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                                             Goals & Dreams Worksheet

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                      Please rank the following list in order of importance to you.
                    Husband    Wife
 Time Horizon        Rank      Rank                                Goals and Dreams                                                Amount

                                          Make a major purchase (car, furniture, boat, family vacation)

                                          Buy a new home, downsize or refinance my home

                                          Pay off debts, credit cards & loans

                                          Protect my estate or business, 100% guarantee's on investments

                                          Build savings for unexpected expenses (auto repairs, medical, etc)

                                          Help support aging parents

                                          Find an alternate income source in case of death or disability

                                          Finance post-secondary education for family (eg. children)

                                          Build retirement wealth, retire early (fear of out living your money)

                                          Save income tax, reduce taxes, withdraw RRSP's tax free

                                          Have my own business

                                          Establish a legacy (scholarship, foundation charity, etc)

                                          Earn more income, keep ahead of inflation, better rates of return

                                          Permanent tax shelters, pension plans, for individuals




If we could help you in one area now, what would it be?

Do you have a budget amount to help you save for your goals?      $                  -    /month
                                                                  $                  -    /year
When can we meet again to review your personal program?

                                      6 Steps for Financial Success & Security
1. INCREASE CASH FLOW                                                           4. ENSURE PROPER PROTECTION
- earn additional income                                                        - protect against loss of income
- manage expenses                                                               - protect family assets

2. MANAGE DEBT                                                                  5. BUILD LONG-TERM ASSETS
- Consolidate debt                                                              - outpace inflation
- strive to eliminate debt                                                      - reduce taxation

3. CREATE EMERGENCY FUND                                                        6. PRESERVE YOUR ESTATE
- save at least three months income                                             - help reduce estate taxes
- prepare for emergency expenses                                                - build a family legacy

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