Project Management 2

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                                                                      Course Modules

                                                                   Certificate Level

                                                                   To provide participants with an under-
                                                                   standing of basic project management
                                                                   practices as described by PMI

            Who is this course for?                                Certified Associate in Project
                                                                   Management (CAPM ®) Exam
These Project Management courses are for those involved in
managing tasks and resources looking for a step-by-step guide to   A CAPM Credential can benefit profes-
successful project management.                                     sionals from all disciplines by demon-
                                                                   strating a clear direction to their work
                                                                   and by gaining knowledge of project
                                                                   management processes and terminology.
                What is it about?
These courses cover all aspects of project management from
conception through to completion. Utilising case studies, you      Project Management Professional
will learn about the two sides of managing projects-processes      (PMP ® ) Exam Preparation
and people. You will also learn techniques and procedures          Certification as a PMP is ideal for persons
that reduce risk, maximise the strengths of others and             who have worked in project management
improve success on both single and multiple projects.              and who wish to have formal recognition
                                                                   of their experience with the most highly
                                                                   sought after accreditation worldwide.

                                                                   Microsoft Projects
             SITAL College of
             Tertiary Education Ltd.
                                                                   Students will be able to create Microsoft
                                                                   Project files, develop schedules with
                                                                   pertinent project information and report
           Venue: 106 Eastern Main, Tacarigua                      to other stakeholders in an efficient and
                                                                   effective manner.
           Tel#:  640-3109/2758/8687
           Fax#:  640-8687

                            PROGRAMME OUTLINE

Certificate Level                                    Microsoft Project

- An overview of project management                  Introductory Level:
- Project Management framework
- Initiation projects                                - Introduction to Microsoft Project
- Introduction to project planning                     2003/2007
- Developing WBS                                     - WBS & Schedule Activities
- Scheduling                                         - Estimates, Constraints & Deadlines
- Team building                                      - Resources
- Introduction to estimating and budgeting           - Assignments
                                                     - Cost
                                                     - Optimizing, Levels & Strategies
Certified Associate in Project Management            - Reporting
(CAPM ® ) Exam Preparation                           - Base-lining & Schedule Analysis

- Introduction, Framework & Proceses
- Integration
- Scope & Time
- Time & Cost
- Cost Management
- Quality Management
- Human Resource & Professional
- Responsibility
- Communication and Risk Management
- Procurement Management

Project Management Professional (PMP ®) Exam Preparation

- Introduction, Framework & Processes
- Integration
- Scope & Time
- Time & Cost
- Cost Management
- Quality Management
- Human Resource & Professional Responsibility
- Communication & Risk Management
- Procurement Management

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