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					                               USB DVB-T TV stick
                                 Quick Installation Guide
Thanks for you purchasing USB DVB-T TV stick. The following guides you how to set up on your computer.
Hope this device will bring you nice digital experience

Installation Viewer:

1* USB DVB-T TV stick
1* Extra powerful antenna
1* software CD (Includes drivers, HDTV Player application and user Manual)

It is recommended to connect to a roof top aerial during the first time installation as this may provide a
better signal quality than the provided portable antenna.
You will need to ensure that you are located in an area that has Digital Terrestrial coverage.

Please ensure that windows XP/Vista is correctly installed and started before connecting the USB DVB-T
TV stick to your computer’ USB 2.0 port. Due to power and bandwidth requirement, we do not
recommend connecting the unit into a USB Hub.

The base of the provided antenna generates a magnetic field. If you have a heart pacemaker and notice
any anomalies, you should keep away from this device and seek advice from your doctor.
Always keep the antenna away from all equipment that is sensitive to electromagnetic fields, e.g. PCs,
notebooks, hard drives, diskettes, credit cards etc. Improper use may result in data loss or other faults.
2, If you have any anti-virus software enabled, please disable it during the installation of the software.

Driver Installation:
Insert the Software CD into your CD drive. You should get one installation picture.
Please check the software series number on the CD bag.
Please click the above “Enter” key if you if the software series number includes “HT-TVR 3.0”.

Please click the following “Enter” key if you if the software series number includes “BlazeVideo HDTV
Note: If you have to do other things, please click “Exit” key to exit installation.

After you click “Enter” key, you will get the following picture.
 Please select the option “Install Driver”.

Please select “Next” to install the drivers.

 Please click the “Finish” button to complete the driver installation.
 Now, you need to plug USB DVB-T TV stick into your computer’s USB2.0 port. Computer system will
 appear you “Found the new hardware” and other. Please wait for the installing automatic until the
 system appears you “Device is now installed and ready to use”.

 You will now need to check that the drivers are installed correctly.
Right click on My Computer and left click on Properties. Click on Hardware tab and then Device Manager.
In the Device Manager, click on the +symbol on the Sound Video and Game controllers section. If the
driver is installed correctly you should see the “AF9035 BDA Device”. If it has a yellow mark next to it
then this means that the driver is not installed correctly. You will need to remove the driver and
disconnect the- USB DVB-T TV stick from the computer and re-connect is to install the driver again.

Software Installation and TV scanning:
To start the USB DVB-T TV stick software installation, click “Install HDTV Player”.
Select your language for the installation and Click “Next” or / and “Install”.
Click “finish” to complete setup, restart your computer if needed.
Run HDTV player which you just installed, enter user name and serial number (you can find out the serial
number on driver CD bag).
To start the HDTV Play application, A message will appear a skin.

Now we can receive the DVB-T digital TV programs with the USB DVB-T TV stick and software.
Please connect the portable antenna or your roof antenna with USB DVB-T TV stick first.

Double click the “BlazeVideo Deluxe 4.0” icon.

A box will pop up to enquire you whether to scan channels.
Click Yes, the "Scan" box ejects for you to set scan options.
Please select “Specific Band (KHz)”, and click “OK” key to search all the DVB-T digital TV channels.
Please click “Finish” to complete the TV scanning.

Please find the Help.chm file in BlazeVideo software install path. You can open it to get the more

Enjoy your wonderful digital life now!

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