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Norway thanks the delegation of Albania for the presentation of the national report. We
welcome the progress Albania has made for human rights and the expressed will to work
with all relevant mandate holders..

We welcome the adoption of the Laws on Gender Equality and Domestic Violence and the
inclusion of a 30% quota for women in the new Electoral Code, as vital steps. We
recommend that the legal framework for gender equality and domestic violence be followed
up by more effective measures for their enforcement, including law enforcement and judicial
authorities handling cases of domestic violence and to increase public awareness about the
law in smaller towns and rural areas.

Norway welcomes Albania’s commitment to adopt a Law on the Rights of the Child and its
stated support for a comprehensive Anti-Discrimination Law. We understand that children
living in remote areas, roma, orphans, juveniles in detention and children with disabilities are
often not provided with adequate conditions for personal development, thus remaining
entrenched in their marginalization and vulnerable to exploitation. Norway recommends the
adoption of the Law on the Rights of the Child and the Law against Discrimination as matters
of priority, as well as measures to ensure implementation of laws on birth registration. We
recommend that state policies and mechanisms target discrimination against marginalized
and vulnerable categories of children.

Norway appreciates Albania’s efforts to improve the conditions for prisoners. In light of the
recent report by the Council of Europe’s Committee on Torture, Norway recommends
continued investments in prison and detention facilities, with a particular focus on improving
material conditions for suspects held in police establishments and pre-detention centers. We
also recommend that efforts be intensified to combat ill-treatment by police authorities.

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