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									Card Technologies
                                                                                           card products
                                       ITW Card Technologies offer a full range of dye sublimation (D2T2) ribbons for standard
                                       PVC cards. Ideal for producing full-color, personalized cards, these ribbons generate
                                       high definition, vibrant color, photos, background imagery, text and bar codes. D2T2
                                       ribbons are designed in association with the world’s leading card printer OEMs to offer
      Dye Sublimation                  the very best in-printer performance, and are only available to card printer OEMs.

      (D2T2) Ribbons                   ITW Card Technologies range of ribbon formats extends well beyond the usual “YMCKO”

      Overview                         products, offering low-cost “small-panel” options, as well as innovative coatings that
                                       deliver special value-added visual effects.

      NOTE: Dye sublimation
      ribbons are available to
      card printer OEMs only.
                                       Markets Served
                                       ITW Card Technologies dye sublimation ribbons are ideal for printing:

                                          Employee ID cards
                                          Student and faculty ID cards
                                          National ID cards
                                          Drivers licenses
                                          Access control cards
                                          Membership and loyalty cards
                                          Personalized gift cards
                                          Visitor ID cards
                                          And other types of cards that require color personalization

                                       ITW Card Technologies has an extensive history of developing and manufacturing
                                       innovative, high-performance, quality card personalization products. One of the
                                       premiere dye sublimation (D2T2) manufacturers and distributors in the world, we have
                                       the experience, technology and resources to design, manufacture and deliver superior
                                       products and unsurpassed value – all from a single source supplier.

ITW Card Technologies
Phone + 44 560 344 5318
+ 44 781 859 5636
                                  High quality proprietary dyes continue to deliver class-leading lightfastness (anti-fade)
                                   performance for longer card life.

   Dye Sublimation                Custom-designed backcoat formulations enable ribbons to print faster than
                                   competitors – increasing card output rates, while producing defect-free full density
   (D2T2) Ribbons                  images.

   Overview                       ITW ribbon quality is available in a variety of ribbon formats (standard panels, short-
                                   panels, and continuous (unpanelled).

                                  Special materials are also available, offering, for example, high-security visual
                                   features or solutions to difficult printing situations (e.g. dye-sublimation printing onto
                                   polycarbonate cards).

   NOTE: Dye sublimation
   ribbons are available to
   card printer OEMs only.

                              Committed to Quality
                               ITW Card Technologies dye sublimation ribbons are designed and manufactured solely
                                  by ITW Imagedata in the UK.

                               ITW Imagedata is an ISO9001:2008 registered company.

                               ITW products are the long-term producer of “OEM ribbons” for a large number of the
                                  world’s leading card printer manufacturers.

                               All products are thoroughly assessed for quality during and after manufacture for
                                  guaranteed reliable ribbon performance.

                              Disclaimer Notice:    Information given herein is approximate and adjustment may be
                              required in adapting materials for use in any specific application.           The information
                              presented is a result of careful and extensive research.          However, since the actual
                              conditions under which the materials may be used are beyond our control, no warranty of
                              any kind, expressed or implied, concerning the use of the products is made.

Card Technologies

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