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         FrEquEntly AskEd quEstions
General Enquiries
Q. Is this sheltered accommodation?
A. Hatherleigh Care Village can be likened to sheltered accomodation but it offers so
much more. As with conventional sheltered accomodation, the properties are specially
designed for the retired complete with all the modern equipment that you would expect.
There is a 24/7 emergency alarm system and a Lodge Manager who carries out similar
duties to that of the ‘Warden’ in sheltered accomodation.

However Hatherleigh Care Village goes much further; providing a greater level of care,
higher security protection and a wide range of serviced amenities for you to enjoy.

We are also able to arrange domiciliary care to meet your needs throughout your time as a Close Care leaseholder.

Q. Is this assisted living?
A. In the marketplace at present there are several different definitions of assisted living.
One example refers to a sheltered development but with additional facilities such as a dining room and larger communal lounge. Some
dining rooms only offer lunch while others offer lunch and evening meals.
Hatherleigh Care Village takes this assisted living concept and adds to it, with bespoke care packages, continued independence and
access to a wide range of amenities and facilities.

Q. Are there any restrictions?
A. At Hatherleigh Care Village, the main restriction is age: residents have to be aged 60 or married to someone who is 60+. Residents
will live an independent life but surrounded by like-minded people and with the support of the Lodge Manager.
Residents are expected to be able to look after themselves initially. If this becomes a problem in future, we can help arrange domiciliary
care in the resident’s home. Apart from the requirements to be a good neighbour there are very few restrictions, and these are clearly
listed in the lease.

Q. Can I try it first?
A. We can offer a weekend package for those who are particularly keen to move in, as a final taster before reserving. This can be
arranged through the House Manager.

Q. What if I have a complaint?
A.   Within the lease there is a detailed process for complaints, but in simple terms the first stage is to advise your Lodge Manager if you
have a complaint and in most cases that should be sufficient to solve the problem. If this does not the lease clearly lays out the procedure
for escalating your complaint.
Q. What if my condition deteriorates and I cannot live there anymore?

A. At Hatherleigh Care Village we promote ‘independent living’. However the Lodge Manager will be able to arrange domiciliary care
packages when necessary on a private basis, or residents can of course make their own arrangements.

Where the situation deteriorates and independence diminishes to the point where permanent care is needed, then inevitably the resident
themselves or their relatives will recognize that alternative living arrangements need to be made.

In the very rare circumstances of this not being recognized, and bearing in mind the best interests of other residents and the resident
themselves, then there is a provision in the lease where the landlord can give notice. It should be stressed this is very rare and only a last
resort. In most cases matters such as this are dealt with at an early stage by residents and their relatives.

Where a couple occupy a property and one of them becomes unable to look after themselves there is no need for alternative arrangements
if the other party is able to cope with the help of outside agencies. And of course at Hatherleigh Care Village, should one of the couple
need to go into the nursing home permanently, it is right on the doorstep allowing the other to visit regularly and possibly even take
them home under supervision.

Q. If I or my spouse need full nursing care, can we move into the Nursing Home?

A.  Yes, provided there is a room available and the move is the best decision for you. It is possible of course for nursing to be provided
within your own home.
We will always try and give priority where feasible to Village residents and they will always benefit from a discounted tariff. Should the
house then be permanently vacated, arrangements will be made with the appropriate relatives/appointed people to sell the property.

Q. Who can live at Hatherleigh Care Village?

A.   There are two key lifestyles within the Village:

> The large Hatherleigh House building provides residential nursing, respite, and specialist dementia care for up to 50 older people. The
home is acknowledged as a centre of excellence in dementia care and has won several healthcare awards.

> The other aspect of the Village is the ‘Close Care’ community of Hawthorn Lodge. This is open to anyone over 60 (or who is married
to someone over 60), although anyone can own the property. The services and amenities are ideally suited and designed for people of
this age group, and there is also a guest suite for visitors.

The Close Care units are fully self contained cottages or apartments sold outright to potential purchasers allowing them to live a
completely independent lifestyle safe in the knowledge that in an emergency, help is at hand.

Where necessary, we can arrange more supported living packages for residents of the close care apartments, wherein independent
domiciliary care providers will take care of laundry, cooking, cleaning and personal care.

q. What is the residents Association?

A.  Residents can form themselves into a Residents Association subject to the usual rules and regulations concerning such associations.
The purpose of the association is to organize social events, manage the efficient running and financing of the bar, and act as a social focal
point for residents. Membership is not compulsory, and should not be set up as a political lobbying group. The Residents Association’s
requirements will always be considered within the context of what is best for the Village as a whole.
Q. What does the Lodge Manager do?
A.   The Lodge Manager is like a good neighbour, providing you with the comfort of always having someone on hand in case of
emergency and supervising the maintenance of the development.

They also liaise with the Residents Association to arrange social gatherings, outings and activities, book visiting hairdressers and other
professionals for the amenities building, and act as a first point of contact for any worries or complaints about the development.
As it becomes necessary, the Lodge Manager can help you to arrange domiciliary care in your home.

Q. What does the Lodge Manager not do?
A.   They are not qualified nurses (although they are all qualified in first aid) and do not provide nursing services. They are not butlers
or maids or chauffeurs - although they can help arrange these services for you! The key role of the Lodge Manager is to look after the
wellbeing of the development and ensure the safety and security of residents.

        Property Enquiries
Q. Can I grow my own plants?
A. All ground floor properties have private gardens and patios. As part of the reason
for moving into this type of development is to get away from much gardening the areas
for planting are somewhat restricted. Communal gardens and landscaping are looked
after by the Lodge Manager, but residents can plant their own shrubs within reason, and
with the approval of the Lodge Manager. There is scope in the ground floor apartments
and cottages for small cultivated gardens, patio pots, baskets and the like. There will also
be some allotments available.

Q. How do I get my post?
A.   All properties have their own address and the postman will deliver all mail direct to the relevant property.

Q. Can I bring my own telephone number?

A.  This is entirely up to you and your service provider. The property is wired for telephone but it is down to you to agree the
appropriate connections and number and billing arrangements. The Sales Manager can assist you in this.

Q. Are there stair lifts?

A. We do not provide stair lifts, but all stairs are wired to take one. We can put you in touch with a manufacturer who will be able to
supply you to suit your needs.

Q. What type of properties do you have?
A.   There are one and two bed apartments on the ground, first and second floors.

Q. Can I have personal care in the property?

A.   Yes, we can help you work with an independent domiciliary care provider to arrange a package that suits your needs. At Hatherleigh
Care Village our aim is to assist the resident to live an independent life with help at hand from professional carers. Further information
can be obtained from the Site Sales Manager.
Q. Are pets allowed?
A. Of course they are, but subject to approval. The family pet is a great asset to many of our residents. However, there is a limit to
the type of pet that can be comfortably accommodated in an apartment so it is worth speaking to the Sales Manager about your plans.
And of course any pet should not be a nuisance to other residents

Q. What equipment do I have in the property?

A.   All properties are fully equipped for independent living and the details of each are available in the specification leaflet.

All properties have a fully fitted kitchen with oven/hob and extractor fan, washer/dryer, fridge/freezer and electric central heating.
The ground floor apartments have walk-in wet rooms with showers, whilst the first floor apartments have baths. All properties have
their own front door, non slip flooring in the kitchen, bathroom and wet rooms and all properties are linked into the emergency alarm

Q. Do you provide furnished properties or can we bring our own furniture?

A. We do not offer a furnished property, you need to bring your own furniture and effects.
However, if you find you do not want to keep your current furniture our interior design service can help you to select new furnishings
and accessories to suit your new property and your personal tastes.

Q. Do you provide connections for broadband?

A. Yes. Each property is wired to receive broadband, all you have to do is connect and agree a contract with your internet
supplier. We also have an internet café which is yours to use whenever you wish.

Q. What about my phone number?

A. We will arrange to have your phone activated before you move in, but you will have to arrange the number and billing arrangements.
Of course, our internal telephone system means that you can call anyone in the village completely free of charge.

        Facility Enquiries
Q. How do we get access to the facilities?

A.    The facilities will be open 365 days of the year at times that will be suitable for
everyone in the village. Access is open to all residents free of charge. Of course, such
things as meals, drinks, hairdressing etc. may be charged as used. Friends and family of
residents can also use the facilities subject to certain conditions.

The Site Sales Manager will be organizing various activities and social events within the
village working closely with the Residents Association.

Q. Are there garages?

A. No, but there are several unallocated parking spaces throughout the development allowing you to park your car. There is also
a mobility buggy charging area.
Q. How do we use the minibus?

A.   The minibus is available for shopping trips on a scheduled basis once or twice a week depending on demand, and driven by a member
of the village staff. It is not a personal taxi service. On occasions it can be used subject to availability of the driver for theatre visits or
other days out. A charge for fuel will be made for each trip although all other running charges are contained in the service charge.

Q. Do we have any private gardens?
A.  Often one of the reasons people wish to downsize their property is to get away from the gardening chores; preferring to enjoy the
outdoors whilst leaving the digging to someone else. Gibrlatar Village offers beautiful communal grdens for this purpose. However for
keen gardeners, the cottages have rear patios with patio furniture and pot plants, and a small garden area for planting.

The ground floor apartments also have similar rear patios and a private garden space. The first floor apartments have Juliet balconies
which do not allow for sitting out.

Q. Apart from the facilities provided within Gibraltar Village, what facilities are in the local area?

A.   Gibraltar Village sits in a beautiful woodland setting approached by a long driveway, just on the edge of the market town of
Monmouth, with views over the surrounding valley. Monmouth is an ancient market town with a good mix of historical sites and
modern-day shops and restaurants. More detail on Monmouth and the Bristol and Avon area is contained in our leaflet
“Local Attractions”.

        Financial Enquires
Q. Are the properties leasehold?
A.   Yes, on a 99 year lease. There is a charge of £250 per annum for ground rent.

Q. What happens if I run out of funds to pay the Service Charge?

A. It should be pointed out that there is a legal obligation to pay the service
charges and residents should ensure they have the funds to meet the charges.
However, in cases of genuine hardship, we can agree to postpone the payment of
part or all the charges, leaving them to be paid on the eventual sale of the property.
More details of this are included in the lease.
Wherever genuine difficulties are raised, PSP Healthcare will work to ensure the resident is helped as much as possible to
continue to enjoy the lifestyle at Gibraltar Village.

Q. Will the Service Charge increase in the future?

A. The charges within the Service Charge for the Independent Living properties are the actual costs incurred in providing
the various services and amenities within the village. The village has its own separate bank account and books, and each year
they are formally audited by an independent company, and the residents provided with full accounts, and given the chance to
comment and ask questions. The management company is forbidden by law to add any percentage to invoices incurred from
contractors or suppliers providing the services. So you know the cost is the real cost charged, with no profit added.

The buying power of the management company ensures the best price is achieved for any work carried out. Any annual increase
in service charge will happen only if services actually cost more, and after consultation with all the residents. During the first
few months of occupation of the village where any of the amenities are unavailable the Service Charge will reflect this.
Q. What is my maximum total financial exposure?
A. Once you have paid for your property and settled solicitors bills, any removal costs (although we will pay for these up to
a certain figure) and paid stamp duty, you will be involved in the following running costs – details will be given to you on the
site showing precise figures, and further details on a separate leaflet.
> Community charge
> Personal usage of electric and water
> Personal use of your own telephone (although calls to other residents are free)
> Insurance of contents (insurance of building is in service charge)
> The annual service charge – see point 10
> Any assignment fee – see point 4
> Transfer fee when you sell the property along with your own solicitors and estate agents fee
> Any meals you take (unless you are on a meals plan), hairdressing, drinks at the bar, any special activities and treatments
such as pilates or hairdressing, the fuel for the mini bus trips, hire of films for the cinema, and any further domiciliary care that
is arranged under a personal plan.

Q. What is contained in the Service Charge?
A. All residents pay an annual service charge. Included in the service charge is the emergency alarm system, buildings
insurance, services of the Lodge Manager, and upkeep of the communal areas and amenities. More detailed information is
available in our leaflet ‘Looking After You’. Residents are responsible for their own utility bills, ground rent, council tax and
contents insurance.

Q. Can I or my executors sell my property privately?
A. Gibraltar Village require first refusal on the resale of your property, details of which are explained in the lease. However,
you will be able to sell on the open market through your own estate agent subject to requirements in the lease, or use the
services of PSP Healthcare sales team to sell it for you.
We also have a buy back scheme which you are welcome to make use of. This will ensure you sell quickly without all the
hassle of waiting for a buyer, paying estate agents fees and the like. In this scheme the leaseholder can surrender the lease back
to the landlord, giving written notice. The landlord will pay to the leaseholder the lesser of 95% of the price originally paid for
the lease or 95% of the open market value as at the date of service whichever is the lower. This price will include the estate
agents fee, and the landlords solicitors fees. The leaseholder will only have to pay their own solicitors fees.

Q. How do I go about purchasing?

A. At Gibraltar Village the Site Sales Manager understands the stresses of moving house, and will do everything possible to
help things run smoothly. We have a leaflet which outlines the process in detail. In summary, however, once you have decided
to purchase a property you will need to complete a reservation form and pay the reservation fee of £1000.
We aim to exchange contracts on 10% within 8 weeks, so if your purchase is dependent on selling your property, then speed is
important, and we can help you in this process. If you decide not to exchange only £500 of the fee will be refunded. If death
occurs between exchange and completion we will return the 10% deposit to the family or executor, less any costs incurred by

Q. What is the assignment fee and why is it charged?
A. Gibraltar Village offers a wide range of facilities, from leisure and fitness areas to beauty facilities and residents’ lounges,
which are important both throughout your residency and when you come to sell the property.
These come at a substantial cost to the landlord. The assignment fee provides the landlord with a long term income stream,
which contributes towards the cost of these amenities. It also ensures the landlord has a common interest with the residents in
ensuring the capital values of the properties are maintained and improved.
The assignment fee is only paid when you eventually sell the property, and amounts to 5% of the sales price in the first year,
7.5% if you sell in the second year, and thereafter 10% of the sales value. The fee includes the preferred agents’ selling fee,
the HIPs reports and the landlord’s solicitors costs. Gibraltar Village landlord is the PSP Healthcare Group who own and
manage the nursing home as well as being responsible for the professional management of the independent living properties.
PSP Healthcare Group will own Gibraltar Village in perpetuity and continue to invest in the upgrading and refurbishment of
the central amenities to ensure capital values are maintained.


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