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                              I Love to Make Money and Believe I Never Stop Learning
                                                         By Roby Robertson

  Even though I believe that money is not the answer to all that is happiness, I believe it certainly does
not hurt.

 I also am a firm believer that to stay fresh and current, you have to always strive to learn ways to
improve. When I find the end all and 'perfect' way to make money for the rest of my life, I will embrace
it and I will share it with every one I know.

However, to date I have found two products that have helped me obtain what I love. (See title).

 Let's investigate ways to make money. The first and most obvious is to have a JOB. I learned years
ago that I do not fit into the whole Corporate America philosphy. I work hard every day to get a review
from someone that really has no idea what I do day to day and then based on this review I get a 4%
raise. I DON'T THINK SO! I have a real problem with this.

 While I am not an advocate of quitting a job cold turkey when there is a family to feed, I am ALL about
finding multiple streams of income and working towards the day when I say,(what was that country
song),"Take this JOB and Shove it".

So, where have I gone from here. I decided that in my lifetime the most exciting avenue for making
money is the internet. It is and will be the greatest source of large income in our lifetime. So...How do
we tap into this remarkable opportunity.

 There are 3 things I feel I can do to make money on the internet. First I can sell products. If you have a
product you create, fantastic. Go to the website clickbank and learn how to get others to sell it. For me,
I did not have a product. So, my answer was to be an affiliate. This is where I go to a place like
clickbank and try to figure out how to sell the product someone else created and gives me a
commission to sell. I wanted to find a product I was familiar or agree with and figure out how to sell it.

 One thing I know is that to sell products I needed a website and a simple way to build it. I found a way
to have a website builder and better yet let it pay for itself by telling others about how to do the same.

 So, there you have it. I chose to chase my love of making money selling products online by being an
affiliate. I also chose to get a very inexpensive website and domain name with a company that allows

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me to tell others about this great product and allow it to pay for itelf and then some.

 The last step was to answer the hardest question of all. How the heck do I figure out how to sell
products online in a tremendously competitive market. Lastly, I did NOT have a lot of money to get

 For me I found my answer. I'd like to share this with you. If you agree, please don't let your decision be
a non decision. If you don't agree, be sure to do your own research and don't buy one of those real
expensive products until you feel you are really ready!

I sincerly hope you are able to move out of JOB mode and into business mode as I have...

Good luck!

Roby has spent a lot of time comparing information with friends and co-workers. He is making a good
income selling products online. It takes time and patience. The MOST important thing is to never quit
and to keep trying. Please visit his website at to see what he uses.

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                                                        Living a Life of Love
                                                          By William Kuntz

Life consists of relationships. Nothing else in life matters as much as relationships; yet most of us go
through life without intentionally learning how to relate to others. Even our most significant
relationships often take second place to work, education, and/or recreation. We learn many lessons
about relating to others in our family of origin, and much of this learning happens subconsciously.
Some of us were blessed with loving, nurturing parents that communicated well and affirmed our
strengths. Some of us were not so fortunate. And even the best parents make mistakes. Our friends
and teachers also play an important role in shaping our ability to relate with others.

The good news is that no matter what our early experiences were like, we can learn to live a life of
love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. By proactively seeking out people who care and
who draw out the best in us we can increase our capacity to love.

And the best news is that no matter how bad your earthly relationships have been, you have a
Heavenly Father that loves you unconditionally and intensely. The best teacher when it comes to
learning how to relate to others is God. Our Creator knows what we need and made us to be conduits
of his great love. God's son, Jesus Christ, was Love incarnate. His life models for us what real love
looks like. Jesus loved the whole world - even those who nailed him to a cross. Yet, his love was not
a weak passive love. He often confronted the pious hypocrites of his day, and he reached out
aggressively to social outcasts. By learning from the Master and inviting God's Spirit to live in us and
love through us, we can learn to live a life of love.

While it is sometimes difficult to love, every act of love makes the world a better place. It changes the
one who is loved, it expands the heart of the one who loves, and it sends ripples of love out into the

Specializing in coaching pastors and ministry leaders, Bill is also passionate about assisting clients
who are going through any major life transition. He is a creative, compassionate, caring coach who
understands the difficult task of balancing personal needs, family, and career.
As a Christian coach, Bill believes in the awesome power that God can release when two or more meet
in the name of Jesus.
For free sample session call: 314-712-1754

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