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					Austin’s Fallow Hu nt
by Austin Griffith
                         I was sitting in school      was down for good. We waited
                         on a Friday just after       a little bit and then went out
                         lunch and I got a call       to see him. I could not believe
                         to come to the office. I     how big he was. I was still
                         was surprised when I         shaking from excitement. When
                         got there and my dad         Mr. Meyer pulled up to pick us up
                         was waiting for me. He       he was excited for me. He told me
                         said he was picking me       the fallow was a monster. It was one
                         up early to go hunting.      of the best hunts I have ever been on.
                         I was really excited.        When we got back to camp everybody
                         This was the first time      was surprised. I called my mom and told
                         I had the chance to go       her too. We all sat around the camp fire
                         hunting this year. We        after we got back. Hunting with
                         were going out to a new      my dad and Allan is one of
                         lease of Allan Meyer’s       my favorite things to do. I
                         in Springtown. When          really like it out at the ranch,
                         we got to the ranch          and can’t wait to go back.
                         my dad and I got ready
       and went straight to the deer blind. We
       saw lots of deer and black bucks. After                    New This Year!
       sitting in the blind and watching all the
       deer for I while, I saw a really big deer         The Sportsmen’s Club of Fort
       coming in. I asked my dad what it was             Worth is proud to announce that
       and he told me it was a big fallow. I had         at this year’s banquet you will
      never seen a fallow before. He was huge!
                                                         have the opportunity to sponsor
            We watched him for a long time
                                                         individual youngsters from
                and I decided this is the one I
                   wanted to take. I was really          Happy Hill Farm and Operation
                    nervous. I got him in my             Orphans for a week long “outdoor
                     sights and pulled the trigger.      camp” at the famous Y.O. Ranch.
                      My dad said it was a good
                      shot but to go ahead and           This is a great way to show your
                      reload just in case. The           support for The Sportsmen’s
                      fallow ran about 10 yards,         Club of Fort Worth in allowing
                     stood there, and then he            underprivileged youngsters to
                    went down. My dad said he            experience the great outdoors!          1
  Ca tch So me of Th is Ye ar ’s
  Gr ea t Au cti on Ite ms
Two consecutive full-day offshore fishing trips aboard a
65- foot custom sport fisher in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
This vessel has plenty of experience in world championship
tournament-level offshore fishing and has a very professional and
knowledgeable captain and crew. You will fish for typical sport
fish species off the Mexican Baja coast including Marlin, Sailfish,
Wahoo, Dorado and others. Must book during 2009 and at least
one month in advance. Trip is subject to vessel availability.
Donated by Hang’em High & Chip Wagner

One-day Dove hunt for ten people at the Haywire
Ranch in western Tarrant County, Texas.
Hunt must be taken after the seventh day of the 2009 Dove Season.
Donated by Daniel Leonard

Dove hunt in Coahuila, Mexico.
You and a friend will be treated to some of the finest dove hunting
in Northern Mexico. Hunt six sessions for dove in
Piedras Negras, Old Mexico across the border from
Eagle Pass, Texas. Each hunt is equal to one half-
day. All accommodations and meals are included.
Donated by Double Eagle Expeditions

14-day Leopard hunt in Namibia for one person.
Hunt this elusive cat on over 300,000 acres of open
mountainous land. This safari is for one hunter and includes
14 days of hunting. It also includes the following: trophy
fee of leopard, lodging, meals, beverages, daily laundry, pro
hunter, trackers, skinners, camp staff, 4x4 hunting vehicle,
field preparation of trophies and transportation of trophies
to shipping company. Hunt can be upgraded to include
additional game as well as hunting days. See outfitter for
current pricelist. Transportation costs are not included.
Donated by Sumsare Safari’s
 One live Whitetail Deer Fawn from
 Antler Ranch Sired by Patron.
 Patron scores 236 gross and a typical 7x7 with 10 extra points
 and 2 drop tines, 236” and 20” inside spread at four years.
 Donated by Antler Ranch

 Dinner for 10 either at your home
or at Bonnell’s Restaurant.
You name the menu, after consultation with
Chef Bonnell. Wine, selected by Chef Bonnell,
will also be paired with each course.
Donated by Bonnell’s Restaurant

          Dear Sportsmen’s Club,

         You guys continue to do sp
                                       ecial things
         for my kids faster than I ca
                                       n write thank
         you letters! Brian passes alo
                                       ng notes
         indicating the latest gifts
                                     purchased; archery
         equipment, fishing equipm
                                      ent, and gun
         cases for our outdoor educ
                                      ation classes.
         In addition, the sponsorsh
                                    ip of some of
         our students to the Y.O. Ad
                                     venture Camp is
        very kind, and lastly, the m
                                     ounting of the
        kids trophies is special inde
                                      ed. Your group
        is helping us educate a gr
                                   oup of kids who
        would never have these op
                                     portunities to
        the wonders of hunting, fis
                                     hing, and the
        great outdoors. We are tru
                                    ly grateful.
        C. Edward Shipman
        Happy Hill Farm Academy

 The YO. Experience
                                    Through contributions
                                    from the Sportsmen’s
                                    Club of Fort Worth,
                                    eleven youths from
                                    Happy Hill Farm
                                    Children’s Home were
                                    able to attend the Y.O.
                                    Ranch Hunting Camp
                                    this past summer. The
                                    sponsorship from the
                                    Sportsmen’s Club has
                                    enabled students from     under a thick cedar tree. It was too thick for us to get in
                                    the Farm’s outdoor        to stick it. J.J. had to help the dogs drag the wild pig out
                                    education program to      from under the brush. He handed me the huge knife and
                                    attend the camp for the   helped me place the tip just behind the shoulder between
                                    last four summers. The    the ribs. The pig finally gave up, but the dogs continued
                                    Y.O. experience cannot    to hold on until they were commanded to let go. After a
                                    be attained anywhere      quick rest the dogs were on the trail of another big hog.
else. The Y.O. Adventure Camp is the perfect place for the
kids to practice the skills they learned in outdoor and        Dylan Price – 12th Grade
hunter education class. Not only do the kids have an
opportunity to practice their archery, rifle and shotgun      “Corsican Hunt”
skills, but they also learn team work through the camp’s      I had the privilege to go to the Y.O. Adventure Camp this
high ropes course and various games and competitions          summer, all thanks to the Sportsmen’s Club. It was a
the Y.O. camp staff have put together. Of course the          great experience to go hunting at the Y.O. It was very
highlight of the camp is the hunt, and what better place      hot during the day, but other than that the weather
than the vast openness of the historic Y.O. Ranch. This       was really nice. I really enjoyed the rifle and bow
summer the youths who attended the basic hunting              shooting, but the best part was hunting for my ram.
camp were treated to the opportunity to hunt some of
the Y.O.’s rams that had become hybridized and needed         The hunt began early in the morning, We drove out to
to be removed. Thanks to the great guides at the camp,        the spot we were to hunt, and there was a herd of rams
each of the HHF children harvested a trophy animal.           already there. We stalked up to the heard and watched,
                                                              debating on which ram I should harvest. I finally chose
Please enjoy some of the highlights of the Y.O. Adventure     one out of the group. He was a beautiful Corsican with
Camp shared by several of the Happy Hill Farm                 a curl and a half on his horns. The ram was standing
hunters who attended camp during June 2008.                   facing us in between two small trees. I set my rifle up

 Brandon Keeney – 7th Grade
“Y.O. Hog Hunt”
The Y.O. was fun. I was a little scared when I first saw
the dogs and the man (J.J.) with the holstered pistol
and long knife hanging from his belt. Before I knew it
the dogs were gone and could be heard barking into
the distance. J.J. said “let’s go,” and we all took off
running as fast as we could through the cedar bushes,
mesquites and rock. I thought I was going to break my
ankle or get poked in the eye by a branch. After what
seemed like a mile run through the woods we came
upon the dogs. The dogs had a black hog cornered

on a rest and
waited for him
to turn slightly.
When he
turned, the guide told me to take the
shot. I guess I was nervous and missed. The ram
ran about 30 yards and stopped broad side to us. I
put another round in and quickly took aim and
fired. The ram tried to break into a run, but as he           Caitlin Stephens – 12th Grade
jumped forward he rolled and fell on his side.
                                                             “Sleeping Under the Stars”
This was my first and best hunting experience, thanks        I was so excited when I heard that my friends and
to the Sportsmen’s Club and the Y.O. Adventure Camp.         I would get to go to the Y.O. Adventure Camp. I
                                                             really enjoyed all of the activities, but one of my
 Elias Fekadu – 7th Grade                                    favorite things we did was the campout.

“My Y.O. Experience”                                         We hiked a couple of miles to our destination where we
My time at the Y.O.                                          dropped our sleeping bags and water and began to make
Adventure Camp was                                           preparations for our cooking fires. We gathered different
fun and it all began                                         sizes of sticks and wood. Once we had our wood stacked
when we arrived at                                           properly we were given a knife and a piece of flint which
camp. The first thing                                        we struck over a cotton ball with alcohol on it. The
we did was check-in                                          wind made things a little tricky, but before long we had
and wait for the other                                       all developed the small sparks into large campfires. By
hunters to arrive.                                           the time we had our fires burning it was time to start
While we were                                                preparing our hobo packs with pork, potatoes, cheese
waiting, we got to                                           and some other veggies. We placed the foil hobo packs
know our counselors                                          on the hot fires and waited for them to cook. We had a
and put our stuff in                                         great time eating as the sun began to set. Of course, it
our cabins. Once                                             would not have been much of a campout without scary
everyone was in                                              stories and smores. So we all gathered around the central
camp we ate lunch                                            fire and suddenly all the darkness around us became so
and then my amazing                                          eerie. We all listened intently to stories of the chupacabra
adventure began.                                             and other frightening legends. Time passed quickly and
After lunch, we                                              we all began to get sleepy. We laid our sleeping bags
played some team                                             under the stars and in only minutes, the previously quiet
building games. As                                           pasture was filled with chirping crickets and snoring
the day heated up it                                         campers. We all slept well in the cool air, waking rested
was time to head to the pool for some swimming. When         and entirely eaten up by bugs. In the early sunlight
we got to the pool we all had to take a swim test to see     we broke camp and hiked back to our cabins. Thanks,
if we could swim. Everybody passed the test and we           Sportsmen’s Club, for such an amazing experience.
swam in the cool Y.O. pool, then back to camp for dinner.
That evening we took a tour of the Y.O. On the tour
we saw lots of exotic animals. Then we took showers
and went to bed. That happened all in half of a day.

Each day at the Y.O. was action packed. In between meal
times we were always busy. We practiced archery and
had a competition of who could shoot the best. We did
the same with rifle and shotgun. I had a lot of fun with
the games. We played capture the flag, football and sand
volleyball. I really liked the high ropes course. We were
so high up in the air. The coolest part of the course
was the zip line. It was also a blast to track down the
wild boars and watch them stab them. Some of the
other fun things we did were ride horses, leather craft, a
field trip to Woodbury’s and chuck wagon cooking. The
highlight of my trip was my ram hunt. I was the first
person to shoot a ram and I shot it with one shot. I
can’t wait until I get my European mount back.                                                                         5
                             D on or s to th e
                          20 08 G am e D in ne r
5G Land and Cattle Co., L.P.                        JC Pace III
Allen Booth                                         Jim Motheral at Motheral
Alliance Texas – A Development of Hillwood             Printing / Sprint Press
Alpine Hunting                                      Joe Brooks / Rhodes Ranch
Anderton Ranch                                      Joe T Garcia’s
Antler Ranch                                        Joe White Tank Company
Ascension Bay Beach Club / Guy and Sarah Fulhart    J.P. Morgan
Ben King                                            Justin Brands
Bill O’Grady / Six O Ranch                          Lincoln Traps
Binda Lures                                         LK Capital Enterprises, Inc.
Boat Club Road Animal Hospital                      Lonesome Dove
Bob Leonard Jr.                                     Louis Venter Safaris
Bonnell’s Restaurant                                M.E. Burns Construction
Brad Wallace                                        Man’s Best Friend
Braumbaugh’s Leather                                Mark and Danny Bogart
Brazos River Fly Fishing Guide Service              Mark Taylor
Burk Lowe & Jason White – Hunter Bradley Outdoors   Matupula Hunters
  and Stormberg Elangeni Safaris                    May Advertising International, Ltd.
Chicken Express                                     Mexican Eats Café
Chip Wagner                                         Mike and Pat McDowell
Choronga Safaris                                    Miller Distributing of Fort Worth
Chris Baker                                         Outdoor Texas Camp
Christian Schroder                                  Plains Capital Bank
Classic Auto Detail                                 Prater Equipment Company / Mark Pirkle
Courtyard by Marriot                                Precision Brush Control / Warren Thetford
Cowtown Sports Bar & Grill                          R&D Burns Bros
Dallas Cowboys                                      Rancho Caracol
Daniel Leonard                                      Reatta Restaurant
David Hunt Furs                                     Retriever Sporting Clays and Mike
David S. Irvin, The Portrait Photographer              Brown
Del Frisco’s                                        Richard Fuller
Dennis Sisk                                         Richeson’s Taxidermy
Donovan Williams                                    Robert Cantrell / Texas Outdoors
Double Eagle Expeditions                            Robert Shivers
Dr. Joe Cappel                                      Rough Creek Lodge and Resort
Elk Castle                                          RR Game Ranch
Eric Hyden                                          Rusty Brown
Filson Corp                                         S&S Safaris and Pierre Vorster
Fossil Rim Wildlife Center                          Starr Hollow Golf Club
GameTamers                                          Sumsare Safari’s
Gary’s welding Service / Gary Allison               TA Outfitters
Gittings Portraiture                                TA Ranches
GKR Partners Ltd., LLC                              The Outlaw Chef / Fred’s Café
Grady Kane                                          Third Eye Map Co. / Warren Thetford
Gsell’s Wildlife Refuge                             Thompson and Knight
Hang’em High and Chip Wagner.                       Toby Darden
Hawks Creek Golf Club                               Triple P Ranch
Henry House Foundation                              United Rentals
Hill Gillstrap, P.C.                                Whitetail Veterinary Services
Holiday Chevrolet                                   Xtreme Outdoor Adventures
Hy-lift Hunting Blinds / Casey Harrison             Y.O. Ranch

         Wit h Spe cia l Ap pre cia tion
          to Ma ny of Las t Yea r's
             Suc ces sfu l Bid der s
Barrett Thomas       Frank Deel         Lloyd Walsh
Ben Taylor           Gary Fields        Mark Bronson
Bill Buckler         Gib Lewis          Mark Thomas
Blake Gore           Greg Williamson    Mark Turbeville
Bobby Patten         Hiram Lopez        Mason Chevallier
Brad Cunnigham       J. Bissell         Mike Engle
Brad Fiman           J. Miles Arnold    Mike Farra
Brian Dorchester     J.C. Pace III      Mike Wells
Britt Barnard        J.T. Harris        Monte Nelson
Bubba Belkowski      Jackson Wilson     Myles Arnold
Burke Lowe           James Dickson      R. Bonnell
Buster Shores        Jared Murphy       R. Dyess
Carter Llewellyn     Jason Weiser       Randy Cupp
Chad Arnett          Jay Novacek        Randy Hogg
Chase Booth          Jeff Cook          Richard Skipper
Chip Davis           Jeff Miller        Rick Fuller
Chip Wagner          Jeff Rogers        Rick Wilshire
Clayton Sikes        Jim Breaux         Robby Parks
Cliff Rupnor         Jim Morris         Robert Cantrell
Clint Van Trease     Jim Salter         Robert Dove
Crawford Rodgers     Joe Davis          Rusty Dial
Curt Helen           Joe Smith          Rusty Haile
Daniel Leonard       Joe White          Scot Iverson
Dave Fielder         John George        Scott Treadwell
David Mann           John Pinkerton     Steve Glyhorn
David Miller         John Taylor        Steve Siddons
David Pedigo         Joseph Thompson    Stuart Balcom
David Sokalowski     Justin Culberson   Stuart Schuster
David Underwood      Karl Komatsu       Toby Darden
Dean Caldwell        Kyle Whitesell     Troy Moncrief
Del Elliott          L. A. Hale         Wade Roberson
Dennis Sisk          Larry McClure      Warren Thetford
Dennis Timmons       Larry Spruiell     Will Kirtly
Dick Driscoll        Larry Tatum        Wynn Brown
Donnie Burns         Lenny Zak
Donovan Williamson   Lloyd Douglas
         Sp or ts me n’ s ial list of donations made byion s
                           Cl ub Co nt rib ut the
         The following is a
                                                         generosity of
     Sportsmen’s Club in recent years as a result of the
                                                           e dinner:
      sponsors, donors and attendees of our annual gam

The Fort Worth Club                                   Camp John Marc Stocking and
                                                      management of lake near Morgan, Texas,
Rocky Mountain Elk                                    used throughout the summer by campers
                                                      who have been afflicted by one of several
Foundation (Fort Worth Chapter)                       types of illnesses and/or diseases

Ducks Unlimited (Fort Worth Chapter)                  Operation Orphans Financial
                                                      assistance to cover costs of the
Quail Unlimited (Cross Timbers Chapter)               operation of Camp Gene Ashby

Wild Turkey Federation                                Parks & Wildlife Foundation
(Tarrant County Chapter)                              of Texas Donation of a lifetime
                                                      Hunting and Fishing license
Zoo Ball
                                                      Texas Pythian Home Donation
All Church Home Donation of fishing                   of fishing and camping equipment
and camping equipment for 2 annual outings
                                                      Camp Carter Donation of fishing,
Glen Lake Camp Financial                              archery and shooting range supplies
assistance to build boat dock
                                                      Camp Sweeney Financial
Parker County Law Enforcement                         assistance with purchase of archery
Financial assistance to cover costs of their annual   and rifle range equipment
youth deer hunt and spring fishing trip
                                                      Osprey Bass Club Donation of fishing
Texas Junior Anglers Founding                         supplies for the annual youth fishing event
sponsor for 12 annual fishing events
                                                      Hendrick Home For
Camp Fire USA Financial assistance to purchase        Children Financial assistance to
archery range equipment at Camp El Tesoro &           purchase camping gear, rifles & ammo
sponsorship of approximately 20 campers               and sending youth to hunting camp

Foster Home for Children Financial                    New Horizons Donation of
assistance to send youth to Y.O. Ranch Hunting        camping equipment and equipment trailer
Camp and purchase of rifles for youth to use
                                                      Rise Adventures Financial
Happy Hill Farm Financial assistance                  assistance to send youth
to send youth to Y.O. Ranch Hunting Camp              to hunt at Y.O. Ranch
and purchase of rifles for youth to use
                                                      Ben Richey Boys Ranch
Texas Parks & Wildlife Purchase                       Financial assistance to cover
and donation of night vision                          costs outdoor gear
glasses to game wardens
                                                      Fossil Rim Wildlife
Adopt-A-Fisherman Financial assistance                Center Financial assistance
to cover costs of this annual youth fishing           to send 150 youth to a two-
program at Possum Kingdom lake                        day outdoors camp

Whiz-Bang Financial assistance to                     Palo Pinto County Youth
cover costs of this annual event held by              Deer Hunt Financial assistance
the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation                 to provide a deer hunt for local youth

       Le tte rs fro m yo ut h at Ha pp y Hi ll Fa rm
                                  r experiences at the Y.O. Ranch
       Three young people tell us about thei

                                                attend summer camp at the Y.O. Adventure Camp.
    Bri Jones                                   Last year I attended the basic camp, and I was very
                                                excited to learn that I would have the opportunity
                                                to attend the advanced hunting camp this year.
                                                Once again the Y.O. Adventure was a blast. We went
                                                swimming everyday, which was very refreshing. This
                                                year we went on an overnight camp out where we made
                                                smores and slept under the stars. It was so awesome
                                                to see all of the stars so clearly in the west Texas sky.
                                                I was also the archery champion at camp this year.

                                                Of course the highlight of the camp was the
                                                hunting. I took a very nice Black Hawaiian Ram and
                                                a Black buck doe. I can’t wait to get my European
         Hi, my name is Bri Jones. This July    mount back from Woodbury’s. Thank you also
         I had the chance to attend the Y.O.    for paying for the taxidermy for my mount.
          Ranch advanced camp for the second
          time. Your kind donation made this
        trip possible. Our one-week stay at
        the camp was very eventful. Between
        swimming at the infamous Y.O. pool
       and going out to the long distance
      shooting range, we were always busy.
      We had a few friendly competitions
      to hone our shooting skills. One of the
      students who attended the farm with
      me won the archery competition and I
     won the rifle competition. On the second
     day we started hunting. My guide, Nick,
     took me and two other hunters out to
    the Gavalon Pasture to hunt rams. I had
    the choice to shoot first. Almost as soon
    as we arrived in the pasture we spotted     Tucker Bradford
   a group of mature rams and I had a hard      I would like to thank you so much for making it
   time choosing between a Black Hawaiian       possible for my son Tucker to go to the Y.O. Adventure
   Ram, a 4-Horn Ram, and a Texas Dall. Since   Camp. Tucker went last year and absolutely had a
  I had shot a Texas Dall the previous year,    great time. We heard stories about the Y.O. even up
  I decided to harvest the Black Hawaiian.      until Christmas. You have allowed Tuckers’ love for
 He was beautiful with one full curl. Other     hunting to grow and grow. These are some pictures
 than the hunt, the last night of camp we       and a thank you note Tucker wanted you to have.
 organized groups and went on a two-hour        Thank you again for your generosity. God Bless!
varmint hunt. The group with the most           Debra Bradford.
varmints at the cooler by 12:00 noon won. I
do have to say that my group lost. Overall      A special thanks from Tucker Bradford of the Hendrick
this was the most fun I had all summer.         Home for Children. Tucker is 11 years old and went
Thank you so much for sponsoring my             to the 2008 Adventure Camp. He took the award for
 trip and paying for my European mount.         marksmanship, the youngest out of 9 campers!

                                                Thank you for sponsoring me to go to the Y.O. Ranch. I
  Bryce Blanton
   My name is Bryce Blanton and I am
                                                really enjoyed it and I really look forward to going back
                                                next year. My favorite part of the trip was certainly the
   writing to express my gratitude to           hunting and outdoors. Y’all are awesome, Thank you!
your organization for sponsoring me to
     GOLD Sponsor                             SILVER Sponsor
     $5,000 per table                         $2,500 per table
     • One (10) person table at the           Benefits:
       Sportsmen’s Club Wild Game Dinner      • One (10) person table at the
     • Ballroom seating                         Sportsmen’s Club Wild Game Dinner
     • 500 $2 raffle tickets at game dinner   • Ballroom seating
     • Five (5) person full day SCFW          • Sportsmen’s Club hats
       Sporting Clay Shoot with dinner        • Food & beverage during event
     • Company logo included in Wild Game
       Dinner program
     • Sportsmen’s Club hats                  BRONZE Sponsor
     • Food & beverage during event           $1,750 per table
     • Personal waitress for table at event
                                              • One (10) person table at the
                                                Sportsmen’s Club Wild Game Dinner
                                              • Seating outside of ballroom
                                              • Sportsmen’s Club hats
     Seating Key:                             • Food & beverage during event



    (Individual Ticket Sales) Allen Booth (P) 817-996-9403 (F) 972-751-0983
    (Table Sales) Andy Edwards (P) 817-335-7955 (F) 817-335-7956
    Please choose one of the following:
    Tables:                Gold $5,000                                  Silver $2,500                                  Bronze $1,750
    Individual Tickets:                              $200                             We Accept:
                                                                    Ticket QTY
    City:                                                                        State:                           Zip:
    Email address:
    Phone Number:

    If buying a sponsor table, please provide the first and last names of your table guests:
    Guest 1:                                                                     Guest 6:
    Guest 2:                                                                     Guest 7:
    Guest 3:                                                                     Guest 8:
    Guest 4:                                                                     Guest 9:
    Guest 5:                                                                     Guest 10:

    We accept all major credit cards. If paying by check, please mail to Sportsmen’s Club of Ft. Worth, P.O. Box 470393, Ft. Worth, TX 76147
    and specify whether payment is for an individual ticket or a table. With all payments, please include the name(s) of the person(s) attending the dinner.

    Credit Card Payment Information:
    Name on Card:
    Credit Card Number:                                                                                           Expiration:

                                                                          Reservation Deadline
Reserve Your Table                                                             February 20, 2008
Allen Booth                                                                      Andy Edwards
(P) 817-996-9403                                                               (P) 817-335-7955
(F) 972-751-0983                                                                (F) 817-335-7956                                  
All reserved tables must be paid in                              Contact Allen Booth or Andy Edwards
full prior to February 26th 2009.                                         for advance table purchases.

                        The Sportsmen’s Club of Fort Worth
                        P.O. Box 470393
                        Fort Worth, TX 76147

                        Please visit us at


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