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     Interior Solutions
     for the high end residential

bringing materials to life

                                      02  INTRODUCTION
                                      03  WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF LAFARGE
                                      04  LAFARGE GYPSUM IN SOUTH AFRICA
                                      05  NATIONAL HOME BUILDERS
                                          REGISTRATION COUNCIL NHBRC
                                      06 STEEL FRAMED HOUSES
                                          - SINGLE SLAB FOUNDATIONS
                                          - SUSTAINABLE BUILDING
                                          - RAPID CONSTRUCTION
                                          - VOLUME PRODUCTION BENEFITS
                                          - PREPLANNED EXTERNAL WALLS
                                          - VERSATILE INTERNAL WALLS
                                          - ROOFING SPECIFICATIONS
                                      08 CEILING SOLUTIONS
                                          - JUMBO SUSPENDED CEILINGS
                                          - JUMBO FLUSH CEILINGS
                                          - CEILINGS BELOW TIMBER JOISTS
                                          - SPECIFICATIONS
                                      09 CEILING ACCESSORIES
                                          - CEILING ACCESS PANELS
                                          - SPECIFICATIONS
                                      10 CEILING SOLUTIONS
                                      13 WALLING SOLUTIONS
                                          - RESIDENTIAL WALLING
                                          - FIVE RATED WALLS
                                          - MOISTURE WALLS
                                          - ENTERTAINMENT WALLS
                                          - CURVED WALL
                                          - SOUND WALL
                                          - INSTALLATION OF CEILINGS

 High end
                                          - INSTALLATION OF DRYWALL
                                      16 OPENING SOLUTIONS
                                          - WOODEN DOORS
                                          - ALUMINIUM DOORS

 residential                              - CUSTOMISED DOORS
                                          - WINDOWS
                                      17 OUR SERVICE DELIVERY PROMISES
                                      18 TRAINING WITH LAFARGE GYPSUM
                                      19 SAFETY, HEALTH & ENVIROMENT
                                      20	 OUR BRANCHES


This	Specification	manual	provides	a	guide	to	
the	Lafarge	Gypsum’s	products	and	services	for	
the	High	End	Residential	sector.		Incorporating	
wide-ranging	and	detailed	technical	information	
this	 specification	 manual	 will	 assist	 you	 in	
selecting	 and	 specifying	 the	 correct	 Lafarge	
Gypsum	 plasterboard	 based	 systems	 for	 your	

After introducing you to the Lafarge Group, this
Specification manual gives general overviews of the
regulations and design considerations covering the
planning and building of residential houses. It outlines
the specifications for Steel Frame, Plasterboard Ceilings,
Plasterboard Interior Walls, Interior Doors and Finishes
making use of Lafarge Gypsum products.

Each of these individual sections contains its own
overview of design considerations, technical data and
detailed product specifications. We have also included
drawings, performance data, site-work details and all the
information needed to prepare a full specification that
meets the unique design, practicality and installation
needs for your project.

                                                             In the following pages, we introduce you to the Lafarge
                                                             Gypsum solutions for some key areas of building and
                                                             interior finishing:
                                                             • Steel Frame
                                                             • Jumbo® Plasterboard Ceilings
                                                             • Finishes - Jumbo® Decorative Mouldings
                                                                            - Bulkheads
                                                                            - Jumbo® Ceiling Access Panels
                                                             • Plasterboard Walls
                                                             • Openings - Doors
                                                                            - Windows

                                                             If you cannot find a suitable system to match your
                                                             requirements, please contact our Technical Service
                                                             Department, who will work with you to develop a

                                                             Tel: +27 (0) 11 389 4500
                                                             Fax: +27 (0) 11 864 6816

                                                                                    HIGH END RESIDENTIAL 2008		   PAGE 02
                                                                                 WELCOME TO LAFARGE

 To	 make	 advances	 in	 building	
 materials,	 Lafarge	 places	 the	
 customer	 at	 the	 heart	 of	 its	
            Io      t c
 concerns.	 t	 ffers	 he	 onstruction	
 industry	 and	 the	 general	 public	
 innovative	 solutions	 bringing	
 greater	safety,	comfort	and	quality	
 to	 their	 everyday	 surroundings.

                                         welcome to the
                                         world of Lafarge
                                         Lafarge is the world leader in        The Group’s strategy combines
                                         the manufacture and supply of         industrial      know-how        with
                                         building materials. The Group has     performance,      value     creation,
                                         top-ranking positions in all of its   respect for employees and local
                                         businesses: Cement, Aggregates &      cultures, environmental protection
                                         Concrete and Gypsum.                  and the conservation of natural
                                                                               resources and energy. Lafarge is the
                                         Employing 88,000 people in over       only company in the construction
                                         80 countries, Lafarge’s global        materials sector to be listed in the
                                         strength is drawn from over 160       2008 ‘100 Global Most Sustainable
                                         years of experience and innovation    Corporations in the World’.
                                         in manufacture, materials, design
                                         and application.      The pursuit
                                         of business objectives is allied
                                         to a commitment to respect the
                                         communities within which we work
                                         and to minimize the environmental
                                         impact of our operations.

                                                                   LAFARGE GYPSUM IN SOUTH AFRICA

Lafarge Gypsum is a member of the international
Lafarge Group’s Gypsum Division, which has production
facilities in 25 countries throughout the world. In
total, the Division operates 37 wallboard plants with
an annual production capacity of approximately 1,042
million m2 and 36 other plants which produce mainly
plaster, plaster block, jointing compounds, paper and
steel structural sections.

Lafarge Gypsum was established in South Africa in
2004, following the acquisition of MacSteel Interior
Systems. The Business Unit operates a gypsum mine
near Pofadder in the Northern Cape Province and two
international class manufacturing facilities in the
south-east of Johannesburg: a plasterboard factory
at Roodekop, which began production in 2007 and
a factory in Alrode, which manufactures steel ceiling
grids, metal studs, aluminium profiles and access

The Lafarge Gypsum Head Office, the two factories,
the gypsum mine and Gypsum’s stores throughout
Southern Africa, employ a total of 500 people.

A Business Unit within Lafarge Industries South Africa
(Pty) Ltd, Lafarge Gypsum manufactures and markets
gypsum-based building solutions for constructing,
finishing or decorating interior walls and ceilings in
residential, commercial and institutional construction
projects. Gypsum strives to be the leading supplier       Lafarge	 Gypsum’s	 	 goal	 is	 to	 strengthen	 it’s	 	 leadership	
of interior finishing solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa,    position	by	being	the	best,	through	our	commitment	to	be:
focused on plasterboard and complementary interior        •	 The	preferred	supplier	for	our	customers
solutions, while creating value for all stakeholders in   •	 The	preferred	company	for	our	employees
the business.                                             •	 The	preferred	partner	for	our	communities
                                                          •	 The	preferred	investment	for	our	shareholders

                                                          Lafarge Gypsum’s core product, gypsum plasterboard is
                                                          marketed under the brand name Jumbo®	Plasterboard.
                                                          The company also manufactures other complementary
                                                          products together with related fitting systems such as
                                                          steel ceiling grid, stud and track and access flooring
                                                          systems, aluminium profiles for doors, windows and
                                                          partition frames and associated accessories. Lafarge
                                                          Gypsum also supplies decorative mouldings, jointing
                                                          and skimming compounds. These are used primarily to
                                                          offer gypsum-based building solutions for constructing,
                                                          finishing or decorating interior walls and ceilings in
                                                          residential, commercial and institutional construction

                                                          Jumbo® Plasterboard and other complimentary interior
                                                          solutions are sold to installers through a network of stores
                                                          in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius, Botswana
                                                          and Mozambique. Lafarge Gypsum’s products are also
                                                          distributed to specialised resellers and mechants.

                                                                                      HIGH END RESIDENTIAL 2008      PAGE 04
                                                                                   INTRODUCTION - NHBRC

                                      This	 High	 End	 Residential	 Manual	 should	 be	 read	 in	 conjunction	 with	
                                      the	relevant	local	building	regulations.	In	addition,	parties	involved	in	the	
                                      construction	of	Upmarket	Residential	properties	need	to	take	cognisance	
                                      of	 the	 far-reaching	 regulations	 governing	 the	 planning	 and	 building	 of	
                                      residential	structures	that	were	published	in	March	2007	by	the	National	
                                      Home	Builders	Registration	Council	(NHBRC).	These	were	in	the	form	of	a	
                                      Code	of	Conduct	for	Home	Builders.		

                                      National Home Builders
                                      Registration Council (NHBRC).

                                      In terms of the Housing Consumers        In the following pages, we introduce
                                      Protection Measures Act (Act 1995        you to the Lafarge Gypsum solutions
                                      of 1998), the NHBRC is empowered         for some key areas of building and
                                      to establish and promote technical       interior finishing:
                                      and ethical standards in the home
                                      building industry and provide
                                      protection for housing consumers.

                                      Home builders are obliged to
                                      register with the NHBRC and submit
                                      information on any residential
                                      project to the council.

                        STEEL FRAME HOUSING

“Lafarge Gypsum is offering a totally
new solution to house construction
and renovation. It meets the growing
need for a faster, more efficient
building process that is cost effective
and versatile, while providing a high
quality, aesthetically pleasing end
result. …….”

Cornelius -
Property developer

Steel	Frame	Houses

Lightweight steel framed housing is fast becoming
an attractive option in the South African residential
building market. Among the many reasons for this are:

Single	slab	foundation
The steel frame house requires a single slab as opposed
to the traditional foundation.

Sustainable	building
The Lafarge Gypsum Steel Frame System creates a
strong, thermally efficient and desirable house. As a
home owner’s family grows and their accommodation
needs change, the internal wall layout can be readily
changed without affecting the slab design. Extra rooms
can easily be added.

Rapid	construction
The time required to complete a house is reduced
by a third compared with traditional construction.
The components of the frame can be partially / fully
assembled in the factory and delivered directly to site
leading to a quicker assembly on site. Once a section
of the frame is in place, the builder can move directly
to exterior and interior cladding.

                       HIGH END RESIDENTIAL 2008	   PAGE 06
                                                                                   STEEL FRAME HOUSING

 Volume	production	benefits
 Lafarge Gypsum’s Alrode Steel
 factory is geared to prefabricate       manufactured from 0.8mm Grade
 certified standardised steel            550 cold rolled Z275 galvanized
 sections of similar house designs.      sheet. The design criteria to
 This helps ensure consistent            comply with SANS (SABS)
 construction quality and offers         (AllParts) to the application of the
 potential economies of scale.           National Building Regulations and
                                         SAFSA(South African Light Steel
 Preplanned	external	walls               Frame Association) Code of pratice
 All panels are prefabricated with       for Light Steel Frame Buildings.
 the door and window openings            Refeference to be made to
 already in place, enabling quicker
                                         NHBRC (National Home Builders
 installation of windows and doors.
                                         Registration Council, RSA), Home
                                         Builders Manual, part 1-3 and
 Versatile	internal	walls
 The frame system makes provision for:   Agreement Board of South Africa,
 • Easy installation of electrical and   booklet B1, “refernce Criteria and     Specification	(Steel	Frame)
                                         minimum requirements for the           For Bill of Quantities documents.
   other wiring and plumbing within
   the wall cavities giving more         assessment of innovative methods       The supply of Lafarge Gypsum
   space and a superior attractive       of construction.                       Steel Housing Wall structure &
   finish to rooms                                                              Roof structure module frames, in
 • Easy installation of insulation to    Internal frame wall                    component or made up modules,
   enhance comfort and acoustic          cladding to consist of 15mm            manufactured from 0.8mm Grade
   values                                Jumbo® Plasterboard cladding           550 cold rolled Z275 galvanized
 • Cladding internally with Jumbo®       with insulation to achieve thermal     sheet.
   plasterboard to give flat, smooth,    property requirements. Internal        The design criteria to comply
   elegant-looking walls                 ceilings to be constructed from        with SANS (SABS) (All Parts) to
 • Completely square walls and           Jumbo® Plastreboard, all to            The application of the National
   corners making fitting of             be installed to specification as       Building Regulations and SAFSA
   kitchens units and cupboards          prescribed by lafarge Gypsum.          (South African Light Steel Frame
   straightforward and neater            Finishes Cornices, Bulkheads,          Association) Code of practice
                                         Trapdoors supplied by Lafarge          for Light Steel Frame Buildings.
 Steel frames for housing are            Gypsum to be installed as specified    Reference to be made to NHBRC
 manufactured and supplied by            by Lafarge Gypsum.                     (National      Home       Builders
 Lafarge Gypsum using the Frame                                                 Registration Council, RSA), Home
 Master® technology in New                                                      Builders Manual, parts 1-3 and
 Zealand, which has been installed                                              Agreement Board of South Africa,
 and commissioned on the Alrode                                                 booklet B,”Reference Criteria”
 plant site in Johannesburg. An                                                 and minimum requirements for
 architect’s house plan is fed                                                  the assessment of innovative
 digitally into the Frame Master®
                                                                                methods of construction.
 machine’s CAD (Computer Aided
 Design) program to create an
                                                                                Internal frame wall cladding
 optimised frame design.
 From this, the Frame Master                                                    to consist of Jumbo 15mm
 then manufactures cut-to-length                                                Plasterboard     cladding   with
 galvanised steel sections. The                                                 insulation to achieve thermal
 sections are assembled to form a                                               property requirements. Internal
 complete house frame, including                                                ceilings to be constructed from
 door and window frames, plus the                                               Jumbo plasterboard, all to be
 roof trusses.                                                                  installed to specification as
                                                                                prescribed by Lafarge Gypsum.
 The supply of Lafage Gypsum Steel                                              Finishes: Cornices, Bulkheads,
 Frame Housing Wall structure &                                                 Trapdoors supplied by Lafarge
 Roof structure module frames,                                                  Gypsum to be installed as
 in component or made up modules,                                               specified by Lafarge Gypsum.

                                                                                        CEILING SOLUTIONS

                              “Lafarge Gypsum are the solutions people. Whether my
                              clients require a simple clean functional look or want to
                              transform a room to become a more stylish, luxurious
                                                  living space ………”
                                                          Nicole - Interior Designer

The basic requirement for a ceiling system is that it
should be quick to install, practical and effective at
meeting sound or fire insulation standards. Lafarge
Gypsum has a flexible range of components to meet these
needs and to satisfy a number of other requirements.
The range includes decorative mouldings, access panels
and solutions for curved or vaulted ceilings.

Some	typical	ceiling	solutions	are:
Suspended	ceilings	
Suspended ceilings can conceal unsightly services
or untidy structural elements, while providing fire
resistance and thermal insulation and a beautiful clean
                                                          Ceilings	below	timber	joists
Lafarge Gypsum’s suspended ceilings offer a simple,       Plasterboard ceilings on timber framing are typically for
elegant and cost-effective solution. Comprising           domestic applications, the plasterboard being attached
a versatile range of straightforward standardised         directly to the underside of floor joists or the bottom
components, some of which just clip together, our         chords of roof trusses. Fixing is simple and they provide
suspended ceilings are easy and quick to assemble on      a smooth finish for direct decoration. The plasterboards
site, with minimal wastage.                               can also be given a textured finish or form a base for
                                                          Jumbo® Skimming Plaster.
Ceiling heights can be varied to accommodate services
and ducting, while performance specifications are met     They are also a means to upgrade a basic ceiling
by selecting the appropriate grade of plasterboard and    construction, whether new or existing, to provide greater
insulation.                                               fire resistance and sound insulation as required.

Flush	Plaster	Ceilings                                    Our standard range is:
The same fire and acoustic performance standards can      • Residential Flush Plaster Ceiling consists of:
be met with Lafarge Flush Plaster Ceilings. To overcome   • 9 mm Jumbo® Plasterboard
uneven ceilings on refurbishment projects and in new      • Lafarge Steel Brandering
buildings, Lafarge Gypsum’s Flush Plaster Ceilings
offer very simple, quick and cost-effective solutions.
The system comprises a simple connector, which is
fixed to the sides of timber joists, and Lafarge Steel
Brandering which merely clips onto the connectors.
Jumbo® Plasterboards are then screw-fixed to the
channels in the normal way.

                                                                                   HIGH END RESIDENTIAL 2008   PAGE 08
                                                                                 CEILING SPECIFICATIONS

  Specification	(for	Steel	Brandered	Ceilings)
  Supply and install Lafarge Jumbo® 9.0mm or 12mm
  residential plasterboard: “Flush Plastered”. The
  system to consist of 9.0mm or 12mm plasterboard
  drywall screw fixed to a leveled Lafarge Steel Branded
  system including all steel hangers, brackets and
  • Material fixing and fastening must be in accordance
     with Lafarge fixing and installation methods and to
     conform to the “SABISA” General Installation            Advantages:
     Guidelines for Ceilings.                                1. Cost effective
  • Joint ceiling boards with fibre tape and Jumbo®          2. Transportation
     Jointing Plaster                                        3. Handling and stacking
  • Allow extra over for the supply and installation of      4. Easy leveling of suspension
     (50/75/100mm)                                               bracket
     14kg/m2 Insulation on top of ceiling                    5. Straightness
  • Allow extra over supply and installation of Jumbo®       6. Varied lengths
     Ceiling Acccess Panel (top hinged/ bottom hinged/       7. Ease of cutting
     lay in)                                                 8 Minimum wastage
  • Allow extra over for Jumbo® decorative moulding          9. Easy installation
     and adhesive.                                           10. Eco friendly

                                        Specifications	Lafarge	Acoustic	Board
                                        Supply and install a Lafarge Jumbo Acoustic Plasterboard ceiling system.
                                        The system should consist of 1 layer of 12.0mm plasterboard fastened
                                        to Lafarge Flush Plastered Steel suspension system including all joiners,
                                        brackets and fixings. Fixing and fastening must be in accordance with
                                        Lafarge’s fixing and installation methods and should conform to the
                                        **SABISA‘s General Installation Guidelines for Ceilings, with maximum
                                        suspension centres at 1200mm. All components should be suspended
                                        from 2.5mm Hanger wire or 19mm by 0.8mm Hanger strap/0.6mm
                                        galvanized angle 0.25mm x 0.25mm which is attached to the (roof
                                        truss/steel purlin System) by 2 wafer head Tek screws. The plaster grid
                                        should be attached to the Galvanised angle in the same manner using
                                        2 x wafer Tex screws.

                                                                                      CEILING SPECIFICATIONS

Lafarge	Steel	Brandering                                      Typical	3	Dimensional	Construction	Detail
Steel	Brandering
Steel Brandering has been designed as an alternative
to timber brandering. Steel Brandering can also be
used in bulkhead construction. A range of joiners are
available to facilitate easy bulkhead construction.

Steel	Brandering	should	be	installed	as	follows:
• Steel Brandering sections must be fixed at 90°
  to the roof trusses.
• The suspension bracket to be fixed to the Tie-Beam
  by either nail or screw at maximum 1200mm
  centres and located into Steel Brandering.
• The brandering should be fixed at centres as
  indicated in table below.
• The Jumbo® Ceiling Board should be fixed at 90°
  to the Steel Brandering:
  e.g. parallel to the roof trusses, with drywall screws        Brandering and Plasterboard fixing, this will ensure
  spaced at maximum 150mm centres.                              a solid base for cornice fixing.
• The Steel Brandering system can be used with the
  Flush Plastered ceiling system when 9.0 or 12.0mm           Note: Truss (Tie-Beam) spacings should not exceed 1 200mm.
  ceiling boards are used.
• The joiner section must be used to join two pieces
  of Steel Brandering.
• It is advisable to fix a 20 x 20 steel angle to the
  perimeter walls as a support for the Steel

Steel	Brandering                                              Steel	Brandering	Centres

Typical	Joint	Detail	for	9mm	or	12mm	T/E	                     Typical	9mm	Skimmed	Residential	Ceiling
Jumbo®	Plasterboard

                               9mm or 12mm T/E Plasterboard

                                                                                       HIGH END RESIDENTIAL 2008   PAGE 10
                                                                                                          CEILING ACCESSORIES

 “Lafarge Gypsum has the solutions to lift the feel of a room from purely
 functional to luxurious and stylish. Their range of simple to fit decorative
 cornice mouldings and bulkhead fittings is unequalled in quality and
 scope …                                          Eugene, Interior Decorator

 Jumbo®	Decorative	Mouldings	                                                                       Jumbo®	Bulkheads
 Our decorative mouldings transform                         While adding architectural interest     Lafarge Gypsum Jumbo® Bulkheads
 an ordinary room into a beautiful                          and the look of luxury, the mouldings   offer almost unlimited scope to
 finished space. A range of eight                           are also an excellent way to hide       create internal architectural profile
 cornice styles are available to suit                       small defects at corners and join       features. The products are formed
 all tastes, from classic simplicity to                     materials of different thicknesses.     from an association between Lafarge
 ornate Roman.                                              Made of high density polystyrene,       technology and the fabrication and
                                                            the Jumbo® Decorative Mouldings         design skills of Innovative Profile
                                                            are lightweight, non-toxic and          Systems. We offer standard profile
                                                            easy to install. Their resistance to    solutions or the freedom to install
                                                            water and humidity make them an         customised Gypsum profiles made
                                                            excellent choice for bathrooms and      up from architectural drawings.
                                                            other humid areas. The mouldings
                                                            accept water based acrylic PVA          Fabricated using a unique patented
                                                            paint.                                  process, precision dimensions and
                                                                                                    high quality consistent finishes are
                                                                                                    assured, irrespective of the required

                                                            Specification for Jumbo® Decorative Mouldings
                                                            • Viscosity:     approx 350 000 mpa.s @ 25°
                                                            • Solid content: approx 80 ±1%
                                                            • SG:            approx 1.78g/cm3
                                                            • pH:            approx 8.5
                                                            • Consumption: 70-150gsm
                                                            • Glue Spread: 50g/metre for small to medium mouldings on new or
                                                                             straight walls
 Jumbo® Neo Classic   Jumbo® Doric     Jumbo® Athena
                                                                             100g/metre for large mouldings on new or straight walls
                                                                             100g/metre for small to medium mouldings on damaged
                                                                             or uneven walls
                                                                             200g/metre for large mouldings on damaged or uneven
 Jumbo® Roman         Jumbo® Grecian   Jumbo® Classic 2                      walls
                                                            • Jumbo® Utility Adhesive available in 2kg, 5kg and 10kg buckets plus
                                                              285ml tube

 Jumbo® Tuscany       Jumbo® Milano    Jumbo® Classic 110   Dilution	of	Glue:
                                                            • dilution not recommended

                                                            Cleaning	of	Equipment
                      Jumbo® Napoli    Jumbo® Cornice II    • clean equipment with water beforem adhesive dries
                                                            • dried adhesive can be manually brushed or scraped using hot water

                                       Jumbo® Cornice III   • store between 15° to 30° under dry conditions
                                                            • unused containers should be tightly sealed

                                                            Shelf	life
                                       Jumbo® Cypress       • approximately 12 months when stored correctly

                                                                                  CEILING ACCESSORIES

                                    Jumbo®	Ceiling	Access	Panels
                                    Maximising	Ceiling	Space	Accessibility
                                    Lafarge Gypsum’s innovative new Ceiling Access Panels offer a cost
                                    effective, aesthetically pleasing alternative to the conventional gypsum
                                    trap doors, ensuring that your trap doors look neat and clean all the time.

                                    Modern and very functional, Lafarge Gypsum’s Ceiling
                                    Access Panels are available in three different configurations to cater for
                                    your specific requirements:
                                    • Top Hinged
                                    • Bottom Hinged
                                    • Lay in

                                    This quality product guarantees a long lifespan. Time saving and easy to
                                    install the panels come complete with full detailed fixing instructions for
                                    quick on site installation.

                                    Due to the powder coated finish, ceiling access panels are easy to clean -
                                    making unsightly finger marks, that are prevalent on conventional gypsum
                                    trap doors, a thing of the past. Aesthetically superior to gypsum trap
                                    doors, they offer a neat, clean finish to ceilings.

                                    T	Frame
                                    “T” Section Centre Line Ceiling modular grids are available ex-stock
                                    in the following sizes and finishes. These are commonly used for
                                    conventional trap door frames in plastered ceilings. They can also be
                                    used for light fittings.
                                    • 600 x 600 Natural Anodised
Specifications	for	Jumbo®	          • 600 x 600 White
Ceiling	Access	Panels               • 1 200 x 600 Natural Anodised
Allow extra over ceiling for        • 1 200 x 600 White
Ceiling Access Panel comprising
635 x 635 mm white epoxy            Configuration
coated aluminium T-frame with       Modern and very functional, Jumbo® Ceiling Access Panels are available
580 x 580 mm white epoxy            in three different configurations to cater for your specific needs
coated steel pan in a [Top hinged
/ Bottom hinged / Lay-in] option
as supplied by Lafarge Gypsum
fitted flush to ceiling with and
including screw fixing through
stalk of T-frame into 38 x 38
mm softwood/steel brandering/
supporting sub-frame.

                                                                                 HIGH END RESIDENTIAL 2008   PAGE 12
                                                                                          WALLING SOLUTIONS

 Lafarge Gypsum Plasterboard walling solutions can be
 used as standard walls in a home or when transforming
 commercial buildings to residential offerings, this allows
 for ease of use and is lightweight unlike traditional walls,
 which are heavy and not easily moved.

 For High End housing and apartment projects, speed of
 construction together with superior technical performance
 and aesthetics are paramount considerations when
 selecting partition wall systems. Lafarge Gypsum
 partitions have considerable advantages compared with          A commonly specified and highly effective residential
 traditional masonry construction, since they:                  partition system is the Jumbo® Residential Wall.
 • Provide solutions to insulation and acoustic requirements    This system is an economical friction-fit system
 • Achieve a uniform high quality finish:                       used to assemble frames for compact, non-loadbearing,
   - are Lightweight                                            lightweight, fire resisting partitions. The unique
   - are Quick to construct                                     design of the components ensures high strength with
   - are Compact                                                easy installation. The system is suitable for housing
                                                                developments; particularly in meeting the 38dB sound
                                                                rating that is included in the National Home Builders
                                                                Registration Council (NHBRC) guidelines.

                                                                Residential	Wall	consists	of:
                                                                -	 15mm	Jumbo®	plasterboard
                                                                -	 12mm	Jumbo®	Moisture	plasterboard
                                                                -	 12mm		Jumbo®	fire	resistance	board
                                                                -	 15mm	Jumbo®	fire	resistance	board
                                                                -	 Lafarge	Stud	and	Track

  Specifications	Residential	Wall	Unit	(Entertainment	Center)
  Supply and install plasterboard entertainment wall unit comprising of 51mm or 64mm stud and track, galvanized
  25x25mm x 0.6mm angle, galvanized corner bead, flexible plastic corner bead clad with 12mm Jumbo®
  Plaster Board. Boards to be secured centers. Edges to be trimmed with corner bead, fixed into position and jointed
  with with 25mm drywall screws at 250mm Jumbo® Jointing Compound.

  Alternatively the complete unit can be flush plastered Maximum spacing of support structure 300mm, additional
  bracing and support to be fixed into in 2mm thick Jumbo® Skimming Compound position to cater for additional
  loading, dependant on individual design and location of entertainment equipment. Design can be modular or
  circular to cater for design criteria.

                                                                                    WALLING SPECIFICATIONS

Residential	Drywall

Jumbo® Lafarge Residential wall is
a lightweight walling system which
has no visible joints on completion.
The internal framework consists of
standard Ridgeback Stud and
Lafarge Drywall Track profiles
manufactured from galvanised steel.

Tapered edge Jumbo® Plasterboards          Panels
are screw fixed to the studs allowing      Tapered edge Jumbo® Plasterboards
for plaster jointing. Paint or wallpaper   of thickness 12.0mm for 30 minute
finishes can then be applied for a         or 15.0mm Jumbo® Plasterboard
joint free wall of subtle quality. This    for 60 minute (fixed to the vertical
ensures sturdy framing for the             studs by means of drywall screws).
Jumbo® Plasterboards.
                                           Installation	(See	Figure	1	&	2)
Fire rating: Jumbo® Residential            Installation shall commence with
(89 mm partition) has a 30 minute          the fixing of the track to the floor
fire rating as per SABS 0177:Parts-        and the ceiling. Studs be fixed to
1981. For further details as well          existing wall as a wall starter. The
as information on 60 minutes plus          Lafarge Ridgeback Studs are then        Specifications
fire ratings please consult with our       installed vertically at maximum
                                                                                   The partitions shall be Jumbo®
technical department.                      600mm centres.
                                                                                   Plasterboard 89mm and 132mm
Components                                 The 12mm/15mm thickness                 as manufactured by Lafarge
Internal	Framework                         tapered edge Jumbo® Plasterboards       Gypsum (Pty) Ltd, and shall be
The internal framework shall consist       are then held in place by means of      installed in strict accordance
of floor and ceiling track with            25mm drywall screws which are           with the design specification and
vertical Lafarge Ridgeback Studs.          driven through the Jumbo®               the manufacturer’s instructions.
The Lafarge Floor Track shall be           Plasterboard and into the Lafarge
firmly screwed or shot fixed to the        Ridgeback Studs at maximum spacing
floor. The top track (Galvanised),         of 220mm between screws.               Jointing Jumbo® Plasterboards
shall be fixed to the Lafarge ceiling                                             tapered edge points to be finished
grid or roof structure. When fixing   The Jumbo® Plasterboards are held           with fibretape and jointing
to other solid surfaces the top track in place at the base by the skirting        compound.
shall be mechanically screwed or      and fixed to the steel framework
shot fixed.                           with 25mm drywall screws. Where             Wall	Finishes
                                      the Jumbo® Drywall partition is             Walls should be primed with a
Doorframes                            being installed beneath a plastered         suitable primer and then painted
Doorframes shall be Lafarge           ceiling, Lafarge Galvanised Drywall         with a colour to suite.
Residential Fire, premade of steel or Track is fixed to the ceiling.
the wooden type if preferred.

                                                                Specifications	(Curved	Surfaces)
                                                                • The length of screw for fixing Jumbo®
                                                                  Plasterboard to metal stud is equal to the
                                                                  thickness of Jumbo® Plasterboard plus 10mm.
                                                                • If the length of the partition is move than 15m, at
                                                                  every 15m interval an expansion joint must be
                                                                  used in order to prevent cracking.
                                                                • Always leave about 10mm space from the
                                                                  floor to prevent dampness from creeping up the
                                                                • In high humidity areas, use the Jumbo® Moisture
                                                                  Resistant Plasterboard.

                                                                                       HIGH END RESIDENTIAL 2008   PAGE 14
                                                                              WALLING SPECIFICATIONS

 All doors must comply with General Specification for Drywall Partitions.

 Jumbo®	30-Minute	Fire	Rated	Drywall	System
 Install Jumbo® 30-minute (89mm) Fire Rated drywall partition system as
 manufactured and supplied by Lafarge Gypsum (Pty) Ltd.

 Installation is to be carried out according to Manufactures specifications
 or as per the SABISA General Guide Lines for Partitioning Systems and
 lightweight walls.

 Jumbo®60-minute	Fire	Rated	Drywall	System
 Install Jumbo® 60-minute Fire Rated drywall partition system as
 manufactured and supplied by Lafarge Gypsum (Pty) Ltd.

 Installation is to be carried out according to Manufactures specifications
 or as per the SABISA General Guide Lines for Partitioning Systems and
 lightweight walls. Special attention should be given to the glazing and
 door details to ensure the compliance to the fire regulation, if required.

 2-Hour	Fire	Rated	Partition	walls	are	possible	-	Please	contact	our	
 technical	staff.

                                        UNSURE ABOUT CORRECTION HERE - AS
                                             FIGURE 1 ONTO WALL????
                                                                              All	Steel	components	of	the	
                                                                               Jumbo®	Partition	System	
                                                                                  are	manufactured,	by	
                                                                               Lafarge	Gypsum	(Pty)	Ltd.
                                                                                 Reg	No.	1997/08520	
                                                                                    ISO9001	-	2002

                                                                                       OPENING SOLUTIONS

“Lafarge Gypsum’s holistic approach                        We also manufacture and prefabricate a range of 40mm
                                                           wooden doors with a wide variety of finishes, including
to house finishing ensures that there                      masonite, for painting. The range consists of single and
is a wide range of doors and windows                       double doors. To save installation time, doors may be
available to complement the stylish                        ordered in a polished finish and with the option of being
finishes and quality of their ceiling                      pre-morticed. Our in-house manufacturing ensures the
                                                           highest level of quality and workmanship at all times.
and wall systems ……..”
                Anton - Specifier                          Aluminium	Doors
                                                           We manufacture a range of pre-assembled 40mm
                                                           Aluminium Glass Doors, consisting of single and double
                                                           doors with various options in transoms, ironmongery
                                                           and architecture. Our in-house manufacturing ensures
                                                           consistent high quality workmanship.
Wooden	doors	
Lafarge Gypsum produces a range of quality timber          Customised	Doors
doors that have been specifically developed to cater for   Lafarge Gypsum is able to manufacture special purpose
the high standards of aesthetic quality, functionality     made doors to suit a client’s specific requirements.
and cost-effectiveness required by architects, interior    These include door types such as: hinged doors, pivot
designers, our customers and end-users of our              doors, sliding doors, sliding folding doors, security
products.                                                  doors and glazed doors.

                                                           Our Alrode factory produces an attractive range of
Specification	(Doors)
                                                           aluminium windows, including casement systems and
Doors to be Lafarge Gypsum (specify core type - solid
                                                           horizontal sliding window systems.
or semi-solid) flush panel timber door (size w x h) x
40mm with (door face finish) to both sides suitable for
(painting/polishing) with (exposed/concealed) hardwood
edge strips to verical edges.
                                                           Supply and install Lafarge extruded casement window
                                                           sections - (Casement 28mm - Casement 30.5mm
                                                           - Casement 38mm) for manufacture. Aluminium
                                                           extrusions manufactured from alloy 6063 in Temper
                                                           T6 all to ISO9001 (200) SABS standards. Design to
                                                           be in accordance with SANS 10400 National Building
                                                           regulations Part N-2006 - SANS 106160 Loading
                                                           on Glass - SANS 10137 Glass Buildings - SANS
                                                           11263 Impact Testing all in accordance to AAAMSA
                                                           Selection Guide for Glazed Architectural Aluminium
                                                           Products. Anodising to be in strict accordance with
                                                           ISO 999SABS standards. Powder coating to be strict
                                                           accordance with lafarge Gypsum internal standards.

                                                                                    HIGH END RESIDENTIAL 2008   PAGE 16
                                                                 OUR SERVICES DELIVERY PROMISES

 Our	goal	is	to	earn	the	position	
 of	being	the	preferred	supplier	
 of	our	customers	through:

 • Supplying consistently high
   quality products backed
   by leading technical support
 • Aiming to provide reliable         Lafarge	Gypsum	Technical	Service	Department
   delivery within 24 hours
 • Ensuring maximum availability of   • Technical enquiry support. When
   products:                            you contact our Customer Service
    - by maintaining 3 months           number you will be referred to
      stock on hand                     a Technical Advisor for prompt
    - by having at least 80% of         help with selection of the best
      our products locally produced      product and system for your
 • Providing in-depth training          needs or technical solutions to a
   courses to enhance the               specific problem
   craftsmanship of installation      • Technical project support. If you   • Technical documentation. We
   contractors                          are having a problem identifying      are continually updating our
 Our Technical Service Department        a system solution in the             technical manuals and brochures
 aims to assist customers by            complexity of building                to provide customers with
 providing market-leading technical     regulations, we are here to help      simple, reliable and more
 support. The Department offers the      you with specifications and          productive installation
 following services:                    provide CAD support if necessary      information and support for our
                                                                            • Technical training and on site
                                                                              training support. We promote an
                                                                              appreciation of the benefits of
                                                                              plasterboard systems to South
                                                                              Africa’s residential construction
                                                                              market and strive to increase the
                                                                              skill levels for new and existing
                                                                              installers through our training

                                                                            For	enquiries	please	contact:
                                                                            Lafarge	Gypsum	Customer	Services
                                                                            Tel:	 +27	(0)	11	866	2233
                                                                            Fax:	 +27	(0)	11	866	4180
                                                                            Email:	technicalsupport@gypsum-

                                                                        TRAINING WITH LAFARGE GYPSUM

Lafarge Gypsum is committed to developing skills in
the plasterboard and complementary solutions market.

This commitment is actioned in three main ways:
•	 The	Lafarge	Gypsum	Training	School:
Based at our Roodekop plasterboard factory site, our
training school offers a comprehensive range of CETA
accredited courses designed to meet the market need for
well-qualified installers, as well as provide architects,
specifiers and builders with an appreciation of the latest
products and systems. Respecting the time pressures
on the participants, the courses are designed in short
concentrated modules involving theoretical, practical
and actual factory exposure.

Training	courses	that	are	especially	relevant	to	parties	
involved	in	High	Residential,	development	and	
construction	are:
- Light Weight Steel Frame Housing
- Fixed Ceilings/Suspended Flat Ceiling
- Residential Walling
- Prefabricated Bulkheads
- Cornices
- Skimming and Jointing

                                                             Mobile	Training	unit:
                                                             As required, we can carry out on-site product and system
                                                             installation training for installers and supervisors, who
                                                             are using Lafarge Gypsum products on a large project

                                                             For	more	information	on	the	Lafarge	Gypsum	Training	
                                                             Centre	or	registration	for	courses,	please	contact:	
                                                             Lafarge Gypsum Training Centre
                                                             2 Setchell Road, Roodekop 1401
                                                             Tel: 011 866 2233
                                                             Fax: 011 866 4180

                                                                                      HIGH END RESIDENTIAL 2008   PAGE 18
                                                           SAFETY, HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT

 Safety	&	Health,	Environment	&	Product	Quality	Policy	(SHEQ)

 Lafarge	Gypsum                                                              Suppliers
 Lafarge Gypsum strives to be                                                We shall select our suppliers
 the world leader in plasterboard     Customers                              on the basis of their integrity
 systems and complimentary interior   Our ambition to be the preferred       and dedication to quality of
 solutions*. This vision requires a   supplier begins with the assurance     products and service. We will give
 devotion to quality at every level   that Lafarge Gypsum continuously       preferential procurement to BEE
 of the organization ensuring that    improves our product offering.         companies whenever possible.
 the customer’s product, solutions    Our commitment to a continuous         We shall assist our suppliers to
 and service requirements are         quality improvement process is         strive for safe and environmental
 met in full. This also means a       built up on close understanding of     responsible practices so that they
 commitment to the health and         the needs of our customers.            are respected contributors to our
 safety of our employees and a                                               business.
 respect for the environment in all   Lafarge Gypsum’ Quality Policy is
 aspects of our business.             based on the following ambitions:      Operations
                                      Clear understanding                    In our operations - quality,
 The company has committed            of our customer’s                      safety, environmental awareness,
 itself to the following policies     expectationsAnticipation of our        good governance and legal
 aimed at products and service        customer’s needs                       compliance, are our paramount
 excellence, fair, equitable,         •	Having a clear offer to our          priorities. We are committed to
 safe and healthy employment            selected segments in the market      comply with applicable legal and
 practices, management of risk        •	Delivering the offer in conformity   other requirements and code of
 and contribution to a better           with our commitments and ISO         practices.
 environment.                           requirements
                                      •	Communicating with our               Our operations shall be in
                                        customers and their customers        accordance with management
                                                                             systems, based on ISO 9001,
                                      We commit to meeting our               ISO 14001 AND OSHAS 18001.
                                      customer’s requirements, needs         Comprehensive but flexible, aimed
                                      and expectations with regards to       at continuous improvement of
                                      all aspects including health, safety   all our processes, products and
                                      and environmental regulations          services, safeguarding the health
                                      and endeavor to exceed their           and safety of our employees, public
                                      expectations so that we become         environment through sound risk
                                      their preferred suppliers. We          management principles such as
                                      undertake to communicate to all        risk assessments. The company
                                      interested and affected parties.       is committed to the ongoing
                                                                             prevention of pollution, waste
                                      Employees                              minimization and to review its
                                      We shall motivate and educate our      SHEQ objectives on a regular basis.
                                      employees to realize their personal
                                      and our organizational goals. We       Excellence is our engagement and
                                      are committed to the development       Quality is our reference. We strive
                                      of their potential and shall           for continuous improvement, the
                                      recognize their efforts in every       mobilization of everybody in the
                                      respect. We believe they are our       organization, control and measure
                                      most valued resource and therefore     to monitor our progress, training
                                      we shall create and maintain a         to ensure our professionalism and
                                      healthy, safe and environmental        communication to increase the
                                      friendly workplace. We shall           awareness of the organization.
                                      promote teamwork, dialogue and
                                      an open environment to ensure our
                                      employees are part of the creative
                                      driving force of our business.


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