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Update                                                  direction-setting. At the meeting just held a keynote
                                                        speaker and workshop leader was Dr Colin
                                                        Tukuitonga, Director-General of Health who is
Grace Presbyterian Church of New Zealand                Niuean. His contribution reflected the group‟s desire
The Council of Assembly has decided not to pursue       to attend to the major issues of public health facing
the obtaining of an injunction on the name Grace        Niuean peoples. Also participating was the Rev.
Presbyterian Church of New Zealand.                     Falkland Liuvae, a minister of Ekalesia Niue, who has
                                                        been stated supply in Wellington while on leave from
The decision was not straight forward. Legal advice     his Niuean congregation. We hope to host more
was such that Council needed to consider enforcing      ministers of Ekalesia Niue in this way.
the agreement the Church had with the group which
left St Andrews Manurewa and in relation to the         On the same weekend the Cook Island part of the
confusion around the name. Council was also             Church meets for fellowship, music, and inspiration.
conscious of the desire of the new group to
distinguish itself from the Presbyterian Church of      Planning
Aotearoa New Zealand. The Moderator and the             The Council of Assembly has initiated a planning
Assembly       Executive   Secretary    met     with    process to review and take further the strategic
representatives of the new denomination on two          framework developed by the Council through the
occasions. Both churches expressed their desire to      nineties. It is an opportunity to consider how far the
work cooperatively where possible. The Council          Church has moved in developing and encouraging
reaffirmed the need for devoting energies and           healthy congregations, what the future might look
resources to helping the Church move forward in         like, and what the next steps need to be for the
mission. Both the churches expressed their desire to    Council.
work cooperatively where possible.
                                                        Our Statistics
General Secretaries Meeting
                                                        As congregations collect statistics for 2003 we have
Every eighteen months the Secretary of the              been reflecting on those for 2002. These are aimed at
Methodist Church and I meet with the eight General      informing congregations, presbyteries and Assembly
Secretaries of the Uniting Church in Australia. These   bodies for planning and developing initiatives.
are our closest peers which enables us to talk about    Nationally they signalled the need for the AC
issues arising in our work. These included; how         Neilsen research, the appointment of the Children
national and regional bodies go about planning, how     and Families Coordinator, and youth events. The
they best help congregations in mission, how national   statistics are available on the website and are useful
church identity develops, how congregational            for seeing broad trends. Care needs to be taken in
resources can be applied where they are most needed,    making detailed comparisons because some of the
information technology, sexual misconduct and           categories have changed. (see the graphs on the following
disciplinary proceedings, and theological education.    page).
Our paths for helping the Church be effective in
mission and our challenges are very similar. A major
difference is a greater will among UCA congregations
to resource congregations through synods.          In
Victoria, for example, all property sale proceeds go
into a combined pool from which congregations can
apply for development funding (presently $16M).

Niuean Fono Motu and Cook Island Uapou
Fellowship meetings
Every Queen‟s Birthday weekend the Niuean part of
the Church meets for worship, reflection, and

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                                                            Age Graph by Roll 2002

             up to 25                         2,166                    2,245

 Age group

                26-45                                                       3,819

                46-65       6,403                                                                           9,646                Male

              over 65       6,202                                                                                       14,298

                  10,000              5,000                 0              5,000                   10,000              15,000

                                                                Number on Roll

                                                      Age Graph by June Attendance 2002

             up to 25               3,752                                           4,496
 Age group

               26-45                        2,494                                  3,426

               46-65          5,374                                                                   8,901                      Male

             over 65                2,867                                                  5,604

                   10,000             5,000                 0              5,000                   10,000             15,000

                                                    Average Number attending June Worship

An important part of the work of the Service Team
involves the half-time Ecumenical Relations                                                         with Pacific Churches which is an important part of
Secretary, Chris Nichol. Chris‟s work focuses on                                                    our developing identity, and with ecumenical agencies
managing our relationship with the Council for                                                      in New Zealand. Chris‟s work is bearing fruit in that
World Mission – a partnership which stretches into                                                  our involvement with CWM has become more
many aspects of our church‟s life, our relationship                                                 positive and we are accessing more of its resources in
                                                                                                    partnership with other churches. One initiative, for

page 4 _____________________________                                                                                ______________________________________
example, uses CWM resources to help our
congregation in Suva develop a sustainable future in
partnership with other Pacific churches. CWM also
funded the AC Nielsen research and will help fund
new initiatives stemming from the research.

We are building a positive reputation through the
Pacific which is leading to many opportunities for
providing and receiving support.          Another
achievement is the progress in working with other
churches in New Zealand to thinking about the
ecumenical agencies we now need.

Doug Langford
The former Manager of Financial Services, now
Secretary of the Church Property Trustees, Doug
Langford, received a CNZM in the Queen‟s Birthday
Honours.      The award was for service to
manufacturing and the community. Congratulations

E noho ra

Kerry Enright

Ph (04) 801 6000
Email aes@pcanz.org.nz

_______________________________                        _______________________________ page 5
Tutahi Tatou Preview                                        but cautious about the church‟ group. It is hoped that
                                                            this appointment will develop the celebrant ministry
                                                            of the church in a fresh way, while also building non-
                Distribute to:                              threatening bridges between the community and the
                Session, Parish Council and                 church.
                Presbytery Clerks
                                                            The second initiative is aimed at addressing the
                                                            perception of the church in our communities. The
Planning for the September event Tutahi Tatou is            aim is to spend some time developing a quality
already well underway. This interactive series of           standard for children‟s programmes, and then helping
regional workshops offers the chance for people to          a number of churches to meet that standard. Part of
connect with and have a say about the national              this initiative will be to conduct a marketing
direction of Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New            campaign to draw attention to these re-vitalised areas
Zealand.                                                    of our church life.

The organisers, Shirley Fergusson and Helen Bichan,         These initiatives are being funded by a grant from the
would love to see people who think and care about           Council for World Mission, which is available for
the future of faith and ministry in Aotearoa New            innovative new approaches to mission relating to the
Zealand, at the events. The chance to network, share        programme outlined in „Directions‟. While these two
ideas and discuss the direction of national thinking        initiatives will be Auckland based, part of their brief is
are part of what Tutahi Tatou offers.                       to spread learning in the wider church.

If you know people in your congregation who fit this        Please watch Bush Telegraph and the church‟s
description and would enjoy this event please start         website for ongoing developments.
talking with them now. The workshops will run over
                                                            Simon McLeay
about six hours on a Saturday, giving people time to
                                                            MRT Northern
travel to and from events. Details of dates, locations
and programme will be available in the next Bush

Tutahi Tatou is an initiative of the Council of
Assembly, which works to the direction set by the
General Assembly.

Initiatives addressing
AC Nielsen Research
Following on from the interesting research that AC
Nielsen carried out for us, about connecting with
children and parents, two new initiatives will be
launched in the Auckland area this year. The first
initiative aims to help the church re-discover how to
connect with children and parents at times of
transition such as births and marriages. This initiative,
building on the discoveries of the research will
involve a person appointed to work with several
churches and parents in that „interested in spirituality

page 6 _____________________________                                ______________________________________
                                                         www.presbyterian.org.nz/globalmission particularly if
                                                         your Parish is thinking of supporting a project and
                                                         would consider Vanuatu as a good option. I have
                                                         just put up a list of the current possibilities and would
                                                         gladly discuss the details with you further. I can also
                                                         mail the information to those who don‟t have access
                                                         to the web.

                                                         Global Mission Gazette
                                                         A new publication, the Global Mission Gazette is
                                                         being developed to complement the webpage. This
Global Mission Office                                    bi-monthly publication will contain a range of
                                                         information to encourage kiwi Presbyterians to
Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand              become involved in Global Mission. Essentially the
                                                         publication is intended for „people in the pews‟ who
Secretary:                                               are interested in Global Mission and it will be posted
Rev Andrew Bell                                          to them directly free of charge.
St David's Church Centre
70 Khyber Pass Rd,                                       I am very grateful to Mrs Lori Hill who has agreed to
Auckland                                                 be the Editor of the Global Mission Gazette. Lori,
Phone: 09 306-6445;                                      husband Andrew and their four children have
Fax: 09 306 6440;                                        recently returned from Kenya where Andrew served
027 27 123 06                                            for four years as a surgeon at Kijabe Hospital under
globalmission@presbyterian.org.nz                        the auspices of AIM.

                                                         As we hope to post the first copy out during June,
                Distribute to:                           please invite the members of your congregation to
                Parish     Mission       Coordinator,    register their interest by contacting the Global
                Newsletter Editor, Noticeboard and       Mission      Office    or    Lori   directly   on
                other interested parties                 globalmissiongazette@xtra.co.nz.

                                                         Kidz Gazette
One of the real challenges of this job is processing     A Kidz Gazette will be included in the Global
the deluge of information that comes my way. Not         Mission Gazette in a „photo-copy‟ format in the
only the volume but the variety is quite overwhelming    hopes that it will be a useful resource for Sunday
at times. Then there is the ever growing number of       School teachers, „Bible in Schools‟ teachers and
requests for information. Needless to say, the search    parents as a means of highlighting the news of the
function on „my documents‟ is in regular use on my       world to children. It will include puzzles and a
computer as I desperately search for where I carefully   competition. Please ask your Sunday School to sign
saved it all.                                            up too.

Global Mission Office webpage                            Our Environment
The Church website is an invaluable tool for the         I was always really pleased with how my students at
dissemination of information. It is also easy to find.   Saint Kentigern College and School responded to
I am working hard in association with the                lessons on the environment. The lessons usually
Communications Team to raise the standard of the         resulted in letters to the Prime Minister and Mayors
style, content and presentation of the Global Mission    of Auckland, paper recycling on campus and even a
page as part of the overhaul of the whole site. Please   worm farm. Comments about the beauty of New
take a look on

_______________________________                                  _______________________________ page 7
Zealand made recently by international guests,            The aftermath of the war in Iraq
reminded me of our responsibility as custodians of all    It really does seem to have slipped from the news!
of creation. Our New Zealand Government is                You can read the text of a very thought provoking
certainly taking up the challenge and has recently        interview on the impact of the war, conducted on the
launched two very good websites. One is about the         04 June with Rev Dr Konrad Kaiser, General
process of establishing an Oceans Policy for              Secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC).
Aotearoa.      You may wish to participate at             He also mentions the „roadmap‟ to peace for Israel/
http://www.oceans.govt.nz                                 Palestine.      Click      on     http://www2.wcc-
                                                          coe.org/pressreleasesen.nsf where articles are listed
The second is all about how much rubbish we throw         in date order. Our partner ACT International also
away. http://wwwreducerubbish.govt.nz.       More         has a lead story on the aftermath of the war on their
technical information on the environment can be           website http://www.act-intl.org
found on www.climatechange.govt.nz                        Polio
TearFund makes a stand                                    Another site that packs a real reality check punch is
                                                          http://www.unicef.org. Unicef addresses the plight
Council for World Mission (CWM) recently                  of children worldwide, and is currently raising the
highlighted the strong stand that TearFund has made       alarm about the highly infectious Polio virus that can
with regards to the failure by world leaders to deliver   cause total paralysis in hours. Seems even worse than
on poverty issues such as water and sanitation, debt      SARS! It remains aggressive in Nigeria and northern
relief and trade at the recent G8 trade talks held in     areas of India where our partner, Church of North
France. TearFund stated that no new money for safe        India has the Christian Hospital at Jagadhri that we
drinking water and sanitation had been provided by        support so actively as a Church through the „Friends
the world‟s wealthiest nations. The one billion euro      of Jagadhri‟.
„Water Fund‟ was described by TearFund as "little
more than a drop in the ocean, compared to the total       And from our ‘you will never believe this
US$60 billion a year that's needed. This isn't even       story’ files
new money - its simply stale crumbs."
                                                          The Malaysian government decided to solve their
                                                          disease-carrying mosquito problem by spraying the
This transpired despite the Christian led efforts which   infested areas with DDT. This worked, but
included a „human chain‟ and an open letter               the cockroaches then devoured the dead mosquitos.
published by the Guardian newspaper. It is estimated      This was followed by the region's gecko lizards
that 170,000 children died during the 3 day period        consuming the roaches. The geckos did not die from
that the G8 met from diseases carried by unsafe           the residual poison (surprisingly), but their central
drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor            nervous systems were greatly affected, causing the
hygiene.                                                  lizards to slow down. Moving up the food chain, the
                                                          cats ate the slow-moving lizards and started to die off
The World Council of Churches challenged the same         in large quantities. Of course, fewer cats means more
summit to actively support the       fight against        rats, and the country's rat population soared. As a
HIV/AIDS. You can read more on http://www.wcc-            result, the World Health Organization was forced to
coe.org/wcc/english.html                                  step in and ban the DDT. In an effort to restore the
                                                          ecological balance, they flew in planeloads of cats to
The CWM website carries loads of interesting              kill the rats.
information such as the above as well as offering an
opportunity to debate issues on-line. Find out more       Source: The Best, Worst, & Most Unusual by Bruce Felton and
on http://www.cwmission.org. To subscribe to their        Mark Fowler, 1994, p. 180, Galahad Books
regular „CWM News‟ sent out by email, send an
empty message to:

page 8 _____________________________                              ______________________________________
Finance Newsletter                                      Ministers Mortgages
                                                        Mortgage interest rates are expected to fall following
Computers                                               the fall in the official cash rate. As this newsletter is
                                                        being written immediately after the announcement of
We are now seeing signs of tangible progress on the
                                                        the rate cut we do not know the extent of any cut in
implementation of our new system. The new
                                                        mortgage interest rates. If the BNZ announces a cut
computer servers have arrived in the office and
                                                        in their mortgage rate in the next few days that rate
loading of the new applications software is due to
                                                        reduction will be reflected in mortgage interest rates
commence at the end of this week. We are now
                                                        with effect from 1 June. The current rate for
dealing with the detail of the switch to the new
                                                        ministers‟ mortgages is 7.09%.
One of the jobs that is to be done is the transfer of
minister and parish balances to the new system. We      All parishes should have received their copies of
will be retaining existing account numbers in the new   statistics forms. If you haven‟t yet received a copy
system and transferring account balances. We will be    please contact Katrina Graham in the Assembly
spending out a statement showing the balances           Office. Before completing the forms we ask that you
transferred to the new system and asking that these     please read the enclosed instructions carefully.
balances be confirmed. We appreciate that not all       Collection of data on attendance at worship in June
balances are correct and we need to correct the         should have now started.
problem accounts. Transaction details will not be
transferred to the new system but we will continue to   National Services Levy
operate the old system for a number of months so we     Now that Council of Assembly has announced the
can retain access to the information needed to          details of the budget for 2003/04 and the rate for the
investigate incorrect balances.                         National Services Levy we will be advising parishes in
                                                        the next few days of their levy for next year. The levy
The new system has a number of new features such        is based on the financial information contained in the
as the ability to send out reminder notices for         June 2002 statistics. The levy rate remains unchanged
overdue debt. If an amount remains unpaid in your       at 5% of leviable income.
account because it is disputed please let us know so
we don‟t need to use this feature. The Council of       The first instalment of the levy will be payable in
Assembly has asked that we actively seek payment of     August. Parishes paying their levy by direct credit will
overdue amounts to help fund the budget deficit so      need to contact their bank and adjust their payment
we will be increasing our monitoring and follow-up      authority. Parishes paying by direct debit need take
outstanding debt.                                       no further action. If you wish to avoid the annual
                                                        cost of adjusting your automatic payment then please
Amalgamated Investment Fund                             contact Sulupo Nanai in this office and he will supply
The interest rate paid on deposits with the             the necessary forms to have a direct debit loaded for
Amalgamated Investment Fund has been reduced to         your account.
6.25% with effect from 1 June. The reduction is a
consequence of a fall in the official cash rate to      Parish Assessment
5.25%. The lower overnight cash rate is reducing the    The Administration and Finance Policy Group will be
interest earned on investments making the reduction     considering the annual adjustment to the Basic
necessary. However the earning rate remains very        Stipend at their meeting to be held on Saturday 7
attractive in comparison with other investments of      June. Once the level of the Basic Stipend has been
similar term and security.                              calculated we can determine the amount of the parish

_______________________________                                 _______________________________ page 9
contribution to the Beneficiary Fund. As in the past       If you have received interest income but have yet to
the amount of the parish contribution will be              receive your deduction certificate please contact
determined by the income of the parish. The                Keith Carman in the Assembly Office to obtain a
assessment is payable by parishes without ministers        copy.
and co-operating ventures with Presbyterian
oversight.                                                 Geoffrey Bell

Parishes will be notified of their contribution a little
later in the month once we have had the opportunity
to perform the necessary calculations. The new
assessment will apply from 1 July. Parishes paying by
direct credit will need to contact their bank to have
the amount of their payment adjusted.

Basic Stipend
Once the Administration and Finance Policy Group
have agreed the basic stipend we will update the
Treasurer‟s Manual on the web site with the new rate.
Please visit the web site to obtain the information for
as much as we would like to talk to you we are
preoccupied with implementing a new computer

Insurance Renewal
Just a reminder to complete and return your renewal
forms as soon as possible. Market conditions remain
difficult particularly for earthquake cover. Early and
accurate information gives us the best opportunity to
negotiate the best deal. With premiums expected to
rise by 30% we need to give ourselves the best
possible opportunity to keep any rise to the
minimum. We continue to seek alternative ways to
manage our insurance risk and I will report any
progress in this regard next month.

Resident Withholding Tax
Ministers with a credit balance in their minister‟s loan
account receive interest on that balance. By law we
deduct Resident Withholding Tax from interest
earned and pay the tax across to the Inland Revenue
Department. Ministers who received interest should
have received a deduction certificate for the year
ending 31 March 2003 from this office showing the
amount of interest received and tax deducted. This
certificate should be attached to your tax return.

page 10 ____________________________                              ______________________________________
New facilities at St.                                       The second point is that there can be a danger in
                                                            restricting mission to availability. At some point and

Andrew's, Gisborne                                          somehow, the Gospel must have an impact on those
                                                            using church plant if mission is to happen. It is the
                                                            intention that parish volunteers are available to make
Harry Swadling writes:                                      a cup of tea and chat with those visiting the office.
                                                            This seems to me the point where mission will occur.
One of the interesting features of doing a four month
                                                            This will be enhanced by visual material which invites
interim ministry at the Gisborne Presbyterian Parish
                                                            people to explore aspects of the Christian faith and
has been to inherit, virtually as the first user, a newly
                                                            outreach activities in the Church.
renovated office and minister's "space". Ken Wall,
who put up with all the inconvenience of the workers        In the meantime, I am going to enjoy four months of
in his space, headed off to Cambridge with the work         great facilities and the good company of an excellent
almost completed. I have been asked to comment on           staff!
the new facility.

St. Andrew's is a well-situated church, a short
distance from the heart of Gisborne but right next to
                                                            Riding A Dead Horse
a major supermarket. The congregation has adopted           A little reminder from “Rumours” newsletter:
a policy of openness, not only in terms of theology
but also in social terms and towards the wider              Dakota tribal wisdom says that when you discover
community. They seek to make their services and             you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to
facilities available to a wide variety of groups and the    dismount. In churches, however, it seems that we
buildings are well used.                                    often try other strategies with dead horses, including
                                                            the following:
What has been done is to open up the front of a hall
creating a warm friendly environment. The minister's             Buying a stronger whip.
space is comfortable and yet private, ideal for                  Changing riders.
confidential interviews. It is linked to the office by
                                                                  Saying things like "This is the way we have
an internal door and there is a network for the
                                                                  always ridden this horse."
computer systems. There are modern tea and coffee
making facilities available to all users.                        Appointing a committee to study the horse.
                                                                  Arranging to visit other sites to see how they
It is clear to me that many people come into the                  ride dead horses.
facility for a variety of reasons. It is also clear that
                                                                 Increasing the standards to ride dead horses.
the facility conforms well with the Parish Mission
Statement which is: "We are a diverse community                   Appointing a tiger team to revive the dead
called together by Jesus Christ to welcome, love,                 horse.
serve and care."                                                  Creating a training session to increase our
                                                                  riding ability.
When I put on my critical hat, I would make two
                                                                  Comparing the state of dead horses in today's
comments. The first is that no matter how good the
facilities are, it is the people who staff them that
make the most difference. Gisborne is well served by              Change the requirements declaring that "This
a welcoming team who are clearly committed to the                 horse is not dead."
ideals of the Mission Statement. In cases where the              Hire contractors to ride the dead horse.
facilities are equally good but the staff remain cold
and distant, it is clear that no facilities in the world
will make any difference!

_______________________________                                     ______________________________ page 11
     Harnessing several dead horses together for           This resource is also available on the web site at .
     increased speed.                                       http://www.presbyterian.org.nz/resources/ministryr
     Providing additional funding to increase the          esources.php The preaching notes are a big help
     horse's performance.                                   to anyone needing to prepare a service whether
                                                            they are very experienced or novices in the area.
     Purchase a product to make dead horses run
     faster.                                                Preaching Notes and Prayers Kit 6 covers the
     Form a quality circle to find uses for dead           period 27 July ( Pentecost 7 ) to 7 September (
     horses                                                 Pentecost 13 ) and is written by Rev. Dr John
     Revisit the performance requirements for              Franklin ( $8 plus postage )
                                                            Cain and Abel: An Old Story Raising Today’s
     Say this horse was procured with cost as an           Issues- Material for local church people to get
     independent variable                                   their teeth into by Rev Dr Robyn McPhail. This
     Promote the dead horse to a supervisory               material could be used as very comprehensive studies
     position                                               or as exegetical material for some very stimulating
                                                            sermons or both! It covers doors for opening up
Resources for                                               God‟s word-ethical, theological, sociological, political
                                                            and controlling, then looks at choosing the best
Worship and Study                                           doors for hearing God. Robyn also looks at rivalry:
                                                            seeds of conflict ancient and modern and what to do
Preaching Notes and Prayers Kits -Kit 5, covering           with people who do bad things.
the period 8 June to July 20 ( Day of Pentecost -
Pentecost 6 ) has been written by The Very Reverend         The material is available on the website at
Lawrie Hampton of Hamilton. ( John Franklin was             http://www.presbyterian.org.nz/resources/ministryr
unable to write as advertised because of a family           esources.php or in hard copy for $4 plus postage.
bereavement) ($8 plus postage)

     Order Form – June 2003
              (Please add postage to all items purchased – 90 cents for 4 items, $1.80 for 5 items plus)
              Quantity                                  Title                                 Amount
                               Preaching Notes & Prayer Kit 5 - $8 plus postage
                               Preaching Notes & Prayers Kit 6 - $8 plus postage
                               Cain and Abel: An old story raising today‟s issues $4

                                                                Total Amount Enclosed: $

             Name _____________________________________________________________________

             Address ___________________________________________________________________

             Send to: Courses and Resources Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ, PO Box 9049,
             Ph (04) 801 6000 Fax (04) 801 6001 Email: assemblyoffice@pcanz.org.nz
             (Please make cheques payable to Presbyterian Church Aotearoa New Zealand)

page 12 ____________________________                                ______________________________________
From Presbyterian                                        donation or regular contributions to the scholarship
                                                         funds. This is a priority because more students are

Savings and                                              staying on longer and we need to support
                                                         scholarship holders for the whole of their time at
                                                         the college. So it is essential that we increase the
Development                                              funds available. If you can suggest anyone who
                                                         might be prepared to help in this way we would
PSDS wants to express appreciation for your              really like to hear from you.
support at the parish level in your efforts to make
their work and investment opportunities known to         We‟d love to hear from you anyway. Some of you
parish members.                                          send information of interest to the students, such as
                                                         memories of the college in earlier times. These are
They also wish to remind of the grant offer of $200      shared at school assemblies, so do keep them
available to each minister taking Presbytery-            coming, Thank you also for the gifts from your
approved study leave. Just phone them or drop            parishes. These are a great help to the college and
them a line.                                             much appreciated by the students.
They currently also have an offer to parishes            The college continues to be a very busy place, with
purchasing data projectors: a cash grant of $500         students achieving considerable successes in
plus also loan finance if required of up to $5000 at a   academic, sporting and social activities. If you‟re in
fixed interest rate of 5%. This offer is limited to 20   the area, do call in and see what an exciting learning
parishes a year.                                         environment it is. You‟d also be welcome at:
                                                         Culture Night in the Regent Theatre, Palmerston
Finally, PSDS is pleased to have passed the              North, 22 August; kapa haka competitions in
milestone of $27 million in total loans (since           Waikanae, 18 October; prizegiving at the college, 29
beginning with $5000 to the PIC Otara church in          November. And don‟t forget the college‟s website at
1974). Loan finance is available for almost any kind     http://www.tmgc.school.nz/.
of parish development - buildings or property            Your ongoing support helps to make it all happen.
purchases, renovations, maintenance, repairs. They
want to emphasise the last three categories as many      Thank you.
parishes seem to think they can borrow from PSDS
only for “big” projects.                                 Shirley Cormack
Any enquiries to Box 26-210 Epsom, Auckland; ph
09 520 4743 or email to enquiry@psds.co.nz
                                                         National Bible
Friends of Turakina                                      Sunday
Maori Girls College                                      National Bible Sunday in 2004 will be on Sunday
                                                         July 2004.
Friends have met twice this year and will meet again
on August 6 and November 12. If you‟re able to           “While we use the Bible all the time for instruction,
attend a meeting we‟d be delighted. We join the          guidance and encouragement, the Bible Society‟s
students for dinner at 5.30 p.m. and the meeting         promotion of National Bible Sunday/Sabbath does
follows. For catering purposes, please tell us if you    focus our attention on this rich, life-changing
are joining us for the meal.                             resource for itself, this word that becomes God‟s
                                                         Word for our time in every human situation. Let us
Our membership drive continues, but our main aim         celebrate this gift with joy!”- The Right Rev Michael
this year is to find people willing to make a            Thawley,

_______________________________                                ______________________________ page 13
This year National Bible Sunday focuses on             List price $7,200.00
how the Bible has been the catalyst in changing        SERCO price $5,795.00
people‟s lives. The Bible Society have a selection     Our offer to you $4,400.00
of stories about lives changed by the Bible and also
a list of key facts about the Bible and the work of    CP-X880
the Bible Society that can be used to highlight        LCD size 0.99” (1.0)
National Bible Sunday.                                 Brightness in ANSI 3000
                                                       Resolution XGA
The material can be obtained from Errol Pike,          Weight 5.7 Kg
Freephone 0800 424253                                  Very portable -
Email epike@biblesoc.org.nz                            Portable Yes
                                                       List price $11,800.00

Data Projectors                                        SERCO price $9,500.00
                                                       Bulk Buy Price $7,960.00
The following are offered to churches and Christian
organisations in New Zealand through a bulk buy
                                                       LCD size 1.3”
opportunity facilitated by the Baptist National
                                                       Brightness in ANSI 4500
Resource Centre. Payment can be by cheque before
                                                       Resolution XGA
delivery or terms over three years. Final date for a
                                                       Weight 6.5 Kg
committed order is 4 July 2003.
                                                       Very portable -
                                                       Portable Yes
Please      send      an     email      order     to
                                                       List price $14,900.00
sushila@baptist.org.nz or phone (09) 278 7494 and
                                                       SERCO price $12,160.00
ask for Helen or Sushila. If you want further full
                                                       Bulk Buy Price $9,850.00
specifications they can be emailed to you or you can
visit the website www.hitachi.com and view the IT
                                                       Note: All above figures exclude GST and there may
Business menu. Digital Media option, and under
                                                       be slight alteration to prices if there is a significant
Projectors choose Mobile/Meeting Room for the
                                                       exchange rate shift.
first two or Conference/Fixed for the second two.
                                                       When delivered a full list of accessories at very good
Hitachi Data Projectors
                                                       prices will be provided, such as screens, hard cases,
CP-S370                                                cables, signal splitters etc. Nationwide support is
LCD size 0.9”                                          available. Warranty is two years for the machine and
Brightness in ANSI 2200                                500 hours or 3 months for the bulb.
Resolution SVGA
Weight 3.2 Kg                                          78 churches and other organisations who have
Very portable Yes                                      machines from an earlier order are very satisfied
Portable -                                             with this product.
List price $5,100.00
SERCO price $4,180.00
Bulk Buy price $3,650.00                               Asia/Pacific
CP-X385                                                Christian Theologies
LCD size 0.9”
Brightness in ANSI 2200                                A comprehensive introduction to Christian
Resolution XGA                                         reflection in our region „Asian Christian Theologies:
Weight 3.2 Kg                                          A Research Guide to Authors, Movements,
Very portable Yes                                      Sources‟ is nearing completion.
Portable -

page 14 ____________________________                         ______________________________________
Volume one has been published overseas and
volumes two and three will appear at the end of
the year.

The guide includes the first overall surveys of
Christian contextual writing in both Aotearoa
and Australia. The periods covered extend from
the 7th to 12th centuries for which there are both
regional and country-by-country chapters, with
extensive guidance for further reading given for
each entry. Each volume extends to over 700

Copies can be ordered direct from ISDCK, at
US$12 plus postage. Email ispck@inde.vsnl.net.in
or through Epworth Books, Wellington, Catholic
Supplies,   Wellington,    Catholic Bookshop,
Wyndham St, Auckland, Church Stores Ellerslie,
Ecclesia Bookshop, Christchurch.

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Directors’ Formation Programme 2004
– 2005
This comprehensive, proven, 2 year course is open
to Christians of any denomination. It offers :

     Systematic study of spiritual direction
     Regular workshops conducted by an
     ecumenical team of qualified leaders
     Supervised practical experience

For details contact the Co-ordinator:
Rev. Sue Pickering ,
83 Vivian St, New Plymouth
Ph/fax ( 06 ) 759 2331
E.mail : sgmtp@xtra.co.nz or
visit our website : www.sgm.org.nz

Applications close 22ndt August 2003

_______________________________                      ______________________________ page 15
Ministerial Vacancies, as at 1 June 2003
           1.     Any parish listed for the first time in bold type.
           2.     Any changes in Nominator are also listed in bold type the first time they appear.
           3.     Contact phone numbers for ministers are found in the year book. Contact phone numbers
  for lay nominators are supplied on the notes column below.
           4.     The following abbreviations are used:
     PA Presbyterian appointment                     SS     Stated supply (in place during ministerial vacancy)
     MA Methodist appointment                        LS     Lay supply (in place during ministerial vacancy)
     AA Anglican appointment                         FT Full time ministry position available
     CC Churches of Christ appointment               PT Part time ministry position available, number
     CP Call pending                                        indicates size of position, e.g. 50% = half-time

Parish                          Position     Nominator                              Notes             Vacant

North Shore:
Forrest Hill                    F/T          Rev Mark Farmer                                          2/02
Auckland - St Andrew‟s          F/T          Rev Robert Matthews
(English)                                     Robert.The.Oaks@xtra.co.nz
Auckland - St Andrew‟s          F/T          Rev Harry Morgan
(Indonesian)                                  harrycmorgan@hotmail.com
Avondale Union (English)        P/T          Rev. Elizabeth Mansill                 CP                1/02
Avondale Union (Samoan)         F/T          Rev. Pelu Tuai                                           1/02
                                              Ph. H.(09) 828-8402
Balmoral                                     Rev Doug Mansill                       SS
                                              Ph. (09) 620-8761
Grey Lynn                       F/T          Rev Mafala Koko                                          7/01
Mt Eden - Pacific Islanders     F/T          Rev Vaiora Robati                                        2/01
                                              Ph. H (09) 275-9804
Onehunga Co-operating           F/T          Rev Clive Halliday                                       11/02
(1 minister in team of 2)                    Cliveandcarlene@maxnet.co.nz
Pakuranga (Christ the King)                  Rev Andrew Norton                                        11/99
Suva – St Andrew‟s              F/T          Rev Dr Bruce Deverell
(Auckland end)                               Deverell@actrix.gen.nz
Suva – St Andrew‟s              F/T          Rev Fele Nokise
(Suva end)                                   Admin@ptc.ac.fj

_______________________________                                    ______________________________ page 17
Parish                        Position   Nominator                         Notes         Vacant

St Heliers                    F/T        Rev Peter Wedde
Titirangi                     F/T        Rev Dr David Inglis               SS/CP         8/00
Waiheke Island - St Paul‟s    P/T 50%    Rev. Rachel Nield                               1/97
South Auckland:
Conifer Grove/Takanini - St              Rev Mark Chapman                  SS
Aidan‟s                                   mark.chapman@xtra.co.nz
Manurewa - St Andrew‟s        F/T        Rev Brian Brandon                               8/01
Te Kauwhata - St Andrew‟s     P/T 50%    Rev Mark Chapman                                2/01
Tuakau Union                                                               MA
Waiuku - St Andrew‟s          F/T                                          SS            2/00
St Mark‟s - Tokoroa           F/T                                                        1/03
Bay of Plenty:
Kawerau                       P/T 50%    Rev Russell Denne                               10/01
Rangitaiki - St David‟s                  Rev Derrick Hills                               7/02
Reporoa - St Stephen‟s Co-                                                 AA
Hawkes Bay:
Ahuriri/Putorino              F/T        Rev Brett Walker
Havelock North - St           F/T        Interim Mod. Rev Warren Fortune   CP            4/02
Columba‟s                                 wagsfortune@xtra.co.nz
Tamatea Community Church                                                   AA            5/02
Eltham/Kaponga Co-                                                         MA
Inglewood United              F/T        Mr Neil Walker                                  3/03
                                         48A Rata St
Manaia Union                                                               MA            11/02
New Plymouth - Knox           F/T        Rev Tom Millar                                  5/02
Fitzroy                                   tommillar@xtra.co.nz
Opunake                                                                    MA
Palmerston North - St         F/T        Rev Steve Jourdain                              7/02
Andrew‟s                                  jourdain@xtra.co.nz

page 18 ____________________________                        ______________________________________
Parish                       Position   Nominator                          Notes          Vacant

Masterton: St James‟ Union   P/T        Rev Ruth Caughley
Hutt City Uniting            F/T        Rev Peter MacKenzie                               4/03
Congregations                           kintail@es.co.nz
St Andrew‟s on the Terrace   P/T 50%    Mr Glen Labrum
(Associate Minister)
Upper Hutt                              Rev Glen Barclay                   SS             2/02
Christchurch North                      The Very Rev Bruce Hansen                         3/03

Riccarton - St Ninian‟s                                                    SS             12/01
Ashburton St David‟s Union                                                 SS
South Canterbury:
Albury/Pleasant Point        F/T        Rev Peter Wishart                  SS             10/01
                                         Ph. H (03) 684-5714
North Otago:
Palmerston/Dunback                      Interim Mod. Rev Colin Hay                        4/02
Coastal Unity                           Rev Noel Butler
Roslyn                                  Rev Richard Dawson                                11/01
Balclutha - Balmoral
Popotunoa                               Mr J. Murray Rose                                 5/01
                                         Ph (03) 485-9465
Stirling-Kaitangata          F/T        Rev Les Gosling                    SS             12/98
Knapdale/Waikaka                        Rev Karima Fai‟ai
Tapanui                      F/T        Rev Peter Cheyne                                  3/02

_______________________________                              ______________________________ page 19
Parish                       Position   Nominator                        Notes          Vacant

Invercargill - St Paul‟s     P/T 50%    Rev Neville Jackson              LS             9/99
Otatara                                 Rev Allistair Taylor
Oteramika-Kennington         P/T 33%    Rev Kimi Henry                   SS             7/96
                                         021 267 4352
Toi Tois                     P/T 50%    Rev Neville Burns                LS             8/96
                                         Ph. (03) 218 2872

page 20 ____________________________                       ______________________________________
                  The Church Register lists additions to, deletions from, and changes in status on the
                  Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand Ministerial Roll as advised by
                  Presbytery Clerks as at 1 June 2003.
                  Please amend the roll in your yearbook accordingly.

Ordination and Inductions:
The Rev Obed Unasa, Licentiate, to Ponsonby St Stephen‟s, Auckland Presbytery, on April 24, 2003

Translations and Appointments:
The Rev D. Elizabeth Clark, ex Burwood United-St Kentigern‟s, Christchurch Presbytery, to Motueka Uniting,
Nelson Marlborough Presbytery, on April 8, 2003

The Rev Fieta I Faitala, ex Minister within the Bounds, Wanganui Presbytery, to Henderson Pacific Islanders,
Auckland Presbytery, on May 1, 2003

The Rev Glenn W J Livingstone, ex Christchurch North, to Senior Minister, St Andrew‟s at Rangiruru, and
Spreydon St James, Christchurch Presbytery, on March 27, 2003

Changes in Status:
The Rev Leanne Munro, ex Lodged Certificate, to Minister within the Bounds, Wellington Presbytery, on May
31, 2003

The Rev Gladys Stiles, ex Minister Emerita, South Auckland Presbytery, to Minister Emerita, West Coast Uniting
Church Council, on May 8, 2003

Changes in Co-Operative Venture Ministries:
The Rev Graeme M McIver, (Methodist) was appointed to a five year term at Sumner-Redcliffs-Lyttelton Union,
Christchurch Presbytery, on March 20, 2003

The Rev Ken Olsen, (Methodist) to Hamilton, Chartwell Co-operating, Waikato Presbytery, on May 9, 2003

Removal from the Roll:
Resignation: (Reg 203)
The Rev Ian Wood, ex Minister with Full Membership, (Renewal Ministries) Auckland Presbytery, on April 30,

Correction : The Rev Murray McMeikan, who completed a term of Stated Supply at Onehunga Co-operating,
October 31, 2002, has held the status of Minister Emeritus from October 12, 2001

page 21 _________________________                                ___________________________________
_______________________________   ______________________________ page 22

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