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									  Love Always, Patsy: Patsy Clines
 Letters to a Friend by Mike Freeman

                               Patsy Cline Letters

Patsy Clines epistolary voice is as warm and direct as the rich alto that
throbs through I Fall to Pieces and Crazy. He told me if I was gonna sing, I
wasnt going to live with him, she writes of her soon-to-be-ex-husband, so
Im back home. Second husband Charlie Dick gets better press: he is my
life, my world, just my everything. But shes not exactly starry -eyed about
the joys of childbirth: those labor hours are living hell ... I was a screaming
mess. These letters, written between 1955 and 1959 to a Tennessee
teenager who became president of her fan club, chronicle the years of
Clines rise to stardom. Walkin After Midnight was her first big hit, in 1957,
but the correspondence ends before songs like Sweet Dreams put this
country girl on the pop charts. Editors Hazen and Freeman (who own the
letters) are the kind of memorabilia collectors who tell you on the book
jacket that they currently live in the house Elvis owned before he bought
Graceland, which makes them the perfect people to annotate Clines
casual references to contemporary variety shows and artists with
interesting and often obscure information about record companies,
television programs, and other pop culture tidbits. --Wendy Smith

Personal Review: Love Always, Patsy: Patsy Clines Letters to a
Friend by Mike Freeman
  My title is part of the inscription her husband Charlie had placed on
Patsy's grave marker.Time has shown that truer words have never been
  All the letters in this book were written to Treva Steinbicker who started
and operated her fan club.They corresponded very frequently from the
time that Patsy started in the business in 1955 when she was was only
23.The letters continued till 1959.There may have been more and Treva
probably continued until she was killed in a car accident in 1960;but no
letters were found during that period. Patsy met her untimely death in a
plane crash on March 5,1963.
  More than anything else,these letters show what a huge struggle and
sacrifice to health,family and security the artists of the 50's went through in
establishing a career.The number of Country Artists ,who made a
living,were only a few dozen,and it took many years to make
it.However,the music they made came from the heart and soul and was so
good because they really lived it.Today new superstars appear like autumn
leaves,and in my opinion most of it is "studio" music and that which the
Industry promotes.It is hihhly that the stoff promoted today will be en during
like that which we got from the artists of Patsy's time.
  Try as they may,to replace Country Music with Pop,Rhinestone Cowboy
stuff,Country Rock,New Country,Line Dance music,the music of the
Legends like Patsy,Hank Williams,Web Pierce,Johnny Horton,Roy
Acuff,Ernest Tubb,Loretta Lynn,and other artists of the 50's and 60's,the
real Country music survives because of the simplr fact that Country Music
is the music of the people,by the people and for the people---Not the
music establishment and studios.
  The thing that surprisedme the most is how little these artists were
compensated These letters show that during the time Patsy made her
greatest hits,she virtually lived in poverty.Just imagine how moch people
who couldn't write a simple ditty or even carry a tune,made off Patsy.

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