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Divine Romance Intentional Romance Flyer


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									                                     Hidden Travel Bag $32.50

                                     Looking for a unique and practical storage solution for all your personal
                                     items? Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that your lingerie,
                                     personal hygiene items, adult prescriptions and other sensitive items

                                     are safely tucked away from kids, in-laws, roommates, cleaning service,
                                         babysitters or anyone else who may find occasion to be in your
                                         house when you're not around. The bag features inside pockets and                                                                                                  TM
                                          a key lock. Perfect for couples with children! Made in the USA.
                                          11”x14” Item A200

                                                                                                                                           Marriage is a sacred covenant between a man,
Intimate Issues Book and 12                                           The 5 Love Languages $13.99
Week Couples Study Set                                                Paperback.                                  a woman and God. It is exciting to be in a marriage that challenges us to honor
                                                                     Discover how to effectively communi-         and integrity. That is what marriage is about, staying when times get tough,
$18.99 Hardback                                                      cate love to your partner, children and
Can sex be both sensuous and sacred?
                                                                     loved ones. We each convey and receive       working through problems, and not quitting.
Intimate Issues answers the questions
                                                                     love in different ways. Dr. Chapman
women most frequently ask about
                                                                     identifies these as the five languages of
                                                                                                                     Divine Romance offers products that can improve communication and offer
physical intimacy. Learn how to be                                                                                hope to the married couple who want to keep their marriage exciting and fun,
                                                                     love. Discover what these languages
the best lover you can be! Discussion
                                                       are, determine others’ languages, and then put them        and grow together through the tough times.              The Divine Romance
questions at the end of each chapter and a secret
                                                       into action. In no time you will be able to effectively
sealed challenge for after you've finished the book.
                                                       love and truly feel loved in return. Includes a study      Consultant offers education, ideas and encouragement to help couples become
Includes a 12-week couples study on becoming an
intentional lover. By Linda Dillow. Item L202
                                                       guide for couples. Written by Gary Chapman.                intentional in their romance and experience a great marriage for a lifetime.
                                                       Item L204
       Virtue $22.00
       This pheromone scent is based in essen-                      The 5 Love Languages Audio CD
       tial oils, not alcohol. Will not conflict                    $16.99    Abridged on 3 compact discs.
                                                                                                                                 LOVE Couples                     Song Of Solomon CD
       with cologne or after shave you already                      Listen on the road! Read by author Gary                      Devotional Bible TNIV                                 $16.99
       wear. Bottle with glass wand. .5 oz.                         Chapman. Item L203                                             $44.50   Softback
                                                                                                                                                                  Sweet, Soft and Romantic.
       Item B301                                                                                                                                                  This Piano Instrumental CD
                                                                                                                                     Studies have shown that
                                                                                                                                                                  sets the mood for intimate
                                                                                                                                     couples that pray and wor-
                                                                                                                                                                  romance. Item L215
                                    Warming Hearts Massager $16.50                                                                  ship together daily stay
                                  The Warming Hearts Massager guarantees to heat things up                                        together. This Bible includes
                                  between you and your husband! Simply bend the metal disk inside                260 weekday devotions and 52 devotions for
                                  the heat pack to activate, pour your favorite massage oil on and enjoy         each weekend. Devotional topics deal with
                                  a therapeutic warming massage anywhere, anytime. It will heat up               issues relevant for today’s issues. Great for
 to a thrilling 129º F and stay warm for up to 45 minutes! The heat pack reactivates by boiling in               couples who are just starting their journey
 water for 7-10 minutes, then let cool. Lasts for years. You will be addicted to the soothing warmth.            together and for couples who’ve been married a
 M102-P Purple            M102-R Red            M102-K Pink                                                      longer time. Italian Chocolate Brown Leather
                                                                                                                 with Silver Gild and “Love” engraved on front.
                                             Deluxe Massage Mitt $18.50                                          Book and Bible Cover Size: M Item L214
                        Take the guesswork out of an intense massage with this
               professional massage mitt. The soft nubbies tickle and taunt the
                             senses. Great for a serious massage or just for fun!
                                                                        Item M140                                                  Love Talks                     Beloved’s Bracelet $24.00
                                                                                                                                   for Couples $12.99             This adjustable cuff bracelet is engraved with one of
            Divine Romance Relaxing Massage Oil $14.50                                                                               The Five Love Languages      the most passionate declarations in the Bible: "I am
            Everyone enjoys a nice, relaxing massage. This massage oil will take the experience to                                   guy, Gary Chapman, gives     my Beloved's and my Beloved is Mine." This Song
            another level with its intoxicating scent. Let the aroma arouse the senses and relax the                                 101 stimulating starter      of Songs quote by King Solomon (chapter 2, verse
            body. Professional grade, totally edible, good for you and your body. Never sticky.                                      questions that provide the   16) is engraved in Hebrew with black letter face
            In intoxicating Paradise scent. 8 oz. Item M106                                                      cure to the common conversation. Thought-        around the outside of the band and in English on the    TM

                                                                                                                 provoking and endearing, Love Talks daily        inside of the band. Circumference is 8" including
                                                                                                                 spiral flip booklet will introduce you to the    gap. Stainless Steel. Item J102
               Your Divine Romance Consultant:                                                                   intimacy that has been waiting to shine
                                                                                                                 through. Example: “Who was your favorite
                                                                                                                 super hero as a kid, and why?” Find out what                         A Division of
                                                                                                                 you never knew or would like to know about
                                                                                                                 your beloved! Item L300
                     Give your hostess and/or your consultant credit and Order Online at
                                                                                                                                             “Romantic Rendezvous is an excellent game, and just what many couples need to spice

Intentional Romance                                                                                                                         things up. ...My husband was in love with it the moment he first rolled the die. Also, the
                                                                                                                                          game is very easy to play and dummy proof, with no long instructions to read.” - E. Williams

                       Loving Touch Candle                              Sprinkled With Love                        Romantic Rendezvous Game for Husband & Wife $34.50
                       $15.00                                           $14.50                                     The Romantic Rendezvous game offers the opportunity for you and
                      Light this candle to create                    Two tiny shaker jars filled with              your spouse to grow closer and delve into the joys and delights of being
                      the mood, then extinguish                      yummy and safe edible body dust.              together through love, intimacy and adventure. Romantic Rendezvous
                      and pour its healing                           Shaped like classic candy jars and            is unique because it is two different games in one box, and each are
                      quick-cool formula directly                    topped with holes in a heart design,          extraordinary and intriguing by themselves. They may be played
on the skin for a warm and soothing all-over                         these unique shakers bring new                separately or together. Romantic Rendezvous contains a board game,
spa-like body massage. Healing essential oils                        meaning to “love is in the details.”          a card game, two tokens and a die. Item G185
stimulate the senses and provide powerful               Very Berry Dust flavor. 4 oz. 2” bottles.
aromatherapy benefits. Our candle is made with          Item B300                                                                              Romantic Massage
pure lanolin, shea butter, avocado, vitamin E,                                                                                                                                         Delightful $27.00
jojoba, and coconut oil that will moisturize, heal      Divorce-Proof Your Marriage                                                            Kit $19.50                              Experience for yourself why this is
and protect the skin. Try the Cucumber Melon            $13.99   Paperback
                                                                                                                                               Plan a special night with               Divine Romance’s BEST seller!
scent or our popular “Lumiere de L’Amour.”              This incredible book outlines the                                                      our Romantic Massage
                                                                                                                                                                                       Delightful is a safe and all-natural
                                                        threats to today’s marriages and the                                                   Kit. Includes a tropical
M159-L - Lumiere de L’Amour                                                                                                                                                            L-Arginine enhanced topical gel that
                                                        key building blocks to counter those                                                   scented 2 oz. massage
M159-C - Cucumber Melon                                                                                            lotion, a soothing back massager, mood setting                      promotes sensitivity and arousal. Apply
                                                        threats and divorce-proof any                                                                                                  sparingly as directed by your consultant.
                                                        marriage. The Roseburg’s define the                        pheromone scented tea light candles, and a mini
                 30 Things I Love                                                                                  romantic massage guide. Item M158                                   2.5 oz Item B302
                                                        six facets of love — forgiving love,
                 About You! Kit $15.50                  serving love, persevering love, guarding love,
                  Give the gift of words of             celebrating love and renewing love. By Dr. Gary
                  affirmation to your spouse so         and Barbara Roseburg. Item L207                                                   Love Mints $12.50                             Arousal $14.50
                  that they can read of your love                                                                                         20 exciting and creative mints                Neutralizes odor and stimulates tissues
anytime! This kit includes a beautiful crystal                 Like Silk $13.50                                                           with numbing Benzocaine in a                  with all natural witch hazel and cinna-
                                                               This amazing multi-purpose lubricant is                                    nice tin. With a delicious                    mon. Great for husband AND wife to
“box” wrapped in ribbon, filled with 30 blank
                                                               enriched with vitamin E and is silicone and                                minty, tingly flavor that                     enhance intimacy. Use as directed by
cards for you to write your sentiments and a                                                                                              ensures great breath and
“How To” card. Great Idea: Can be used also to                 glycerin free, unlike most lubricants offered                                                                            your consultant. 4 oz Item B303
                                                               today. It is non-staining and never sticky.                                extended moments together.
write words of appreciation to a parent, friend, or                                                                                       Item T201
                                                               Reactivated by water and almost identical to a
child in your life! Item G180                                  woman’s natural lubricant. A Divine Romance
             10 Great Dates to Energize                        favorite! 4 oz. Item T200                                                                                      Sheet Music - Uncovering
             Your Marriage $12.99                                                                                            Sweet Dreams “Romance”                           Secrets of Intimacy in Marriage
                                                                             Mini Stone Massage Kit                                                                           $14.99 Paperback
                Remember back to your dating days—                                                                           $13.50
                                                                             $19.50                                                                                           Respected Christian psychologist and
                the excitement you felt? Now you can                                                                         Get your bed ready for a night of romance
                                                                             Stone massage is such a treat -                                                                  family expert Dr. Kevin Leman is a
                reclaim that same spark, connection,                                                                         with our exclusive Pheromone-based sheet
                                                                              and super easy to do! All you                                                                   regular guest on Focus On the Family
                and creativity in your marriage                                                                              spray in our exclusive tropical paradise
                                                                               need is in this little kit. We've                                                              with James Dobson. His book, Sheet
                through ten intentional, memory-                                                                             “Romance” scent. Sweet Dreams can be
                                                                                    packed a 4 oz jar of Shea                                                                 Music, shares secrets to satisfying intimacy and how
                making dates. This proven approach                                                                           used anywhere you want to absorb
                                                                                    Peppermint Massage                                                                        married couples can make sweet music together in
to relationship growth is low-key, purposeful,                                                                               unwanted moisture. Can also be used as a
                                                                                    Cream and two small                                                                       the bedroom. This book covers some hot topics as
effective, easy, and makes intentional romance FUN!                                                                          clean, odor absorbing body spray or air
                                                                              massage stones with simple                                                                      well as covering items such as “Your Sexual Past-
Enjoy your dates alone as a couple or start your own                                                                         freshener. Our customers tell us it’s also
                                                        instructions into a rugged jute burlap bag. It’s fun to                                                               Fighting Flashbacks,” “Positions,” “Ideas for
10 Great Dates group in your church or community.                                                                            great for calming children. 4 oz.
                                                        take turns giving each other a mini-massage with                                                                      Husbands to Wow Their Wives,” “Intimacy’s
You probably already know 5-6 couples who could                                                                              Item B304
                                                        this kit. An amazing unforgettable experience!                                                                        Greatest Enemy,” “Intimacy After 50,” and more!
benefit from time-out to build their marriage and
                                                        Item M165                                                                                                             Item L212
enrich their relationship with 10 Great Dates.
Item L216
                                                                                                                                                              Romantic Weekend Kit $38.50
                                         Night of Romance Kit $31.50 - Save $18.50!!                                                                          (Retail Value: $56.00)
                                         (Retail Value: $50.00)                                                                                               A black velvet weekender to go bag filled with LOTS of fun
                                         A beautiful gift box tied with a bow! Filled with elegant items to                                                   items to make it a weekend to remember with your husband or
                                         make it a night to remember with your husband or wife! Includes                                                      wife! Includes a full sized tin of the Love Mints, a 1 oz. Tasty
                                         a full-sized Sweet Dreams “Romance” scented pheromone sheet                                                          Body Topping, a 1 oz. Like Silk Lubricant Sampler, a Silk Eye-
                                         spray, 50 Scented Rose Petals in a beautiful satin draw string bag,                                                     shade, a Feather Tickler, 2 Pheromone Tea-Light Candles,
                                         a 2 oz Romance Massage Oil, 2 pheromone dinner-light candles,                                                             and the 20 Questions of Romance Game to initiate and
                                         and the Night of Romance Card Game.                                                                                        stimulate intimate conversation.
                                         Item M100                                                                                                                  Item M101

                                www.DivineRomance.net                                                                                                      Divine Romance

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