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					Dear Student,

We hope you enjoyed studying at South Birmingham College this year.

If you want to study with us again in September, you will need to come back and
tell us on:

                             Thursday 30 August 10am – 8pm
                              Friday 31 August 10am – 4pm

Please bring your documents with you:
    Passport
    Travel document
    Home Office letter granting Indefinite / Exceptional Leave to Remain,
      Humanitarian Protection, or Discretionary Leave
    EU Identity Card
    IND card
    SAL 1/ 2
    I96

And proof of any of these benefits you or your husband / wife get:
   Jobseeker’s Allowance
   Council Tax Benefit
   Housing Benefit
   Income Support
   Working Tax Credit with a household income of less than £15,050
   Pension Credits (Guarantee Credit only)

If you do not get any of these benefits please bring proof of income for you and
your husband / wife:
     Recent payslips for at least 2 months
     Bank statements

If you do not come back on these days, your course may be full and you might
not get a place.

You will also be able to apply for a bus pass and childcare if you need to.

We hope to see you soon.

Yours Faithfully,

Director, Skills for Life
Stephen Rogers   June 2007     8909374c-c0d5-4faf-b137-6cb5da3b910a.doc.doc

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