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What’s On...                     Sizzling Summer...
16 Jan 2011                      Hi Everyone—Wow... our last booklet for the year, time flies when you are having fun! Hope
Clayshooting                     you have managed to cross some adventures off your list this year. Welcome to all our new
Ph Karyn 755-4216 BBK            members that joined at 'Let Hear it for the Girls'—hope to see you on some exciting trips
                                 from this booklet. Congratulation to Bari Oliver, the winner of the Saturday’s $25 voucher,
22 January 2011                  and Kate Jordan, Sunday’s winner. Thanks also to the great volunteers who ran our stand.
Whangamomona Rep Day             Renew your membership for 2011 with ‘Join a friend’ and be in the draw. Membership is
Ph Cathryn 752-0558 NP           $15 per calendar year with booklets sent out at the beginning of each season. Start
Ph Karyn 755-4216 BBK            setting your 2011 adventure goals or buy yourself a great Christmas present of WIA
                                 vouchers from Sport Taranaki which can then be spent over the course of the year.
22-23 January 2011
Kapiti Island Overnighter        Thank you to all the Chat Sheet writers, we appreciate your efforts; we hear that people
                                 belatedly wish they had registered for the trip after they have read about it.
Ph Bernie 755-0769 BBK
                                 Thank you to Lee and Barbara for your support during the year and taking some of our
8 February 2011                  tramps. If you would like to take a trip, you don’t have to be on the committee, just join
Ngamotu Evening Kayak            us for one of our Blue Box planning meetings held four times a year.
Ph Mary-Ann 755-0950
                                 THANK YOU to Sharyn for your amazing support to the committee and members. Your
11 February 2011                 attention to detail so that our programme runs smoothly is greatly appreciated. Enjoy
Icon Sports Mini Putt Golf       your well earned Christmas break. THANKS HEAPS!!
Ph Glenys 751-2271 NP                                    Also THANK YOU to the committee for your enthusiasm and
                                                         dedication—we have had another very successful year.
13 February 2011
                                                         Lastly a HUGE BIG THANK YOU to Wendy for your amazing
Fossil Canyon
                                                         support and dedication to the WIA programme. We wish her a rosy
Ph Karyn 755-4216 BBK
                                                         future as she leaves Taranaki to follow her dream. Her skills,
17 February 2011                                         passion and commitment will be sadly missed by the committee and
Maize Maze                                               members. A tramp without you won't be the same without your
                                                         knowledge and of course the leaf test!
Ph Glenys 751-2271 NP
                                                         Live and work but do not forget to play and to have fun in life and
18-20 February 2011                                      really enjoy it’—Eileen Caddy
Tongariro Crossing 2011
                                 Merry Christmas to you all. Have a fantastic holiday break, take care and I look forward to
Ph Janie 021 292 4854
                                 seeing you all next year.                                           Cheers, Bernie
26-27 February 2011              Note: The Sport Taranaki office will be closed from Thursday 23 December 2010 and
Leitch’s Hut Overnighter         re-opening on Wednesday 5 January 2011
Ph Lee 753-9196 NP

5-6 March 2011                   REVIEW—Queen Charlotte Track
Lake Rotorangi Weekend
                                 My apologies for not being able to fit
Ph Mary-Ann 755-0950
                                 Jo’s excellent report on the Queen
18-20 March 2011                 Charlotte Track in the Chat Sheet
                                 —read all about it on the Sport Taranaki
Wairarapa Weekend
Ph Glenys 751-2271 NP
22 March 2011                    pdf/20101018085549437.pdf
Coastal Walkway Bike Ride
                                 or go to Sport Taranaki homepage, click
Ph Mary-Ann 755-0950
                                 on Be Healthy and Active, Women in
26-27 March 2011                 Action and click on the link
Relay for Life
                                         “All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence;
Ph Bernie 755-0769 BBK
                                                  then success is sure”—Mark Twain
REVIEW—Dam Drop Take 2
                                                                                                            McKERNAN DECORATING
                                                                                                                    SERVICES LTD
What a BUZZ!!! Misty rain when we woke, but not too bad so the six of us were

                                                                                                            Colour Consultant · Curtains · Blinds
off. Met in Normanby by Bridget, Paul was at the river with the gear. We donned                               Tracks · Rods · Soft Furnishing

our togs in some very swanky public loos, a quick chat on safety and then the                                        Concept & Design

hard part, get into a wet suit. After much effort we were finally in, add some

                                                          booties, a life jacket                               Ruth McKernan

                                                          and helmet, some dry
                                                                                                            10 Bracken Street, New Plymouth
                                                          land instruction on how
                                                                                                                Phone/Fax: 06 758 6226
                                                          to position oneself and
                                                          hold on to the sledge                                  Mobile: 027 687 2395

                                                          and we are ready. Into                            Email:
                                                          the river, Glenys has
                                                          her own ‘elegant’ way of     LEARN TO
                                                          doing this, then walk to
                                                          the bottom of the dam         KAYAK
                                                          to see what we are going      Progressive weekend courses, Friday night to Sunday
                                                          to drop over. Just 9m.          Seakayak and White water Courses run monthly
                                                                                               Ask for dates at the shop—Cost $295
                                                          Yeah we’re right, back
                                                          up for the real thing.         YAKITI YAK KAYAK CLUB
One by one over we went—Paul was very reassuring and helped us get over that          Ages from 7-77 years and you don’t need your own kayak.
                                                                                          Lots of exciting away trips, local trips and more...
lip; Bridget was at the bottom, to help anyone who got in trouble. Not needed,
                                                                                                                     Phone Canoe & Kayak
she just took the photos. Out at the bottom and carry your sledge back up for                                        6/631 Devon Road, NP
another go. They are heavy, quite a work out, but we were up there pronto to                                         PH (06) 7695506
have another go again and again. By the third or fourth go some of us even got
cocky and went down lying on their backs on the sledge. I think the trudge back
up the hill got us long before we had had enough of going over the edge.
Then paddle back across the river and get out–oh yeah a straight slippery bank,
and you can’t reach the bottom to be able to get a push off. Resort to the rope
and yep we made it. Hard to get into that gear, just as hard to get out of. I fell
in the effort, but luckily Paul was in a convenient place to grab hold of. Great
people to take you, we had had a blast, and no injuries worth talking about.
Back into Normanby to change, the obligatory lunch—Pioneer Village this time—
then home. FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY – you really are missing out if
you don’t! Thanks to Maree for organising it.               Julie Marsh

REVIEW—Garden Festival Trip
                                           The day was perfect for a garden
                                           walk but one seat was spare in the
                                           van. After a quick phone call we had a
                                           lady who said yes she could come, so
                                           we took a slight detour to pick her up;
                                           she came with hot toast still in one
                                           hand and a mug of plunger coffee in
                                           her other hand. With a full bus we
                                           were off to our first garden at Te
                                           Popo, nice gardens. Flynn the dog
                                           greeted us, some ladies bought coffee
                                           at the cafe there. There was some
                                           unusual art work around the place.
                                                                                        A big thank you to our
Hollard Gardens farmers’ market was a stop where we had a coffee and ate
lunch. A visit to Oakley Gardens is a must where complimentary tea and coffee
                                                                                            support them
and the chance to sit down and see the demonstration of the hanging baskets             Do YOU want to
was a bonus, as usual lots of plants were bought here.
                                                                                        advertise in our
We visited a total of 8 gardens, we had perfect weather and had great views of        booklet? Great rates.
Mt Taranaki as we went around him ending up at our last garden, the Goodin
                                                                                        Phone Bernie on
country garden in Okato. Thanks Janie for all your wonderful driving, it was a
great day out.                            Lynda                                          755-0769 BBK
REVIEW—Wilkinson’s Castle
                                                       9 WIA members arrived at 5pm Friday, at the holiday home built for
                                                       Eltham MP Charles Wilkinson by famed architect Chapman-Taylor. Wow,
                                                       what a place to be at seeing a building style so bold, extravagant, and in
                                                       perfect harmony with the rugged wild surroundings of bush and sea—the
                                                       60cm thick concrete walls, huge rata beams, adzed doors and furnishings
                                                       throughout, a huge fireplace warming the spacious lounge, not to mention
                                                       the atrium courtyard planted out with roses, perennials and flowering
                                                       annuals—just beautiful. We chose our bedrooms then toured the
                                                       Castle's nooks and secret spaces, climbing a ladder revealing
                                                       2 bedrooms, finding an outside bunkhouse and tended veggie and fruit
                                                       tree gardens. Time for a sumptuous shared dinner and drinks before
                                                       calling it a night.
                                                       Saturday was a bit windy, cloudy and just a bit drizzly—an excuse for a
                                                       leisurely breakfast—then lunch, a bit more exploring. We found a ladder
                                                       to a viewing spot overlooking the crashing waves below—and got cell
                                                       phone coverage from here!
At 1.30pm we drove to our starting point, then it was a steady tramp through a newly-developed holiday housing area with
views to die for as we headed through farmland, ably led by Jo who made sure our group of 17 kept together as we ascended
hill after hill!! When we reached a cut between two mounds the view was astounding; the wild roar of the waves on Waiti Beach
below; native bush, taro, beech, nikau and kiwi can be found in the White Cliffs Conservation land gifted by local Maori.
After all this uphill climbing—a reward!! It’s all downhill from now; steps provided an easy trek, lost count after 500!! Wild pig
rootings alongside the steps and surrounding bush were very evident. Finally at the steps end is a swing bridge (which starts
the White Cliffs trail) some of the girls enjoyed this experience. We took the other path leading to the beach—muddy,
raining and windy by now. Once back at the castle it was nice to hit the shower and freshen up. We all enjoyed pre-dinner
drinks and nibbles before a delicious and varied pot luck dinner and dessert – yum! More drinks and various card games and the
Mexican train game followed dinner. Lots of fun and laughs were had by all late into the night. After breakfast Sunday
morning it was time to clean up and pack up. Some went for a walk and the rest of us walked around the grounds taking photos
– such a lovely place. We stopped at Mudhouse Café, Urenui, on our way home for morning tea. I stayed both nights and
thoroughly enjoyed my weekend. It was great fun and I would highly recommend Wilkinson’s Castle to everyone. A huge thank
you to Cathryn and Maureen for organising the weekend.                                                     Maureen Beggs

REVIEW—Icon Sports Tariki
Saturday 6 November proved cold and windy. However, this
didn't deter a bunch of WIA ladies from venturing out to
Tariki to take part in the Icon Sports Day. We began by going
to the Tariki hall where we tried some air rifle shooting.
Some had never done this before, and it was exhilarating to
have the empty cans or small (pretend) animals tip over once
they were hit—there were some pretty good shots among us.
Back to the Icon Bar for a hot drink to warm up.
Then over the road to the old Tariki school where we tried
our hand at archery. This was more difficult and fewer shots
made the target—we’ll blame the strong wind for the number
of misses. The deer targets didn't suffer too badly. Less
people had tried archery, so it was a fun and new thing for
many of us. You obviously need strong arms for some bows.
At the sports bar again for some more games. Ball catching
proved more fun. Interestingly, it looked like those who were
good shots were also good at catching. It must have some-
thing to do with good eye-hand coordination. We also tried
pool, table tennis and a new French game called baggette.
Everyone enjoyed a pot luck lunch by the fire—I am tempted
to make a joke here about ‘fire side chats’ but will resist.         A BIG thank you to our Chat Sheet reviewers
So it was a really good day. I’m sure we’ve passed the Tariki         and photographers—feel extra-special if you get
Icon Sports bar before but not gone in. It is well worth a            asked to contribute. Email your text and pics to
visit, even if only to look at all the posters and the merchant-
dise for sale, the food looks really good too. Thanks to Carmel
for her organising the event. It was lots of fun and enjoyed              Next newsletter deadline: 20 Feb 2011
by everyone. I'm sure I'll call in there again. Janis Moore
REVIEW—Kayak Tongaporutu
                                                      We awoke to an absolutely glorious day, congregated at Canoe & Kayak
                                                      in Waiwakaiho where Bronnie (and Brenda and Brendan—our guides for
                                                      the day and recently engaged) ensured that we had all the right gear
                                                      and we signed our lives away.
                                                      Sixteen excited women, along with our guides and Trevor, our deputy
                                                      guide, headed to Tongaporutu, babbling all of the way about past trips
                                                      and kayaking. We eventually got onto the river at 10.30am, following
                                                      gear checks, distribution and safety demonstrations. The women of the
                                                      Wild West were ready as we took advantage on an in-coming tide!
                                                      Allow me to set the scene: a flotilla of colourful kayaks, some further
                                                      away from the main group than intended while learning to hone their
                                                      new-found paddling skills, a river brimming with aqua blue water on a
                                                      full, rainless tide, and an exquisitely beautiful bush-lined river’s edge.
                                                      This is definitely one of the more beautiful rivers along this coastline.
As everyone became accustomed to their new form of transport we became increasingly aware of our surroundings—small pipi-
like, nameless shells floated in the tide. A peacock, resplendent in colour, was disturbed by our approach and flew across the
river with tail half closed—the colour was fantastic and a rare sight indeed. The tide turned around midday and we paddled a
little further, keeping an eye out for the perfect lunch spot. It is around the next corner, well maybe the next corner! As we
ate, surrounded by foxgloves and paddocks on one side and beautiful New Zealand bush on the other, the tide dropped
considerably. Re-launching into the river proved to be fun with some attempting seal launches, ‘attempting’ being the key word.
The trip back on the out-going tide was effortless. Some of us learnt how to paddle backwards as we headed back. We arrived
back at 2.30pm, having been on the river for four hours with a rather substantial lunch break in between. All were smiling and
talking about how wonderful our guides had been. Changing into dry clothes we pondered our next adventure… Keen Kayaker

REVIEW—Explore Maungatautari                                        REVIEW—Try Dive
Every one was up early, excited to begin our trip even though                                                  Seven women
it was wet. Twelve women set off to explore Maungatautari                                                      met at the Dive
Ecological Reserve. Lots of chatter all the way there catching                                                 Centre on
up and getting to know new faces. A compulsory stop at the                                                     Manadon Street
Fat Pigeon for coffee on the way. We stayed at Out In the                                                      and what a great
Styx which had little cellphone reception. Didn't let a bit of                                                 complex, the
rain put us off our adventures and we spent the afternoon                                                      size of the pool
exploring the beautiful natural habitat and lush pest-free                                                     and the depth.
forest. Well worth a visit and easy walking with gravel paths.                                                 After finding
A couple of wines before dinner by the fire and some had a                                                     our oversized
                                              soak in the hot                                                  feet (flippers)
                                              tubs before an                                                   and fancy
                                              amazing dinner.                                                  glasses (goggles)
                                              Lots of crying                                                   we went to the
                                              because of so                                                    end of the pool
                                              much laughter;                                                   (the shallow
                                              what happens on                                                  end), where
                                              the trip stays                                                   Kevin showed us
                                              on the trip. Put                                                 how to use the
                                              it this way;         tanks and breathing masks. Then it was into the water
                                              moments never        (which was 29.4 degrees according to Kevin) and away we
                                              forgotten. Next      went. His offsider, Yogi, helped each of us individually to
day we headed off for the next walk at Te Waihou Walkway           get into the way of doing it. It was great, although some of
and Blue Springs. The water was crystal clear and is always 11     us needed weights to get us down to the bottom of the
degrees all year round. Great place to venture. On the way         tank. Up and down we went, across the pool and you felt so
home we stopped to wash the windows (thanks Lynda) ha ha           light. Some had a go at snorkelling, I had to pull out as I
and have a shopping stop at Tirau before the trip home, and        had cramp, but you could see the others trying the
another compulsory stop at the Fat Pigeon to present a gift;       porpoise dive, bum up, head down, looked most dignified. A
for one of those moments you have to be there. Everyone            good time had by all, new faces and a dedicated WIA
said they would love to venture back in the summer to explore      member who came all the way from Stratford. Thank you
again. Fantastic company and experience. Karen Fleming             Bernie for organising the event.             Daring Diver

  Many thanks to you all for making 2010 a successful year. Come and try something new in 2011...
REVIEW—Bell Block Coastal Walkway
                                                                we continued along the walkway to Bell Block. It conjured
                                                                up a picture of Dorothy following the yellow brick road in
                                                                ‘Wizard of Oz’. It didn’t take long for our group to spread
                                                                out ‘like Brown’s cows’ but that was OK as we chatted as
                                                                we walked. We stopped to regroup and do a head count at
                                                                the junction of the track to Ellesmere Avenue and the
                                                                stile leading to the coastal track. Walking along the well-
                                                                developed grassy track was pleasant and easier on the legs.
                                                                We continued as far as the Mangati Stream. A few of us
                                                                crossed the stream to visit the amenities and as we were
                                                                negotiating the rocks on the way back to join the group, a
                                                                wave came surging towards us swirling over our feet!
                                                                We then headed back taking in the views towards the Port
                                                                and Paritutu. Unfortunately Mt Taranaki was hidden in
On 11 September, 22 Women in Action members gathered            cloud but we know he’s always there. The track was busy
at Waiwakaiho River mouth to walk the new coastal               with cyclists, joggers and family groups all ready with a
walkway to Bell Block and back. However it was 9.10am           smile or a greeting.
before we all assembled as some of the group were waiting
                                                                On arriving back at the bridge two young ladies asked us if
at the bridge and the others were at the river mouth.
                                                                we were Women in Action. They were Cathryn’s daughters
Nevertheless we teamed up and set off. What was amazing
                                                                and had ridden their bikes from the Port – looks like they’ll
at that time of day was the traffic, as all the car parks
                                                                be future Women in Action. After completing the approx.
were full. There were whitebaiters aplenty between the
                                                                8km return trip some ladies headed for home while others
river mouth and the bridge, all keen to catch a feed on the
                                                                met at the Ugly Duck for refreshments, reminisced about
incoming tide.
                                                                our WIA trips and thought of ideas for future ones.
We gathered on Te Rewa Rewa bridge for a photo. A chap          Many thanks to Cathryn for organising a very enjoyable
passing by called out ‘keep smiling ladies’. From the bridge    morning.        Lynne Mills

REVIEW—Pouakai Hut
On 31 October, Linda, Valerie, Sandrae, Raewyn, Terresa
and Karen led by Barbara set off bright and early to walk
to the Pouakai Hut. The track was unusually dry underfoot
after a week of sunny weather. We scrambled up and up
over tree roots in the shade of the bush, along the board
walk, then emerged in bright sunshine to cloudless skies
and great views of Mt Taranaki and back over NP. The
track then meandered around over streams towards the
mountain and the hut was in sight, set in a spectacular spot.

Lunch on the balcony was accompanied by a gathering of
tui who sang for us, whilst we tucked in and admired the
views. After lunch we climbed up to the top to look over
the other side to Holly Hut and what a surprise; a biting
wind whipped over the top and out came all the woolly hats
and gloves and jackets we'd dutifully carried but thought
we wouldn't need. Even so, after five minutes of Barbara
pointing out the sights we gratefully ducked down back in
the sunshine.
                                                                HEY—Great Christmas gift...
The walk back down seemed much longer, despite meeting                             Looking for the perfect gift for that
a steady stream of walkers ascending, all of whom                                  special friend? Women in Action
happened to be close acquaintances of our group! We were                           Taranaki offer gift vouchers that can
soon back in the bush and when the board walk stopped, we                          be redeemed on any of its adventures.
were stepping down large steps which seemed even bigger
                                                                                   Gift Membership also available for $15
than when we walked up! Barbara's last words for us as we
set off for home was ‘your legs will feel this on Tuesday’                               For more details email:
and how right she was!!                Karen Ross                         
REVIEW—Snow Weekend
                                                                Thanx to all for a fabulous weekend and for being the most
                                                                positive and warm-hearted adventurers despite the
                                                                weather gods chucking everything they had at us! Janie

                                                                       Guess which trips these pics are from...

REVIEW—Herekawe Walkway
On Sunday 14 November a few hardy souls gathered at the
Lee Breakwater, not sure what the weather would do. I am
pleased to say it was a pleasant walking temperature
throughout the two hours. Our first stop was to admire the
stone carvings on Centennial Drive.
No one was game enough to jump down the sand hill to Back
Beach. We all went down the steps! We had a relaxing walk
along the beach, taking the opportunity to look at the
damage done to the cliff and rock archway during the
recent high tides.
The Herekawe Walkway was new to some while others often
used it. It has a rural atmosphere about it before joining up
with a new subdivision. From there we walked the suburban
streets admiring the flower gardens. Some stopped off at
the Bach to enjoy a coffee and chat while the rest had
other things to do. Thanks Glenys for organising this walk,
Another bit of New Plymouth we have seen.

                                                                REVIEW—Zumba Gold
                                                                There was a hall full of women in action, all keen to shake,
                                                                rattle and roll in the Zumba Gold programme. I must admit
                                                                I had not heard of it before (the only person who hadn't I
                                                                am sure) but I was in for a pleasant surprise as we spent
                                                                40 minutes twisting, turning and not forgetting, getting
                                                                out of rhythm!

                                                                A load of fun as we moved (well, tried to) to the music.
                                                                Tamara was a great instructor with lots of patience for us
                                                                beginners. A great exercise class with 25 of us
                                                                participating.                        Barbara Garrett

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