rights of defining promotion and
       loyalty schemes
   •   Supports control of promotion and loyalty scheme definition set-up through
       settings in organization master
   •   Loyalty Features-Program definition/New member processing/Membership
       suspension & closure/Membership upgrade/Membership renewal
   •   Reward Points Administration-Issue/Redemption/Transfer
   •   Facility of defining a promotion for a group of SKUs for example “Buy 2 and
       get 1 free”
   •   Facility to set-up non-item promotions for example “Shop between 12:00 to
       16:00 hrs and get 10% discount”
   •   Facility to set-up bill level promotion for example “Buy goods worth more
       than $200 and get 5% off”
   •   Facility of defining promotion for a particular customer category, for
       example “Special discount of 10% for Gold club customers on ladies wear
  •   Facility of setting up a future dated promotion
  •   Facility of having store specific gift vouchers
  •   Facility of having pre-defined discounts
  •   Customer specific discounts
  •   Print Loyalty card statements

3.10 Support accounting functions of a Retailer

Comprehensive, easy to use account solution with strong accounting control
The module offers online integration with other business processes and eliminates
duplication of entries.

  •   Financial Data consolidation
  •   Control on fiscal year opening and closing
  •   Group, Sub-Group, Ledger & Sub Ledger maintenance
  •   Mapping of ledgers based on transactions
  •   Supports TDS functions
  •   Supports Cheque printing
  •   On-line posting using posting keys
  •   Supports Final accounts
  •   Financial Reports
  •   Tracking of Receivables and Payables and
  •   Supports various accounting transactions like Contra, Debit Note, Credit
      Note, Receipts, Payments and invoice entries.
  •   Bank Reconciliation
  •   Voucher Authorization
  •   Period opening-Day open/Month open/Year open
  •   Ability to book back-dated entries for immediate past period

3.11 Reports & Analysis

Delivers more than 80 pre-defined reports for a clear insight into all aspects of the
business to effectively manage operations and take informed decisions for
competitive advantage. An optional report-writer, IYFT (Information at Your Finger
Tips) gives freedom to design customized reports as per business needs.

  •   Predefined Reports module-wise
  •   Stock Ageing Analysis
  •   Stock Ledger
  •   Attribute Wise Stock Status
  •   Stock Status as on Date
  •   Re order analysis
  •   Vendor wise stock analysis
  •   Stock Reconciliation Transfer In –Transfer Out
  •   Item Movement
  •   Style Code Wise Stock on Hand
  •   Vendor Wise Stock Analysis
  •   Item Wise Stock Status
  •   Sales Performance
  •   Attribute Wise Net Sales Report
  •   Item Wise Sales Analysis
  •   Vendor Wise Sales Analysis
  •   Sales Man Performance Analysis
  •   Tax to be Deposited/Returned
  •   Gift Voucher Sales
  •   Accounting Reports
  •   Payables and Receivables
   •   Loyalty Reports
   •   User defined reports in IYFT
   •   Write a SQL query and convert them as a report using IYFT Report Designer

3.12 Retail Excel Point of Sale (PoS)

Retail Excel PoS enables you to deliver the best shopping experience to your
customers with its advanced functionality. Retail Excel is a new generation retail
business application that is produced by understanding the needs of the Retail and
it’s customers.Simple and easy-to-use PoS makes it a user's delight. The features
are drawn from the best retail practices from around the world and are set atop a
state-of-the-art technology development framework that understands the art of
merging business and technology together to achieve maximum result.
Retail Excel PoS provides the Retailer to customize his business settings according
to the need.

Know your business rules

   •   Enable tax
   •   Fix No of Decimal
   •   Configure No of Sessions for a counter in a day

Retail Excel PoS Features include special functionality like printing of bills category
wise and again category of choice.

The Preference setting in Retail Excel PoS gives a higher degree of flexibility to the
retailer to improve the operation efficiency.

Retail Excel PoS is capable of integrating with different Point of Sale machine
brands that comes with various features like Cash drawer, Pole Display & Card

   •   Create different PoS Types
   •   Configure control codes for each PoS type.

3.13 Control your Counters

Retailers face lot of challenges in today’s competitive world, towards that setting up
of specific tills for fast check out, multiple department slip entries finally made as
single bill, setup counter specific tenders etc

   •   Setup rules counter wise
   •   User defined tender types
   •   Attach acceptable tenders counter wise
   •   Attach PoS type to a counter to function depending on the machine
   •   Setup minimum and maximum counter values
   •   Set counter specific header and footer messages.
3.14 Handle the day operations efficiently

Retail Excel PoS helps the retailer to manage the day-to-day counter operations
very effectively with trouble free and accountability.

   •   Control your store’s day open and day close functions
   •   Session Open with counter wise opening balance of cash
   •   Close session after proper accounting by cashiers
   •   Add cashier to the Session
   •   Counter View for the supervisors to see the liability of the counter.
   •   Blind counter handover.
   •   Tender Audit
   •   Sales Audit function for the Accounting process
   •   Payment in and Payment out to manage cash in the counter.
   •   Footfall Analysis; which allows you to analyze your sales against footfalls
       entering the store. This can also be integrated with any hardware.

3.15 Support your Customer Needs

Retail Excel PoS billing function is simple, secure and powerful with a fast four-
click-a-bill process. Advanced features like Packing Slip, GV sales, Hold the Bill and
Refresh, Layaway, Purchase History on the click of a button; etc enables the retailer
to deliver a value added service to the customers and make them happy and
customer forever

3.16 Adhoc Billing

Retail Excel PoS provisions for billing for articles incase if the articles have not
been created and the stock has reached physically to stores. This helps in speeding
the process of billing even when the master data is not available

   •   Central control for Adhoc billing
   •   Provision to reconcile Adhoc billed article against actual stock article
   •   Audit trail available in Central Instance
3.17 Retail Excel Modules

3.18 Retail Excel BackOffice Features

•   Security
      Password Authentication for login to Application (Base)

•   Authorization on Exceptions
      Provision to allow Exceptions on Authorization or without Authorization
         Authorization for GRN creation
         Authorization for GRN authentication
         Authorization for Transfer Out(TO)/ Transfer In(TI) Creation
         Authorization for TO/ TI authentication
         PO release management

•   Master Settings (controlled from HO)
      Business Profiles and Preferences
      Store activation and tracking
      Article categorization by Line of Business

•   Master Data
      Single Article
      Generic Article
      Serialized Article
      Pricing – Vendor/ Customer
      Taxation based on LST/ CST and VAT
•   Procurement & Replenishment (at Store)
      Purchase Order Management
      Goods Receipts Based on PO
      Intra Store Transfer Outs
      Intra Store Transfer Ins with reference to Store Transfer Outs

•   Inventory Management (at Store)
      Physical Inventory
      Stock Registers
      Item Movement Registers
      Goods Receipt Register
      TO/ TI Register

•   Supply Chain Management
      Push/ Pull based replenishment
      Replenishment based on Stock levels
      Subsequent document processing based on requisition to convert into Stock
      Transfers between “Warehouse to Store” and “Store to Warehouse” or
      anywhere within the supply chain

•   Institutional Sales
      Sales Order Management
      Delivery Note
      Sales Invoice
      Sales Returns

•   Financial Accounting
       AR/ AP
       Books of Account
       Trial Balance
       P&L, Balance sheet
       Receipt reversal
       Debit Note/ Credit Note adjustments
       Cheques reversals
       Bank reconciliation

Retail Excel Point-Of-Sales Features
• Security
     Password Authentication for login to Application (POS, Teller).
     Daily Passwords are generated / validated for Cashiers to do Billing & Bill
     Through Session Maintenance (Session Open / Session Close), specific cashier
     is allocated to specific counter and cashier will be allowed to operate only
     from that counter. Cashier cannot login also if counter is not allocated to the
     By defining Users & Permissions, Cashiers / Groups will be allowed to do only
     specific functions allocated to the Cashiers / Groups.

•   Transaction types
      Cash and Credit Sales
      Sale, Exchange, Cancel, Refund and issue Credit note for refund
      Support GV sale and tracking
•   Authorization on Exceptions
      Provision to allow Exceptions on Authorization or without Authorization
         Authorization for Duplicate Bill Printing by Cashiers
         Authorization for On-going Transaction Cancellation
         Authorization for Article void
         Authorization for Negative Credit Balance
         Authorization for Manual Input of Credit Customer Code
         Permission for providing Sales Refund in Credit Notes, Cash or in the
         combination of both
         Permission definition for Sales Refund With/ Without Bill Reference

•   Payment Types
      Payment Modes supported by POS
        Credit Note
        Credit Card
        Gift Vouchers
        Credit Sales
        Customer Loyalty Points

•   Article Scanning
      Provision to scan / validate the
          Weight Articles
          Normal Articles
          Multiple Barcode Scanning based on EAN configurations
          Serialized Articles
          Adhoc Articles

•   Void Options
      Void an item with/without authorization
      Clear the bill without saving, with or without authorization
      Cancel the bill

•   Tax (VAT enabled)
      Article Level Tax Definition for a date range.
      In Billing, Article Level (LST or VAT) will be calculated based on Tax defined
      for the Article.

•   Gift Voucher/ Coupon Handling
       Provision to define Gift Vouchers from HO
          Track Gift Voucher Expiry
          GV generation specific for stores
          Provision to accept expired GVs based on authorization
       Selling Coupons as Gift Vouchers
          Coupons sold as articles in POS with a store specific numbering system
       Hold and Recall
          After scanning the Articles, if Customer is planning to purchase any more
          article the scanned information can be held and recalled later.
          Time is saved so that the article details need not be scanned again.
•   How do the Salesmen Perform?
      Capture sales man bill wise or item wise.
      Attach Salesman to the customer

•   Bill Printing
       Provision to configure Bill Printing
          Dot Matrix or Laser (Counter wise Configurable). i.e., One Counter could be
          Dot Matrix and another Counter could be Laser)
          OPOS Compatible Printers
          Customized Bill Printing

•   Value added Features
      Que busting
      Adhoc billing
      View quantity on hand on the fly
      Optional automatic round off feature
      Duplicate bill printing with or without authorization
      Convert multiple packing slip in to one bill in large format stores
      Support barcode scanning
      Customized bill printing
      Standard 40 and 80 column bill printing

      Yearly/ Monthly and Daily Sales
      Tender Wise Sales Analysis
      Category Wise Sales Analysis
      Cashier Wise Sales and Collection Register
      Counter Wise Sales and Collection Register
      Sales Performance Analysis

3.19 Retail Excel Store Promotions Features

•   Promotions for Date/ Time Bands
•   Maintaining promotions across categories, articles and invoices
•   Provision to classify and categories promotions for different categories, store
    groups, all the stores and customer categories
•   Provision to provide Non-Trading SKUs Along With Trading SKUs

3.20 Retail Excel Customer Loyalty Features

•   Features
      Loyalty Card Type Excel
         General/Special offer Reward points formula
      Loyalty Card Registration
      Loyalty Card Maintenance
         Card Closure
         Card Re Instatement
         Card Renewal/Re Issuance
         Card Up gradation
         Transfer Points
•   Functionalities
      Integrated with Point of Sale terminal
         Earn Reward points - based on card configuration
         Earn Reward Points - based on date specific schemes on each type of card
         Earn Reward Points - based on specific schemes on specific items
         Redeem Reward points – Separate tender type
         Adjust reward points (Sale Return/Cancel)
      Integrated Retail Excel security
      General Reports
         Loyalty Card type report – Summarized/Detailed
         Card Issue Report – Summarized/Detailed
         Card Maintenance Log
         Reward Point Ledger – Summarized/Detailed
         Card wise/ Item wise/Attribute wise sale report

DT Nterprise (Completely Automated Data Consolidation Engine)

3.20 Set Up Data Transfer Process

Retail Excel allows you to set profile for DT where you would select all the
organization with which you have to do a pull or push procedure. User will define
the Push and Pull Data Profile, which will allow him to send and receive data to and
from these organizations. These settings are one time setting and will instruct the
engine to automatically start execution on defined organizations. DT Nterprise also
allows user to do Manual Push and Pulls. DT Nterprise works on a very low
bandwidth requirement and even a dial-up connection is sufficient for the operation.

DT Nterprise new task

You can schedule your own new task as desired by you. Enter a unique name for
identifying the task. Then select task type i.e. Pull / Push, you can also make a task
enable or disable as and when required. Owner of the task would be the login id
from which you have logged into DT Nterprise, enter password for security reason
to verify users identity.

You can set the schedule as per your requirement; schedule can be broadly of three

    •   One time occurrence task, where we can define a task to occur only once
    •   Here we can set the time when we want this task to be executed next time
    •   Weekly task to be occurred on some day of week e.g. Monday, Wednesday
        and Saturday.
    •   Monthly Task, we can set task for monthly activity of pull – push of data

Based on the above definitions, which again is to be done once, DT Nterprise will
automatically start execution of the defined process. You just have to ensure that
the machine is connected to the Internet. It is not required to stop any transaction
process during data transfer process.
3.21 Retail Excel’s Strong Integration Capability

Retail Excel Complimentary to High End ERPs
With retail industry booming, PRIL’s flagship product has integrated with almost all
high-end ERPs with live integrated sites. The offering not only includes the inherent
merits of Retail Excel and high-end ERP solution, but also offers a completely
integrated end-to-end solution with unmatched features.

 The seamless integration of Retail Excel and High End Retail ERP is achieved using
Retail Excel Integration Bridge as middleware, which benefits the customers with
reduced implementation and operational cost with minimal data conversions. This
middle-ware also enables in smooth migration to newer/ future versions effortlessly.
Using the Retail Excel’s power of integration, the business environment becomes an
‘integrated global’ enterprise thereby increasing efficiency in the supply chain
through collaborative processes.

The POS integration covers the following scenarios using Retail Excel Integration
Bridge :
     Sending article details from High-End Retail ERP as an outbound message to
     the Retail Excel Store Management System consisting of Backoffice and PoS
     Creating a sales invoice in RetailExcel POS system for the same article and
     sending an inbound message to ERP and creating a sales order in ERP
This integration process provides pre-defined or pre-packaged integration scenarios
between the Retail Excel system and High-End Retail ERP x. Both outbound and
inbound data flows are handled through the power of Retail Excel Integration Bridge
and Retail Excel Web services.
Retail Excel Complements High-End Retail ERP…..

Retail Excel Integration Bridge: People -Process -Information

Retail Excel Integration bridge is the open integration and application platform that
integrates people, information, and processes. It powers not only Retail Excel, but
also partner solutions like SAP, Oracle Apps, BaaN, Microsoft Dynamics and as
well as customer custom-built applications. It aligns IT with the business and lowers
the total cost of ownership of customer IT infrastructures.

Objectives of Integration
•    Strong A2A Integration using Standard Adapters (IDoc, File and Database
•    Provide a standard EDI based solution on the Internet / Intranet
•    Reduce ERP deployment and maintenance cost in terms of licenses, user
     training and application maintenance
•    Reduce Communication charges by using Internet as transportation hub
•    Protect long-term ERP investment
•    To the benefits of centralized message hubs in a non-disruptive way

Benefits Gained
•   One environment for ERP->ERP and ERP->Retail Excel integration
•   Track and trade message flows with automated delivery
•   Having a single, open integration platform both from ERP and Retail Excel,
    leverage the know-how and reduces the total cost of ownership.
•   One common Exchange Platform
•   Transfer message via HTTP, FTP to remove dependency on VAN
•   Complete store business processes handled in Retail Excel and integrated
    seamlessly to the High End ERP; i.e., the HO and Warehouse operations are
    handled through ERP and the store operations are carried out in Retail Excel
3.22 Integration Business Cases from Live Clients

RXL as Complete Store Management System

The Retail Excel (RXL) application which comprises of RXL-Base and RXL-POS
modules would be used at stores where RXL-Base would be used for performing
back-office activities like Goods Receipt, Intra Store transfers and Stock Takes so
that the store inventories are always updated with latest stocks and the RXL-POS
application would be used for performing the billing operations based on these
Since the initial master data and trigger of inward stock transaction would be
controlled from Head office therefore the stores would have to be simultaneously
integrated with ERP solution. In the integrated scenario the ERP system would
provide the basic master data to RXL-POS along-with Purchase Order and Dispatch
Notes to perform the Goods Receipt and Inward Stock transfer whereas RXL would
provide the consolidated sales and the stock transactions carried in RXL to ERP
 The sales carried out from RXL-POS application would be consolidated on the end
of the day and would be uploaded to ERP whereas all the stock ins and the stock
rejections carried out from RXL-Base would be uploaded to ERP on a transaction by
transaction basis.
4.Hardware and software Requirements:

                                      Site with Multiple
             Head office                                       Site with one terminal

       - Database & Windows         - Database & Windows       - Database & Windows
         2000                       2000 & Mail Server         2000 & Mail Server &
       (represented as No. 1 in     (represented as No. 4 in   NODE
       the deployment diagram)      the deployment diagram)    (represented as No. 6 in
                                                               the deployment diagram)

       Server Grade PIV Machine     PIII / PIV Machine, 512
       (upgradeable to dual         MB RAM, 40GB HDD           PIV Machine, 512     MB
       processor), 1GB RAM,                                    RAM, 40GB HDD
       40GB HDD, RAID, Back-up
                                    - Client Nodes
                                    (represented as No. 5 in
       Can be PIV machine with
                                    the deployment diagram)
       512 MB / 1 GB RAM if the
       number of stores is less
       than    10    and     no     PIV Machine, 256 MB RAM
       performance issues are

       - Mail Server - Optional
       (represented as No. 2 in
       the deployment diagram)

       PIV Machine, 256 MB
       RAM, 40GB HDD. Could
       be one of the client node
       too, if number of store is
       less than 15.

       - Client Nodes
       (represented as No. 3 in
       the deployment diagram)

       PIV Machine, 256 MB RAM
5. Peripherals Required:

    Sl. No     Location           Hardware Detail                          Purpose

      1      Retail Store   40 Column Printer                 For Bill Printing & Report Printing

                            (Dot Matrix / Desk jet)

      2      Retail Store   UPS

      3      Retail Store   Bar Code Scanner (preferred       For scanning product barcodes
                            PSE or Gigatech) (optional)

      4      Retail Store   LCD Pole (Optional)               For bill total display & some
                                                              promotional messages to customers
                                                              at bill counter

      5      Retail Store   CD Drive                          For installation of application

      6      Retail Store   Zip Drive / CD Writer             For taking backups

      7      Retail Store   56 kbps Modem with Internet       For data transfer
                            connection for Data transfer

      8      Head Office    UPS

      9      Head Office    CD Drive                          For installation of application

      10     Head Office    Tape Drive                        For taking backups

      11     Head Office    56 kbps Modem with Internet       For data transfer
                            connection for Data transfer

      12     Head Office    Deskjet Printer / Laser printer   For Report extraction

      13     Head Office    Bar Code Printer (Suggested –     For generating Labels
                            Zebra or DataMax)

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