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DERA Newsletter                               43 Years of Service                 June 2005

    Salvation Army                              DERA Grant Awards
    Team in Dayton                                  Recipient
                                               Mrs.  D.     Bharathi     Prasad,
                                               VU2RBI, is the happy recipient of
                                                               DERA project funding
                                                               to assist classroom
                                                               training of junior high
Mark Griggs KB8YMN - Columbus,                                 and      high    school
Ohio SATERN, Jeff Schneller                                    students in the role of                 DERA receives
N3HPO - Greater New York SATERN
Liaison, Ken Pancyzck Metropolitan
                                                               Satellite     Communi-                 Award in Chennai,
                                                               cations in disasters.
Division (Chicago) SATERN Liaison
                                                               This     comes      only
   Bill Shillington W9ZCL Chicago
SATERN, Major Pat McPherson                                    weeks      after   India             DERA made presentations
WW9E - National Director SATERN                                launched its amateur                 and bestowed awards on
 and Peggy McNary N9QT -SATERN                                                                      forty two tsunami response
Coordinator for Indiana pose for this
                                                               radio         Communi-
picture after presentations on May 20.                         cations Satellite.                   communicators at the NIAR
                                                                                                    Disaster       Management
                                                                           (Full story inside.)     Conference in Chennai and
    DERA partner EIIP                                                                               received an unexpected
            hosts forum on                                                                          award in return.
  Data Interoperability                                                                                                   (Details inside)

                 Chip Hines,                                                                      CAP Mobile Command
                 Program Manager
                 for the DHS/FEMA
                                                                                                       Unit Tour
                  Disaster Management
                 eGovernment Initiative
                                                                                                  The Civil Air Patrol’s Mobile
              .                                                                                   Emergency Command Center
Last      month’s        EIIP      forum                                                          designed in part by DERA
addressed f cilitating the process                Disaster Liability                              member Dan Ritchie was toured
to develop incident messaging                                                                     by visiting officials from India.
standards under the umbrella of                          By Dave Forster
the Emergency Data Exchange
Language (EDXL) which allows                 The city of Fargo must pay $3 million
exchange of information between              to North Dakota State University for
differing information systems.               damages suffered in a 2000
This     cooperative        effort    will   rainstorm, a judge ruled May 16th.
encompass           basic        incident    The flood damage could have been
notification        and         situation    avoided had city and Fargo Dome
reporting,         initiating         and    workers learned from a similar event
responding to resource requests,             in 1993, wrote East Central District                 Dan Ritchie describes the complexities of
and other analytical, geospatial,            Judge Douglas Herman.                                the command center to Mr. Ajeer Vidya,
and authentication data.                                             (Full story inside.)         Department of Information Technology,
         (Transcript at www.emforum.org)                                                          Government of India.

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                                                                                              DERA also toured some of the relief
    DERA International                                                                        housing that had been constructed for
              P.O. Box 797
                                                                                              the fishermen to the north of Chennai.
           Longmont, CO 80502

   DERA is a Nonprofit, U.S. IRS 501(c)(3)
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    Incorporated in the State of Wisconsin.     from your   Editor
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 Steven Keene, Chair, Board of Trustees         exceptional prizes! See the prize listings      Grass hut villages constructed as relief
         Milwaukee, Wisconsin                   on the next page. The back page of this             housing for tsunami victims.
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     Randy Helback, General Counsel             On May 15th , I was honored to be able to
          Milwaukee, Wisconsin                  travel to Chennai, India and represent
                                                DERA at the NIAR International
        Executive Director, V acant
                                                Conference. DERA’s relationships in
        Dr. Marian Olson, Director              India are long standing and very well
             Golden, Colorado                   respected by the Government of India. I
                                                am glad to be able to help maintain our       According to a DERA trained disaster
        Lynn L. Lucchetti, Director             relationship with those in the forefront of   responder in the region, because no
            Surprise, Arizona                   the tsunami disaster response in that         transportation has been provided to the
                                                country and continue this important part      fishermen to move their catch from the
          Tony Mendes, Director                                                               shore to the reconstructed village, it will
                                                of our mission.
            Denver, Colorado                                                                  only be a matter of time, it is believed,
                                                The photos below are just a small             before the fisherman will build directly on
      Dr. Floyd Shoemaker, Director
             Littleton, Colorado                sampling of what we accomplished              the shore once again.
                                                during that short visit.
          Jerry Cassidy, Director                                                             Thank you all so much for your support.
             Aurora, Colorado                                                                                              Your editor,
                                                                                                                   -Catherine Lawhun
                                                                                                                           President of
Partnerships & Affiliations Include                                                              Many Waters Resource Network, Inc.
                                                                                                      providing volunteer engineering
                                                                                                   professionals for disaster response
                                                                                                             nationwide. 888-570-1344

                                                                                              Customized Training and Exercises
                                                                                               Government - Business - Industry

                                                Reduced to thousand of square yards of                        Specializing in
                                                rubble, this beach scene in Chennai was
                                                the home of multitudes of Indian              EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS
                                                fishermen now left homeless.                   BIA & Vulnerability Assessments
                                                DERA was able to provide direct financial
                                                support to one such family still digging        Utilities & Critical Infrastructure
                                                through the rubble 3 months after the                      RAM-W Certified

                                                                                               Contact us for a brochure or visit our Web Site:

                                                                                              P.O. Box 351057, Westminster, CO 80035

                                                                                                        Phone (303) 880-8908
   DERA Emergency Response

       Tsunami Relief
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                                                                                           FEMA responded to a record-setting 27
           Conferences                        Florida Senate Bill 442                      total major declared disasters for
                                                                                           hurricane-related damage in 15 states,
        ClinCon 2005                          A bill that relieves the requirement that    Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands -
                                              when a homeowner pulls their own             an area of more than 600,000 square
                                              permit,        the "homeowner       must     miles. Florida was hit by four hurricanes
                                              supervise volunteers" and replaces it with   and Alabama, Delaware, Georgia,
         July 7-10, 2005                      "supervision of all work by an individual    Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, New
          Orlando, FL                         with construction experience" has been       York,      North      Carolina,      Ohio,
     The Rosen Centre Hotel                   signed into law by Governor Jeb Bush.        Pennsylvania,       South       Carolina,
                                                                                           Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia
Overview                                      The FLVOAD agencies lobbied for the          were also declared disasters due to
                                              following recap of replacement language:     damages from the storms.

The goal of ClinCon 2005 is to create an      20)     Any disaster impacted one-family,    FEMA’s response to last year’s
Educational Experience that will help         two-family, or three-family residence        hurricanes resulted in the activation of
EMS Personnel provide the highest             repaired or replaced by a Disaster           the National Emergency Operations
quality prehospital care to their patients.   Recovery/Mitigation Organization or any      Center and other operations centers for
The time has come for practical, research     Not-For-Profit     Organization      using   more than 55 days - their longest
based clinical street medicine to be          volunteer labor when not holding             continuous activation ever.
practiced by every prehospital care           themselves out to be contractors and
provider.                                     assisting a property owner in mitigating     Dr. William Gray, a Colorado State
                                              unsafe      living  conditions.        The   University (CSU) meteorologist, has
Audience                                      organization, must:                          predicted 15 named storms, with four of
                                              (a) Obtain all necessary building permits.   them being intense hurricanes.
Paramedics,       EMT's     Firefighters,     (b) Obtain all required building code               _____________________
EMS/Fire Administrators, EMS Medical          inspections.
Directors, EMS Educators, Emergency           (c) Provide for supervision of all work by
Physicians,     Emergency      Physician      an      individual
                                                                    with    construction       Earthquake Activity
Assistants, Emergency Nurses, First
Responders and other Allied Health
Professionals interested in learning          Now signed into law, these measures will     On June 15th an earthquake, measuring
practical, research based clinical street     provide a greater level of safety for the    7.0, occurred approximately 90 miles
medicine.                                     entire state and is a prime example of       west southwest of Cres cent City, Calif.,
                                              healthy mitigation strategy.                 about     300   miles      northwest    of
                                                                                           Sacramento, and just south of the
                                                      ____________________                 California-Oregon state line, according to
                                                                                           the U.S. Geological Survey's National
                                                                                           Earthquake Information Center.
                                                 Florida Storm Watch
The 4th Annual Symposium on                                                                The tsunami warning included a call for
                                                                                           coastal evacuations from low-lying
Information Sharing                           There are still approximately 50,000 roofs   communities. It had been posted for
                                                                                           entire Pacific coast from the California-
& Homeland Security
                                              covered with Blue Tarps still waiting for
                                              repair across Florida as it watched the      Mexico border to Vancouver, Canada.
     27-29 June 2005, New                     second storm of the season forming           Another strong undersea quake - once
                                              south of Cuba.                               again offshore of northern California - hit
       Orleans, Louisiana
                                                                                           on June 17th, according to the U.S.
                                              In the Panhandle, there are 8 sites where    Geological Survey. The magnitude 6.6
   “Best Practices and Real                   FEMA trailers have been provided for         earthquake occurred at 10:21 p.m., and
      World Solutions”                        Hurricane Ivan victims left homeless and     no tsunami warning was issued. It was
                                              relocated after that storm last season       about 6.2 miles beneath the ocean floor
       For additional information             more are still in trailers in Charlotte      and some 125 miles from Eureka - with
      http://www.ncsi.com/ishs05/             County from the devastation by               an epicenter very close to the Tuesday
                                              Hurricane Charlie. The trailers, although    quake.
                                              desperately needed to relocate those left
                                              homeless,     are    structurally     more   This latest temblor came about nine
      HazMat Explo9                           susceptible to wind damage than their        hours after a widely-felt, 4.9-magnitude
                                              concrete    block    or     wood     frame   quake hit east of Los Angeles. Aftershock
                                              constructed counterparts. This poses a       reports indicate there is a 10% chance of
   November 15 – 17, 2005                     considerable          increase in the        a strong aftershock within the next 7
  Orleans Hotel & Casino Las                  evacuation component that now needs to       days, and there is a small chance of an
                                              be planned for in the event of another       aftershock larger than the main quake.
        Vegas Nevada.                         major storm.                                 Three to 15 aftershocks are expected in
      For additional information,             The 2004 hurricane season resulted in        the next 7 days.
      call (702) 455-5710 or visit            the Federal Emergency Management
   www.hazmatexplo.org for the latest         Agency’s (FEMA's) largest mobilization       On June 19th, several aftershocks
              information.                    of emergency response and disas ter          registered off the coast of Northern
                                              recovery resources in the agency’s           California on the same day. One of them
                                              history.                                     magnitude 5.0. Data taken from USGS
  Emergency Medicine                                  Civil Air Patrol                          DERA Grant Award
  Mobile Simulation Lab                           at Dayton conference                             Recipient
On May 12, 2005, the Emergency
                                              DERA was in attendance at the
Medicine Learning & Resource Center
                                              conference, when on May 20, CAP's
rolled out the State of Florida’s only
                                              national commander, Maj. Gen. Dwight
emergency medicine simulation lab on
                                              Wheless, joined ARRL president Jim
wheels      featuring   SimMan®      and
                                              Haynie for the official signing of the CAP-
SimBaby®. The lab, which features
                                              ARRL agreement to help leaders of both
realistic emergency room and ambulance
                                              organizations better use and integrate
settings is built within a 45-foot coach
                                              their resources in exercises and
and will take a realistic emergency
medicine feel to physicians, nurses, and
paramedics/EMT’s in rural parts of
                                               Local CAP members were on hand to
                                              discuss the organization's programs, and
                                              the CAP Wisconsin Wing displayed its
                                              new 35-foot state-of-the-art Mobile
                                              Command Center, which was custom -
                                              built for CAP by Winnebago Corporation
                                              using a Homeland Security grant.

                                              Officials from the Government of India
                                              and the National Institute for Amateur
                                              Radio (India) were given a special in-        Mrs. D. Bharathi Prasad – VU2RBI
                                              depth tour of the unit. The goal was to       Team       leader    and      extraordinary
                                              provide information and ideas for             emergency communicator during the
                                              implementation in their own country.          December       26th Tsunami        Disaster
 This “Mobile Simulation Lab” will be                                                       addresses a standing room only crowd at
targeted to the rural emergency medicine                                                    the Dayton Convention on May 20. An
providers in the State of Florida. There                                                    adept public speaker, Mrs. Prasad’s is
are 33 counties in Florida deemed “rural”                                                   also a school teacher back in India and is
with more than one million residents of                                                     very enthusiastic about teaching her
those counties. This educational tool is                                                    students     the    science     of    radio
an essential part of getting those in the                                                   communications. She was especially
profession hands -on training in the ever                                                   hoping to purchase a hand held satellite
evolving field of emergency medicine.                                                       antenna in order to teach the students
                                                                                            about the new communications satellite
Featured in the “Mobile Simulation Lab”
                                                                                            launched from India on May 5th. This
is SimMan® and SimBaby®, both of                                                            antenna and a handheld radio would be
which are realistic, anatomically accurate                                                  easily transported to all the various
mannequins equipped with a number of
                                              DERA partner NAIR president Mr. Suri and      school locations in her District near New
features, including a realistic airway
                                              Mr. Ajeer Vidya, Government of India are      Delhi. DERA saw this as an opportunity
system;      an       intravenous     arm;
                                              given a tour of the CAP Mobile Command        to assist and sent her back to India with
physiologically correct carotid, femoral,     Center                                        the antenna in order to further our
brachial and radial pulses; and more than                                                   mission for advancing training of youth in
2,500 cardiac rhythm variants, to allow       "Civil Air Patrol has one of the largest      Disaster Preparedness in all countries.
for a variety of realistic patient care       unified communications networks in the
scenarios. SimMan® can produce                nation," said Lt. Col. Maurice Thomas,
spontaneous breathing, heart and lung         CAP, who is also an avid ham radio
sounds, as well as coughing, moaning                                                                          Mr. Prasad,
                                              hobbyist, N3ADV. "Federal, state and
and various voice sounds.                                                                                     Barathi’s husband
                                              local agencies call on CAP members
                                              every day for communications support in                         looks on in
For further information contact:                                                                              admiration during
                                              search and rescue missions and disaster
Karen Crowe, REMT-P, RN                                                                                       his wife’s
                                              relief. CAP needs 'implementers' for its
Phone: 800-766-6335 x24                                                                                       presentation.
                                              communications technology, and the
Email: kcrowe@emlrc.org                       highly skilled ham radio operators
Internet: www.emlrc.org                       throughout the nation are a natural

                                   The Canadian   Centre for Emergency Preparedness                           More than 1500
                                                      is proud to present the                              delegates from over
                                                                                                             40 countries will
                                                                                                              attend the 15th
                                             15th World Conference on                                              WCDM
                                                                                                                    Visit :
                                               Disaster Management                                        http://www.wcdm.org/m
                                                                                                            ain.html to view the
                                                  July 10th -13th Toronto, Canada                              entire program
      Disaster Liability                         New Web-Based ICS                            Homeland Security
(Continued from page 1)                               Courses                               Exercise and Evaluation
                                              Emmitsburg, MD - Michael D. Brown,
                                                                                               Program (HSEEP)
Instead,    the   judge     found   poor
preparations     and       "overwhelming      Under Secretary of the U.S. Department
evidence of negligence" by the workers        of Homeland Security for Emergency             The purpose of the Homeland Security
during the storm, which dumped seven          Preparedness       and      Response,         Exercise and Evaluation Program
inches of rain in seven hours. NDSU           announced that the nation's first-            (HSEEP) is to build self-sustaining
suffered its damages in two campus            responders can now take two new               exercise programs and provide a
buildings after water flowed from the         Incident Command System courses               standardized methodology for designing,
Fargo Dome mechanical room through            online.                                       developing, conducting, and evaluating
the school's steam tunnel.                                                                  all exercises.
                                              "Over 225,000 of our nation's response
Judge Douglas Herman based his ruling         personnel have completed Incident             The program is currently being tested.
on seven days of testimony in a civil trial   Command System and National Incident          Golden     Guardian      2005     California
that ended May 4. Herman's ruling gives       Management System courses currently           Statewide Exercise conducted May 26th,
NDSU the total amount it was seeking.         available online through the FEMA Virtual     2005 utilized the HSEEP program as did
Rick Johnson, NDSU general counsel,           Campus," said Brown.                          the Worldwide demonstration of the Joint
called it a major amount but said it                                                        Warrior Interoperability Demo conducted
wouldn't be a windfall for the university.    The two courses were jointly developed        this month. Many other upcoming
                                              by FEMA's U.S. Fire Administration and        exercises are utilizing this format.
The school will have to pay about 90          the U.S. Department of Agriculture's
percent of that to the Federal Emergency      National Wildfire Coordinating Group          HSEEP Training Courses
Management Agency, which covered              (NWCG). These new courses integrate
much of the costs from the storm,             the NIMS guidelines and meet the NIMS         Independent Study 120 Course Revision-
Johnson said.                                 Baseline Training requirements. Q-462         ODP is continuing to work with the
                                              and Q  -463 are the first in a series of      Federal      Emergency      Management
The city likely will appeal Herman's          Incident Command System courses               Agency’s        (FEMA)       Emergency
ruling, which would further delay the         developed in web-based and blended            Management        Institute  (EMI)      to
payment, he said.                             learning format to meet all-hazards, all-     incorporate the HSEEP guidance and
                                              agency NIMS ICS requirements for              methodology with a variety of EMI's
Erik Johnson, a Fargo city attorney who       operational personnel. Now available          existing exercise training courses.
helped Weimer in the case, when asked         are:                                          Current collaboration includes the
if the payments would eventually come                                                       redesign and enhancement of the
from tax revenue or the city's insurance      Q-462 - Introduction to All-Hazards           exercise overview and design course,
policy, he said only that it wouldn't come    NIMS ICS for Operational First                “An Orientation to Community Disaster
from taxpayer money.                          Responders. This course is web-based,         Exercises” (Independent Study - 120).
                                              self-study, interactive and equivalent to     This course is scheduled to be finalized
During trial, the city's attorneys argued     NWCG I-100 (Based on standard                 in August 2005 after feedback is received
that city officials couldn't have predicted   learning objectives).                         from     Federal,    State,  and     local
or prepared for the storm and shouldn't                                                     representatives. A beta-test will be
be held liable.                               Q-463 - Basic All-Hazards NIMS ICS            conducted for this web-based course in
                                              for Operational First Responders.             the coming months.
Herman ruled otherwise. A 1993                This course is web-based, self-study,         Individuals who have signed up for the
rainstorm that also caused extensive          interactive and equivalent to NWCG -I         beta-test of this course will receive
damage should have led to more                200 (Based on standard learning               further information in the
preventative measures, he wrote in his        objectives).                                  near future.
decision for Cass County District Court.
                                              These two courses can be found at the         HSEEP Toolkit
Despite the forewarning, no workers, no       FEMA               Virtual        Campus
pumps and no sandbags were in place           http://training.fema.gov/ and then clicking   ODP is currently developing the HSEEP
when the first reports of likely flooding     on "Online Training (NETC Virtual             Toolkit, a suite of web-based applications
came during the 2000 storm, Herman            Campus)" on the upper left.                   designed to walk an exercise planner
wrote.                                                                                      through the design, development,
                                                                                            conduct, and evaluation of exercises.
"Given all of this, it is hardly surprising                                                 The toolkit includes a Model, Simulation,
that the Fargo Dome flooded at the exact      Children’s Grief Course                       and Game Decision Support System,
location and in the precise same manner                                                     Master Scenario Events List (MSEL)
for the second time in a decade,"             A new online course entitled Navigating       Tool,      and      an      After     Action
Herman wrote.                                 Children’s Grief is now available.
                                                                                            Report/Improvement Planning (AAR/IP)
                                              The course is produced by The                 System. These applications will provide
The city appears to have taken the            Children's Grief Education Association        suggested project timelines, templates,
proper precautions since the 2000 flood       and provides Ten CEU’s or 10 contact          task lists, and associated guidance
to avoid another repeat, Johnson said.        hours. For more information please            throughout an exercise cycle. ODP will
                                              contact :                                     be conducting a beta-test on the first
Readers can reach Forum reporter Dave                                                       phase of the toolkit in May. Individuals
Forster at (701) 241-5538                     Mary M. Lyles, MSW, LCSW                      who have signed up to participate in the
                                              Children's Grief Education Association        beta-test will receive further details in the
                                              info@childgrief.org (303) 246-3826 or         next few weeks.
                                              visit: www.childgrief.org
                                             the days and weeks            immediately     series by the ARRL to NIAR for
International Seminar on                     following the tsunami.                        implementation throughout India.
    Amateur Radio in                                                                       Eighteen speakers in all were hosted at
                                                                                           this informative conference among them
  Disaster Management                                                                      was the design engineer for the
            Chennai, India                                                                 communications satellite that India
            May18-20, 2005                                                                 successfully launched and is now
                                                                                           renamed VO-52.
The Lighting of the Lamp Ceremony
kicked off the presentations at the
seminar.                                                                                                             DERA editor
                                             One young gentleman, Mr. Ram Mohan,                                     discusses the
                                             had been previously trained by DERA                                           satellite
                                             here in the United States and certified as                                     launch
                                             a Disaster Response Specialist. (See                                    scheduled for
                                             article in the March 2005 issue) His          May 5th with satellite design engineer
                                             training was instrumental in facilitating     Nagesh Upadhyaya, VU2NUD.
                                             the assistance that the VU4 team and the
                                             entire NIAR operations were able to           DERA played a key role in this very
                                             provide.                                      informative and important conference.
Left to right: Tamil Nadu Chief of Police,
Mr. R.K. Arora, Govt. of India, Mr. Ujugar
Singh, Govt. of India, Mr. N. Vittal,
Former I.A.S., and Mr. Suri, President                                           from
                                                                                             SATERN Coordinator
NIAR                                                                        Germany,             relocated
                                                                        India and the
                                                                        States were
                                             introduced by Mr. Suri, President of the
                                             National Institute for Amateur Radio
                                             (NIAR) Invited speakers addressed a
                                             crowd of over 230 which included an
                                             entire classroom of teenage youth in the
                                             prestigious conference room at the
                                             Savera Hotel.                                 DERA Member Major Patrick McPherson
On the dias, presiding over the                                                            will assume responsibility for the
conference were Shri Ujagar Singh, IAS,                                         Seppo      Salvation Army's operation in Midland,
VU2UJS,      Shri    R.K.Arora,    Group                                 Sisatto, PhD.     Michigan. He and his wife Carmella are
Coordinator, DIT, Shri Ajeer Vidya, JS                                   from Finland,     due there on June the 29th, 2005. He will
&FA,    DIT,      Shri   N.Vittal,   IAS                                 gave       the    continue his responsibility for the
(Retd.)VU2NVO, Mr. Seppo Sisatto,                                              keynote     SATERN operation in addition to the
OH1VR, Shri N.G.Nanda, VU2NG, Shri                                       address on        corps responsibility, which is in the
E.Radhakrishna, VU3LRE, Shri S.Suri,                                     the Tampere       Eastern Michigan Division of The
VU2MY at mic.                                                                  EGlobal     Salvation Army.
                                             Conference.       Speeches    from     that
                                             conference can now be viewed online in        He has been the Disaster Services
                                             their entirety at www.eglobalconf.net.        Director for the Salvation Army
                                                                                           Metropolitan Division for the past 15

                                                                                           In addressing those who have served
                                                                           DERA’s          under him these years, He writes, “None
                                                                       presentation        of us would have guessed the great
                                                                       was entitled        opportunities given us in service to God
                                                                       “Emergency          and      mankind.…I       am     especially
                                             Communication Practices in the United         grateful for the vision of Salvation Army
DERA presented this exceptional plaque       States”.                                      leadership as we forged new boundaries
to NIAR for their assistance in providing                                                  in the disaster arena. “
the     equipment,      personnel     and    Policy issues were addressed in a
coordination for the emergency response      question and answer session during the        He also commended each of those on his
communications following the December        last quadrant of the program and current      staff saying that; “They are each
26th tsunami.                                practices in the United States involving      representative of the highest ethic in
                                             licensing issues and training for             integrity, industry and compassion for
It was fitting for DERA to be on hand to     emergency response we discussed.              those victimized by disaster.”
present awards to the 42 individuals who     Since the Conference, DERA has been
manned the radios and traveled to and        instrumental in facilitating the gifting of   Majors David and Deborah Dalberg will
from the Nicobar Islands to provide relief   the online courseware for the EMCOM           succeed him in the Chicago Metro
and assistance to the VU4 team during                                                      Division.
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