DJ SHY - ClubMobile DJ_ Remix Producer by nyut545e2


									  DJ SHY - Club/Mobile DJ, Remix Producer
                                                                                                                        Real Name: Dave
                                                                                                        Contact Info: Cell: 646-483-4532

DJ SHY began his DJ career in 1996. Believe it or not he used to DJ with 2 portable tape
decks and that was it!!! After getting notoriety around the town as the neighborhood DJ,
                                                                                                Links to DJ SHY Mix CD's:
he quickly found himself being hired to do sweet 16's and house parties.
                                                                                                MiXXing Link Vol 5 (latest May 2009)
After a few years passed, DJ'ing and music were his passion. He started landing gigs all
over the place. He has not only DJ'ed in the US, he has had gigs around the world in            mix/MiXXingLinkVol5.mp3
places like Japan, England, Brazil, Indonesia, Guatemala, & Mexico, just to name a few.....
                                                                                                MiXXing Link Vol 4
DJ SHY has had gigs and residencies in various clubs in NY/NJ/PA/CT as well as created
a name for himself in the Import Car Show scene.. There isn't a car show DJ SHY has yet         mix/MiXXingLinkVol4.mp3
to be a part of. And is highly demanded by many entertainment groups such as RIX
Magazine and Wheel Concepts Nation.                                                             MiXXing Link Vol 3
His success in DJ'ing has definitely payed off, as he has landed a position with Denon DJ        mix/MiXXingLinkVol3.mp3
which is one of the largest manufacturers' of DJ Equipment for over 20 years. DJ SHY is
not only the Marketing Manager, but also part of Product Development for the DJ division.       MiXXing Link Vol 2
He lends his insight on the latest DJ technology and what DJ's want in their gear.    
DJ SHY is known for very creative mixing and blends, as well as his versatility to mix
                                                                                                MiXXing Link Vol 1
various genre's of music and video. DJ SHY is now a member of the elite Natural Born
Spinners DJ's. He has now found a family of DJ's that are skilled as well as passionate         mix/MiXXingLinkVol1.mp3
about the art and has joined them in the pursuit of DJ domination with other DJ's. Also, DJ
SHY has become an elite member of the famous Lo Maximo Productions crew (LMP). DJ               DJ SHY & DJ A-Smooth - Life of the Party
SHY also has residency at Chill Lounge in NYC and does weekly Video Mixxing using the           Vol 1
Rane TTM57 and Video SL. Check him out every Saturday @ Chill Lounge 10p-4a, also     
The Beach House in Long Island, Fridays 10p-4a.                                                 mix/

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Events:                                        Car Shows:                                       Clubs:
-AV Festival '02(Yokohoma, Japan)              -Hot Import Nights (PA,MA,NJ)                    -Metro 53 (NYC)
-Musical Instru. Show '02(Japan)               -Nightshift (NY)                                 -Skylight Lounge (NJ)
-NAMM Show '03-08(CA)                          -Import Generation (CT,NY)                       -Havana Lounge (NYC)
-F.I.N.D. '03 (NY)                             -Waterfest (NJ)                                  -EXIT (NYC)
-International DJ Expo ' 04-08 (NJ)            -Import Nationals (NJ)                           -Tunnel (NYC)
-PLASA '04 (London, UK)                        -Import Eurasia (NJ)                             -Dragonfly (NYC)
-Expomusico (Sau Paulo, Brazil)                -Metro Import Auto Show (NJ)                     -Club Metropolis (NY)
-Musical Showdown (Guatemala)                  -Import Revolution (NJ/PA)                       -Club Lickwed (NYC)
-Portugal Festival (NJ)                        -Wheel Concepts Carshow (NY)                     -Bruxelle's Lounge (NY)
                                               -Dub Car Show (NJ)                               -Tequilla Sunrise (Cancun, Mexico)
Colleges & Universities:                       -Xtreme Rides (NY,NJ)                            -Scores (Manado, Indonesia)
-Manhattan College (NY)                        -Soundwaves (NJ)                                 -China Club (NYC)
-William Patterson (NJ)                        -Formula D (NJ)                                  -Club Jade (NYC)
-R.P.I. (NY)                                   -Funkmaster Flex Carshow (NJ)                    -Charlies Angels Gentlemens Club
-Fordham Univ. (NY)                            -Ruff Ryders Car Show (NJ)                       (NJ)
-CMSV (NY)                                     -Extreme Autofest (NJ)                           -The Door (NYC)
-SUNY Albany (NY)                              -New York International Autoshow                 -Rebel (NYC)
-Baruch College (NY)                           (NY)                                             -Star Lounge (NYC)
-WRCM College Radio Station (NY)                                                                -Adega Lounge (NJ)
                                                                                                -Soel Lounge (NY)
                                                                                                -Hula Hanks (CT)
                                                                                                -Club 1402 (PA)
                                                                                                -Liquid Ice (NY)
                                                                                                -Chill Lounge (NYC)
                                                                                                -The Beach House (NY)

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