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									                                                                                 Dive HQ
 June 2009

1. Two Shops—Two Great Locations—Club Night                                                               Inside this issue:

                                                                                                            Club Night—Auckland        1
Now that our sister shop in Penrose—Dive HQ                    CLUB NIGHT—AUCKLAND
Central—is up and running, we extend a big
                                                    If you are keen for a get together with other
welcome to our Auckland cousies from the old                                                                Dive Trips                 2
                                                    divers we will be holding a club night at Garri-
Greenlane Dive Club. We hope you enjoy our
                                                    sons Bar, Sylvia Park Shopping Centre, Auckland
dive clubs’ newsletter and we look forward to
                                                    on Wednesday 24th June at 6.00. A great op-
sharing opportunities for great trips and product                                                           Winter Diving              3
                                                    portunity to share stories, discuss future dive
specials between our two stores.
                                                    possibilities and great excuse for a social beer or
                                                                                                            Product Promo              4

2. Dive Trips                                                                                               Mares Lab Technicians      5

JULY—Rainbow Warrior & Canter-                                                                              Diploma Students           6
                                               7 nights Quad/Twin share accommodation
                                               10 shore dives
For those able to escape mid week we           Return airport transfers in Santo and Port                  Waterfront Apartment       7
have a trip running on Tuesday 28th July    Vila                                                            Accomodation
and Wednesday 29th July to above loca-
tions. A great opportunity to dive in the  Continental Breakfast Daily in Santo only
                                                                                                            Wicked Pics?               8
far north.                                 Travel Insurance—Includes Cover for Div-
President Coolidge - Santo, Vanuatu Quad Share:Diver $2595, Non Diver $1945
A final reminder to those who are         Twin Studio:Diver $2725 Non Diver $2075
thinking of joining us in our trip to                                                               NOVEMBER—Dive Festival
Vanuatu this August. All bookings             SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!                          Coromandel Dive Festival will
must be confirmed by Friday 26th             Call us now to book your amazing dive                  be held on 27, 28, 29 Novem-
June 2009 with $600 deposit paid.                         experience!!                              ber. Keep an eye on the web
Wednesday 19 August—Depart Auck-              Whitianga Scallop Festival                            site to
land, arrive Santo via Port Villa. 6                                                                see what the action will be this
nights accommodation at Deco Stop             The 29th August is the date for this iconic           year!
                                              event and the first opportunity to taste the
Tuesday 25 August—Return to Port              Coromandels finest shell fish. Tickets are
Vila, 1 night accommodation at Kaiviti        available from I-ticket or you can give us a          YEAR ROUND—WHITIANGA
Village Motel                                 call. Check it out at
                                                                Our purpose built dive boat
Wednesday 26 August Return to
                                                                                                    Scubadoo is ready and willing
Auckland                                      SEPTEMBER—Poor Knights                                to head out to the Mercs, Al-
Inclusions:                                   Wicked live-aboard trip to this world class           dermen Islands or anywhere in
                                              dive location. Two days of awesome diving             between. View our trip sched-
 Return airfares ex Auckland including                                                             ule on our website
                                              to be had on Saturday 19th and Sunday
 all taxes and fuel surcharges                                                            
                                              20th September.
Page 2                                                                                       Tanked Up Newsletter

3. Winter Diving

We now all know that winter has arrived         a family of bottle nosed dolphins in the
with some pretty cool temps. Diving at          shallows at Matapaua Bay. Another
this time of year offers some of the best       lucky group encountered a solo Orca
visibility and plenty of fish life to encoun-   along the Hahei coastline.
ter. The crayfish are in better numbers
with the added advantage of no soft             And a hardy group of 25 divers from
shell or crays in berry. Our guys in Whi-       the Auckland club came on down to
tianga are finding they seem to have            our Whitianga shop last month, keen
moved from the shallower depths and             to get out and visit some of our great
are finding good numbers at around 20           dive sites. Sadly the Coromandel did
metres.                                         not turn on our usual great weather on
                                                the Saturday but being a keen group
If you are keen to keep diving through          of divers and determined to get in
these cooler periods but hate the cold          some diving they still headed out. One
conditions we can recommend Fourth              group on Scubadoo headed to the
Element Thermal Protection. There are a         Mercs and were rewarded with en-
range of articles including leggings, vests     countering a pod of Orcas. The other
and jerseys and has the warmth of a             group decided land based activities
                    3mm suit with the           were really the preference for the day.
                    advantage of no
                    added buoyancy and          Whitianga does offer some great alter-
                    when worn under             natives for the non-diving companions
                    your one piece wet-         i.e. The new hot pools called The Lost
                    suit, ensures you a         Spring, movie theatres, cafes and res-
                    pleasant experience.        taurants, beautiful coastal walks, and
                    Great for using on its      many adventure and/or water based
                    own in tropical condi-      activities.
                    tions too...                Fortunately Sunday was a better day and
                 Some memorable trips           the whole group went back out on Scu-
                 last month have in-            badoo and Wild Goose III for an awe-
cluded our Diploma students encounter           some days diving.

4. Product Promo! - Dive Club Opportunities.
To celebrate our new store opening, here         So here it is… complete this and tell the
is a wicked deal for club members - the          staff in store…..
next time you visit the new facility at Dive
HQ Central you will receive 20% off your
next purchase if you can complete the

This is a great opportunity to update your
old gear—particularly those who haven't
dived for a while. Our staff are only too
happy to tell you all about the latest and
greatest .
Page 3                                                                                                               Tanked Up Newsletter

5. Master Mares Lab Techicians
Dive HQ Whitianga based service techie         Craig and Jamie were also
Craig Rasmussen and now Mares rep              shown new product range soon
Jamie Obern have just returned from an         to be released into NZ. Craig
intensive week in Hong Kong training           reckons it is “freak’n awesome”
to become Master Mares Lab Techni-             and cant wait to get his hands
cians, specializing in Mares products so       on some of the new stuff himself.
they can teach New Zealand techni-
cians to become authorized Mares ser-
vice technicians. Craig reports the
course was tough with 100% pass rate
required for each stage of the course—
an example of the high standards that                                                Craig received his Master Technician Certificate from
Mares keep and intend to maintain to                                                 Mares Lab Master Technician Alexandre from Italy
be market leaders.

6. 2009 Career Courses
You love recreation diving…..Now is your       June for a duration of 36 weeks.
chance to go Professional.
                                               There are a few spaces available.
Join one of the world’s most exciting          Student loans available and allowances
professions and complete a Wilderness          for full time course. If you are keen to
Adventure Tourism Diploma Course               look at working in an incredible
which qualifies you as a PADI Profes-          industry pop in and talk to us.
sional and Outdoor Guide.
                                               Diploma students in Whitianga are
We have a new Auckland based, full time        currently undertaking their Dive Master
course commencing 22nd June. The               training and really starting to appreciate
course will run for 42 weeks.                  the knowledge gained and career op-
                                               tions available to them. They will be
If your time is tight we have part time
                                               compiling the nasty survivor style activi-
courses running in which you will com-
                                               ties for this years dive festival as part of
plete your National Certificate in Scuba
                                               their Activity Based Learning elements.
Diving, levels 3, 4 or 5. These courses will
run every second weekend starting 27th

 Dive HQ Central & Whitianga are audited and approved delivery sites of Academy of Diving
 Trust which is registered as a Private Training Establishment by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority pursuant to the Education Act 1989

7. Festival of Speed
Dive HQ crew were keen as to enter               spent a bit of time stuck there
into the spirit of Whitianga’s Festival of       waiting for a shove back onto
Speed held in April with an outstanding          the track.
4 car entry into the 20 car Demolition
                                                 Congrats to the winner Dive
Derby at the Stockcars. The cars looked
                                                 HQ Driver/Diver James Stop
superb in HQ colours and logos and
                                                 for taking the overall prize for
with true “hold no prisoners” attitude
                                                 the day!
complete with pirate flags waving. Dive
shop owner Darrell Bird was shunted in
fairly spectacular style onto a bank and
                                                                  Dive Club Membership:

                                                                  Is now free. You just need to keep us up to date with
Tanked Up Dive Club!
                                                                  your email address. Club members will receive:

                                                                        Regular newsletter

                                                                        5% off hire gear

                                                                        Special offers as offered in our newsletters

                                                                        Social nights providing you the opportunity to
Blacksmith Lane
                                                                         spin a yarn with fellow divers.
By the Marina
                                                                  We love to hear from members so do call in when you
Phone: 07 867-1580
Fax: 07 867-1590                                                  are in Whitianga or Central at Penrose, Auckland.
Email:                               Don’t forget to refer your mates.

         It’s all about cool stuff!

                                                                  And now.......
                                                                  Dive HQ Central
                                                                  Warehouse World
                                                                  761 Great South Road, Penrose
                                                                  Ph 09-526 5514
                                                                  Fax 09-526 5515                                 Email:

8. Waterfront Accommodation Available 9. Wicked Pics?
We can offer accommodation in this well set up two level waterfront apart-      We are a bit lacking for pics this month—our
ment. The wife and kids will be sure to be very happy here with the safe        guys must be too busy to remember the
swimming beach across the road and the heated pool and spa out the back.        camera! However—we are always keen to
                                                                                publish great shots so don't hesitate to send
Prices vary throughout the season. You can view more details at:
                                                                                them to Linda here at the Whitianga shop for
                                                  publication in our next newsletter.

Can accommodate up to 6 people. The unit is fully equipped with all linen,
dishwasher, tv, dvd, washing machine and dryer. The John Dory catches in
the early hours of the morning from this beach are legendary and its an ex-
cellent location for Kayaking. We can arrange hire and delivery to the apart-
ment for you.

To Book: Email— or Ph Linda 0274-827273

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