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Project Management Excel Template

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Project Management Excel Template document sample

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									     Manage Projects
   on SharePoint 2010
with BrightWork pmPoint
Who are BrightWork?
• BrightWork make pmPoint, the first and still the
  best work and project management plug-in for
Microsoft's SharePoint ISV Partner Ecosystem
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BrightWork - Executive Summary
• Microsoft Gold Certified ISV partner with the EPM
  (Enterprise Project Management) competency
• Customers in US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia
• 1995 – Started developing the BrightWork project
  management solution
• Built on Lotus Notes from 1995 to 1999
• Moved to Microsoft platforms in 1999
• Have released a commercial work and project
  management product on Microsoft:
   –   Exchange 2000 (webstore)
   –   SharePoint 2001 (webstore)
   –   SharePoint 2003
   –   SharePoint 2007
   –   SharePoint 2010
pmPoint – Executive Summary
• A mature application managing work and
  projects on the SharePoint 2007 and 2010
• pmPoint - Process driven work and project
• You decide the level of management and
  structure required
• Templates and reporting to manage work, tasks,
  projects, project offices and portfolios (Optional
  import / export / sync with Microsoft Project)
Typical Situation
• In most organizations, work and projects come in
  different types and sizes, resulting in a need for
  differing levels of management.
Basic Work and Project Management
• Many organizations manage work and projects
  using a mixture of Outlook and Excel...
The SharePoint Potential
• ...and have begun to use SharePoint, but base
  SharePoint does not include the structure,
  templates or reporting needed for work and
  project management.
Work and Project Spectrum
• pmPoint recognizes that organizations need to
  be able to manage work and projects with
  differing degrees of structure.

                  Management          Loosely           Semi-           Fully
                  by Exception      Structured       Structured      Structured
                                    Projects with       Manage          Manage
                                         a few        project with   project with a
                                    elements, e.g.        more        full lifecycle
  Emails, Phone    Resolve Issues
                                        Project      elements and       and with
                                      Statement,        a simple      phases and
                                        Issues,         lifecycle         gates
pmPoint Templates
• pmPoint ships with templates for managing
  individual projects, from large to small, complex
  to simple.
All Project Sizes
• Small projects can be managed from
  Conception, through Initiation, Implementation
  and Close-out in the Project Lite template
Microsoft Project Professional 2010
• Project managers that use Microsoft Project
  Professional 2010 can plan using Project and
  collaborate using SharePoint, syncing the plan
  between Project and SharePoint as the project
Advanced Reporting - Gantt
• pmPoint includes advanced reporting, such as
  Gantt charts that show the entire project,
  including tasks and parent items.
Advanced Reporting – My Work
• My Work reports enable team members to see a
  snapshot of all their open work, work due soon
  and overdue work in multiple lists.
Advanced Reporting – Distribute
• Reports can be distributed in a number of ways,
  including Print, Email and exported to Microsoft
Advanced Reporting – Emailer
• Reports can be emailed on an automated
  schedule, such as sending every team member
  their My Work report on Monday morning.
Multiple Project Templates
• pmPoint also ships with templates for managing
  across multiple projects
Projects Tracker
• Senior Managers can view project updates very
  easily in cross-project dashboards.
Projects Tracker
• The Projects Tracker template facilitates high-
  level updates to multiple projects in a simple
  Excel-like grid.
Project Office
• The Project Office template gives stakeholders
  (senior management, program managers etc)
  visibility across multiple projects.
Project Office
• The Project Office also includes different
  perspectives on multiple projects:
                                Project Status



Project Requests
• The Project Request templates assist with
  ensuring that only the necessary projects get
  approved and initiated.
Work Management
• The Work management templates deliver control
  and oversight over key work items that occur
  outside the formal context of projects.
SharePoint Configuration Options
• pmPoint includes all the standard SharePoint
  configuration options
pmPoint Configuration Options
• pmPoint also includes unique configuration
  options – such as the Column Visibility Settings
  page shown here
pmPoint Configuration Options
• The reporting web parts that display the project
  information have extensive configuration and
  report editing features.
Template Growth and Reuse
• All pmPoint template and project customizations
  can be easily captured, refined and reused using
  the Templates Area.
pmPoint in Summary
• pmPoint is ideal for organizations that need to
  manage work and projects of different types and
  sizes in the one SharePoint environment.
Successful and Happy Customers
• Visit our Case Studies page where you can review
  case study testimonials and watch customer-
  specific webcasts.

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