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					                                                                                                                         Everyday English | LANGUAGE

                                    At the supermarket
                                    This month, DAGMAR TAYLOR focuses on
                                    the words and phrases people use when they
                                    shop in a supermarket.

                                      1. Home at last
                                     It’s Sunday evening. Alec and Emma have just
                                     returned from a weekend of hillwalking.

                                     Alec: I’m dying for a cup of tea!
                                     Emma: (opens fridge) ere’s just one small problem:                                                   Listen to
                                           no milk.                                                                                        dialogues 2 and 4
                                     Alec: (opens cupboard ) And no tea bags.
                                     Emma: Looks like we’re out of everything. I thought            2. What do we need?
                                           you said you were going to do a big shop be-             Alec and Emma have arrived at the supermarket.
                                           fore we went away.
                                     Alec: I thought you were going to do it.                       Alec: It’s quite busy, isn’t it? I thought it would be
                                     Emma: Oh, never mind! We’ll just have to go now. Do                  empty on a Sunday evening.
                                           you think the Sainsbury’s at Garthdee is open            Emma: I think a lot of people do their grocery shop-
                                           24 hours?                                                      ping on Sunday now, before they go back to
                                     Alec: No, but I think it’s open till ten. We could get               work after the weekend.
                                           something for dinner from the hot-food                   Alec: Yes. It is handy. Right. Milk. Can you see the
                                           counter — unless you want to cook, that is.                    organic milk anywhere? I can’t.
                                     Emma: I just want to put my feet up and read the               Emma: ere it is. But there’s just full-fat left.
                                           paper, to be honest.                                     Alec: Well, let’s just take a litre of the normal
                                     Alec: Well, come on! Let’s get it over with!                         semi-skimmed as well, then.
                                                                                                    Emma: Shall we do the deli and cheese counter next?
                                                                                                          I don’t like buying pre-packed stuff, and I’ll
                                     •   If someone says he or she is dying for (ifml.) some-
                                         thing, it means that the person would like something             get some olives or something for tonight.
                                         very much. Things can also be described as “to die for”:   Alec: You do that, and I’ll go and get the tea bags.
                                         “Look at those shoes! They’re to die for.”                 Emma: Can you get a box of matches, too?
                                                                                                    Alec: OK.
                                     •   If you are out of something, you do not have any of it.
                                                                                                    Emma: (to the assistant) Hello! Half a pound of diced,
                                     •   In informal British English, the expression do a shop
                                         refers to the act of going shopping, especially for food         smoked pancetta, please.
                                         and household goods.
                                     •   Larger supermarkets have counters (Theke) where            •   Most UK supermarkets are open seven days a week.
                                         customers can buy quantities of fresh food, such as        •   In the UK, milk is sold in three varieties: full-fat, or
                                         meat, fish, cheese and cold meats (Aufschnitt).                “whole”, with around 4 per cent fat, semi-skimmed
                                     •   Here, paper is short for newspaper.                            milk with a fat content of 1.7 per cent, and skimmed
                                     •   To get something over with (ifml.) means to                    milk with just 0.3 per cent fat.
                                         complete something unpleasant but necessary.               •   Deli is short for “delicatessen”. At a deli, or deli counter,
                                                                                                        you can buy cheeses, cold meats, dips and specialities
                                                put one’s feet up      die Füße hochlegen               such as Italian pancetta [pÄn(tSetE] bacon.
                                              [)pUt )wVnz (fi:t Vp]                                 •   One pound is equal to 0.454 kg.
Fotos: Pixland; Stockbyte; Hemera

                                                  that is [)DÄt (Iz]   zumindest (→ p. 57)
                                                                                                                   diced [daIst]       gewürfelt
                                                                                                             grocery [(grEUsEri]       Lebensmittel(-)
                                                                                                                 handy [(hÄndi]        praktisch
                                                                                                                  match [mÄtS]         Streichholz
                                                                                                              organic [O:(gÄnIk]       Bio-
                                                                                                         pre-packed [)pri:(pÄkt]       abgepackt

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              3. Is that everything?                                                            4. Check it out
             Alec and Emma have nearly finished shopping, but                                   Emma and Alec have
             they need some help finding something.                                             reached the checkout.

             Alec: I hope that’s everything. I’m starving.                                      Alec: Have you ever tried that self-service checkout?
             Emma: Me, too. Did you get the matches?                                            Emma: Yeah, once, and it wouldn’t accept my card, so
             Alec: Oh, no! I forgot. Sorry. I got distracted in the                                      I had to get the cashier to help me.
                    wine aisle. Where do you think they’d be?                                   Alec: Shall we try now? ere’s no queue.
             Emma: No idea. Let’s ask that customer assistant guy.                              Emma: We’ve got too much stuff, Alec. Let’s just go
                    Excuse me! Where we can find matches?                                                 to the normal checkout.
             Assistant: ey’re in“household sundries”. If you’ll                                (Alec starts to put the groceries on the conveyor belt.)
                    just come with me... Here they are.                                         Emma: Hang on! is is the express checkout. Look!
             Alec: Ah, right. Cheers!                                                                    ere’s no one at the checkout down there.
             Assistant: No worries.                                                                      Let’s go to that one.
             Emma: at’s everything then.                                                       Cashier: Hello! Do you have a loyalty card?
             Alec: Just as well. I don’t think we could fit anything                             Emma: Yes. Here it is.
                    else in the trolley.                                                        Cashier: anks, and would you like help packing?
                                                                                                Alec and Emma: Yes, please!
             •   Aisles [aI&l] in a supermarket are the passages be-
                 tween the rows of shelves.                                                     •   At a self-service checkout (Selbstbedienungskasse),
             •   Sundries [(sVndriz] are various items that don’t fit into                          customers can scan their own shopping.
                 a particular category.                                                         •   Hang on! (ifml.) is used to ask someone to wait for a
             •   Cheers is used here to mean “thanks”.                                              short time.
             •   No worries, which originated in Australia and New                              •   An express checkout is a checkout reserved for
                 Zealand, has become a common informal response to                                  customers with only a few items of shopping.
                 being thanked.                                                                 •   Most large supermarket chains have a loyalty card or
             •   A shopping trolley is a shopping cart in the US.                                   “points card” (Kundenkarte) to encourage customers
                                                                                                    to shop there regularly.
                  distracted [dI(strÄktId]            abgelenkt
              just as well [)dZVst Ez (wel]           gut so (→ p. 57)                                      cashier [kÄ(SIE]          Kassierer(in)
                             starve [stA:v]           vor Hunger sterben                        conveyor belt [kEn(veIE belt]         Band

              1. Replace the words in bold with                                                 3. Rearrange the letters to form
                 those used in the scenes.                                                         words from the scenes.
             a) I really want a cup of tea. _____________________                               a) a e t a b g s __________________________________
             b) People do their food shopping on Sunday. _________                              b) a c g i n o r i k l m __________________________________
             c) Ah, right. Thanks! _____________________                                        c) a i e l s ______________________________________
             d) Wait! This is the express checkout. __________________                          d) c c e h k o t u ____________________________________

              2. What do the words in bold refer to                                             4. Add the missing words from the
                 in the dialogues?                                                                 scenes. The first letter is given.

             a) I thought you were going to do it. ___________________                          a) Emma says it looks like they are o_________ of
             b) It is handy. _______________________________                                        everything.
             c) Where do you think they’d be? _________________                                 b) Emma says that there’s only f_______-f______ milk left.
             d) It wouldn’t accept my card. ____________________                                c) The matches can be found in the aisle marked
                                                                                                    h__________________ s__________________.
             d) checkout 4. a) out; b) full-fat; c) household sundries; d) loyalty card         d) The cashier asks Emma and Alec if they have a
             matches; d) the self-service checkout 3. a) tea bags; b) organic milk; c) aisle;
             cery shopping / a shop; b) being able to go shopping on Sunday; c) the                 l___________________ c________.
             Answers: 1. a) I’m dying for; b) grocery; c) Cheers; d) Hang on 2. a) the gro-

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