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					                                             NO. SO (SJE-Ill) 2-13/2.007 (P-1V)
                                             GOVERNMENT OF THE PUNJAB
                                          SCHOOL EDUCATION DEPARTMKNT
                                             Dated Lahore, the 14TH July. 2010

       1       All the District Coordination Officers, in Punjab.
       2       All the Executive District- Officers (Edu), in Punjab. .
       3       All the District Monitoring Officers, in Punjab.

               Rationalization means allocation of stall on the basis of workload and
student teacher ratio according to the actual needs of a school. It will be clone on the
basis of sanctioned teaching posts as a vacancy can be filled any moment through
transfer or recruitment. The following is the picture of STR at Provincial Level:

               School Enrollment on 31.10.2009                    10,644,878

               Sanctioned Teaching Posts                          363,374

               Overall STR of Punjab                              1:29

               STR of primary portions of all schools             1:38

               STR of stand-alone primary schools                 1:36

               STR SSTR of stand-alone primary all                1:23
               schools of Stand Alone primary Schools of
               Elementary School (Class VI to VIII)

               High /H.S Schools (Class IX-X)                     1:27

2,             Despite, this favorable STE., there are large scale complaints of staff
shortage which simply means that the distribution of staff is not rationalized on the
basis of enrollment and workload. The schools with better access have more teachers
than their actual requirement whereas the schools of remote areas are understaffed.


       a.     Shifting of surplus staff to the schools deficient in staff.
       b.     Address 'complaints -regarding shortage of staff.
       c.     (insure quality education without extra fina ncial burden.
       d.     Togive a reasonable workload to every teacher and to ensure a feasible
              enrollment for each school.

4-    Rationalization C r i t e r i a for Primary Schools, Primary Portions of
       Elementary, High and Higher Secondary Schools

            Student Teacher Ratio 1 : 40
(i)    The un-admitted children shall not be counted for retention of post. In the past
        artificial entries of student names have been detected. If any fake enrollment is
        shown it will be treated as misconduct.

(ii)   There will be a policy of single teacher for Nursery and class-I even if
enrollment of these classes is up to 50 per class. For additional teacher the enrollment
of Class-U to Class-V shall be counted.
       School                        G uid e li n es
                   T each ers to
     Enrollment    b e G i ve n

     Up to 6 0     Two PSTs          The provision of second teacher will be justified if the
                                     enrollment of Class-II to C la ss V is 2 0 o r more.

     Up to 100     Three PSTs        Up to SO enrolment two teachers. If the enrolment
                                     exceeds 80 a third teacher may be given provided the
                                     enrollment of Class-II to Class-V is at least 30.

     Above 1 0 0   Three PSTs  Above-100 for every additional 40 students of Class-II to
                               V. an additional PST may be given.
• The Mosque School with .Government built building and land having an enrollment
of 8 0 or above, may be converted into regular Primary School up to Class -V and can be
given additional teacher in rationalization. Building will be checked on ground by DEO
(Male) and DMO.
. The staff of Govt. Girls Community Model Primary / Elementary Schools will also be
rationalized. The Headmistress of Community Model Girls Primary School shall be part
of teaching staff for workload and STR bur it will have at least two teachers other than
Head Teacher. Their Class-IV will also be rationalized on this formula upto200 : 2 C-IV,
above 200 : 3 C-IV.

5.        Rationalization Criteria for Elementary Schools or Elementary Portions

           The criteria for rationalization of Elementary Schools /Elementary Portions of
           Higher Level will be:

                               Work Load + Student Teacher Ratio.

           (i)     Work load of each EST and other Elementary Teachers will be at least
                   36 periods per week.
           (ii)    One post of Head Teacher and PET shall not be rationalized. They will
                   be part of workload formula. Workload of Elementary Head Teacher
                   (SST) and PET will be 18 periods each per week. However, the games
                   will be in addition to that!
           (iii)   The strength of ESTs will be calculated @ 1 1/2 teacher per section of at
                   least 45 students.
           (iv)    Elementary School up to enrollment of 135 for Class VI to VIII shall be
                   considered single section school. A single section Elementary School
                   cannot retain more than the following staff;
                           SST/Head Teacher (only for file, School)                01
                           EST (PET)                                               01
                           ESTs (AT/OT)                                            01
                           ESTs (Science/SV/Eng/General/Arts)                      03
           Note: The post of EST (Technical/Agri/1-I.Ee/DM etc) can be retained if the
                 students in that subject are at least 40. If the required number of students
                 are not available in technical subject these posts will be rationalized.

           (v) In case of additional section over 135 students, staff will be calculated @ 1 .5
                   teachers perfection of 4 5 .
6.        Ra tio na l iza t io n Cr ite ri a fo r S eco nda ry "Po rt i o n i n H ig h/H . S Sc ho o l

                   The criteria for rationalization of Secondary classes will be:
                              Wo r k Load + Student T e a che r Ra t io .
i.       The workload of an SST(all categories) will not be less than 33 periods
         per week.
ii.      In a single section school of 9than-. 10 class, SSTs will be provided
         with the following break-up:

                 SST (Computer Science}                                              01
                 SSTs (Science/Math-phy/Bio-Chem)                                    01
                 SST (Arts/English)                                                  02
         * At least one SST (Sc) should be provided to every single section High School.
            In case of more than one section SST (Sc) may be provided as per criteria.
         * Preferably the subject of General Science should be taught by the SSTs (Science)
            where available subject to work. load.
         * Vacant posts of SST (Arts) shall be converted into SST (Math-Phy / Bio-Chem/
           Eng) on need basis.

iii.     The post of IT- Teacher/SST (Computer Science) shall not. be
iv.      Additional SSTs will be calculated@ 1 1 / 2 SSTs per section of 45
v.       If technical subjects are being taught to minimum 45 students in a High /
         Higher Secondary School, the posts of SST (Technical) will not. be
         rationalized. However, if no subject relating to the posts of SSTs (Tech,
         Agri&Commerce) is taught in the school, such posts will be included in
         the rationalization with other SST posts.
vi.      If enrolment of the school is more than 1000, one additional post of PET
         may be provided through rationalization.

7.     Criteria for shifting of Class-IV servants

High / Higher Secondary schools will retain the Class-IV employees on the basis of
enrollment with the following break-up:
       Enrollment upto500               05
       Enrollment upto1000              07
       Enrollment upto1500              09
       Enrollment above 1500            11
Shifting of posts and Incumbents

i.     First of all, shift the vacant post s which are surplus, to the schools which are deficient
          in staff, in descending order of enrollment.
it.     In case of shifting of a post with incumbent, preference will be given to the willing
          incumbent in respective category of post.
iii.      In case of non-willing, the junior most incumbent on seniority basis of
          respective category of the post will be shifted with post.
iv.       In case of shifting if two or more persons want to be adjusted in the
          same school then the senior most among them will get preference.


The Committee comprising of the following officers is hereby constituted to rationalize the
posts of Primary, Elementary, High and H.S Schools on case to case basis:-
a)    District.CoordinationOfficer                      Chairman
b)    ExecutiveDistrictOfficer(Edu)                     Member/Secretary
c)    ExecutiveDistrictOfficer (F&P)                    Member
d)    DistrictAccountsOfficer                           Member
e)    DepartmentalRepresentative                        Member

        The Committee will resolve the anomalies and make sure that the salary of incumbents on
        posting is not stopped.

10.     EDOs (Edu) with the coordination of DMOs and DEOs shall prepare Rationalization Plan.
        The above said Committee will scrutinize Rationalization Plan on case to case basis and'
        grant its approval. Approved Rationalization Plan will be notified by the EDO (Edu)

11.     The whole rationalization ‘exercise shall be completed before 14th August 2010, under
        intimation to this department. The enrolment of the students as on 31 st May, 2010 shall be
        considered for Rationalization exercise.

                                                   SECRETARY SCHOOL EDUCATION
NO & DATE EVEN.                                "

        A copy is forwarded for information and necessary action to:
        1The Accountant General Punjab, Lahore.
         2. The Director Public Instruction (SE/TE) Punjab. DPI (SE) will be the Focal Person for
         implementation in High Schools / HS Schools. The DPI (EE) will be the Focal Person for
         Primary and Elementary Schools.
        3. The Programme Director, DSD, Punjab.
        4 The Programme Director, PMIU, Punjab, Lahore.
        5 Allthe District Accounts Officers in Punjab
      6 All the Departmental Representatives of the Rationalization Committees.

                                                          (DR. FARAH MASOOD)
                                                   ADDITIONAL SECRETARY (SCHOOLS)

                    1.   The Minister for Education, Punjab.
                    2.   T h e Chairman, Chief Minister's Task Force on Elementary Edu., Punjab.
                    3.   The Chairperson, Chief Minister's TaskForce on Teacher Trg., Punjab.
                    4.   Staff Officer to Chief Secretary, Punjab, Lahore.
                    5.   All the Commissioners in Punjab.
                    6.   All Additional Secretaries of School Education Department.
                    7.   Deputy Secretary (Assembly), Chief Minister's Secretariat, Punjab.
                    8.   P.S to Chairman P&D Department.
                    9.   P.S to Secretary School Education Department.

SR.#       Division   Departmental Representatives
1      Lahore         1. Capt.     (Retd.).Nasim     Nawaz,     Chief     Executive    Officer,   PEC   (Team       Leader)
                      2. Mrs. AfshanZafarSargana, Secretary, Punjab Textbook Board
                      3. Mr. JavedIqbal Sheikh, RPM, DSD

                      4. Mr, SohailRaza Syed, Deputy Director, PMIU-PESRP

2      Rawalpindi
                      1. Dr. Farah Masood, Additional Secretary (Schools) (Team Leader),
                      2. Mr. Muhammad Asif, P.D. PMIU - PESRP ,
                      3. Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed Sial, Deputy. Secretary (EE)
                      4. Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Warraich, RPM, DSD

3      Sargodha
                      1. Mr. NadeemurRehman, Additional Secretary (ER) (Team. Leader)
                      2. Mr. TanveerMajid. Deputy Secretary (ER)
                      3. Mr. AsifMajeed, Deputy Secretary (E&D)

                      Mr. AbdurRauf, Principal, GCET, Faisalabad
4      Fasialabad     1. Ch. Rashid Ahmed, Director Public Instruction (EE), Punjab (Team Leader)
                      2. Mr. InayatUllahJatoi, Additional DPI (EE), Punjab
                      3. Mr. M. Sharif Nasim, Principal, Comp. H/S Sheikhupura
                      4. Mirza Muhammad. Ikrani, Section Officer (S-III)

5      Gujranwala         1.               Mr. NasrullahVirk, Additional Program Director, DSD (Team.Leader)
                          2.                Mr. Bilal Ahmed'Qamar, Add!. Director Public Instruction (SE), Punjab
                          3.                Rana Abdul Qayytun, Deputy Director (Monitoring)
                          4.                Mr. AzmatSiddique, RPM, DSD
                          5.                Mr. YousafM. Gill, GCET, Pasrur

                          6.   Mr. AshiqHussainJafri, Sr. HM, GHS Sheikhupura
6      Sahiwal
                          1.   Mr.Izhar Ahmad, Additional Secretary( B&P) (Team Leader)

                          2.   QaisarRasheed. Deputy Secretary (Budget)
                          3. .... RanaShahid Abbas, Section Officer (SE-VI)

7      Multan             1.   AbdulMr. Abdullah Faisal, Director PEAS, Punjab (Team Leader)
                          2.   Mr. Saeed.Ramzan. Additional Project Director, PMIU
                          3.   Mr. FayyazSajid, System Analyst, PMIU-PESRP
                          4.   Mr. islamSiddique, Principal, GCET Multan

8      Bahawalpur         1.   Mian Abdul Haq, Director Public Instruction (SE), Punjab (Team Leader)
                          2.   MalakRiazAhmed,.Principal'GCET, Bahawalpur
                          3.   Mr. Abdul SattarAsghar, Principal, GCET Multan

9      D.G.Khan
                          1.   Mr. Ghuiam Abbas Sargana, Additional Secretary (General) (Team Leader)
                          2.   Malak Abdul Rehman, Principal, GHS Ghorey Shah, Lahore
                          3.   Mr. AbdusSattarAsghar, Principal, GCET, Rangeelpur, Multan
                          4.   Mr. ShahidIqbal, Sr.H.M, GovtIslamia PIS, Multan Road