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					             A. M. M.
                                      ANTIOCH MISSIONARY MINISTRIES
                                       An Independent Baptist Ministry of the Spring City Baptist Church

                                    “their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world”
                                                                      Romans 10:18

              A.V. 1611

Founder & Director:
Brent Logan                       Antioch Missionary Ministries is a ministry of the Spring City Baptist
O.P 1 C.P. 4               Church which is a local Independent Baptist Church in Cleveland, VA. Antioch
500500 Brasov
Romania, Europe
                           Missionary Ministries is not a Mission Board. It is rather a missionary ministry          whereby financial gifts may be designated through Spring City Baptist Church
01140741171968 (Mobile)    separately from the tithes and offerings which flow to and through that local church.
                           Antioch Missionary Ministries allows 100% of all contributions to be given to
References:                missionary endeavours in Eastern European countries while meeting all of the
Pastor Scott Suttle        governmental requirements of the United States of America and has current tax
(276) 889-3407
Pastor Joel Logan
                           exempt status. The monetary account of Antioch Missionary Ministries is set up
(256) 777-6264             underneath the auspices of the Spring City Baptist Church while keeping its integrity
Pastor Hank Thompson       to wholly give support sent to it to the designated missionary means.
(512) 426-2715
Pastor James Knox
(864) 736-9509                     The purpose for the establishment of this missionary evangelization ministry
Pastor Danny Farley        is to concentrate on aiding the speed of the spread of the gospel around the world to
(281) 999-2040
                           every nation through the local church and also to place an emphasis on reaching the
                           following 19 countries with the gospel of Jesus Christ and Biblical Christianity:
Spring City Bapt. Church
385 Spring City Road
                                  Albania                  Republic of Georgia               Poland
Cleveland, VA. 24225              Belarus                  Hungary                           Romania
United States of America          Bosnia & Herz.           Latvia                            Serbia & Montenegro
(276) 889-4212
                                  Bulgaria                 Lithuania                         Slovakia
                                  Croatia                  Macedonia                         Slovenia
EMPHASIZING                       Czech. Republic          Moldova                           Ukraine
Church Planting
Publick Evangelism
Printing & Distribution
Bible Institute                    This ministry will endeavour to reach these nations through as many means
Children’s Ministries
                           as possible. Humanitarian aid, printing ministries, children’s home ministries, Bible
                           Institutes or educational ministries, street ministries, literature distribution, tape or
SUPPORT ADDRESS            media efforts, and the starting of local Independent Baptist churches in each country
Antioch Missionary Min.
P.O. Box 2800
                           will be set forward as the Lord provides opportunity and ability. All the activities of
Lebanon, VA. 24266         Antioch Missionary Ministries under the direction of Brent Logan are not-for-profit
United States of America   and non-commercial enterprises worldwide.
(205) 453-4931

                                  This ministry was started in September 2003 by Brent Logan who was at that
                           time the pastor of the Spring City Baptist Church. The ministry continues under the
“this gospel shall be      moral and financial accountability to this church and its new pastor, Scott Suttle.
preached throughout
the whole world”
                                   Pray with us and help us as God enables this vision to truly make a difference
Mark 14:9                  in the cause of Worldwide Evangelization.