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					Reference:    RVP/SAM/SOUTH                            Required for 63rd Annual Conference
                                                       Venue                 Mexico City

                                                                                   03 January 2008
FOR 2007


1.   General
     The SAM/South Region, that is: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile, is
     in the following situation:

2.   Chile; through their state policy and with the development of LAN in the region Chile has
     consolidated as a stable and promising commercial air transport situation. The relation with
     the SAM\South Regional Vice President could not be established in spite of several attempts
     by telephone and mails. The Union activity is almost impossible because of the labour
     relationship between pilots and the air carriers. The DGAC has confirmed (September 25th
     2007) that there is not a PROTOCOL between the pilots and LAN regarding FOQA data.
     This has been informed to IFALPA in August 16th 2007.

3.   Bolivia: the national commercial air transport situation after LLOYD AÉREO BOLIVIANO
     went out of business and AERO SUR started operations is not stable for pilots yet. As it
     happened with Chile, there has been no answer to the Regional Vice President’s attempts to

4.   Paraguay: the pilots´ association is not completely related to IFALPA yet, and the present
     situation is that TAM that is a Brazilian enterprise is the air carrier operator and operates in
     the country with pilots from Paraguay. There has been no contact with Regional Vice

5.   Uruguay: the Uruguayan pilots´ members of ACIPLA have an active participation in IFALPA
     as well a continuous dialogue with the Regional Vice President. VARIG, once again is a
     Brazilian enterprise in conjunction with the Uruguayan government the ones that controlled
     the air carrier company PLUNA, and because of VARIG´s bankruptcy, the business has
     stopped, leaving the Company in a very delicate situation with almost no aircrafts to carry out
     their operations. At present PLUNA has obtained private investment and has started a gradual
     development to a normal condition. Now 75% Pluna’s stock belongs to Leadgate Investment
     Corp. After an initial period in which relationship between ACIPLA and the new management
     was satisfactory, some conflicts took place. The company informed that they will furlough 18
     pilots and suspended a captain when he reported the press that flights were being delayed
     because of conflicts between PLUNA and ACIPLA. Moreover, PLUNA proposed a 50%
     reduction on base salaries and elimination of other benefits. The association then, required
     IFALPA`s intervention when facing conflict situations, stoppage of operations and a pilots
                                                2                                        08REG095

6.    Brazil: is undergoing a long and complicated transition process to Civil Aviation
      Administration, so far managed by military authorities. The major issue endangering the
      operational safety has been and continuous to be the conflicts with ATS. These conflicts have
      been evidenced by GOL and TAM accidents which tragically showed the system’s
      VARIG closing has left the Brazilian pilots in a situation that forced some of them to emigrate
      searching for new opportunities abroad. Those two accidents have led to deep thinking about
      commercial air transport activities.
      Serious problems with radio aids for navigation and approach have also been observed.

.     Argentina: like Brazil is undergoing a long and conflicting transition from Military to Civil
      Administration. There was a four month period with no effective radar coverage in the
      Buenos Aires TMA, the most important terminal area in the country, causing many aircraft
      near-miss situations. At the request of APLA, and because of that situation IFALPA
      published a SAFETY BULLETIN on May 1st 2007, warning about NO AREA RADAR
      COVERAGE IN THE BAIRES TMA (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

      Although solutions have finally been found, due to the lack of investment in the air traffic
      control system infrastructure and services, the local pilots community and also air carriers
      operating in Argentina airspace are warned to strictly follow the standard procedures because
      of the existing latent conditions.

      Aerodromes have been designed during the fifties, and in most cases operation safety
      requirements have not been harmonically updated to adapt to the urban development.
      Nowadays, runway ends are located in densely populated areas and near dangerous obstacles
      that become evident when accidents like Aeroparque, Argentina (1999) and Congonhas,
      Brazil (2007) fatally occur.
      Changing these facts will take time and will not be easy. It is important to warn National and
      International Organizations about these issues so that changes can effectively made.

      It is characteristic in the region to interpret the rules contained in the ANNEXES to fit
      conveniences. It is becomes more evident in some States where its National Authorities have
      been tolerant with the modification of some rules to the benefit of the Companies.
      In a globalization programme, the relationship between the ICAO´s rules and audits, IATA`s
      audits and IFALPA´s control is relevant.
      The regional pilots’ associations should play an active role by notifying IFALPA any time of
      the differences are observed in the States.

      The region shows a big increase in activity and the prospects are really promising. In spite of
      that, investment by local air carriers is not shown and other companies from outside the
      region are making money from that increase of activity.

      The Airline Pilots’ Association - APLA was been chosen as host for the IFALPA 2007 -
      CAR/SAM REGIONAL MEETING. The meetings were held between November 5th and
      12th at the Sheraton Libertador Hotel, together with the LEGAL and ATS COMMITTEE
      MEETINGS. APLA were very proud to host these meetings as they are of major importance
      to our association and the industry. IFALPA; ICAO; NGO’s representatives, Airline
      executives and Argentina State Officers were all invited to participate.

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