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									                                                     Managing Multiple Projects
                                When:       Two full days

                                Where:       On-site at your facility

                                Why:      Improve your organization’s performance by learning to manage multiple projects

                                Program management deals with the challenges of managing multiple and complex
                                projects. The primary objective is to manage a group of related projects in concert with
                                each other, in line with organizational strategies, and with limited enterprise resources.
                                The organizational unit responsible for program management handles the planning of
                                multiple and complex projects – scheduling, estimating, allocating resources, and
Instructors                     controlling schemas. This includes dealing with the scheduling and cost impacts of
Your instructors are seasoned   resource-constrained scheduling. Program management is primarily known for
professionals with experience   managing a group of projects, but its implementation sometimes includes an abbreviated
in industry, government, and    portfolio management system, a metrics system, and selected features of a project
academia.They specialize in     management office.
project management and
project management capability
improvement.The focus of        Learning Outcomes:
their training is to enhance    By the end of this course, you will be able to:
overall organizational and          Define projects, multiple projects, complex projects, programs, portfolios,
individual project management
                                    organizational project management, and project portfolio management
skills, knowledge, and
competency. For details see         Discuss the challenges in managing multiple and complex projects
back.                               Identify areas included in managing multiple and complex projects
                                    Plan multiple and complex projects
                                    Use appropriate scheduling, estimating and resource allocation approaches
Other Project                       Execute multiple and complex projects successfully
Management                          Recognize how the Project Management Office (PMO) can support multiple
Training Available                  projects/programs
PM Metrics                          Control multiple and complex projects
PM Office                           Manage relationships and expectations for these projects
PM Tools and Techniques             Recognize the key leadership and managerial skills required for success
PMP® Refresher
Project Portfolio Management    PMBOK® Guide Knowledge Areas:
                                      Project Integration Management
                                      Project Scope Management
                                      Project Time Management
                                      Project Cost Management
                                      Project Quality Management
                                      Project Human Resource Management
                                      Project Communications Management
                                      Project Risk Management
                                      Project Procurement Management

                                Program and Price Information
                                If you are interested in bringing this two-day on-site training to your facility, please call Marian Maciej-Hiner at
                                UW-Platteville Continuing Education toll-free 888.281.9472 or email
                     Project Management Excellence Team Biographies
                 Parviz F. Rad is the Principal of Project Management Excellence and lives in New Jersey. He holds
                 an M.Sc. Degree from Ohio State University and a Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
                 He has over 35 years of professional experience during which he has served in governmental,
                 industrial, and academic capacities. He has participated in project management activities and in
                 development and enhancement of quantitative tools in project management in a multitude of
                 disciplines including software development, construction, and pharmaceutical research. He has
                 authored and coauthored over sixty publications in the areas of engineering and project management.
                 Dr. Rad has been recognized as a Professional Civil Engineer, Certified Cost Engineer, and as a
                 Project Management Professional. Dr. Rad is the former Editor of the Project Management Journal.

                 Ginger Levin is the Co-Principal of Project Management Excellence and lives in Florida. She
                 received her doctorate in information systems technology and public administration from The
                 George Washington University, where she received the outstanding dissertation award for her
                 research on large organizations. Dr. Levin is a Senior Consultant and educator in project
                 management. Her specialty areas include project management maturity modeling, organizational
                 assessments, metrics, and program evaluation and auditing. She is also an Adjunct Professor for
                 the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in its M.S. in Project Management program and is its
                 Project Management Program Specialist.

                 Tony Munos is a Senior Trainer and Consultant for Project Management Excellence, as well as
                 Professor of Project Management at the University of New South Wales, and lives in Wisconsin.
                 Professor Munos has over 36 years of experience in project management and systems integration
                 for a variety of projects; with the Air Force and with Computer Science Corporation. He has over
                 4 years distance education experience as a Project Management class facilitator for a Master’s
                 degree program for a University in Australia. He continually receives the highest evaluation from
                 students and the University for his performance as a project management faculty.

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