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									Water Replenishment District of Southern California

Lakewood, California

Job Description:
The District is looking for a self-motivated, creative individual to assist on various
programs and projects associated with the management of two major
groundwater basins in southeast Los Angeles County. The responsibilities
include project and program planning, evaluating the technical and institutional
feasibility of projects under consideration by the District, understanding the
framework under which various project operate, and developing and securing
grant funding for the District. Experience seeking State and Federal project and
program funding is strongly desired. The position requires a Bachelor’s degree
from an accredited college or university in engineering, environmental science,
public administration or a closely related field along with three years of relevant
experience. Experience with a southern California water agency is highly
desirable. Engineering registration is preferred but not required. A completed
District application is required and may be accompanied by a resume. For
additional information and application, visit the District’s website at
(Opportunities - Employment). The deadline for submittal is April 15, 2008.
Applications may be confidentially faxed to 562-275-4274. The Water
Replenishment District of Southern California is an equal opportunity employer.

Starting Salary: $67,573 - $97,165/yr. plus excellent benefits package

Application deadline:
April 15, 2008
                                               WATER RESOURCES PLANNER

The District
The Water Replenishment District of Southern California (WRD) manages the
groundwater resources of the Central and West Coast Basins. These two groundwater
basins encompass 420 square miles and include nearly four million residents in 43
cities of southern Los Angeles County.
This region uses about 250,000 acre-feet
of groundwater per year, which equates to
nearly 40% of the total demand for water.
WRD ensures that a reliable supply of
high quality groundwater is available
through its clean water projects, water
supply programs, and effective
management principles.

Purpose and Duties of Position
This position will be part of WRD’s
Engineering/Planning Group under the
general supervision of the Chief of
Engineering and Planning. The position,
however, will work closely with all other
District departments and staff and will also
require interaction with members of
outside organizations/agencies to ensure
internal and external collaboration and

This position performs a variety of
complex professional work in planning,
research, and/or operations associated
with the mission and responsibilities of WRD. The Water Resources Planner initiates
and oversees the implementation of special projects, as assigned; and provides
functional oversight to technical or support staff engaged in project activities.

One of the primary responsibilities of this position is to secure outside funding for WRD
projects/programs. Typical activities included with this responsibility are
   • understand the capital project needs of the District to research funding
   • research and maintain up-to-date knowledge of funding opportunities;
   • coordinate and develop activities for funding proposals;
   • attend and actively participate in planning/coordination-type meetings of local
       and regional groups to represent the District’s interests;
   • write proposals to various organizations for grants and low interest loan funding;

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   •   secure and oversee consultant services to assist with grant applications;
   •   plan, organize, and coordinate with WRD’s External Affairs Department and
       local/state/federal lobbyists to seek available funding and/or prepare grant
   •   coordinate with interdepartmental staff to monitor compliance and reporting for
       contracts/agreements associated with outside funding secured by the District.

The duties of this position also require the preparation of periodic reports and
presentations at group meetings of the board of directors, committees, associations,
etc. Such preparation can include the generation of charts, graphs, maps, slides,
photographs, and other visual aids.

The ideal candidate for this position is self-motivated to develop the necessary
strategies and approaches to accomplish the particular task at hand. This person
should have the ability to prioritize and carry out his/her duties with minimal supervision.

The position requires extensive independent judgment and discretion. Additionally,
experience and/or knowledge in the following are desirable:
   • principles, practices and methods of grant and loan proposal writing and
   • public administration policies and procedures, including government rules,
       guidelines and legislation
   • structure and organization of public sector agencies
   • principles and practices of budget development and implementation
   • modern office practices, methods and equipment, including computer hardware,
       software and internet use for the purpose of researching and monitoring grants

The Water Resources Planner should have superior organizational and interpersonal
capabilities. Excellent written and oral communication skills are a must as are
proofreading and editing skills. This person should also possess a proficiency in the
use of computer programs including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher.
Familiarity with database and GIS applications is also desirable.

The candidate should possess the skill to research needed information and have the
ability to analyze budgetary line items for compliance with budget guidelines. Project
management skills and the ability to resolve complex problems and issues will also be
part of this job. Accordingly, the candidate should have the skills to analyze, evaluate,
and resolve problems at an advanced level.

At times, the responsibilities of this position will require working under pressure to meet
deadlines. Accordingly, the candidate should be willing to work flexible hours and travel
when required for research and training.

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                                                            Experience & Training
                                                            This position requires a
                                                            Bachelor’s degree in
                                                            resource planning,
                                                            engineering, environmental
                                                            science, public
                                                            administration or a closely
                                                            related field. It also requires
                                                            three years of related
                                                            experience, with some
                                                            experience in grant/loan
                                                            funding or any equivalent
                                                            combination of education
                                                            and experience which
                                                            provides the skills,
                                                            knowledge and ability
                                                            necessary to perform the
tasks mentioned above. Experience with southern California water agencies is highly
desirable. Engineering registration is preferred but not required.

Classification and Compensation
The District offers a comprehensive and generous benefits package, which includes
District-paid health insurance through the Association of California Water Agencies
(ACWA), medical and vision expense reimbursements (annual limits apply), life
insurance ($150,000 maximum), short and long-term disability plans, retirement plan
(3% at 60 formula) through the California Public Employees Retirement System
(PERS), deferred compensation plans – 457(b) and 401(a) – with employer matching
funds (annual limits apply), access to Southland Credit Union, annual leave accrued
based on years of service (eligible upon completion of probationary period), 13 holidays
per year, and an education rebate program for job-related coursework.

Deadline for Submittal
A completed WRD employment application must be submitted to be considered for an
interview. A resume may be included but cannot be submitted in lieu of an application.
The deadline for submittal is April 15, 2008. Applications may be confidentially faxed to
562-275-4274 or mailed to:

   Water Replenishment District of Southern California
   Attn: HR Department
   4040 Paramount Blvd.
   Lakewood, CA 90712

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