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									Mag. art. ADRIEN JANCSEK, Artist
Austria, Hungary, United States
John Str. 25/27
Austria 1150 Vienna
Phone: 43 (Austria) 1-983-0014

ARTIST: An accomplished international artist, with a record of successful exhibits presented at
Europe’s most prestigious galleries, museums and cultural centers and winner of prominent
international competitions spanning 28 years. A dedicated and highly creative professional

QUALIFICATIONS: Completed education and training at the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna,
Austria, one of the world’s most prominent art institutes. Also, special training at other
distinguished centers throughout Europe. Public and private collections of artwork appeal to a
wide spectrum of the general public, celebrities and art conscious elite, displayed in Japan,
United States, Germany, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Turkey, Venezuela,
Equador, Belice and Brazil.

SPECIALITIES: Recognized for ability to realistically capture “people” and other life subjects
in a variety of art forms: oils, watercolor, tempora, pastel, charcoal, lithography and etching.

EXPERIENCE: Exhibits of work placed in a variety of galleries, cultural centers in Europe and
the United States. Some of the key exhibits as featured artist or contributing artist include:

        Lebendige Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria
        Afro-Asiatic Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria
        Elferhaus Gallery, Vienna, Austria
        Gelber Werkstatt, Vienna, Austria
        Josef Attila Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary
        Iskola Gallery, Hungary
        Kiskunmajsai Gallery, Hungary
        Vatican International Art Festival, Rome, Italy (winner of two international awards)
        Grande Palais, Paris, France
        Art Center, Straussburg, Germany
        Artists Alliance, Ybor City, Florida
        Dade Art Center, Miami, Florida
        Prisma Gallery, Vienna, Austria
        Casino Baden, Baden, Austria
        Noted restaurants in Europe including the prominent Jimbis Hotel

SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS: Served on special art team selected to restore famed Palais Ferstel in
Vienna, Austria and 12th century cathedral in Lech Voralberg, Austria. Analyzed building
history and restored frescos and related art to original colors. Lithographer for Christof Donin,
publisher of art book Vienna.

      1980          Bachelor of Fine Art, Bildenden Art Institute, Vienna, Austria
      1982          Masters of Fine Art, Bildenden Art Institute, Vienna, Austria
                    Special Training Art for drowings 7 years
                    Member of the Artists League of Austria

PERSONAL: Daughter of Antal and Piroska Jancsek, well-renowned internationale artists.
          Born June 3, 1958

                              SAMPLES OF WORK UPON REQUEST

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