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					 TITLE: Building Up Bridges For Natural Inspired Computational Models
Across Behavioral Brain Functional Phenomena ; And Open Learning Systems
          INSTRUCTOR'S NAME: Hassan Mohamed Hassan Mustafa
            Computer Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering,
             Al-Baha University , Al-Baha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
                Phone: (+966) 7725-5198 & Fax: (+966) 7725-4350


   The field of the learning sciences is represented by a growing community
   internationally. Many experts now recognize that conventional ways of
   conceiving knowledge, educational systems and technology-mediated
   learning are facing increasing challenging issues in this time of rapid
   technological and social changes. Furthermore, due to recently excessive
   progress in information technologies and computer applied at the field of the
   learning sciences, some complex interdisciplinary educational issues arise in
   practice. The suggested tutorial motivated by four recently published papers
   .Those are characterized by their novelty associated with the
   interdisciplinary challenging bridged research areas.
    In more details, adopted tutorial subject concerned with the theoretical
   analysis and evaluation of constructive bridges among naturally inspired
   models based on a set of research topics including: Evaluation of Students'
   Adaptability Using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs ) Modelling &
   Learning Creativity in Ant Colony Systems (ACS) Versus Human Creativity
   & Study of Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) Applied at Psych-Learning
   and Cognitive Sciences, and Quality Improvement of Engineering
   In brief , do we want to anchor the following three goal topics :

   1- Evaluation of adaptability of Open Learning Systems.
   2- Early discovery of creative children at primary schools(fifth grade
   3- Quality Improvement (Grade Point Average), at Engineering Education .

During conduction our tutorial, above adopted goal could be reached via
comprehensive presentation of the following interdisciplinary pieces of
research work titled (published recently) :
    a) On Assessment of Brain Function Adaptability in Open Learning Systems
       Using Neural Network Modeling (Cognitive Styles Approach) .
    b) On Quantifying of Learning Creativity through Simulation and Modeling of
       Swarm Intelligence and Neural Networks.
    c) On Early Discovery of Mathematically Creative Children using Artificial
       Neural Networks Modeling (via software testing Computer Assisting
       Learning.(CAL) package)
   d) On Analysis and Evaluation of Students' Grade Point Average in Engineering
      Education Considering a specified Learning Style Model Using Neural
      Networks. (with a case study)

       Finally, the managing specifications of adopted tutorial are as follows:

* Tutorial Time Period: Approximately Two Hours (such that each of four section
may elapse for 30 minutes)

*Participants : attendees need to be interested in above interdisciplinary research

* Tutorial format (Talks & Demo)

* Noting that proposed tutorial has not been given at any time before.

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