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Telephone: + (571) 753 7163.                                                Mobile: + (571) 300 867 0525.
Birthday: February 23th of 1978.                                            E-Mail:
Nationality: Colombian.                                                     ID Number: C.C. 7.711.645.
Address: Calle 116 No 48-26 Apt. 204 - Bogota, Colombia.

Industrial Engineer with 11 years of oil & gas experience with the Petrobras Company - developed through
numerous Colombian and overseas assignments such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and USA - leading to my
present assignment as Business Process Management Engineer. Acquired skills in all phases of oil & gas sector
including onshore, offshore, and refinery. Proven leadership of interdisciplinary teams and continuous improvement

Masters in Reliability Engineering & Operational Risk                                                         Ongoing
University of las Palmas, Canary Islands
Masters in Business Administration                                                                      December 2007
Graduate School of Business - University of Palermo, Argentina
Advanced Certificate in Operations Management                                                           December 2007
Graduate School of Business - University of Palermo, Argentina
Bachelors in Industrial Engineering                                                                         June 2001
Cooperative University of Colombia.

BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT ENGINEER                                                                Jan. 2010 - Present
Petrobras Internacional S.A. (Bogota, Colombia)
Key Accomplishments:
 Responsible for logistics of the Colombian business unit.
 Management of supply chain and inventory process optimization. Results: 20% cost reduction and 30% time saving.
 Management of business process model using MM (Material Management) and QM (Quality
  Management) modules of SAP R/3; Coordinated 500 users across the business unit value chain.
MAINTENANCE ENGINEERING SPECIALIST                                             Mar. 2008 - Dec. 2009
Government Program Management Process - Petrobras Headquarters (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Key Accomplishments:
 Knowledge management for international business units in Argentina, Colombia, Peru, USA, and
  Venezuela. (More than 3.000 users - Implementation of ISO 14.224 - OREDA International Standards).
 Implemented asset management processes in the Chilean business unit and led implementation of the PM
  (Plant Maintenance) Module of SAP Business Unit in the USA (30% of savings achieved during take-
  over, including cost, time of acquisition and management control).
 Oversight of 50.000+ operating assets for the international area of Petrobras.
 Implementation of asset maintenance processes, reducing annual opex by 7%.

                - Felipe Andrés Henao - Mobile: + (571) 300 867-0525 - E-mail: -
MAINTENANCE AND OPERATIONS SPECIALIST                                             Sep. 2005 - Feb. 2008
Process Integration Program (PROANI) - Petrobras Energía S.A. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Key Accomplishments:
 Lead maintenance of plant and equipment of Petrobras International (10+ countries involved in the design of the model).
 Training and development of more than 2.000 employees in maintenance management activities and operational reliability.
 Implemented asset management processes in the Argentina business unit, including E & P, G & E, Refining and
  Petrochemicals (Approximately 30.000 assets supported by the module PM of SAP and budgets over 15MM USD).
RELIABILITY ENGINEER                                                                              Jan. 2005 - Aug. 2005
Petrobras Internacional S.A. - Braspetro B.V. (Bogota, Colombia)
Key Accomplishments:
 Process management in plant maintenance and reliability for 5 fields of oil production in 3 districts of operation.
 Project Manager: - Asset Management and Reliability Centered RCFA (Root Cause Analysis - Ziff
  Benchmarking Project for Improvement Operations in conjunction with local oil companies Hocol and
  Ecopetrol (Reduction of 8% of operational down-time and increased plant efficiency).
 Operations and maintenance process facilitator. Failure analysis and operational reliability; impeller
  methodologies for prioritizing activities, identifying critical equipment and spare parts. 10% efficiency increase.
 Manager modules PM, MM and QM SAP R/3.

PROFESSOR OF PROJECT EVALUATION                                                                       Aug. 2010 - Present
Universidad Antonio Nariño - Headquarters and South.
PROFESSOR OF ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP                                                                Aug. 2010 - Present
Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca.

SAP ACADEMY- Certified in the Financial Accounting Module (FI)                                           Brazil, Oct. 2009
SAP ACADEMY - Product Lifecycle Management - Plant Maintenance (PM)                                 Argentina, Mar. 2007
RCS - Reliability Centered Spares                                                                     Mexico, May. 2005
Ellmann, Sueiro & Associates.
RCM2 - Reliability Centered Maintenance                                                              Colombia, Oct. 2004
Support & Cia.
WEIBULL&LOG NORMAL - Operational Simulations                                                         Colombia, Jun. 2004
Society of Reliability Engineers.

Spanish                                Fluent
English and Portuguese                 Intermediate

Angel Rey Genicio - Former director of E&P - PETROBRAS ENERGÍA (ARGENTINA) -
Afonso Celso Granato - Corporate Manager - PETROBRAS (BRAZIL) -
Alejandro Martínez - IT Sector Manager - PETROBRAS ENERGÍA (ARGENTINA) -
                   - Felipe Andrés Henao - Mobile: + (571) 300 867-0525 - E-mail: -

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