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Divine Mercy Care Gala by nyut545e2

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									    Still other seed fell on good soil . . .

Divine Mercy Care Gala
             Dulles Hilton

    Saturday, November 15, 2008
                           Matthew 13

          The Parable of the Sower

  That same day Jesus went out of the house and sat by the lake.
  Such large crowds gathered around him that he got into a boat
       and sat in it, while all the people stood on the shore.
        Then he told them many things in parables, saying:

                “A farmer went out to sow his seed.
      As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path,
                 and the birds came and ate it up.
    Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil.
        It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow.
       But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched,
           and they withered because they had no root.
Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants.
    Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—
         a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.
                  He who has ears, let him hear.”
Dear Dr. Bruchalski,

       Congratulations on the occasion of your 5th Divine Mercy Care Gala on November 15, 2008, at
the Dulles Hilton. I truly regret that I will be unable to attend, but do wish to convey my appreciation
on the work of Divine Mercy Care and its two operating entities, Tepeyac Family Center and the new
DMC Pharmacy.

       Your gala theme, “still other seeds fell on good soil,” is apropos to the work that you have done with
Tepeyac Family Center this past year and to the creation of the new DMC Pharmacy. Your seeds have truly
been very fruitful.

        Your expansion of Tepeyac from three (3) to six (6) OB-GYN physicians now enables many more
women in this area to take advantage of your skillful, prayerful and compassionate practice of medicine.
I deeply appreciate the work of your Tepeyac staff in caring for those who are not able to afford commercial
health insurance. Your everyday work of seeing the underserved is not only a work of mercy, but also a
solution for a very practical need in our communities. I pray that your physicians and staff at Tepeyac
will continue to be blessed with the necessary tools and funds to carry out their work.

        I am most happy to see the opening of the DMC Pharmacy in Chantilly. This pro-life pharmacy again
meets a critical need for the Northern Virginia communities in providing a family-friendly atmosphere and a
place where our people can receive their prescription medications in a morally acceptable atmosphere. I pray
that this practice will flourish in the years to come and even expand to other locations in this area.

        Dr. Bruchalski, through Divine Mercy Care you and your staff have transformed hearts in the field
of health care. Please continue to sow seeds. I pray that your sound decisions will permit them to fall on
good soil. In this way, Divine Mercy Care will be able to increase its ability in bringing catholic health care
to Northern Virginia.

       With continued gratitude for your outstanding service to the people of this diocese and beyond
and with assurances of my prayers for your life-giving endeavors, I remain

                                                   Faithfully in Christ,

                                                   Most Reverend Paul S. Loverde
                                                   Bishop of Arlington
Good Soil
Dear Friends,

       Welcome to our fifth annual Divine Mercy Care Gala in support of
Catholic Healthcare in Northern Virginia. All of us at Divine Mercy Care
(DMC) welcome you as our friends and thank you for your faithful support.

        Divine Mercy Care stands on your shoulders. You, your families
and your friends tilled the soil here in Northern Virginia and the National Capital Area for many decades,
preparing for the arrival of DMC. Your blood, sweat, tears, prayers, sacrifices, and equity not only tilled
the soil, but also fertilized the ground and paved the way for Divine Mercy Care.

        Divine Mercy Care’s harvest has grown a hundred fold because of your prayers, financial support
and volunteer hours. The seeds that were sown at the DMC Gala last year alone have borne much fruit. We
asked for one doctor, and we received three excellent, caring physicians who were looking for a place to practice
their faithful expertise in medicine. We asked to expand services, and we opened the DMC Pharmacy that
follows in the footsteps of the Tepeyac Family Center (TFC). Together, TFC and the DMC Pharmacy provide
necessary medical services to the community, and they are practical examples that conscience and culture
can indeed coexist.

        Divine Mercy Care is not a series of programs. It is not social work. Divine Mercy Care is a
renaissance in healthcare in Northern Virginia, a renaissance that allows healthcare workers to practice
medicine as a vocation: caring for all stages of the human person and fighting illness and suffering, yet
recognizing their role in the mystery of life. Divine Mercy Care allows patients to visit a healthcare facility
and not leave their faith at the door. Divine Mercy Care empowers the community to take back healthcare
by providing for all those who need it, including the weakest and the most vulnerable. Divine Mercy Care is
our means for loving God and neighbor in healthcare. This is what DMC is all about: excellent care for
all people, born and unborn.

       Tonight we will introduce you to the DMC Pharmacy and the other pressing needs we have at Divine
Mercy Care. Your generosity and charitable concern for the “least of our brothers and sisters” in the healthcare
arena have always been beyond our expectations. We thank you for this!

Under Her Mantle and His Mercy,

John T. Bruchalski, M.D., FACOG
President, Divine Mercy Care
            Tonight’s Events
6:00 p.m.   Belmont Grand Foyer
            Cocktail Reception
            Silent Auction Begins

7:00 p.m.   Belmont Grand Ballroom
            Mr. Mark Arbeen, Master of Ceremonies

            Salute to America
            Dr. Daniel Fisk

            Rev. Gerald Weymes, Pastor, St. Timothy Catholic Church

            Video Tribute to Divine Mercy Care
8:15 p.m.   Silent Auction Ends
            Announcement of the Divine Mercy Award
            Rev. Edward Hathaway, Pastor, St. Veronica Catholic Church
            Member of Divine Mercy Care Board of Directors
            Mark and Barbara Remington —2008 Awardees

            Announcement of the Susan M. Torres Award
            Dr. Marie Anderson, Medical Director, Tepeyac Family Center
            Mrs. Maureen Hill —2008 Awardee

            Live Auction with Reverend James Searby
            (see pages 12–15 for auction item descriptions)

            Introduction of Dr. John Bruchalski
            Mr. Robert Laird, Executive Director, Divine Mercy Care

            Remarks by Dr. John Bruchalski
            Founder of Tepeyac Family Center,
            Chairman of Board of Directors of Divine Mercy Care
            Hero Auction with Dr. John Bruchalski
            and Staff of Tepeyac Family Center
            Dancing with “The Joker’s Wild”

    The Seed
                       Our Mission         Transforming Hearts through Healthcare

                         Our Vision        The Renaissance of Catholic Healthcare

                    “Over the past year, Divine Mercy Care (DMC) has become
                          a community model with national implications
                            for the renaissance in Catholic Healthcare.”

    Recognizing the need to lead by example, and understanding the “signs of the times” regarding the crisis
    in the cost, access and business of healthcare, DMC is already making a difference as a beacon of hope
    for patients (you) and providers (us).

    The secret to Divine Mercy Care is found in its dependence on the merciful heart of the Father.
    Healthcare in general, and Catholic healthcare in particular, will fail if the dignity of the human person
    is not respected from conception to natural death. We are called to provide healthcare shaped by moral
    convictions and focused on this dignity of each individual, the pursuit of the common good, and the
    protection of the weak and vulnerable. This mission requires us to do what we ought: to love God and to
    love our neighbor. Divine Mercy Care addresses all of the issues facing healthcare today, while building
    solidarity with the local community.

    In 1989, Dr. John Bruchalski sensed an interior call at
    the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City.
    As a response to serve the underserved in medicine and
    to see each person as an image of God, he began Tepeyac
    Family Center in 1994. Divine Mercy Care was founded
    in 2000, purchased Tepeyac Family Center in 2005
    and started the new DMC Pharmacy that just opened
    this year.

    Thanks to appearances on EWTN and FOX News, front
    page articles in The Washington Post and other Catholic     Dr. John Bruchalski prepares for an interview in front of the
    periodicals, and speaking engagements across the            television cameras

country, Divine Mercy Care is solidifying its presence in our community
of Northern Virginia, as well as across the nation.

We continue to be a source of encouragement to many faithful medical
professionals across the country who call, email or visit us to better
understand: who we are; why we are so joyful; and how we run such an
organization in this turbulent, tragic profession we all love and cherish—
healthcare. Some of us practiced medicine using an anti-life approach
earlier in our medical careers, so we understand the power of this work in
light of the mercy of the Father because we came “to our senses” and lived
the prodigal story.
                                                                                               Dr. Anderson . . . all smiles!
Divine Mercy Care is . . .
• a way for all of us to be healed,
• the hope that medicine needs in the Third Millennium

. . . today, right here, right now.

The number of poor is increasing tremendously. Now is not the time to alter our path of loving
God and loving neighbor in healthcare. The “perfect storm” of the attack on conscience from the
pro-abortion lobby, coupled with the economic depression, will not keep us from doing our duty
in this time of crisis. In fact, it strengthens our resolve, and increases our trust in the love of the
Father. Divine Mercy Care believes we must lead by serving—now more than ever. The problems of
insufficient access, unbridled greed, excessive cost, and conditional life or death choices are everyday
conversations at Divine Mercy Care.

                                                                              Thank you for helping all of us at
                                                                              Divine Mercy Care serve you. In these
                                                                              uncertain times, we need your support
                                                                              and generosity to continue our mission.

The six OB-GYN doctors of Tepeyac Family Center (l-r): Dr. John Bruchalski,
Dr. Lorna L. Cvetkovich, Dr. Jennifer Brown, Dr. Marie Anderson, Dr. Miriam
Pereira, Dr. Daniel Fisk

    The Harvest
    Tepeyac Family Center
    The Tepeyac Family Center (TFC) now
    has a medical staff that includes six
    obstetricians/gynecologists and one
    nurse practitioner. From the most
    advanced laparoscopic surgeries, to
    detailed hormonal analyses and complicated pregnancies, TFC is gaining regional and national attention
    for providing excellent faith-based healthcare in a trusted, competent, loving environment. More media
    and medical professionals are turning to TFC for answers and comments on the medical-moral issues
    of the day, such as conscience protection, contraception, abortion, stem cell research, and the general
    practice of medicine.

    The first-fruit of DMC, Tepeyac Family Center, has seen amazing growth in the last year. Tepeyac
    Family Center has increased the number of patients for the first 10 months from 8,200 in 2007 to
    11,267 in 2008 (an increase of 37.5%). Thus far in 2008, TFC has absorbed more than $285,000 in
    non-reimbursed charges for those patients who are uninsured, underinsured or in crisis pregnancies.
    That is nearly 10% of the total budget. The number of babies delivered to patients without commercial
    health insurance has increased 35.8% over last year and 97% over the previous year.

    Firmly committed to the sanctity of life, and seeing the underserved in our daily business, we are
    positioned to face the coming economic downturn and assault on conscience with your assistance.
    Your contributions are spent on patient care: from obstetrical care for crisis pregnancy patients,
    to critical ultrasounds or pelvic surgeries, to improving our documentation with electronic medical
    records. Your generosity is disseminated throughout the practice for families of all backgrounds.

    The community will know we are Christian when we continue to serve the Northern Virginia area
    during difficult economic times. “These are the times that try men’s souls.” This is not the time to
    back down from our mission at TFC. Your generosity enables us to move forward.

                        Facts and Figures About Tepeyac Family Center—2008
                        •   New obstetric patients increased 50% over last year
                        •   Total patients increased 33% over last year
                        •   New patients to the practice increased 160% over last year
                        •   Babies delivered to patients without commercial health insurance
                            increased 35.8% over last year
                        •   Total costs associated with charity care increased 200% over last year

                                               Tepeyac Family Center pays at least 50% of all costs
                                               associated with any referral from a Crisis Pregnancy
                                               Center. Tepeyac Family Center is reimbursed for less
                                               than 40% of the costs associated with a Medicaid
                                               patient’s pregnancy and delivery. Divine Mercy Care’s
                                               Donor Fund pays for 100% of all costs associated with
                                               patients accepted into that program.

Dr. Daniel Fisk hard at work

What makes Tepeyac Family Center Unique?
It is the:

     1. Only Catholic medical practice in Northern
        Virginia and the only pro-life OB-GYN practice
        in a 150-mile radius.

     2. “Largest known contingent of NFP-only
        OB-GYNs in the world”—Steve Koob, President
        of One More Soul

     3. Largest OB-GYN practice of its kind in the
        United States
                                                              Dr. Anderson receiving hand-made blankets for Baby
                                                              Basket Program from St. Veronica’s Challenge Ladies
     4. Only known medical facility using the language
        of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body in their
        daily work

     5. Largest private provider of OB services to
        Medicaid patients in Northern Virginia

     6. Home of the only perinatal hospice program
        of its kind in the area

In addition, TFC was featured in The Washington Post
in August 2006.
                                                              Dr. Bruchalski greeting a Summer Bible Class donating
                                                              goods for the Tepeyac Family Center Baby Basket

    DMC Pharmacy
    With the primacy of conscience under attack daily, the
    DMC Pharmacy will provide a living example of charity
    and faith in action as a non-profit, pro-life pharmacy
    that protects the integrity of each individual and family,
    while serving the underserved in the Northern Virginia

                           In the summer of 2007, Robert
                           Semler, a successful pro-life
                           pharmacist based in southern
                           Virginia, heard about our mission and paid us a visit. As a result, he moved his
                           family to Northern Virginia and is currently serving as the new pharmacist for
                           the DMC Pharmacy in Chantilly with his wife, Pamela, as his assistant.

                          The opening of DMC Pharmacy was featured on the front page of The Washington
                          Post on June 16, 2008 and has recently been the target of a community petition
                          organized by the National Abortion Rights Action League. The real news and
    Robert Semler,
    DMC Pharmacist        experience is made, however, when you visit the pharmacy or call in a prescription
                          and experience the professionalism and the warmth first hand. DMC Pharmacy
    is one of only seven pro-life pharmacies in the United States. We need your help to become a thriving
    business and to serve the pharmaceutical needs of our community, so please recommend us to your

       The DMC Pharmacy:
       •   Is located at 13945 Metrotech Drive, Chantilly, Virginia 20151 (in the Sully Place Shopping Center
           off Route 50, just east of Route 28 next to The Catholic Shop)

       •   Offers FDA-approved prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, natural products,
           homeopathics, herbals, and other home healthcare needs

       •   Is the only pro-life pharmacy in a major metropolitan area

       •   Will partner with other community organizations to help get medicines to those in need

       •   Will not dispense contraceptive products

       •   Will have mail-order service within the Commonwealth of Virginia

Other Programs Sponsored by Divine Mercy Care

Kristen Anderson Perinatal Hospice Project

Operated within Tepeyac Family Center, this special program offers an alternative to abortion by
providing medical, emotional and spiritual comfort to pregnant women and their families, after they
discover that their life and/or the life of their unborn child is threatened. This program connects the
family to community services that care for the spiritual and physical needs that arise from such difficult
diagnoses, and offers assistance until one year after delivery. This program is the only one of its kind in
the area and has received patients from other practices and hospital systems within the area.

Educational Resource Center

Responding to the overwhelming number of inquiries via emails, phone calls and personal visits to
Divine Mercy Care and the Tepeyac Family Center, our Educational Resource Center (ERC) is a program
whereby medical providers, medical students, patients, and clergy can access our approach to medical/
moral situations and find direct, clear, practical solutions and conversation.

The Future of Divine Mercy Care
To be in the right place at the right time with the
right people who have the right talents is a gift and an
opportunity. In response to patients and providers alike
who are struggling with healthcare, Divine Mercy Care
is praying for God’s guidance.

We will continue to speak with other medical
specialties and practices on ways to partner
                                                             Bishop Paul Loverde blessing the DMC Pharmacy on
to serve the community more thoroughly.                      October 21

We will continue to improve on the information of
healthcare with Electronic Medical Records to decrease mistakes and improve efficiency.

We will continue the mission of combining the best of modern medicine with the healing presence
of Jesus Christ in the face of the crisis in healthcare and the overall economy.

We will continue to communicate on the internet to facilitate the exchange of ideas and solutions
between providers regarding the practice of faith-based medicine.

              Specific Needs:

              • Expanded surveillance system for DMC Pharmacy—$15,000
              • Educational Resource Operations Center—$50,000
              • New ultrasound equipment for Tepeyac Family Center—$85,000
              • Continued funding for charity patients at both Tepeyac and DMC Pharmacy—$350,000
              • Electronic Medical Records for Tepeyac—$250,000

     How you can help:
     There are many ways to financially help Divine Mercy Care:

        *   Make Divine Mercy Care’s dream a reality with a large cash donation, or a donation
            of stock/real estate

        *   Be an “Ambassador of Mercy” by introducing DMC to others who can help us

        *   Consider making Divine Mercy Care a beneficiary on a life insurance policy, a retirement
            plan or in your will

     If you feel called to help Divine Mercy Care with your talents or treasures, please email
     Vince Criste at or call him at (703) 934-5552.

     Check out our website at

                   Your generosity is the water that nurtures the soil for growth with us.
                   As the economy struggles, we must continue to rely on your generosity,
                    along with smart business principles, to care for those most affected.
            We thank you for your gifts of intercessory prayer, financial aid and volunteer hours.
            God is never outdone in generosity when we give ourselves to building His kingdom
                                        “on earth as it is in Heaven.”

           In Thanksgiving
                 $10,000 Platinum
                Bob and Liz Crnkovich
              Sean and Laura McLaughlin

                     $7,000 Gold
                  Bob and Gerri Laird

                    $5,000 Silver
   Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Alexandria, VA
                    Jay and Julia Butler
                Sean and Rosanne Garvey
                 John C. Grimberg Co, Inc
      St. Leo the Great Catholic Church, Fairfax, VA
        St. Theresa Catholic Church, Ashburn, VA

                   $3,000 Bronze
                 Mark and Heather Arbeen
              Dr. and Mrs. John T. Bruchalski
                Philip and Barbara Carrescia
                    Christendom College
                    Dr. Lorna Cvetkovich
                 Sean and Maureen Fennell
Bob and Christine Gallagher/Mark and Barbara Remington
           RADM (Ret) and Mrs. Thomas J Gross
                  K & B Underwriters, LLC
                    Kenna Company, LLC
    The Most Rev. Paul S. Loverde, Bishop of Arlington
                     McLean Pediatrics
    St. John the Apostle Catholic Church, Leesburg, VA
                     St. Joseph Roofing
         St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Alexandria, VA
St. Raymond of Peñafort Catholic Church, Springfield, VA
                  Mr. & Mrs. Victor Sellier
 Tepeyac Family’s Network Real Estate Referral Program
                     Trinity Consulting

                                           Auction Items

1    Redskins Tickets
     Calling all Redskins fans! Washington Redskins games are one of the area’s most popular events. Now is
     your chance to experience the thrill of a live ‘Skins game by bidding on two tickets for the 2008–2009
     season. Come watch the hometown team take on the division rival Philadelphia Eagles on December 21,
     2008. “Hail to the Redskins!”

     Value: $175                                                           Courtesy of: Tom and Heather West

2    Cayman Island Vacation
     The winner of this auction will receive a one-week stay at Conquered Fame, a private home on the
     North side of Grand Cayman with its own private beach. The Conquered Fame Villa is a newly-renovated,
     fully-furnished four bedroom, two bath home that easily sleeps at least eight and is perfect for multiple
     couples, a large family, or two families vacationing together. The house sits on over half an acre of land in
     the peaceful Rum Point area of Cayman Kai where white sand extends to a crystal clear soft sea. Located
     away from the crowded and touristy Seven-mile beach area, yet within walking distance of the Rum Point
     beach area and its excellent beach-front restaurants and bars, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxed barbeque
     on your own beach or a nice meal out with locals. Winner has until November 15, 2010 to complete
     their trip. The vacation can be scheduled anytime except the week of Thanksgiving and the first week
     of January. Rentals are Sat–Sat or Sun–Sun.

     Value: $4000                                             Courtesy of: Drs. Duane, Lin, Tessier & TJ Duane

3    Dinner with Dr. Marie Anderson
     The winner of this auction item will enjoy a delicious dinner accompanied by lovely conversation.
     Dr. Marie Anderson and her husband, along with four guests, will share an outstanding meal, and most
     importantly engaging company, at a popular local restaurant. Redeemable until November 15, 2009.

     Value: $300                                                                       Courtesy of: Anonymous

4   Round of Golf at Congressional Country Club
    Redeemed Tuesday-Thursday this package includes a round of golf for up to three players plus the club
    member. Redeemed Friday–Sunday this package includes a round of golf for one player plus the club
    member. Ten days notice is needed to reserve a tee time. Redeemable after June 1, 2009. This fabulous
    outing includes lunch, a round of golf for 1–3 guests, cold brews and a tour of the Congressional Country

    Value: $1000                                                                     Courtesy of: Bob Best

5   Eastern Redbud Tree
    The Eastern Redbud, native to eastern North America, grows in the shade and becomes a dense
    undergrowth in the forest. It grows rapidly and hardy—making it a great ornamental tree. It grows
    between 20–30 feet with a 25–35 foot spread. The Eastern Redbud flowers from March to May.
    The beautiful clusters vary from light to dark shades of magenta/pink blossoms. The Eastern Redbud
    is a great addition to any home; one can enjoy its blossoms year after year.

    Value: $200                                                                Courtesy of: Craven Nursery

6   Baseball with the Fisks
    A Day at the Ballpark with Dr. Fisk—This is for the sophisticated sports family who wants to enjoy a
    unique afternoon or evening at a major league baseball game. In the 2009 season, attend a Washington
    Nationals game at the new Nationals’ Stadium or see the Orioles at Camden Yards in Baltimore. Meet
    up with the Fisks at the stadium and enjoy a lunch or dinner before the opening pitch. Then, PLAY BALL!.
    This outing is for up to six people.

    Value: $450                                                                   Courtesy of: Anonymous

                                     Auction Items (cont’d)

7    Collection of Catholic Books for Grown-ups
     Collection of books by Catholic authors or about topics of interest for Catholics today. Many of the books
     are hardcover and a number of these titles have been autographed by the author. Some books in the
     collection include:

     A Civilization of Love by Carl Anderson

     A God That Did Not Fail by Robert Royal

     The Courage to Be Catholic by George Weigel

     Father, The Family Protector by James Stenson

     Mother Angelica’s Private and Pithy Lessons From the Scriptures by Raymond Arroyo

     Heart of the Redeemer by Dr. Timothy O’Donnell

     Value: Approximately $500                                                     Courtesy of: Multiple Donors

8    Nostalgic Skyline Drive Get-Away Package
     Sit back, relax, and take it all in. Imagine the scent of spring blossoms tickling your nose, the summer
     mountain breeze blowing through your hair, and the glory of autumn foliage enchanting your eyes as
     you cruise down Skyline Drive in a mint 1929 Ford Model A Phaeton. If this idea delights your nostalgic
     side then this is the package for you. Start your two-day jaunt with a wine tasting/tour at Rappahannock
     Cellars, a beautiful winery just south of Front Royal, VA in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountain foothills.
     Meet your chauffeur there to take a romantic drive in this fully restored antique vehicle, the way Skyline
     Drive was meant to be enjoyed! Dine on a delightful gourmet picnic dinner with the Shenandoah Valley
     as your backdrop. Then stay the night at the Skyline lodge, bed and breakfast, or a local hotel. Enjoy
     cocktails at the bar before retiring from your dreamy day. Awake to a lovely breakfast before returning
     home. Date, time and lodging arrangements to be agreed upon by the owner/chauffeur and the
     highest bidder.

     Value: $725                                                              Courtesy of: Dr. & Mrs. Paul Byers

9   Dinner with Dr. and Mrs. Bruchalski
    Dinner with the Bruchalskis—The winner of this auction item will enjoy a wonderful evening with the
    Bruchalskis. Dr. & Mrs. Bruchalski, along with four dinner guests, will share an intimate dinner in a private
    home. Begin the evening by pairing a glass of wine with hearty conversation and the sounds of classical
    music. Then, proceed to the dining room where you will converse throughout a relaxed, multi-course
    meal. Redeemable until November 15, 2009.

    Value: $300                                                                       Courtesy of: Anonymous

                                            Auction Rules and Procedures
     General Rules                                                   Check Out and Payment Options

     All sales are final. No exchanges or refunds are permitted.      The Gala accepts the following methods of payment: cash
     Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash. All items         and personal check preferred; Visa, Mastercard, Discover
     are sold “as is.” The item description is as accurate as        are also accepted.
     possible, and the committee is not responsible for any
                                                                     Check-out is at the registration area. To claim your item,
     discrepancies that may occur. The decisions of the
                                                                     present your bid paddle with name and number to the
     auctioneer and the committee are final.
                                                                     check out volunteer. Please pay for auction items before
     All resort and private vacation homes are offered to adults     taking possession of said items. Volunteer staff is ready
     and minors accompanied by adults. No pets allowed.              to assist you in locating your item and, in most cases,
     Reservations for dinners, the use of homes, trips, etc. must    will bring the item to you. Thank you in advance for
     be mutually arranged with the donor, unless otherwise           your patience.
     specified. All accommodations and travel are subject
     to availability and donor restrictions. Some items have
     expiration and black out dates. Read your gift certificates      Tax Information
     carefully. If not specified, offers and items expire one year
     from the date of issue.                                         Charitable organizations are required to provide
                                                                     contributors with detailed tax information in connection
                                                                     with their contributions, including amounts paid for items
                                                                     offered at events such as this auction. Divine Mercy Care
     Live Auction Rules
                                                                     will comply with the applicable laws, but the donor must
     The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer shall         be aware of the rules and follow them closely.
     be the buyer. In the event of any dispute, the auctioneer
                                                                     Your charitable deduction for the purchase of items at
     shall determine the successful bidder. The auctioneer
                                                                     the auction is limited to the amount, if any, by which your
     reserves the right to reject any bid that, in his opinion, is
                                                                     payment exceeds the fair market value of that item. This
     not commensurate with the value of the lot being offered.
                                                                     is true even though the item was donated to Divine Mercy
     To enter a bid, the bidder displays his/her bidding number
                                                                     Care for the auction.
     to signal the auctioneer or “spotter”. Bids should be made
     promptly. The auctioneer will not let bidders bid against       Your receipt includes a good-faith estimate of the value
     themselves.                                                     of the item. The estimated value of each item was
                                                                     provided by the donor of the item. However, neither
     The winning bidder will give his/her name and number to
                                                                     the donors nor Divine Mercy Care are professional
     the spotter at the conclusion of the bidding for each item.
                                                                     appraisers and are not responsible for any accuracy of
                                                                     such valuations. Consult your tax advisor for advice
                                                                     regarding the deductibility of any individual item.

                                                         May God abundantly bless the wonderful work of
                                                                      Divine Mercy Care,
                                                                  Tepeyac Family Center and
                                                                   the new DMC Pharmacy

                                                                     Our Lady of Divine Providence,
                                                                              Pray for us!

                                                         Saint Leo the Great Catholic Church
         BLESSED SACRAMENT                                      3700 Old Lee Highway
          CATHOLIC CHURCH                                         Fairfax, VA 22030
                1427 West Braddock Road
                                                                Rev. David A. Whitestone, Pastor
                Alexandria, Virginia 22302
                                                         Rev. Ronald J. Gripshover, Jr., Parochial Vicar
                     (703) 998-6100
                                                           Rev. Tarsicio D. Buitrago, Parochial Vicar
                                                                 Rev. J.D. Jaffe, In Residence

                                                                  K&B UNDERWRITERS
                                                                     Is privileged and proud to support
                                                                        the life-embracing mission of

  Come and visit us at                                                       Divine Mercy Care
 14437 Hume Road,                                                We salute and applaud your tremendous
                                                             achievements in providing superlative medical
   Huntly, Virginia                                         care with the healing presence of Jesus Christ to all
                                                             who are in need, and wish you continued success in
     6 miles south of                                           “transforming hearts through healthcare.”
Front Royal on Hwy 522
                                                                             K&B UNDERWRITERS, LLC
                                                                      Insurance and risk management specialists for the
  Tasting and Tours                                                        Senior living and healthcare industries
   are year round.

      Open Daily               Phone: 540-635-9398
  11:30 am-5:00 pm              Fax: 540-635-8720
 Saturday until 6:00 pm                                  12010 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 875 Reston, VA 20190
                                In Loving Memory
                             CAROL ROSE JONES (9/15/50 – 9/21/08)
“I love you, Oh my God, and my only desire is to love you until the last breath of my life. I
love you, O my infinitely lovable God, and I would rather die loving you than live without
loving you. I love you, Lord, and the only grace I ask is to love you eternally… My God, if my
tongue cannot say in every moment that I love you, I want my heart to repeat it to you as often
as I draw breath.” St. John Vianney, Cure d’Ars.

                       THOMAS STEVEN VANDER WOUDE (4/24/42 – 9/8/08)
O St. Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God, I
place in you all my interests and desires. O St. Joseph, do assist me by your powerful interces-
sion and obtain for me from your Divine Son all spiritual blessings through Jesus Christ, Our
Lord; so that having engaged here below your heavenly power, I may offer my thanksgiving
and homage to the most loving of fathers. O St. Joseph, I never weary contemplating you and
Jesus asleep in your arms. I dare not approach while He reposes near your heart. Press Him in
my name and kiss His fine head for me, and ask Him to return that kiss when I draw my dying
breath. St. Joseph, patron of departing souls, pray for us. Amen.

                                                        On Behalf of All the Future
                                                      Generations, Thank You for Your
                                                             Efforts and Care.

                                                   Your Compassion and Understanding
                                                         is Greatly Appreciated.

                                                           Sean and Maureen Fennell
     God Bless all your works.                          St. Mary’s Church in Alexandria, VA offers our
                                                        prayers and support for Divine Mercy Care,
 May He sustain and strengthen you.                     the Tepeyac Family Center and the new
              Peace.                                    DMC Pharmacy, as they
                                                        continue to promote
   ST. JOHN THE APOSTLE CATHOLIC CHURCH                 the Gospel of Life
             LEESBURG, VIRGINIA                         in this culture of Death.
        REV. JOHN P. MOSIMANN, Pastor
      REV. AUGUSTINE TRAN, Parochial Vicar              God bless all you do.

                                                      Divine Mercy Care is participating in the 2008 Combined
                                                      Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNCA).
 Prayers and Best Wishes for Continued Success
                                                      Divine Mercy Care’s CFC # is 20399.
of Divine Mercy Care’s Life-Affirming Ministry
                                                      Please look up “Divine Mercy Care” to
            Tom and Mary Lou Gross                    support our efforts to renew healthcare
                                                      through our growing network of services
                  and Family
                                                      including the Tepeyac Family Center and
                                                      the new DMC Pharmacy.

                             The Catholic Shop
       …welcomes our New Neighbor ~ DMC Pharmacy!
   Bring in your November pharmacy receipt and receive 10% OFF your entire purchase.

                                      *Gorgeous Christmas Cards!
                                       *Large Advent Wreath Assortment
                                         *Finest Fontanini Nativity Selection
                                 Located right next door to DMC Pharmacy

     13939 Metrotech Dr.
     Chantilly, VA 20151

                           Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary!
 (Offer valid during November 2008)

     Thanks for being
Faithful to the Gospel of Life            GENESIS
       Congratulations                    AUTO BROKERS
        on the opening                            Our brokerage will save you
   of the DMC Pharmacy!                                time and money!

                                              Contact: Teresa or David Paccassi

       St. Theresa                       540-878-6900 or

                                         We will use our access to over fifteen thousand
Catholic Church & School                 gently used vehicles per week that sell through
          Ashburn, VA                    dealer only auctions to find the right car for you.
                                        We will save you time, hassle and money, and can
                                        even deliver your purchase directly to your house.
   Rev. Richard M. Guest, Pastor                     Warranties are available.
Rev. Daniel Spychala, Parochial Vicar
                                        Mention this advertisement and $100 from your purchase
                                                     will be donated in your name to                              Divine Mercy Care.
           n s a
         Renaissance                            Thanks for bringing Christ
                                                      to the women
   Montessori School
        s        o
   Montessori School                             of the Diocese & being
A C th li education for the whole child
  Catholic d   ti f th h l hild                   a witness to His Word

Registration for Fall 2009 begins in January.

      Offering Primary Program and
       Atrium for ages 3-6 and 6-9

                        703-368-4442                 Office for Family Life
                    8730 Sudley Road                           &
                             VA 20110
                   Manassas, VA 20110             Ar lington Diocesan Council                  of Catholic Women
                                                                        With gratitude and praise
• Free Estimates                      • Thousands of
• Roof Repair                         Local References                 for the healing power of the
Specialists                           • Upscale Roof                  Divine and Glorious Physician
                                      Specialists                      and His continued blessings
            (703) 716–ROOF (7663)                                        on Divine Mercy Care
                                                  Barbara and Phil Carrescia and Family
 Roofing    ·   Windows      ·   Gutters   ·   Siding

                                                                                                      Thank you,
                                                                                                   Volunteers, for

                                               Many Thanks                                       the 5th anniversary
                                                                                                      of the first
                                  to the tireless volunteers who make up the                         DMC Gala!
                                        Friends of Divine Mercy Care.

                 This team of volunteers is fully responsible for creating, organizing and putting the fun
                   into this Gala for Divine Mercy Care. The money that is raised each year at this
                              volunteer-run Gala is essential for our mission to continue.

                                           Monique Baroudi — Gala Co-Chair
                                           Anna Schiavone — Gala Co-Chair

                                      Heather Buescher           Jennifer Sheedy
                                          Maura Butler           Holly Smith
                                            Cindy Laird          Theresa Talavera
                                         Kathleen Leffas          Heather West
                                          Patrick Leffas          Patty Whelpley
                                    Elizabeth Schiavone

                                                    Special Thanks
                                       Mr. Mark Arbeen, Master of Ceremonies
                                   Ramona Carter, Birdhouse Studio, LLC, Program
                                    Rappahannock Cellars, Wine for tables/baskets
                                  Veronica Randolph, Violinist, The Woodhouse Band
            A Heartfelt Thanks
to the Patrons, Supporters and Friends of DMC Pharmacy

                       Pharmacy Patrons
                    John and Julieanne Loth
                 Mark and Barbara Remington
            St. Mary Catholic Church, Alexandria, VA

                      Pharmacy Supporters
       Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, Alexandria, VA
                Philip A. and Barbara M. Carrescia
                Catholics United for Life of DC MD
                    Robert and Therese Downey
                     Sean and Maureen Fennell
                      K&B Underwriters, LLC
                    John and Veronica McVickar
                     Mark and Melanie Poirier
                       John and Mary Rephlo
      St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church, Great Falls, VA
        St. John the Apostle Catholic Church, Leesburg, VA
                     Michael and Julie Scarpato
                      Joel and Michelle Susco
                     Matthew and Heather Vogl

                       Pharmacy Friends
                      Brian and Julie Byrne
           Catholic War Veterans —St. Anthony’s Post
                        Gretchen Cronin
                    Simon and Jean DeGroot
                         James Delaney
                          Robert Follett
                          Anne Furman
                     Brian and Megan Lutz
                 William and Laura McCarthy
                           Dale Meyn
                Lawrence and Barbara Saladino
                    Curt and Sara Simmons
                 Mark and Pamela Swartzberg

            . . . and more than 100 other supporters
Then the land will yield its harvest,
 and God, our God, will bless us.
                      (Psalm 67:6)

         Divine Mercy Care Board of Directors
    Dr. John Bruchalski, Founder, Chairman and President
                   Rev. Edward Hathaway
                     Mrs. Betty Childers
                      Mr. Joseph Cosby
                     Mr. Patrick Kearns
                      Mr. Ado Machida
                    Mrs. Julie O’Donnell

        The Staff at Tepeyac Family Center, LLC
       Dr. Marie A. Anderson, board certified OB-GYN
        Dr. Jennifer Brown, board certified OB-GYN
       Dr. John T. Bruchalski, board certified OB-GYN
       Dr. Lorna Cvetkovich, board certified OB-GYN
         Dr. Daniel R. Fisk, board certified OB-GYN
         Dr. Miriam Pereira, board eligible OB-GYN
                Fran Black, Nurse Practitioner
             Robert Laird, Practice Administrator
               The Tepeyac Family Center Staff

                  DMC Pharmacy, LLC
          Robert Semler, RPh, Manager/Pharmacist
                 Pamela Semler, RN, C.Ph.T.

              The Divine Mercy Care Staff
              Robert Laird, Executive Director
          Vincent Criste, Director of Development
          Christi Landauer, Development Specialist

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