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       Janie Varner, Ed.D.
       1055 Roxanna Road
 Ft. Walton Beach, Florida 32547
          (850) 499-7637

                            JANIE K. VARNER, ED.D.


   2001 - 2008 University of West Florida (UWF)                 Pensacola, Florida
        Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.)

   2000 - 2001 University of West Florida (UWF)                 Pensacola, Florida
           Specialist of Education (Ed.S.)

   1994 - 1995 University of West Florida (UWF)                 Pensacola, Florida
          Masters of Education (M.Ed.)

   1979 - 1979   Troy State University                   Ft. Walton Beach, Florida
                                                         Eglin AFB Campus

   1971 - 1974 University of West Florida (UWF)                 Pensacola, Florida
        Bachelor of Science Education (BS)
           Major -Biology, Minor-Chemistry

   1970 - 1971   Okaloosa Walton Junior College (OWJC)          Niceville, Florida

   1969 - 1970 University of Southern Mississippi         Hattiesburg, Mississippi
           Major -Medical Technology

   1956 - 1969   Okaloosa County School District         Okaloosa County, Florida


01/2010 – Present       University of West Florida                                        Pensacola, Florida
                        Adjunct Professor, Department of Community and Professional Education

       Developing and Instructing EDA 6222 Administration of School Personnel

01/2010 – Present       University of Phoenix                                                  Phoenix, Arizona
                        Doctoral Mentor, School of Advanced Studies


          Mentoring students in a variety of ways in the 2nd through 4th phases of the student’s enrollment in
           the Ph.D. program.

                    Approved Courses:
                        DOC/722         Doctoral Seminar II
                        DOC/733         Doctoral Dissertation
                        DOC/733A        Doctoral Dissertation
                        DOC/733B        Doctoral Dissertation
                        DOC/734         Doctoral Project IV
                        DOC/734A        Doctoral Project IV
                        DOC/734B        Doctoral Project IV

03/17/2006 – Present    Evaluation Systems Group of Pearson                              Hadley, Massachusetts
                        Rater and Assistant Chief Rater, Florida Educational Leadership Examinations (FELE)


          Working with peers from across Florida to support the educational administrative profession
          Contributing to the quality of public education in the State of Florida
          Staying up-to-date with current practices to expand educational leadership content knowledge
          Enhancing professional development in the area of Educational Leadership

           FELE Raters must

                   Be either a Florida school or district-level administrator with at least three (3) years of
                    experience as principal or assistant principal who has retired within the past 2 years or a
                    retired faculty member who has had three (3) years of experience as a school administrator or
                    district-level administrator in the State of Florida within the last 10 years
                   Hold or have held a certificate of educational leadership in the State of Florida
                   Have content knowledge in English language skills and educational leadership
                   Be approved to score by the Florida department of Education
03/17/2008 – 06/30/2009 Horizons of Okaloosa County, Inc                                Ft. Walton Beach, Florida
                           Executive Director, Horizons Foundation of Okaloosa County, Inc

          Developing a successive and effective Project Management Plan for the Horizons Foundation
          Developing an interactive and informative Web site for the Horizons Foundation
          Developing interactive presentations used in a business setting to effectively represent the mission of
           the Foundation
          Presenting a multimedia presentation to local service organizations promoting community awareness
           of the Horizons Foundation mission
          Generating funds and resources for the Horizons Foundation, either directly or indirectly, by
           soliciting donations or identifying potential members or contributors (Planned Giving)
          Generating additional funding opportunities for the continuation of the Horizons Foundation
          Implementing strategies to ensure positive visibility of the Foundation to the public
          Submitting and working within an Executive Board approved operating budget
          Writing and submitting grant applications in order to secure additional funds for the Horizons

   Accomplishments and Awards:

          Developed an interactive Web site for the Foundation on the Internet utilizing Adobe Flash CS4
          Professional:
          Developed and provided introductory training for the new Board of Trustees
          Generated funds and resources totaling $26,000 for the Foundation, either directly or indirectly
           soliciting donations or identifying potential members or professional development and training
          Recruited a 27 member Board of Trustees
          Planned, organized, and executed the first successful fund raising signature event, Casino Lights on
           the Emerald Coast

01/19/2007 – 12/31/2007    Okaloosa County School District                              Okaloosa County, Florida
                           Professional Development & Certification Director


          Developing interactive presentations used in the professional development and training of all
           instructional and non-instructional personnel in the Okaloosa County School District
          Recruiting state certified and highly qualified personnel for the Aspiring Administrators’ Program
          Presenting professional development for the Aspiring Administrators’ Program
          Developing, organizing, and scheduling of all professional development opportunities for Okaloosa
           County School District Instructional and Instructional Support personnel
          Developing innovative professional development sessions on instructional pedagogy for the Okaloosa
           County School District

             Developing and implementing a FLDOE State approved Administrative Leadership Program (2007)
              for the Okaloosa County School District
             Managing a 2.2 million dollar Title II Federal Grant
             Implementing guidelines, financial efficiency/distribution of funds, and coordination of appropriate
              curriculum programs for effective professional development of district personnel

   Accomplishments and Awards:

          Served as one of seven personnel responsible for the scoring process for the Florida Education
           Leadership Examination (FELE)
        Served as a September Assistant Chief Scorer for the Florida Education Leadership Examination
        Served as a FLDOE State Technology & Career Bureau Trainer
        Served as a FLDOE State Staff Development Protocol Trainer and Evaluator
        Qualified as a certified Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) National Presenter- Topic:
           Assessing Curriculum and Instruction and Leadership Modules
        Presented the Assessing Curriculum and Instruction and Leadership Module for the Panhandle Area
           Educator Consortium (PAEC), Chipley, Florida
        Selected to present at the Emerald Coast Educational Leadership Conference in Panama City Beach,
      Presented on various leadership areas including but limited to the following:
the William Cecil Golden Leadership Standards
the Peer Teacher Training
the Literacy Coach Program
the Administrative Evaluation System
             FLDOE State Technology & Career Bureau Trainer
             Chosen to serve on the USF State DOE State Florida Educator’s Leadership Exam Validation
              Committee for 2006

2001 - 2007      Okaloosa County School District                                          Okaloosa County, Florida
                 Principal, Niceville High School


             Serving as the educational leader
             Managing the policies, regulations, and procedures to ensure that all students are supervised in a safe
              learning environment that meets the approved curricula and mission of the district.
             Managing the financial and operational areas of school
             Initiating, developing, and scheduling an Instructional Technology (IT) CHOICE Institute
             Managing additional duties and areas as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools
             Providing leadership for the professional staff of the school in the development, implementation, and
              evaluation of a comprehensive educational program, and to administer the program in accordance with
              school board policies and administrative rules and regulations.
   Accomplishments and Awards:

           Participated in the NaGISA Teacher/Administrator Exchange Program with the government of Japan
           Implemented the Information Technology (IT) program which has become the model for the State of
            Florida Vocational Training Programs and promoted by the Florida Legislature
           Invited to the University of Oxford in England to participate in the Oxford Round Table entitled
            Structural Changes in Schooling: Alternative and Charter Schools in a New Era.
           Honorary Commander for the Eglin AFB 33rd Maintenance Fighter Group
           Achievement of an “A” school classification for six of seven years
           Achievement of the Five-Star School Award for community service
           Presented the “You Rock” Award by the Niceville/Valparaiso Area Chambers of Commerce

1998-2000       Okaloosa County School District                                     Okaloosa County, Florida
                Choctawhatchee High School, Vice-Principal for Curriculum & Instruction


           Assisting in the management of the financial, operational, and instructional areas
           Implementing and managing additional duties and areas as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools
           Working directly under the principal in coordinating, directing and planning the academic or auxiliary
            activities of the school
           Managing the teachers, counselors, staff and students on a daily basis
           Reviewing and approving or recommending modifications to new or existing programs
           Overseeing the maintenance of attendance records and personnel reports
           Planning additional school activities

   Accomplishments and Awards:

           Chosen as Liaison for the Troy State University FL Region/Okaloosa County School District
            “University School”
           Presented to the Air Force Leadership School for ROTC recruits at Maxwell AFB
           Motivational speaker for the beginning year teacher preparation day for Walton County School District
            and the Bay County School District

1997 – 1999      University of West Florida (UWF)                                            Pensacola, Florida
                  Adjunct Instructor, College of Education


             Developing and Instructing of EDG 3323C General Methods for Teaching K-12 Students
             Developing and Instructing of EDM 3322 Integrated Methods I
             Developing and Instructing of EDG 3323C General Methods for Teaching K-12 Students

1997 - 1993      FL Department of Education (FLDOE)                                         Tallahassee, Florida
                 Instructional Trainer
                       Topics included:
                              School to Work Initiative/Tech Prep
                              Workforce Development Trainer
                              Integrating Technology Learning Activities
                              Administrative Leadership
                              Assessing Curriculum and Instruction

             Implementing a FLDOE grant for 4 years providing training to over 50 school districts throughout
              Florida and including the states of Alabama, South Carolina, Illinois, and Georgia
             Presenting :“The Alliance for Training for K-12 Teachers in Instructional Technologies: A National
              Internet-In-Education Teacher Training Program"
             Serving on the FLDOE committee to review the Science curriculum Sunshine State standards

1997 - 1993      Okaloosa County School District                                      Okaloosa County, Florida
                 Teacher, Biological Area, Human Anatomy, Biology II
                 Teacher, Physical Science Area, Chemistry I, Chemistry II, AP Chemistry, Physics


             Operating as the Science Department Chairperson
             Managing the instructional program of the Science Department for Choctawhatchee High School

   Achievements and Awards:
              Selected Teacher of the Year 1989 and 1991
          Developed web-based curriculum for Earth & Space Science for Okaloosa County School District’s
       Master Curriculum ( 1992)


Board of Trustees, Horizons Foundation of Okaloosa County

       The Horizons Foundation’s mission is to provide valued services, including advocacy, education, and
       support, for people with disabilities, their families and for others in the community. We enable people to
       live, work, play, and enhance their lives through opportunities for choice and realization of goals.

Certified Trainer, Southern Regional Education Board (SREB)

       Founded in 1948, the SREB is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works with leaders and policy-
       makers in 16 member states to improve pre-K through postsecondary education.


          Windows XP Professional SP 2
          Windows Vista Ultimate Edition
          Microsoft Publisher
          Microsoft Excel
          Abode Photoshop
          Microsoft PowerPoint
          Internet
          Microsoft Outlook
          Gradebook Plus
          Quickbooks
          Blackboard Academic Suite
          eLearning On-line Educational System



The Research Agenda: Let Them Dream

       According to Maria Pascucci in Dream the Improbable - Why families should encourage their children's
       creative aspirations, when parents tell their children to dream big, the unspoken lingers in the air, and the
       young people can fill in the blanks. Some parents secretly want to say, "Dream big but dream practical.
       Dream our dreams." But young people with creative aspirations - the budding artists, musicians, sporting
       professionals, writers, actors and dancers of the world - don't want the practical. They want the

Whistle Blowing in Public Administration

       In public administration, service in the best interest of the public at large is of utmost importance.
       Seemingly then, there may always be occasions when an administrator observes or participates in actions
       that run in direct opposition to this directive.

Blackboard: Bridging the Distance between Correspondence and Online Learning

       Creating a “Virtual Classroom” through the integration of technology empowers collegiate learners and
       validates the Distance-Learning educational experience.

RFP: Application of Current Educational Pedagogy and Standards on Student Identity Authentication and
Assessment in Distance Learning

       Examines whether training faculty in the implementation of current pedagogical theory in online course
       development, combined with the integration of the various technological resources specifically created for
       this medium into course content, can allow the instructor to absolutely validate student identity solely
       through internet interaction

          Vice President of Education and Curriculum of Kidz Possible, Inc.
          Assistant Designer and Developer
          Developed the education and curriculum link to Kidz Possible, Inc.


  Dr. Pat Wentz                                     Dr. Rebecca McBride
  Associate Professor, University of West Florida   Visiting Professor, University of West Florida
  Professional and Community Leadership             Professional and Community Leadership
  SACS CASI Florida Council               
  850-474-2801                                    Mr. Arden Farley
                                                    Director of Equity Assurance
  Dr. Sherri Zimmerman                              Okaloosa County School District
  Associate Professor, University of West Florida   (850) 833-3100
  Professional and Community Leadership   
   (850) 863-0730

  Dr. Alexis Tibbetts
  Okaloosa County School District
   (850) 833-3100


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