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					                                            About Us
International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group (IRHC Group) is a team of highly ethical
and knowledgeable restaurant consultants, retail consultants and hospitality consultant professionals.
Our team members are former CEO's, operators and vice presidents of some of the largest hospitality
and retail companies in the world. The core value of our group has always been to deliver results to our
clients. IRHC Group, Restaurant Consultants & Hospitality Consultants is known for innovation
strategies ranging from concept design and development, food, retail and beverage strategies, menu,
brand development, marketing, training and other financial initiatives to maximize ROI. We help
businesses find their true potential.

As efficiency experts, our restaurant consulting team develops strategies to improve our clients'
financial performance by implementing proven solutions that will reduce food, beverage and operating
costs while maximizing productivity: All with immediate and measurable financial results. Our
restaurant consultants specialize in new restaurant start-ups and the transformation of struggling or
financially distressed brands. Clients hire us for our depth of knowledge and receive proven results.

Challenging times demand new restaurant operating strategies to drive sales and manage escalating
expenses. The International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group team has the restaurant
consultant financial, operations and culinary expertise to improve the performance of your company.
Senior Partners and Associates are always accessible and are always by your side for restaurant
advice. IRHC Group Restaurant Consultants are a culinary driven operations focused company that
works with single unit operators as well as national chains. Our mission is to help business owners
maximize their financial performance through a combination of proven business strategies inclusive of
Restaurant Operations Assessment, Restaurant Revenue Management Systems, Menu Development,
New Concept Development, Restaurant Start Up and Operational and Leadership Excellence. Whether
you are opening a restaurant for the first time or initiating a financial turnaround, we can provide proven
consulting processes and tools. Explore our Services and areas of expertise over the next several
International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group has a risk free policy and satisfaction
guarantee. We will do everything in our power to make sure your operation is a success.

If you like what you find and think we might be able to help you with training solutions, menu concept
development, operational assessments or any of our other services, contact our consultants today. We
look forward to being part of your success.

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                                           Our Services
International Restaurant & Hospitality Consultant Group has many programs and services to fit
any businesses needs: from our "full service" business analysis and programs to our "do it yourself"
packages and programs. We have helped 100s of companies in over 26 countries increase
efficiencies, revenue and profits.

Full Service Programs and Services

Restaurant Operation Assessment:

Operating assessments are the most effective way to create an action plan toward improvements. A
comprehensive operational assessment is a top-to-bottom approach to the entire business.
We evaluate all processes and systems, standards of operations, guest and employee experience, cost
controls, quality of products and services, price versus value relationships, execution of the known
standards and training and leadership.
You will receive a thorough assessment of current operations and specific measurable
recommendations for improving efficiency and maximizing profitability.

What International Restaurant & Hospitality Consultant Group will conduct:

           Documentation analysis review of your business
           Financial Profit & Loss review
           Cost Reduction Recommendations
           Vendor and Supplier Review
           Labor Productivity Improvement Recommendations
           Brand Positioning and Brand Development Strategies
           Menu Evaluation, Placement, Costing, Pricing & Profit Analysis
           Sales-Driving, Marketing and Brand Strategies
           Management Accountability Processes
           Training Assessment
           Standardization of Processes and Systems
           Recommended Action Plan and Goal Setting

             Contact us Today for a Complimentary Restaurant Assessment Consultation.

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                                                 Our Services
Restaurant Startups

A restaurant start up is no easy task and the financial risk is extremely high. When considering a restaurant
start up, every aspect of the business needs to be considered. A restaurant start up with the help of a team
of consultants will speed up business growth and produce profits faster.

We are so confident we can help you that Guarantee our Results! Is complicated, and involves many
areas of expertise. Doing a restaurant start up successfully and staying successful is accomplished from
proper planning from the beginning. A restaurant start up is what International Restaurant & Hospitality
Consultant Group specializes at and have been successful in Startups for 30 years.

To start up a restaurant properly, a collaboration of ideas, disciplines, culinary knowledge, management
expertise and a passion for operational excellence is required. Restaurant start ups without considering
these factors and the interactions between them could be a recipe for slow growth or worse. Having IRHC
Group as your guide for a restaurant start up will help you to avoid the many pitfalls to developing a
growing restaurant business.

We're Here To Help International Restaurant & Hospitality Consultant Group specializing in a single
restaurant start up or chain of locations. With 30 years of startup experience, IRHC Group is the choice for
a restaurant start up. With expertise in helping the country's leading restaurants increase profits, IRHC
Group will help start up your restaurant the right way.

A new restaurant start up can be a daunting task, yet it can be a highly profitable venture if conceived and
managed well. IRHC Group proven restaurant start up process guides you through a strategy of creativity,
best practices and time tested experience to ensure your successful start. IRHC Group Consultants is
committed to your success, always by your side, and only a phone call away.

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                                                    Our Services
Restaurant Concept Design & Development

           Concept design, theme and planning
           Lease analysis and site evaluation
           Restaurant and retail space-planning
           Artist 3D color renderings
           Menu design and development
           Uniform design
           Concept repositioning
           New restaurant openings, from "A to Z"
           Vendor selection and contract negotiations
           Retail assortments and plan-o-grams

Site Selection/Negotiation.

   We will help you to find the right location and then help you to negotiate the lease, improvement
   allowances and much more. This service is highly recommended for restaurateurs without prior leasing

Feasibility Studies.

   Put some structure into your concept by creating a feasibility study. The powerful information contained
   in the study will help you to decide whether your project will be viable in your selected location.

Budget Creation for your Project.

   We create meaningful pre-opening, pro-forma financials, and other cash flow and budget projections,
   on a regular basis for clients who need high-quality financial information.

Business Plan Creation.

   A requirement for all new operators, the business plan includes everything that you need to know about
your project. This document is helpful for bank financing as well. Our business plans are the best around,
and include our professional insights on how to make your new venture truly unique and profitable.

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                                                      Our Services
Training Assessment:

A business reputation and long-term growth is based on its ability to constantly execute and enhance
known service standards. The successful business constantly challenges the status quo and measures
its effectiveness by amounts of raving fans.
"If you want financial success, work on training and aligning your team to the mission" Our training
programs are uniquely focused on two very important aspects:

      Predictability: The technical knowledge and standardization of the known service standards.
       This is the "know" or the flight manual.
      Unpredictability: The behaviors of our staff to enhance the guests experience or to blow away
       the guests expectations.

We Can Create:

      Specific hiring guidelines, applications, job descriptions, behavior-driven interview questions and
       many other HR systems and processes
      Specific department or position training guides, manuals and validations
      Raving fan presentations and programs to improve the guest experience
      Management training programs and university training seminars to include technical knowledge
       plus leadership behaviors.

Restaurant Revenue Management Systems

The most comprehensive Restaurant Revenue Management System in the Industry. We utilize our
experience of over 30 years to evaluate and create a multi facet restaurant revenue management
system. Which includes but not limited to the following: No other company can offer these services

Menu Development and Design based upon concept design, consumer preference revenue and profit
Recipe Development: to maximize Return to Net (RTN) profits and increase speed of service

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Menu Item Placement: a scientific approach to help influence consumers spending habits that
maximizes revenue and profits.

Price Evaluation Systems: a comprehensive evaluation of your menu pricing to ensure maximum
profit without jeopardizing guest counts or customer traffic. IRHC Group clients experience on average
gross profit gains of 2% of sales without deterioration of transactions, customer traffic or perceived

Duration Management: a systematic approach based upon Revenue Per Available Seat Hour
(RPASH), Using RPASH allows managers to capture more of the restaurants actual performance in
their analysis than does average check or typical food- or labor cost percentage.

IRHC Group RRMS has helped many organizations raise millions of incremental revenue.

Executive Leadership Assessment:
With many decades of educating worldwide executives on the process of leadership, the International
Restaurant & Hospitality Consultant Group can create and implement a program that fits your needs.

           We will assess your leaders ability to work and perform in the leadership cycle and increase
            their overall effectiveness in over 12 leadership traits
           We will conduct an in-depth, 360-degree profile for your executive and identify your leaders
            strengths and opportunities.
           We will recommend an action plan for leaders to enhance their effectiveness and increase
            their mental tool box.
           We will recommend certain leadership programs and packages that will increase your
            companys overall leadership effectiveness

Marketing and Branding Assessment:
Whether you want to develop an entirely new concept, jump-start lackluster sales or simply increase
your brand recognition, marketing and branding has and will greatly change your ability to adapt now
and enhance your ability to succeed. With the addition of social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook,
YouTube and LinkedIn, our marketing experts will work closely with you to achieve the desired results.
Some options for branding and marketing that International Restaurant & Hospitality Consulting Group
can help you develop and implement.
Assessing consumer, competitive and brand attributes with insights and recommendations Research
and analyze brand and consumer patterns Brand positioning and brand development strategies
Marketing plan and media strategy Local marketing strategies Implement programs to enhance mental
"shelf space" and brand awareness Review current marketing and advertising plans and evaluate their
effectiveness or ROI Product, merchandizing and design Marketing planning and media strategies to
include Online, social media, conventional methods and public relations.

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Social Media Marketing

Welcome to the 21st century! IRHC Group has gained industry edge with mastery of Social Media
Marketing as a critical aspect to any marketing and guest development strategy. If your restaurant does
not have an engaging website, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, or other social media accounts, then you’re
missing a major opportunity to drive traffic and buzz. Your business will suffer in the long term. *
Everyone is going mobile, including restaurants. IRHC Group knows how to leverage that mobility for
sales, repeatability and branding. * Can a restaurant have fans? Absolutely! IRHC Group understands
guest loyalty programs and how to make them brand ambassadors. * What does your guest say about
you on urbanspoon, Travelocity and other sites? We can help spread the exact message you want to
deliver to your customers. * We also have the ability and worldwide partners to create websites, e-mail
campaigns, and commercials for "You Tube", TV and other media sources.

Contract Management Services:

IRHC Group Restaurant Consultants is a premier and internationally recognized restaurant contract
management company dedicated to improving the financial performance of challenged restaurant
chains through proven cost reduction strategies, management empowerment and creative hospitality
programs that drive guest frequency and top line sales. Stabilizing a single unit operation or turning
around a drifting restaurant chain requires a combination of proven restaurant management skills and
focused leadership. IRHC Group Restaurant Consultants provide a portfolio of restaurant Contract
management services inclusive of operations, marketing, culinary, procurement and restaurant
management training.

Purchasing & Procurement Services

Whether you have one site or hundreds; sourcing, purchasing, and pricing supplies and ingredients can
take staff time and energy that is better spent on other endeavors. IRHC Group can take your
purchasing and procurement to create a product list and bid out your spec products for quality and
price. This will save you money and increase the quality of your products to your consumers.

Private Label Branding

Have you ever wanted to see your Logo on your own product line? We are the Private Label experts
and have helped many companies sell their products in the restaurants and grocery stores.

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Stabilizing a single unit operation or turning around a drifting chain requires a combination of restaurant
management experience, operations expertise, financial and marketing services, and focused
restaurant management leadership

The IRHC GROUP restaurant management team brings a proven system for developing restaurant
management accountability, cost control systems, sales building initiatives and debt restructuring
strategies – essential components to successful restaurant turnarounds. Our restaurant management
approach creates a unified call to action among team members to execute according to sound
strategies, and provides implementation support to guarantee that turnaround goals are achieved.

With more than 25 years experience in the restaurant industry we understand how to grow a balance
sheet and create a business strategy that can accomplish both Sales and Profit objectives. If you are
struggling with either of these components consider asking one of our associates to come and examine
your business. Our restaurant turnaround analysis will review:

         Brand Attributes
         Profit Performance
         Food, Beverage, Supply, and Labor Cost Management
         Food Quality and Service Performance
         Industry "Best Practice" Operating Systems and Application
         Vendor Selection and Pricing
         Human Resources Management
         Payroll Management
         Marketing Plan Review
         Lease Negotiations
         And more

          As a result of our business review, we will identify and prioritize your opportunities, provide
          solutions, and outline a strategy to turn your business around.

          We have the experience to train you how to utilize proven systems you can implement

          The goal of each restaurant is to build a growing, profitable, and efficient business that
          benefits the investors, managers, crew and community over the long term

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Attorneys have turned to IRHC Group many times to better understand the hospitality industry. Using
IRHC Group as your expert witness can help a jury or judge understand your business better. With a
third-party expert on your side you’ll gain integrity, whether in the court room or in a deposition. We
have many years of hospitality industry experience and training and our firm has consulted on
hundreds of hotels, resorts, inns, gaming, casinos, restaurants, bars, clubs and related lodging and
food service businesses across the globe. We are expert witnesses in the following areas:
management & operations, customs & trade practices, economic & financial issues such as lost profits,
damages and future earnings, income & valuation, feasibility & impact, acquisitions & dispositions,
planning, franchise & management. agreements, landlord & tenant issues, employment & labor, safety
& security, standards of care, food, beverage and alcohol handling, dram shop law, sanitation &
service, HACCAP, workman comp claims construction or fixtures, furnishings & equipment (ff&e)
problems. and wrongful terminations.

Telephone Services

In an effort to better serve those who operate and run a restaurant business, IRHC Group Restaurant
Consultants has put together a package of comprehensive restaurant telephone support solutions to
help Business Operators in a coaching and mentoring capacity.

Food Safety Audits and Systems

Whether you’ve had problems in the past or are looking to avoid them in the future, experts in food
safety and HACCAP can ensure you are following best practices and improving your systems. IRHC
Group offers processes and systems to keep your kitchen clean and serving food that surpasses the
health department’s requirements.

Operational Video Audits

We are the first to offer video audits. IRHC Group will set up a video surveillance system inside your
establishment to monitor guest service standards, employee involvement and behaviors, quality of
operations, including food, beverage and cleanliness quality standards. This program has been
instrumental for many companies with helping to dissect and fix under achieving businesses.

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HR Services
Running a business is hard enough without having to deal with paychecks, benefits, and employee
relations. IRHC Group can advise and consult on all aspects of your HR department, giving you
someone to turn to if you have trouble with an employee or if you need to find ways to reward your best
workers. From recruitment to termination, IRHC Group has the background to help make all transitions
easier on the business.

Product Development and Launch
Hospitality businesses are finding products as a great way to increase guest interest and to create a
new revenue stream. IRHC Group has launched and developed 100s of products for chefs,
restaurants, and hotels as a way to differentiate their services. We can offer you our expertise as you
move toward launching your new product. IRHC Group also has experience in developing and
launching private label lines, retail assortments, logos, branding of proprietary products and many e-
commerce products and giveaways.

Lender Finance Programs
Lender Solutions For The Restaurant Business In an effort to better serve those who operate in the
‘restaurant business’ financial sector, International Restaurant & Hospitality Consultants has put
together comprehensive restaurant financial solutions to help Lenders and Business Operators find
success in the restaurant industry. These restaurant business solutions are designed to serve the
needs of restaurants in a struggling economy by strengthening the operating practices of any
restaurant business regardless of its size or location. Many of the restaurant business management
tools that IRHC Group offers to large scale chain operations are now available to operators within the
financial investor market.

Profit Line Solutions
Restaurant Industry Profit Line Solutions We know the restaurant industry. At the very heart of IRHC
Group Restaurant Consultants you will find our desire to minimize exposure and maximize returns on
structured restaurant loans. Our restaurant industry goals and objectives are achieved by working
closely with Loan Originators, Financial Institutions, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital Groups, Private
Equity Firms, Rating Agencies, and Private Investors. International Restaurant & Hospitality
Consultants brings a wealth of restaurant industry knowledge to identify, monitor, mitigate and report
the risk and assess operational infrastructures. We track the performance of a restaurant group as well
as restaurant industry competitors within their relevant dining segment.

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Due Diligence Services

Reliable due diligence will most often determine the success of an investment, or business decision.
However, within the restaurant space most firms do not deploy veteran restaurant operators who have
spent much of their career identifying opportunities and deficiencies within foodservice companies.
IRHC Group highly credentialed team enables the most comprehensive restaurant due diligence
available. By analyzing financial data, interviewing key executives, reviewing unit level operations and
brand position/customer research, IRHC Group is able to provide you with the critical insight to make
confident and accurate investment decisions.

While engagements vary, below are items typically covered in our due diligence report:

         Due Diligence review list (highlights items not received)
         Elements of the existing business plan (including progress to date)
         Financial Analysis (comprehensive)
         Pro Forma assumptions, prognosis and deficiencies
         Restaurant Operations overview
         Franchise overview
         Marketing and Promotional overview
         Management Assessment (departmental executives) and Organizational Chart
         Brand Position determination
         Capital Expenditure analysis and recommendations
         Unit Reviews (high, medium and low volume)
         IRHC Group revised pro forma, explanation of adjustments and assumption
         Valuation comments and Benchmarking
         Summary and Recommendations

Our expertise and understanding in the food, beverage and hospitality industry does not end there.
We have lived each aspect of what we do, and across our team and through our clients, we have also
gained knowledge in a variety of these other areas that are important and have the expert partner
relationships to make any project a success.

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                                                  Our Services
Do it Yourself Programs:

Sometimes you do not need a full business review or consultant, but help with systems and processes to
increase revenue, increase profit or to stay compliant with local and federal laws. This is why International
Restaurant & Hospitality Consultant Groups experts partnered with and to compile hundreds of worksheets, documents and presentations to help small
business owners or small chains have the same tools as the large chains without spending thousands of
dollars on research and development. Below is a sample list of forms and presentations; Visit our e-store
for a full selection of all our "Do it yourself programs".

Human Resource Forms

Employment Contract, Confidentiality Agreements, Employment Applications, Job Descriptions, Interview
Do & Do nots, Interview Screens, Interview Questions, Leadership Questions, Employee Documentation
form, EIF info forms, Emergency contacts, Uniform Issuance, Employee Safe work check list, Performance
reviews for all levels, Bonus Programs, Performance Action Plans, Growth Action, Plans, Employee
Handbooks, Location Supplements, Policy Manuals, HR Forms 4-1, Reference check, Expense Reports,
Schedules, Management Development.

Operations Forms
Production (Prep sheet) templates, Order Guides, Line Checks, Manager check List, Opening check List,
Closing Check List, Meat counts, Liquor Requisition forms, Labor Schedules, Inventory sheets, Manager
log, Safe counts, Business Plans, Action Plans, Daily Shift Cards, Food Sanitation reports, HACCP Charts,
HACCP Temperature Tracking, MSDS Guides, Opening Store Checklist, Safety Inspections, Operational
Audits and many other forms

Finance Forms
Monthly and Weekly Forecast, COS Templates and Action Plans, Weekly Flash Reports, Budget
Templates, P&L Spreadsheet with purchase journals, Physical Inventory Count Sheets, Pro Forma, Break-
even reports, Business review, P&L review, Labor Matrix Reports, Return to Net Profit Programs and many

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