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2. Scope of Work
                             FY2010 Project Lead The Way State Affiliate
Authorizing Legislation: The following legislative language describes the authorization to
award these funds.
The Carl D. Perkins Act of 2006 (Perkins IV) supports the development, improvement or expansion of the use
of technology in CTE. This may include: professional development training; providing CTE students with the
skills needed for entry into technology fields; encouraging schools to collaborate with technology industries to
offer internships; mentoring programs; support to improve or develop new CTE courses; and other initiatives
that prepare students for high-skill, high-wage and/or high-demand occupations.

Purpose: To provide Project Lead The Way (PLTW) programs leadership and management oversight
through the support of the State Affiliate. As participating schools implement PLTW programs, the affiliate will
continue to provide to them technical assistants, teacher training, access to instructional resources and
business and industry assistance.

Eligibility: An institution holding a state affiliate designation as defined by Project Lead The Way, Inc.

Amount: Not to exceed $140,000

Deadline: September 4, 2009
[Submit to CTE Project Operations, 25 S. Front Street, Mail Stop 605, Columbus, Ohio 43215]

Grant Period: From award date to June 30, 2010
Fiscal Codes: USAS 524; CFDA 84.048
Template ID: 3L9G-PSL-PLTW-10/11KS

Contact: Kathy Sommers, Assistant Director - - 614-466-2901

Grant Goals: These goals are pertinent to your grant and must be directly addressed through your
activities and tasks.
1. Provide professional development and Summer Training Institute for Ohio teachers and guidance
2. Provide technical assistance to PLTW programs through site visits and telephone consultation.
3. Maintain a communication link with Ohio schools and PLTW teachers through a Web site and Listserve.
4. Support the ongoing activities of the business and industry PLTW Ohio Executive Council.
5. Document student outcomes through data collection per the PLTW Ohio data collection system.
6. Support the promotion of PLTW in Ohio through the PLTW Ohio Student Innovators COSI display.
7. Promote the implementation of new PTLW programs.

Grant Conditions: These critical grant conditions govern the services provided with these funds.
1.   Agree to function as the State Affiliate of Project Lead The Way (PLTW) and maintain a fully executed
     agreement with PLTW to function as such.
2.   Provide all teacher training and annual professional development for teachers and guidance counselors in
     accordance with PLTW and in collaboration with ODE.
3.   Support the activities of the PLTW Ohio Executive Council.
4.   Maintain the PLTW Ohio Web site.
5.   Promote PLTW through presentations and other activities as appropriate.
6.   Provide technical assistance to PLTW and PLTW-Gateway to Technology programs through site visits and
     other mechanisms as appropriate.
7.   Promote national certification of Ohio PLTW programs through certification visits.
8.   Support data collection and analysis of student performance.
9.   Participate in all fiscal monitoring as set forth by ODE.

Allowable Expenditures:
   These grant funds may not be used to supplant other funds.
   Grant funds may be used for staff travel to:
           o provide technical assistance and site visits to school districts and PLTW programs;
           o ODE-sponsored events and strategic planning at national and state level; and
           o professional development related to the grant.
   Administrative and/or indirect costs may not be charged to this grant.
   Costs related to development of local, regional and state business and industry, community and
    postsecondary partnerships are allowable.
   Teacher and guidance counselor training/professional development costs are allowable.
   Expenses, not otherwise mentioned, related to the leadership and management oversight, teacher training,
    promotion of new program implementation, maintenance of a website and data collection of Project Lead
    The Way may be allowable.
   No costs for food or beverage are allowed unless such costs are included in an allowable travel

Fiscal Guidance:
The Ohio Department of Education reserves the right to modify the grant award or request return of funds upon
failure to complete the approved program initiatives.

All grant-related paperwork (including grant application, PCRs, FERs and final program report) must be
submitted on time. Regular reports of progress to the Office of CTAE, Ohio Department of Education will occur
throughout the project. For grants above $25,000, quarterly reports are due October 15, January 15 and April

Grantee is required to follow federal and state cash management rules. The Ohio Department of Education
reserves the right to review and possibly re-allocate the grant award on January 30 if more than 50 percent of
the award has not been requested and/or obligated.

All funding must be obligated by June 30 of the allocated fiscal year and no budget revisions will be accepted
during the final 30 days of the award period.

Compliance must be met with all federal and state laws, rules, regulations and auditing standards that are
applicable to the performance of this grant.

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