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					St. Cloud Police: Attempted Robbery
On 03/12/04 at 7:27 PM, officers of the St. Cloud Police Department were dispatched to an attempted robbery, at JC 

Penny, located at 4201 West Division Street. Upon arrival, officers met with a 55 year-old female victim. The investigation 

revealed that the victim was walking into JC Penny and observed two male individuals by the entrance. Before the victim 

could enter the building, one of the individuals grabbed her purse and pulled, but he was unable to retrieve it from her. 

During this time, the victim fell to the ground and sustained an injury to her head. Both suspects subsequently fled on foot. 

When the two suspects fled on foot, one of them ran out of his shoes, which were collected as evidence at the scene. The 

shoes were described as white Reeboks size 9-1/2. Officers checked the area, but were unable to locate the two 


The two suspects are described as follows. 

Suspect #1: Black/male, 16 years of age, 5’ 8”, wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt. 

Suspect #2: Black/male, 14 years of age, 5’ 3”, wearing a white and royal blue sweatshirt and white Reebok tennis shoes 


St. Cloud Police: Armed Robbery

On 03-07-04, at 4:00 AM, officers from the St Cloud PD were dispatched to 510 Hwy 10 N, Pure Pleasure, reference a
robbery. Upon arrival officers met with the clerk who reported that the business had been robbed after the suspect
demanded money and showed that he had a handgun on his person. Victim was then forced by threat, to drive the
suspect to the downtown area of St Cloud where he was dropped off. Officers also responded to the area but were unable
to locate the suspect who was described as a male Native American or Asian, 5-7 medium build wearing a black leather
jacket and brown overalls.

St. Cloud Police: Vending Machine Theft
                                    The St. Cloud Police are investigating the theft of three Phone Card vending machines
                                    and their contents from three locations at the St. Cloud Hospital. The equipment
                                    which is owned by M&K Telecom, LLC, has been located. However, a large quantity
                                    of $10.00 phone cards is missing.

                                    This is a picture of what the missing phone cards look like.

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