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Statement by H.E. Aharon Leshno Yaar
  Permanent Representative of Israel
    To the United Nations, Geneva

     Statement on the 6th Session
 Universal Periodic Review on Albania
        Human Rights Council

          1 December 2009
Mr. President,

         The State of Israel welcomes the distinguished Members of the Albania
Delegation appearing for the Sixth Session of the Universal Periodic Review.
Israel extends our sincere appreciation for Albania’s comprehensive presentation
and constructive approach to the UPR.

         Israel takes note of the positive measures adopted by Albania to
significantly advance the human rights situation in their country. We commend
Albania for its level of ratification of United Nations and regional human rights
treaties, and the implementation of international laws and standards in its national
policy, as noted by the UNCT. We applaud the establishment of the State Minority
Committee in 2004 and its performance putting forward issues of concern to the
government in relation to the economic, social and educational development of
         We strongly support Albania in the steps taken towards protecting the
human rights and fundamental freedoms of Albanian nationals, foreigners and
persons without citizenship, as established in their National Constitution. Israel
therefore offers one question and two recommendations to the State of Albania:

1. The Government of Albania mentioned in its National Report that there is no
specific law on the protection of minorities, but separate laws addressing this
Is there a foreseeable project to integrate these separate laws into a single specific
one in the near future?

2. Israel takes note of the positive measures adopted by Albania to significantly
advance the situation of both national and ethnic minorities in the country,
especially the Roma community.
We would like to recommend Albania to keep fostering the educational attainment
of the Roma children following the lines of the 2004 CCA report.

3. In light of the challenges Albania faces in the implementation of the promotion
and protection of women’s rights, Israel recommends the further development of
the “National strategy for Gender Equality and Domestic Violence”, created in
2007, in accordance to what was recommended by CESCR and CAT.

      Thank you.

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