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									                                   ASSOCIATION OF SUMMER VILLAGES OF ALBERTA
                                         BOARD MEETING of APRIL 19, 2011
                                          St. Albert Inn, St. Albert, Alberta

 ATTENDANCE:              Dennis Evans, Peter Langelle, Betty Forfylow, Leslie Ellis, Bob Yontz, Reg Pointe, Sheila Miller,
                          Chuck Déchène, Gary Burns, Lindsay Familton, Cindy MacDonald, Sylvia Roy

 REGRETS:                 Peter Pellatt, Rob Dickie, Danielle Tunke

 CALL TO ORDER:           6:05 pm by Vice President Chuck Déchène

 Moved by Gary Burns to approve the agenda as amended.
       o Addition of website and AAMD&C Local Authorities Election Act Review
       o Addition of “Round Table” prior to adjournment (should be a standing item on every agenda)
 Moved by Peter Langelle that the March 15, 2011 Board meeting minutes be approved as presented.


10/11.7: Summer Village Maps – Sheila Miller
  Sheila has been meeting with a map creator who can provide the ASVA with their mapping needs. Fee schedule is
    as follows:
         o Custom wall poster: $392.
         o Each printed poster: $65.
         o Digital format poster: $160.
  An Alberta “base map” will form the starting point for the ASVA map, to which highways, cities, towns, villages,
    summer villages and provincial parks will be added. Provincial watershed boundaries will also be visible and the
    map will feature a “legend” for user assistance. The northern part of Alberta will not form a part of the ASVA map
    due to the absence of summer villages in that area.

Moved by Gary Burns that the ASVA provide authority to Sheila Miller to proceed with the creation of the digital ASVA
map featuring highways, cities, towns, villages, summer villages, provincial parks, provincial watershed boundaries for a
cost not to exceed $1000.
  Additional suggestions for the map included:
          o Interactive map where users can click on a specific summer village and obtain detailed information/ get
              directed to that summer villages’ website
          o Use of “google maps” for further directions – Google terms of use and conditions indicate that this is
          o “internal use only” – Sheila to clarify the meaning of this
          o mapping coordinates to assist users locate provincial recreation areas (x and y coordinates: E-10)

    Sheila will meet with Nader (map creator) once again and report back at the next ASVA Board Meeting.

10/11.15: Business Cards – All
  Discussion occurred regarding the potential information to be printed on ASVA business cards. A generic email
    address should form a part of the information supplied and 100 business cards/board member are to be printed
    once the website and email is arranged. Business cards formed a part of an earlier discussion as recalled by
    numerous board members in attendance.
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                                   ASSOCIATION OF SUMMER VILLAGES OF ALBERTA
                                         BOARD MEETING of APRIL 19, 2011
                                          St. Albert Inn, St. Albert, Alberta

10/12.1: Position Document, Lake Monitoring – Pete Langelle
  Pete reported that Alberta Environment hosted a Central Alberta Recreational Lakes meeting last year, at which it
    was revealed that lake monitoring is either not being performed, or is being conducted on an intermittent basis.
    Data pertaining to ground water levels, etc is being collected in various locations but it not being compiled and
    analyzed due to Alberta Environments’ lack of funding. Just recently, however, Pete was contacted by Alberta
    Environment in Red Deer to advise that funding has been received for a lake monitoring project. Lake profiles will
    be created for different Alberta lakes, with preference being given to those who already have an information
    database from which to build upon.
  Bob suggested that Pete contact Bruce McIntosh, who may have useful information for this project.
  Training will be available for volunteers to collect data at various lakes.


 AUMA – Reg Pointe
  The February Mayor’s Caucus and MLA Breakfast featured a strong message from AUMA President Darren Aldous
   regarding funding for Alberta municipalities on a more consistent, permanent basis.
  The President’s Summit on Energy will be held in Fort McMurray in May.
  The AUMA Convention is scheduled for September 25-30 in Calgary.
  AMSC Golf Tournament is scheduled for June 22.

ASVA Convention - All
  The 2011 convention committee consists of Jim, Lindsay, Betty and Danielle, who will be meeting in May.

ASVA Website – Dennis Evans, Lindsay Familton
  Dennis and Lindsay presented the revised website homepage; members are encouraged to send relevant links and
    items for the website.
  Strategic planning documents will be posted upon revision and it was suggested that the goals of lobbying, liaison
    and learning form the basis for the dissemination of information.
  Emerging issues and events will be located on the home page, and a “top 5 hits” feature may be implemented.
  Board contacts will be listed as “rpointe@asva.ca” and there will be an info@asva.ca general email inbox.
  The MLA list should be posted.
  The list of Summer Villages as divided by location (5 categories) should be posted.
  The ASVA website can be found under sunset point if members want to review current status.


Municipal Policy Checklist – Sylvia Roy
 Sylvia will distribute a Municipal Policy Checklist to the board. The Checklist was created by Brownlee LLP and
    contains general draft policies that municipal Councils should approve.

Conference Call Participation – Pete Langelle
  Pete Langelle reviewed the process to participate in conference calls using a toll free number and a participant
    access code. Sylvia will re-send the calling instructions to the Board; it was suggested that the instructions are sent
    along with every agenda along with a request to advise if Board members are attending in person or via conference
    call. The conference call option was viewed as a very helpful option for those driving long distances and/or for
    meetings during inclement weather or busy schedules.

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                                   ASSOCIATION OF SUMMER VILLAGES OF ALBERTA
                                         BOARD MEETING of APRIL 19, 2011
                                          St. Albert Inn, St. Albert, Alberta

AAMD&C Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) Review – Sylvia Roy
  Sylvia advised that the March 30 edition of the AAMD&C’s Contact Newsletter requested participation in a survey
   regarding a review of the LAEA. Further investigation revealed that the AAMD&C had put forth a resolution that the
   AAMD&C urge the Alberta Government to revise the LAEA pertaining to rules of residency for voting eligibility. The
   resolution and supporting information did not clarify which section of the LAEA was to be potentially impacted. As
   such, Sylvia contacted the AAMD&C for further clarification on the resolution. It was determined that AAMD&C is
   requesting revision to Section 48 of the Act, dealing with secondary recreational residences in Counties, not Section
   12 that deals specifically with Summer Village residents and voting eligibility.
  It was suggested that Section 12 of the Act be posted on the ASVA website as information.


Weed Inspector
 Gary discussed the receipt of a letter to all municipalities from Alberta Agriculture detailing that municipalities must
   appoint a Weed Inspector, in accordance to recent amendments to the Weed Act. Some regions (Pigeon Lake, Lac
   St. Ann) appear to have their appointments in place while some do not. Gary, Chuck and the other NE Summer
   Villages will work together to appoint an inspector.
 A position may be developed by the ASVA based on information received on the difficulty of appointing an
 Sylvia will send information regarding the upcoming weed schools.

Financial Indicator Graphs
  Gary inquired if other municipalities received financial indicator graphs as created by Alberta Municipal Affairs. It
     was noted that municipalities could request which other municipalities they would like to use for comparators.

Municipal Sustainability Strategy (MSS)
 Discussion occurred regarding the MSS workbook and self-assessment tool, which is a means for local governments
    to evaluate their level of sustainability. It was suggested that the MSS workbook and self-assessment toolkit be
    posted on the ASVA website.

Emergency Services
  Gary indicated that an Order In Council was approved by Cabinet for the County to assume emergency service
    authority for their Summer Village. It was noted that courses such as Basic Emergency Management are available
    on the Alberta Emergency Management Agency website.

ASVA Meeting Location
  Lindsay is employed at the River Cree Resort & Casino and will speak to Danielle to determine if this could be the
    venue for future ASVA meetings or annual convention.

The meeting adjourned at 8:04 pm.

May 16, 2011

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